Great Gusto: FUEL’s Weather Business

Our recent interview with Codemasters about their new racing game FUEL suggested that changing weather would be more than just a visual extra, it should also affect the racing. Of course the trailer (anterior to click) totally fails to convey that: it just looks pretty. Although I bet driving into that tornado probably isn’t going to help you win the race. Unless the finishing line is in Oz.

FUEL is, miraculously, still on course for a May release.


  1. bansama says:

    I am so looking forward to trying this game out. It really does look impressive. And the fun I’ve had with Burnout Paradise has me now wanting to try more open racers too. Especially ones that have what look tornadoes in them O_o!

  2. Duoae says:

    Still torn on this… any bets on it being delayed or hideously buggy on release if not?

  3. Ian says:

    “E for Everyone – Comic Mischief”

    Comic mischief? Ban this sick filth!

  4. windlab says:

    When the lightning strikes it doesn’t move.
    I’m spoilt by Stalker’s weather cycle: rain, storm, rain, rain, overcast, gloomy.

    I wonder if you’d get mud and if it would then affect cornering ability.

  5. Leeks! says:

    I seem to remember reading a post a while back where the writer lamented the lack of “after the jump” synonyms available to him. With “anterior to click,” Jim has provided my new favourite.

  6. Rhooke says:

    Yeah, that lightning looked pretty bad, and it wasn’t helped by the one thunder sample they used every frickin’ time the lightning bitmaps showed up.

    I want to like this game. Please be good.

  7. Lukasz says:

    There were only two racing games i liked: carmagedon and Porsche Unleashed.

    this might be a third one. racing through wasteland just seems so fun.

  8. ...hmm... says:

    seriously, on GT it has an average rating of 4? has the internet gone collectively blind?

  9. apnea says:

    Anterior? Isn’t anterior = before? So before the click…

    Shouldn’t it be posterior to click? Someone help me get this.

  10. unique_identifier says:

    wandering through wilderness accompanied by silly weather was good fun in morrowind, now we can do it with silly bikes. i dislike racing games but this looks like it might be relaxing…

  11. phuzz says:

    Every time I see a trailer, I think it’s made by ASBO studios…

  12. Charlie says:

    Have you seen the footage of this game on gametrailers? Looks really bad. Awful framerates, terrible animation and models. I really hope its just a dodgy early video because I was really looking forward to this game.

  13. Charlie says:

    I meant footage of the actual ingame racing btw. It doesn’t look so bad in this trailer but when it’s just gameplay its deff a bit dodge

  14. james b says:

    rps- needs to be more discerning =wheat /chaff-sort it

  15. Tote says:

    Anterior = before; posterior = after

    maybe you could use: post hoc = after this

  16. Mike says:

    Man, when did we stop thanking GameTrailers?

  17. richmcc says:

    @Charlie – it doesn’t look anywhere near that bad now.

    The weather can actually affect the races significantly, it’s certainly an interesting model.