Wormhole Tutorials

Or “I’ve got something stuck in my wormhole.” This is only likely to be of interest to Eve players, or people interested in the exploits of Eve players, but I think it’s worth a post. Beyond the jump is a video tutorial for the new exploration system for Eve Online, the probe cleverness that allows you to find wormholes, and other exploration sites. There’s also some detail on this developer blog, and also this one. Via Massively.


  1. Radiant says:

    So pinpointing a wormhole = Space Sudoku?
    How long before a wow gold-esque industry is created based solely on finding and bookmarking wormholes for other people?

  2. np (spiffeh) says:

    Really useful. That diamond positioning a lot less fiddly than the variations pyramid system going around some the forums. I shall have to give it a go, cheers.

  3. Cypher says:

    Potential for that is limited given wormholes are constantly moving, I think they generally last less than a day.

  4. Cypher says:

    hmm. I had read that the 4au limitation had been removed. Certainly my findings have been that way also. I start with one probe covering the entire system.
    Also not sure what he meant by 0.0 wh’s being the hardest to find, they’re everywhere! I found 4 in first 5 systems I scanned, relatively straight forward process.

    Scanning for your exit wormhole in an unknown system is a whole new ball game though as you have to sort through many many signatures to find the one wh.

    Also isn’t it trilateration? Rather than triangulation.

  5. DMJ says:

    Curses. The more I see of this the more I want to get back into Eve.

  6. Red says:

    Radiant – not sure how it works in wow exactly but wormhole positions are temporary (and the more ships that go through, the quicker they collapse as well). there’d be much more profit to be made getting a gang and going through the wormhole, selling the loot than there is in trying to sell the position for a decent price to someone who can actually access it before the wormhole closes

  7. Munin says:

    This video succeeds pretty well in demonstrating how playing EVE is work instead of, you know, fun.

  8. Lunaran says:

    For some people, hiding out in a spaceship using probes to narrow down signals until they find something unexpected is more fun than standing in line to raid a predictable dungeon, which is much more like work. To each his own.

  9. radomaj says:

    @spiffeh: So, are you saying that pyramid schemes are no good?

  10. Kelron says:

    The 4AU thing is a misconception now, one of the developers has stated they no longer limit the signatures to 4AU of a planet, and I’ve found them further out.

    A couple of pointers to add to that video:

    – He does mention that you can use shift to move or resize multiple probes, but doesn’t demonstrate it. If you hold shift and drag the outer edge of one of the probe spheres, it will resize all active probes. Saves a lot of time.

    – When you’re narrowing down on a signature, I find it’s much better to go one step down in size at a time. The range of scan deviation (i.e. the distance of the dot you see from the actual result) is high when using long range probes, and the small amount of extra time spent scanning is better than missing the signature and having to rearrange your probes at longer range again.

  11. Vanderdecken says:

    All good. Very trial and error with the triangulation, but has a wonderfully real feeling to it, great game mechanic and I imagine the warm and fuzzy accomplishment feeling when you get a 0.0 wormhole that quickly is great. I need to have time and money so I can play this before it’s old hat.

    Also, RPS posting anything except the Sunday Papers on a Sunday? What’s got into you Rossignol?

  12. mysteriesofkabir says:

    The gents at Goonfleet are already coming up with ways to make the wormhole-experience as much fun as possible. Like, for everyone. Uhhh….

  13. ack says:

    On a semi-related note, I’m nr 15 in queue for getting into tranquility. 53,567 players and the cluster is full… never happened to me before. Anyone else?

  14. jasonbourne says:

    I have not seen a que for eve in three years of play.

  15. Kelron says:

    @ ack

    There’s occasionally an actual queue, usually immediately after a major patch. In this case it’s likely a bug with the way they handle server connections. Try connecting despite the queue #, if it doesn’t let you then restart the client and try again.

  16. ack says:

    @Kelron, it actually said that the cluster had reached capacity, but you might be right anyway, got in a few minutes later without restarting though.

  17. paddytehpyro says:

    Seems about 1/3rd of the systems I scan have a wormhole. Got it down to about 15-20 minutes to find one which is nice. It seems to be more about player skill than your skill points. Its a much more…natural system imo.

    A bit trickier to find individual ships but meh. You’re either looking for a fleet in a safe spot or an individual in a system without many people in my experience. Or probing down mission runners if you’re too lazy to do anything else :P

  18. underdweller says:

    Can anyone identify the typeface used in this video please?

  19. Radiant says:

    For the record I love suduko.
    What else is there to do on the tube?

  20. Blaxploitation Man says:

    If only people spent as much time working in the real world as they did mining space rocks for virtual money to buy $1000 USD spaceships.

    You didn’t lose your job because of scary foreigners with their Islam and frightening customs, you lost it because you’re addicted to MMORPGs and poop in a sock.

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