Weekend Sale: World of Goo Cheap. UT3 Black Free.

If any reader of any website is likely to have World of Goo, you have to suspect RPS readers are. We did the first review! We never shut up about it! However if for some reason you don’t, Steam are selling it for 75% off this weekend. That’s just over four quid. Go get it.

If you’re feeling even four-quid skint, also over at Steam, Unreal Tournament 3 Black is free to play all weekend – plus 40% off the full game (Making it just over eight quid). It includes the Titan Pack, which is a hefty newly released expansion for the full game which includes lots of stuff which I’ll lob beneath the cut. As it really is a load of stuff, including the word “behemoth”….

* 16 environments — four Warfare, three vCTF, six Deathmatch, and three CTF maps — that are new to the PC and PS3 versions
* Three bonus pack maps, CTF-Face, CTF-Searchlight and DM-Morbias
* The namesake Titan mutator, which lets players overwhelm opponents as a 15 foot tall titan, or crush them as a 30 foot tall Behemoth
* Greed and Betrayal, two gametypes that breed new-found fervor throughout the competitive UT3 arena
* Two powerful weapons, the Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon artillery
* Two valuable deployables, the X-Ray Field and Link Station
* The Slow Field power-up, a portable version of the Slow Field deployable
* Stealthbender, a new vehicle that carries two spidermine trap deployables, one EMP mine, and one each of the new Link Station and X-Ray Field deployables
* Two new characters, Nova and Kana
* 57 awards attainable as Steam Achievements
* Significant AI enhancements, especially in vehicle gametypes; networking performance upgrades; greatly improved menu flow and UI usability; better mod support
* Client-side demo recording, highly improved Server Browser, a new maplist system, plus mid-game mutator and gametype voting functionality for PC

See, told you. You can get it from here.


  1. Bob says:

    I wish Steam would let you buy with maestro :(

  2. bansama says:

    Yeah as soon as I noticed this deal on Twitter, I snapped up a big pile o’ goo. I never thought the game was worth $20, but at $5? It’s a must have.

  3. qrter says:

    The Steam-store links are the wrong way round.

  4. Larington says:

    I heard the UT3 patch described as an ‘apology patch’ by one of my student mates.

  5. KindredPhantom says:

    @Bob, use paypal it accepts maestro and steam accepts paypal.

  6. Brian says:

    Played some UT3 last night. There’s some nice additions, but I saw some big bugs. V quiet health vial sounds, invisible players, pickups not disappearing after not being picked up.

  7. Steve says:

    @Larington: Only way they could apologise is to refund me my £25.

  8. Chis says:

    Haven’t touched UT3 since I bought it, was a big disappointment after UT2004, though honestly I’d have a tough time describing why. Except for the truly loathesome visual style. Hey I LIKED the flashy, colourful sci-fi look in UT2004…

    Well, maybe, just maybe I might try the game again with this “Titan pack”, but what’s the betting it’s not much improved?

  9. Simon says:

    The Demo of UT3 was enough to put me off. It appears to be the rule that one out of every two UT games is rubbish.

  10. Fullbleed says:

    I would try the free weekend, but 8gb file! Come on!

  11. phuzz says:

    At £4.24 I ended up buying two copies of Goo, one for me (yes I know I should have bought it earlier) and one for my brother. Hell, at that price I might buy a copy for someone else as well…

  12. Anarki says:

    Yeah I really want to try out UT3 but trying to sneak past Virgin Media’s ridiculously annoying bandwidth limits with 8gigs just isn’t gonna happen. Remind me why I pay for 10meg/s internet when I can’t actually download anything?

  13. Dick Dastardley says:

    Is there a place we can flag stuff up to you guys? I’ve spent most of the week waiting for this, and for someone at RPS to mention it so I could comment.

    I was genuinely excited to try this, inflamed by promises of not just the new content but the PC UI streamlining. UT3’s menu system suffered terribly from consolitits – hopefully this had been addressed. Well, in the main, it has. Lots more options for the visuals and the complete removal of that god-awful dock-like magnification effect that impressed only one old lady down in the Midlands (possibly). There are bugs, yes – I seem to have to keep setting my mouse sensitivity value every time I load the game – not sure why this isn’t being remembered. But generally, not bad. Not great, but much more like it was made for the PC.

    The new content is a nice gesture, too. It’s kinda fun being a titan, stomping across the land dealing death with my oh-so-slow rockets O Doom or the painfully limp shock blast rifle….hmm. New levels? Great. No complaints. May just be me and my fresh reinstall but the game feels slightly smoother. Maybe an extra frame or two in optimisation? I’ll take it.

    Steam achievements? I’ll pass, thanks. My Steam aversion is well publicised on these pages.

    Overall, it’s nice of them to think of us – I had wondered if the 1.3 patch would be the last before they cut their losses and moved on.

    Just bought World of Goo. Just happened to have a spare £4.24 in my bank account, by a stunning coincidence. I think it was Meant To Be. :)

  14. FernandoDANTE says:

    This is utter bullshit. UT3 won’t load. It just says “download starting”, and everytime it starts, it goes back to 0%, no matter if I already was at 25% before.

  15. dadioflex says:

    I thought UT3 was okay. The original is still the best though. The flashlight mode was revolutionary.

    I bought WOG in the sale but since then my Steam install has gone more or less dead weird. I was doing a lot of disk cleaning during the week so I’m assuming it’s my fault.

  16. Nimic says:

    I don’t understand how UT3 can be made by the same people who made UT99 and UT2k4, two fantastic games (personally I’m partial to UT99, but that’s probably because it came first and I’ve spent a bit more time playing it).

  17. Bob says:

    @KindredPhantom Don’t you have to verify your bank and card first through? Time that happens deal will be over :-(

  18. frymaster says:


    “Yeah I really want to try out UT3 but trying to sneak past Virgin Media’s ridiculously annoying bandwidth limits with 8gigs just isn’t gonna happen. Remind me why I pay for 10meg/s internet when I can’t actually download anything?”

    Whether or not the bandwidth limiting is a good idea is another question (I happen to think it is, as long as you accept that you are paying for contented access) but I really don’t understand that point of view.

    For what I understand, it goes “if I download more than 1.2 gigs, any subsequent downloads will be slower. So I won’t download more than 1.2 gigs.” This has the effect of making subsequent downloads go at zero speed. What’s wrong with letting the limiter kick in? It’s not going to affect normal web browsing or online gaming.

    Or just download it after 9pm at night. True, in the 10 hours you can be affected by the limit you can only download 2.2 gigs. But in the 14 hours you aren’t, you can download 61.5 gigs.

    I’m not attacking you, I’m just genunely curious as to why people treat “soft” limits like being throttled down the same as “hard” limits like being charged or cut off (note that in the 14 hours you aren’t throttled you can exceed many ADSL companies’ monthly limits)

  19. Anarki says:

    you’re pretty much accurate Frymaster, but i still find it quite a nightmare. 2 other people in my house use the same connection and it feels like everyday is a battle to try and not get limited. obviously the solution is to download overnight which i used to do and that worked fine, but since i’ve upgraded my pc its too noisy to leave on at night when i’m trying to sleep. guess its my fault really :)

    and yeah if the whole limiting thing is part of the deal then fair enough, but it wasnt when i signed up years ago and there was no indication that they were planning to implement it. and now i’m locked into a contract obv for about another 180000 months.

    anyway yeah i bought world of goo, its good!

  20. Rich_P says:

    Visited the Steam homepage yesterday, saw WoG was 75% off, giggled like a schoolgirl, and then immediately purchased it.

    Remember Gabe’s DICE speech?

    Looking at a third-party game, it saw increases of 36,000% with a weekend sale. Oh, more data. I’m such a data nerd. Here’s some data! During the Holiday sales:

    * 75% sale = 1470% increase in sales

    At 75% off, they are making 15% more money than they were at full price.

    Enjoy the buckets of money, 2D BOY.

  21. DMJ says:

    At this price, World of Goo isn’t just a bargain, it’s mandatory.

  22. Oak says:

    I like the claymation-y look of UT3, but it doesn’t lend itself well to the gameplay.

    Also, the character customization is still shallow, and you can’t even change the color of your armor. All deathmatch games should have character customization at least as good as Kingpin’s. This is important, people.

  23. nimosav says:

    What’s “Black” about this version of UT3? What makes it different from vanilla UT3? Is it just the name for the latest update, or is there more to it than that?

  24. GigaFuzz says:

    @nimosav: The main menu is now mostly black, instead of red and white. You know, ‘cos black is the new….

  25. Mman says:

    “This is utter bullshit. UT3 won’t load. It just says “download starting”, and everytime it starts, it goes back to 0%, no matter if I already was at 25% before.”

    It means it’s at 0% of what’s left, so you haven’t lost any of the download at all. although I have no idea why steam seems to do that lately.

  26. Y3k-Bug says:

    The UT3 download is in ruination. A quick look at numerous forums shows that it simply doesn’t work. I’ve been unable to get it myself for well over 2 days. Shame too, I was seriously considering the purchase. Oh well.

    *puts wallet away*

  27. LionsPhil says:

    “The Demo of UT3 was enough to put me off.”

    Here here. Not least as they utterly ruined MAH TRUCK. Seriously, why on Earth did they butcher the handling of the Hellbender, make it look like a blobby SUV, take out a seat, and forbid the flag carrier from hitching a ride? Forbidding them from driving, OK, that I can see being good. But being the designated driver for crazy getaways in VCTF is one of the highpoints of UT2004, fools. Teamwork: it’s fun.

    Yes, yes, I know you can do the Marty McFly hoverboard bit. Until someone calls you names, and your idiotically macho character lets go and falls over. ChaosUT did grappling a heck of a lot better. You’re already vulnerable by virtue of being an obvious, meaty target on the wrong side of the armour and with no dodging ability.

    @Nimic: Unless I’m mistaken, Digital Extremes did a lot of the work on UT99 and 2kX, but none on 3. It seems that Epic can’t, in fact, make a good Unreal Tournament game [on their own].

  28. dbdkmezz says:

    “The Demo of UT3 was enough to put me off.”
    Me too. However, I’ve heard that since then patches have improved the core gameplay, and that there are some much better maps in the full game. People that have played more than the origional demo, is that true?

  29. PaulMorel says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I had been wanting World of Goo for a long time, but couldn’t shell out $20 for it… I am looking forward to it.

    I kind of wanted to try UT3, so I logged on to ask one of my steam friends about it, but literally nobody on my giant friends list was playing it … so that pretty much told me all I needed to know.

  30. PaulMorel says:

    Also, this site has to be an incredible boon for indie game sales. Due to recommendations on this site, I have purchased Mount & Blade, Trials 2, and now World of Goo. All good recommendations too … despite my initial frustration with Trials 2.

  31. Carra says:

    The indie game Mr Robot is up for weekend sale on ImpulseDriven for the nice price of $4.

    Got to love these weekend deals.

  32. Doctor Doc says:

    UT3 is even worse than UT2003/4. The new game mode called Greed is pretty neat though.

  33. frymaster says:

    “it feels like everyday is a battle to try and not get limited.”

    this is my puzzlement – why is it a problem if you get limited? 512 kbps is good enough for web/gaming for 3 people

    scenario 1 – you don’t want to get limited. You can download 1.2 gigs in the “danger” zone but no more

    scenario 2 – you don’t care. You can download 1.2 gigs at full speed then another 2.2 gigs over 5 hours at 512kbps

    Seems like you get more use out of your line if you don’t care about limiting

    Re: contract lock-in… that always sucks, but doesn’t sommat like that count as a significant change to the service which means you get a get-out-of-contract-free card? I’m not sure on the law on these things…

  34. Masaq says:

    “I kind of wanted to try UT3, so I logged on to ask one of my steam friends about it, but literally nobody on my giant friends list was playing it … so that pretty much told me all I needed to know.”

    I’m not sure about that. As has been mentioned above many people have had problems getting it this weekend, myself and friends included.

    I hope they sort out the problems and extend the trial period a week. I’ve recently started playing UT2004 ONS again, but it’s really feeling the pinch of reduced players now. Maybe 100 worldwide concurrent at peak :(

  35. Tony says:

    Well, I liked UT3. I thought it felt closer to ’99 than 2004 did. And it felt more… solid, I suppose.

    Didn’t like the brown and bloom thing it had going on, though.

  36. Terr says:

    @dbdkmezz: Yes, I tought the demo was rubbish. They restricted it in so many ways (low res textures, single player model, boring maps) that it put me off as well. The full game offers more, better stuff.

    But seeing the low, low price of 11 pounds I decided to buy it a few weeks ago and I think it’s a fun game with gorgeous graphics. And the Black patch has some nice additions as well.

    @Tony: I can understand why some don’t like the bloom. But, there are community made mutators that give you control over that (can’t come up with a name, it’s on the official UT forum) . You can increase or decrease it, or turn it off. Same goes for the color tint overlay I believe.

  37. LionsPhil says:

    Pixel shaders are the new lens flares.

    What is the new Greed gametype? According to WP, Titan involves getting more power-ups (and becoming larger) the better you’re doing, which seems—naturally un-balancing.

  38. Oak says:

    The indie game Mr Robot is up for weekend sale on ImpulseDriven for the nice price of $4.

    Ah! I always forget to check Impulse’s weekend deals. Cheers.

  39. Name (required) says:

    Well, I liked ut3 more than ut2k4 and this update is brilliant…

  40. redrain85 says:

    Even though I’m not a huge fan of casual games, for $5 I couldn’t resist picking up World of Goo. Especially after all the accolades it’s received.

    I hope that Goo’s sales skyrocket during the sale, and prove once again that if you sell quality titles at a (more than) reasonable price, people will buy them rather than pirate them.

    2D Boy may not be earning much on each copy sold: but the volume of sales could more than make up for that, as previously demonstrated.

  41. Anthony Damiani says:

    What redrain85 said pretty much goes for me, too.

  42. TRS-80 says:

    Whoops, I just downloaded the whole thing before thinking to check if it runs on Linux (it doesn’t, unless you fork out for Cedega 7.1 that just came out, and the native client that was promised at release hasn’t materialised either). On the plus side, it didn’t use any of my monthly download quota thanks to iiNet’s unmetered Steam server.

  43. Dick Dastardley says:

    Status of UT3: Black – Uninstalled again.
    Status of World of Goo – Absorbing just about every spare minute I can find.


  44. Lollerskater says:

    FYI Unreal Tournament 3 is getting another free weekend this upcoming weekend. They say it’s because of the overwhelming success. I say it’s because they botched up last weekend and underestimated how many people would jump on it. Their emphasis on pre-loading the game increases this notion.

  45. Professor says:

    I’m glad I bought World of Goo, what a great way to spend 5$. I’m also glad I didn’t follow the trend and pirate it, because i know that would I have done so, I wouldn’t have bought it anyway.