Feeling Orcward: Hinterland: Orc Lords

Tilted Mill’s Hinterland appears to be getting an expanded retail release, unless publishers have taken to releasing joke press releases. What’s yet to be properly seen is how much this expands the original game, though playing both as heroes and villains sounds like a fun addition. And it’s in a box. Some people like boxes. Some people have been trapped inside them for years with their legs sawn off, so they’re less fond. So if you’re one of them, it’s available for download purchase now… but not in the UK. We frown. Here’s the website if you want to consider it. And, yeah, the question of how “seriously expanded” it actually is as yet unclear. And I suspect those who bought the original could be a little miffed. And here’s the press release for you to scour for clues…

Prepare to loot, level, and build in this fast paced RPG combat and strategic base building game that allows you to play as hero or villain!

Weston, CT – March 10, 2009 – Got Game Entertainment LLC today announced that “Hinterland: Orc Lords” (PC), a seriously enhanced and updated version of the critically acclaimed RPG combat and strategic base building game, “Hinterland”, will be available this month for download purchase (via www.Hinterland-Game.com), and in retail stores across North America beginning March 25, 2009.

Developed by Tilted Mill of Massachusetts, “Hinterland: Orc Lords” finds you charged with taming a wild territory of the king’s realm by building a prosperous town and conquering all enemy sites in the region. In your quest, you will encounter the characters and creatures of myth and folklore, and cunningly utilize resources to expand your village.
But will you tame the wild hinterland as hero or as villain?
“Now, more than ever, we’re all looking for the most value for our dollar, and ‘Hinterland: Orc Lords’ brings it with hours of entertainment, fantasy, and escape for just 20 bucks,” said Got Game Entertainment President Howard Horowitz. “Strategize, roleplay, and replay as a Human and then do it again as an Orc Lord or Shaman.”

“Hinterland: Orc Lords” features:

* Party-based RPG Action – Variety of characters, weapons, and strategies. Will you lead the charge with a two-handed strike or stand behind the armored herder with your bow?
* Town Building – Choose who will settle in your town. Arm them for defense, or give them tools for production.
* Character Development – Command an Orc tribe as Lord or Shaman, or lead a Human village as Human, Dwarf, Elf, or even Undead Warrior. Develop lowly farmers into great warriors. Customize your character to help in adventure or improve village life.
* Random Fantasy World – New locations with different resources, items, enemies, and challenges for maximum replay. Orc war camps, dark elf raiding parties, goblin infested mines, ruined undead cities, and more.
* Customizable Gameplay – From hardcore game to a world without raiders, you decide the type of game you play.

“Hinterland: Orc Lords” is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB for Alcohol Reference/Fantasy Violence/Mild Blood and will retail for $19.99. For more information, and to purchase “Hinterland: Orc Lords”, visit the official website at www.Hinterland-Game.com.


  1. Heliocentric says:

    I want more hinterland… But i dont think this is for me.
    I mean, is there a mini expansion? Or even a patch update.
    In truth my desires for the expansion of Hinterland are massive, the idea that dungeons nd growing enemy bases might exist. Hell, even diplomacy, go into a kobold lair give the king a good kicking and tell the second in command that the kobolds better leave you alone or you’ll come back and do the same to him.

    Better yet, allow you to gather your villages together and perform an exodus to richer land, or simply flee from an oncomming enemy leaving your town to burn. And since the environment is fairly organic, if the orcs over extend the undead would surely capitalise on ther weakness.

    I’d buy that game even if it had the same graphics as hinterland.

  2. hydra9 says:

    When I glanced at the title I thought it said ‘Hinterland: Orc Clouds.’ I was about to post about how nonsensical and ridiculous it was, but now I can’t even make fart jokes :(

  3. Jezebeau says:

    Sadly, it was no Majesty. Hopefully the game has improved and not just expanded. Hopefully they’ll remember those of us who paid the same price for what’s now half the game.

  4. Catastrophe says:

    Is it a standalone game or an expansion that requires the original to play? It kinda sounds like a small expansion.

  5. Him says:

    How can I countenance buying this game when “Strategize” is not a word!?
    Also, yes, a list of the differences between Hinterland and Hinterland: Orc Lords would be useful to a potential purchaser.

  6. yutt says:

    I am really confused by this release. There is no mention of it on the Tilted Mill website or the official Hinterland forums.

    I hope this is being released for free, or as a cheap expansion, for those of us who have helped fund their escapade into independence. Right now I feel confused and tentatively upset.

  7. Craymen Edge says:

    “I hope this is being released for free, or as a cheap expansion, for those of us who have helped fund their escapade into independence. Right now I feel confused and tentatively upset.”

    As I read it, it’s a boxed, enhanced version of the original Hinterland. So it’s not going to be free.

    Maybe if they’re feeling generous they’ll release a patch for owners of the old game like the developers of The Witcher did.

  8. Andrew says:

    I already have the original :( I hope it’s a patch or a tiny price to pay for an upgrade.

    Sounds like you can do basically a pallet swap and do an Orc village just like you can do a Human one, probably just replace the orc-like monsters on the map by other humans and humanoids and presto! :)

  9. danielcardigan says:

    “Maybe if they’re feeling generous they’ll release a patch for owners of the old game like the developers of The Witcher did.”

    And which Egosoft is planning on doing for X3:TC.

  10. Markoff Chaney says:

    Maybe strategize isn’t a proper word but you can strategerize your way through the game, surely? That should be a perfectly cromulent word that anyone would recognize.

  11. M_the_C says:

    * Party-based RPG Action – Variety of characters, weapons, and strategies. Will you lead the charge with a two-handed strike or stand behind the armored herder with your bow?

    I’ve never been able to get a good party going, you need to start from the beginning so that they level up properly, and yet you can’t afford to take them away from the village then.

  12. Brother None says:

    This one goes in for one of the more confusing press release of all time. What’s changing? Will it cost people who already bought it anything, and if so why and how much?

    Eh. Honestly, Hinterland was not that good anyway, so no huge interest from me.

  13. suibhne says:

    Hinterland remains one of the purchases that I most regret from last year – $20 for just a few hours of gameplay before I felt like I’d explored pretty much everything that game had to offer. The idea of the game was much better than the game itself. I’ll feel a lot better about it if Tilted Mill releases this free for previous owners, but otherwise…forget it.

  14. Cypher says:

    My worst purchase last year, and seriously affected my opinion of Tilted Mill. I bought on the strength of Children of the Nile, which I enjoyed.
    With Mosby getting poor reviews I kind of struck them off my indy list. Won’t be going back.


  15. I am beginning to understand this comment system says:

    Yeah a liked Hinterland, but the game doesn’t last long. $20 was steep price to pay for it and releasing an expansion to boxed buyers only isn’t going to ingratiate them to the digital distribution indie community.

  16. qrter says:

    Can’t purchase it from the Netherlands either. Not that I’d do that anyway – also purchased the original through Steam, not going to pay twice for this.

    What I don’t understand is this extra stuff is for the boxed retail version.. aaaand the download version through the Hinterland website? What?

  17. Matt says:

    I bought Hinterlands a few days ago, and I can’t say that I’ve been very impressed. It gets the loot/level aspect of the game right, but the building part is pretty poor. I’d like to see someone combine the loot aspect of Hinterlands with the building and resource management of Settlers, and maybe a little bit of the atmosphere of My Life as King.

  18. Heliocentric says:

    Yea, settlers would be a great touchstone for hinterland 2, villagers going about their work in a way that makes placement relivent. And things like guarding miners bringing back materials. Setting up patrols and convoys for example. Course, nothing stopping you going out there yourself. Would be nice if you were genuinely wanting the terrain you are fighting over. Rather than it simply providing a bonus. Even a touch of black and white 2(for the settlement design) would be interesting. Hell, maybe i’m looking at it wrong. Maybe what i want is a game like majesty to provide an avatar you can micro with. I’m currently playing spellforce and it shares the diablo/rts split. Quite different.

  19. Thranx says:

    Now, if they’d made this being able to play the Ord side of things and added multiplayer… it’d easily be worth the $20

  20. theleif says:

    That’s weird. Have they explained their reasons why Brittish people with sawn-off legs living in a box can’t buy the game digitally?

  21. boatorious says:

    I had a lot of fun with Hinterland but it just quit working for me. Not too fond of Tilted Mill at the moment.

  22. Nate says:

    Recently from Toady, re: Dwarf Fortress:

    “03/09/2009: I made it a good way through tissue styling today. There’s an entity component in the raws and a creature component, so as long as a creature has a group of tissues tagged in a way that is recognized by a civilization, it can interact with that society’s style definitions. For example, if dwarves were administering some conquered humans, human children born there would adopt beards if they identify with the dwarven civilization as their primary group (something which will probably be a little too strict now, as there’s currently no notion of tribute or conquering that isn’t fairly total). Dwarven children kidnapped and incorporated into goblin society might sh… shave. We’ll see how it plays out when I finish it off. The primary motive now is to get beard descriptions showing up in the appearance paragraphs.”

    No, I’ll skip this next iteration of Hinterlands. The original was disappointing anyways.

  23. SAWYERRosanne says:

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