The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 9

You’re excited. We’re excited. We’re so excited we’ve got a microexpansion. It probably doesn’t make much sense to you now, but will do after you’ve finished episode 9 of the RPS Electronic Wireless Show. This is the one where RPS’ London contingent hit back at the provincial sorts and talk about all things PC gaming, and a few things that aren’t. Main topics? World in Conflict: Soviet Fisticuffs, why games journos go into development, Dawn of War 2 and the relative merits of bugginess and shortness. Oh, and Empire Total War, with some terrible understanding of history. Simon Schama would be disgusted.

We’re especially fond of bits where we pause to consume Revels and Coke, Kieron forgetting the name of videogames and unexpectedly remembering what euphemism was for the triangle of slave trade was called, faux-death-speeches in Dawn of War, general slander and things to make men weep.

For those who have trouble separating the voices, Alec is the sullen mumbly one and Kieron is the nasally hyperactive one.

You can get the mp3 directly from here. Or you could go to the podcast’s own little home here. Or you can find it on iTunes here. If that link still works, which I hope it does. I haven’t got Itunes on this machine so can’t check. Man!

There is no update on the podcast compo. That’s John and Jim’s business, not ours. Go bully them.


  1. teo says:

    you’re really cranking them out now

  2. Beerio says:

    Can you guys do transcripts of this stuff? Those of us who peruse the website at work can’t really get away with playing the audio loudly in the office! When I’m at home I’m too busy playing games to be listening to people talk about them.

  3. John Walker says:

    Beerio – I want you to transcribe five minutes of any podcast, and then ask that question again : )

  4. Ian says:

    Given that I plan to download every one and have failed to do so I really ought to finally do so.

    And so it continues.

  5. Hunty says:


    If only there was some device that allowed you to listen to things privately. Or some sort of time, between work and home, where you might find yourself wishing to be occupied. Oh well. We can dream.

  6. Beerio says:

    @John – yes, fair point. Don’t you have interns or someone who could do this for you though? :) Maybe a Kindle in reverse would do the trick….

    @Hunty – A nice idea, but my private listening device is not really permissible on the trading floor, and my commute is about 15 minutes long, during which time I am generally working.

  7. fishmitten says:

    So, you don’t have time to listen to a podcast, but you have time to read a transcript of one. Weird.

    Congratulations on making this such a regular thing, RPS!

  8. Ginger Yellow says:

    “general slander”

    An unlockable unit in Empire?

  9. Tworak says:

    Did Mister KG say toodles at the end? DID HE?

    Also, good stuff

  10. Theoban says:

    I wonder if there will be talk of computer games.

  11. Pags says:

    why games journos go into development

    Speaking of which, is Ian Roxburgh (sp?) still at Creative Assembly? I think it was him that left PCGUK for CA anyway.

  12. Feet says:

    Two critical meta-podcast comments,

    1) Kieron – Stop clicking your fingers. Sit on your hands if you must, it hurts the ear when you do it.
    2) Alec try and face the mic cause you fade in and out alot volume wise, like you’re being distracted by shiny things. I have to turn it up to hear you and then I get my ear drums blown out when Kieron speaks or clicks.

    And two content criticisms
    1) Turn your phone on silent. Keeping it casual and amateur is part of the appeal and so revels and twitter and coke is ok. Phone ringing is not.
    2) Waaaay too long on the gaming journalism bit for me. I don’t mind a bit of self indulgent chat about what you know, that’s why I listen but you went on for over 10 minutes about it. KG needs to curb his enthusiasm if he can, or Alec should wave frantically if he starts to rant for an overtly long time about a subject that perhaps isn’t totally relevant.

    Apart from that I totally enjoyed it! Thanks! :D

    I’ve not played WiC, DoW2 or E:TW, but from what you’ve said I certainly intend to once the upgrade goes through. In fact I might try and find WiC since the expansion and your talk of explosions, seems like a good time!

  13. The_B says:

    Pags: It was Mark Sutherns, wasn’t it? Well, I know Sutherns did and I think is still there, dunno about Rox.

    Also, at what point are we getting the RPS Legal team sitting in for podcasts for when Kieron starts the next fight, or to somehow stop him from accidentally slandering someone?

  14. Pags says:

    Ah yes! I have my PCGUK alumni confused.

  15. Schmung says:

    I can really relate to the bit at the start about being PC-less and internet-less. I spent three days trying to get on my neighbours wireless using my works laptop out of sheer desperation. I read a load of books and played the offline bits of all 360 games to death.

    Agreed with Feet (‘sup BTW) Keirons finger clicking is maddening in a podcast.

  16. Mike says:

    I’m almost certain Roxborough went to CA. Mainly because of the ‘It’s All Over’ which involved a hill, and twenty clones of him, topless.

  17. Dan Lawrence says:

    What this podcast likely needs (I haven’t listened yet) is more drinking! I know Kieron likes drinking and rambling about games, and I just listened to the most recent Rebel FM podcast and it was much improved by the arnarchy and topic derailment created by a drunken guest.

    Could we have the provincial podcast be a ‘nice cup of tea, and a sit down’ kind of philosophical thing and have the big city podcast be the drunken excesses of gonzo games journalism? Like night & day they would complement each other. Anarchy and order! The Dionysian and the Apollonian!

    RPS Podcasts you can rise to be the best of the best!

    Other suggestions:
    More guests, maybe even ones only loosely related to gaming. More differing opinions keeps the conversation flowing. Stupid jingles! Have a reader competition to come up with some stupid jingles or a little bit of RPS podcast intro & outro music. More general issue topics, go after the forbidden fruits of piracy! Delve into the iviting waters of an indulgent look at a past classic! Make it longer, I can definitely take more quality conversation about games if you have the mouth time to spout it.

    I lust for more from my podcasts these days and I think you fellas have it in you to create something really excellent. Is it possible to specifically donate funds for you to get better recording equipment, or are you not bothered by that kind of thing?

  18. Gap Gen says:

    Looks like both of them work(ed) for CA.

  19. Kieron Gillen says:

    “Mainly because of the ‘It’s All Over’ which involved a hill, and twenty clones of him, topless.”

    This pretty much justified PC Gamer, as far as I’m concerned.

    Yup, both went over to CA.


  20. Mike says:

    It’s a happy memory I keep locked away.

    Quite far away.

  21. Pags says:

    But getting closer by the second.

  22. Hypocee says:

    They (WiC’s) really are fabulous explosions; it’s nothing to do with technology, I contend. It’s because visually and audibly they are BANG instead of BOOM. Even in a 16-inch shell there’s little or no orange, and not much bass. They’re scary, and sudden, and smoky grey as death. Full Spectrum Warrior’s the only other non-Bruckheimer-boom game that comes to mind. The explosions shook me up in that too.

    The Ekranoplan: a plane that cannot fly when there are waves on water.

  23. Kieron Gillen says:



  24. Bobsy says:

    Wow. Another podcast, another file name convention. Are there at least id3 tags this time?

  25. Hypocee says:

    Negatory. Had to come back and look at the page link to find it on my player.

  26. Kieron Gillen says:

    Alec’s never done the uploading before, and it was uploaded before I remembered that. So sorry!


  27. DMJ says:

    So… this is a “podcast”. It might catch on.

  28. Anarki says:

    Stupid jingles! Have a reader competition to come up with some stupid jingles or a little bit of RPS podcast intro & outro music

    Funnily enough this is exactly what they’ve done! Listen to the last podcast for details.

  29. Kieron Gillen says:

    Dan: We are considering drinking for the next one. And I have a Leigh Alexander/Me faceoff on tape which was – er – a bit boozed.


  30. fishmitten says:

    Less naval-gazing please. Not everyone is as interested in your career as you obviously are.


  31. Ben says:

    But it’s so much fun to look at ships!

  32. fishmitten says:


  33. Dan Lawrence says:

    Funnily enough this is exactly what they’ve done! Listen to the last podcast for details.

    Good! I must have forgotten to listen to or perhaps remember that podcast.

    Dan: We are considering drinking for the next one. And I have a Leigh Alexander/Me faceoff on tape which was – er – a bit boozed.

    Good! More of this sort of thing.

    I listened to this podcast now, it was good but I agree that Alec’s fading voice was distracting . Alec! You need radio training! Kieron’s clicking didn’t bother me that much, but Kieron, man! Remember the names of some games! Or, if you can’t just describe them in general terms and then carry onward!

    Nice work again chaps, I like all the irrelevence just as much as the games.

  34. Kieron Gillen says:

    Dan: I’m famously bad with names. Incredibly, awesomely, terribly bad with all names. I regularly run through all 3 members of RPS before I hit the right one.


  35. I am beginning to understand this comment system says:

    Your bitrates for the podcast are kinda insane. Check out the .

  36. I am beginning to understand this comment system says:

    Grr… dot means link to

  37. Ginger Yellow says:

    More navel gazing, please. I love journalists-on-journalism conversations. Mainly because I initiate lots of them.

  38. Recomposer says:

    I am the Plan B reading, RPS listening crossover demographic. Kieron must marketeer to me now.

  39. Kieron Gillen says:

    Er… buy my comics?


  40. Recomposer says:

    OK, I will

  41. Premium User Badge

    ChaosSmurf says:

    I bought SC Frontlines Volume 2, do you actually make any money off that? :P

  42. Kieron Gillen says:

    Smurf: Alas, no. A flat fee.

    (Though interested to meet someone who actually bought it)


  43. drewski says:

    As someone with absolutely no experience in gaming journalism, and absolutely no interest in that career path, due to lack of ability, I can safely say that I entirely enjoy the meta-journalism and request that you, under no circumstances whatsoever, stop naval gazing.

    But for the whiners, maybe go back to the synopsis in the blogpost so that they can skip over the journospeak and get to the explosions.

  44. Kieron Gillen says:

    Yeah – lobbing it up quickly meant that I didn’t do the time thing (We were heading out). Will avail to do it next time.


  45. Yann Best says:

    Due to lack of phoneline, I had to get this podcast by finding a wireless hotspot, downloading it onto my PSP sloowly, bringing it back to my PC and finally listening to it in bed. I’m now posting this from my phone, which is very much internet- and typing-unfriendly. I tell you this so that you realise the effort I’ve gone to to bring you this message:
    Plan B is awesome, and EDGE’s Time Extend and Making Of features justify the whole magazine, you shits!
    Oh, also, greatly enjoyed the podcast. More of This Sort Of Thing!

  46. Radiant says:

    Plan B that club in brixton?

  47. Kieron Gillen says:

    No, it’s not.


  48. SuperNashwan says:

    Would you take it badly if I emailed you a quick guide to evening out the audio levels with audacity? I swear it’s idiot proof and quick to do. Other than that, keep these coming please :)

  49. Colthor says:

    Can I request more volume in the future? Even on max I couldn’t hear you both over the traffic whilst walking down the road. And max on my ‘phone is more than loud enough for even the PCGUK podcast, so when it switches to a song at the end it’s deafening.
    And if you accidentally deafen your readership (listenership?) you’ll have to record podcasts and then transcribe them! Which would be a lot of effort, and not really practical for amusing oneself whilst walking to the town centre.
    Ta :)

  50. EyeMessiah says:

    This podcast compares unfavourably to starcraft 2.