SWTOR: Bounty Hunter Scum Confirmed

This latest huge documentary from Bioware/LucasArts (below) features of tonnes of new information about the upcoming Star Wars MMO, although the in-game footage is somewhat lacking. The piece mostly looks at the story and player experience, heavily illustrated with concept art, whilst also exploring some of the context for the Old Republic – the treaty between Sith and Jedi that creates the tense period in which the game starts out. It’s pretty interesting – suggesting more and more than this might just be the Star Wars MMO that works. Go take a look.


  1. Andrew Dunn says:

    The Hutt in that picture looks like the Mighty Poo from Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

  2. Bobsy says:

    Christ, you’re right. I wondered why he looked so familiar.

  3. Pempt says:

    I’m sick of “creating my own story”. I want to immerse myself in a story put together and told by professionals.

  4. Ian says:

    They’re making the right noises but it’s hard to judge too much either way for me until they say more about how the game will actually work.

    Promising though.

  5. Gurrah says:

    A proper SciFi-RPG is nothing I’ve got anything against, but why must it always be f*cking Star Wars? It’s so boring and the same thing over and over and over again…

  6. Gap Gen says:

    Gurrah: You could play Mass Effect, but that seems more like a Star Trek RPG.

  7. Feet says:

    I’m not convinced SWTOR is going to change anything in the MMO genre that matters, the two features they’re pushing speak nothing of the mechanics or rules of MMOs. Not that there’s anything wrong with the established mechanics of MMOs per se, they’re working for a few of them quite nicely, but I see this as just another MMO with a Star Wars skin, and that just doesn’t excite me. As Generic Shooter 3 is the catch all for tired on-rails FPS, so Generic MMO 3 is for tired grindy MMOs, ya know? And we had enough of those last year. I want to see the new thing, not the same old thing in new clothes. Tell me something new Bioware, convince me this attempts to break new ground somewhere that matters to the genre.

    Good story telling and a party system is all well and good. They sound interesting. However I just don’t see how these features are going to change anything that really matters to the MMO as it stands.

    It’ll be the same grind. The same ding, gratz. The same phat l00tz. It’s being done and supported brilliantly by WoW and LOTRo, so if I want that I’ll go play those games.

    Being Star Wars, with good story telling and a party system isn’t enough to get my juices flowing.

  8. Rei Onryou says:

    It sounds better the more they talk it up, but I need to see some real game going on. Too many potentially good MMOs coming up…

  9. hasbean says:

    So far I haven’t heard a good reason why this game should be an MMO at all. Cinematic moments are all well and good, but they’re very personal, surely the effect is broken by some guy jumping up and down in the background?

  10. skalpadda says:

    After John Walker’s Bastard of the Old Republic article made me re-install and start a new play through of KotOR again this is starting to tickle my fancy a little. All the talking sounds great, but so far the only positive thing they’ve actually shown is that the environments look kinda nice.. we’ll see I guess.

    I have to agree with hasbean above, nothing they’ve mentioned makes this sound like an actual MMO, nothing really said about what you’ll be needing other people for. On the other hand that might be good, if I can just put the entire world on my ignore list and play it as a good RPG game :)

  11. Feet says:

    Indeed. Why not just make KoToR3 and just have done with it?

    Apart from the fuck tonne of money they could make from it being an MMO, obviously.

  12. Ian says:

    Speaking of Bastard of the Old Republic (Botor?) are we getting a part 2 or has all the nastiness caused Walker to crumble into a quivering wreck?

  13. Bobsy says:

    I’m sick of having someone else’s story forced on me when playing MMOs. What’s the point of going on a grand quest to save the world if everyone else is doing it too? “Yeah, so it was great when I defeated Jorgon the Indestructable and prevented the Vodocks from escaping their eternal prison and awakening their millenia-old war”
    “Yeah, it was great when I did that.”
    “You didn’t do that, I did that.”
    “Well I did it too!”
    “I don’t remember you there.”

    And so on. The Eve model works. WoW works too of course, but what we’re seeing at the moment is that everyone trying to get in on that action is falling on their arses, with MMOs dropping like flies all over the place. If I’m playing an MMO my primary interaction needs to be with another person. Not a quest giver with an exclamation mark glowing above his head. Certainly not a pre-written story that’s waiting for me to step into the lead role like a wobbly-voiced understudy. We have that sort of thing, in books, TV, films. Games, and particularly MMOs, need to play to their strengths.

  14. Nick says:

    Hey.. Galaxies worked.. untill they started fixing it. If the space stuff had been in from the beginning and they had actually put some care into designing the worlds rather than cookie uttering the cities, it would have been great. It did actually offer something different unlike the EQ (Diku /thisisretro) clones permiating the market at the time. It may not have been polished but the truely player made communities and economies were actually decent. That and truely non combat professions were a nice change (harking back to UO in some ways).

  15. Masked Dave says:

    One thing I don’t understand, if each class has an entirely different story with NPCs and party member politics and things… where’s the MMO side of this? It just sounds like a single player game.

    If I’m a Jedi and my mates a Bounty Hunter, can we play both storylines together and it still make sense?

  16. Ian says:

    @ Masked Dave: That’s one of the things I think most people are waiting to hear about. Along with the NPC group mates I believe they mentioned.

  17. PC Monster says:

    “Star Wars is a classic story…”

    I love how they’d didn’t reference the Prequel trilogy with any video AT ALL. :)

    Hmm. You know, I really must get around to playing an MMO at some point. Being a Jedi would certainly be a fun way to start…as long as I don’t have to spend hours meticulously crafting a light-saber, sourcing crystals for it..etc. Off-the-shelf will do for me.

  18. BrokenSymmetry says:

    @Masked Dave: Many people (me included) would gladly plan an MMO with a great story, where you never need to group with other people, but where you have all the other advantages of an MMO: regular updates, events, a “living world”, chat- or trade-based interaction with other people, etc.

  19. Paradukes says:

    @PC Monster: Where’s the fun in that?

    I remember playing WoW, the most fun I ever had was building an Arcanite Champion (Back when it was the best sword available outside of raiding).

    Collecting all the individual pieces, grinding for certain rarer commodities and running specific instances for others, and finally finding a smith who was willing to craft it for me… It was absolutely fantastic, and once it was made, actually using it was all the sweeter for the work I had to put into it.

    The trouble is, of course, most people are basically going to be playing this game to hit other people over the head with a light-saber, so it’s probably going to be a case of “Welcome to the game, here’s your light-saber, may the force be with you” as soon as you start…

  20. Nick says:

    @BrokenSymmetry: That’d be Guild Wars then. Unless you don’t like its stories (I quite enjoyed them).

  21. Tei says:

    There are only two rules that are really important:

    – Don’t build a self-learning computer, and give then command of all your superpower nuclear missiles.

    – Don’t create a video that embeded on other site, auto-play.

    The creators of this video just as broken one.

  22. PC Monster says:

    Paradukes: “@PC Monster: Where’s the fun in that?”

    But that’s the point, it’s the exact opposite of fun – it’s WORK. It’s what bugs me about the X-series of games. they keep pulling you away from the fun – ie, blowing stuff up – by making you work as an industrialist to earn the bigger ships and weapons. If I’m playing as a Jedi, I want to BE a Jedi – leaping about, using my force powers, slashing things with my lightsaber…not sitting in front of my PC directing my character to build a lightsaber at some beautifully rendered desk somewhere on Coruscant. The movies wisely skipped those parts, for the reason that they’re deathly dull to watch. Doing it in games is equally boring. How’d you feel if you had to sit down and stitch together all your character’s clothes, too? And any time they wanted to eat, you had to gather the ingredients and utensils, light a fire…?

  23. Dan Harris says:


    “I’m sick of “creating my own story”. I want to immerse myself in a story put together and told by professionals.”

    I laughed out loud.

    FWIW, so do I. Specifically, a massive, branching range of stories, each beautifully detailed and honed to perfection, with such a range of choices that it makes me vomit onto my keyboard.

  24. Jog says:

    Great, just great… So there are ever player out there is gonna be a jedi or a sith. That’s just wrong. SW Galaxies approach was much better because you had to work hard to become a jedi…

  25. plant42 says:

    My incredibly safe prediction:
    – This game will launch 1-2 years early due to investor pressure due to a struggling economy.
    – Exactly 0% of the game will stray from the ‘reskinned WoW business model’.
    – It will feature 1/5th of the expected content with the only polished experience being the first two hours of gameplay.
    – Each planet will be its own instance to manage server load, and consequently underpopulated.
    – 70% of the population will be noticeably overpowered jedi and sith, followed by 27% bounty hunters.
    – The ‘story’ will be a linear dialogue-heavy Mass Effect style galaxy romp to uncover an ancient threat from the Sith that players will skip over to see what loot drops they’ll get.
    – You’ll be disappointed by cartoony graphics, choppy animations, low-poly characters and how you have to whack a swamp rat 12 times with a lightsaber to kill it.
    – They’ll screw up crafting.


  26. Pantsman says:


  27. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    plant42 – metacritic just gave that a 93%

  28. cHeal says:

    Looks shit?

  29. TariqOne says:

    I want to believe, so I am choosing to believe.

    So yeah, unlike every other MMO that broke my heart like Fredo did to Michael, this MMO is going to live up to my incredibly naive and overinflated expectations.

    Crank up the home fires, SW:TOR, Tarqy’s coming home to stay for a while. Or the first 30 days. One of those.

  30. skalpadda says:

    @PC Monster: “How’d you feel if you had to sit down and stitch together all your character’s clothes, too? And any time they wanted to eat, you had to gather the ingredients and utensils, light a fire…?”

    You mean like.. WoW? :)

    If there’s a profession/crafting system in this game I do hope they tie it in with the whole telling of stories idea rather than the WoW model of “kill a thousand mobs for cloth/essences/leather, then go mine another thousand mineral veins for ore, spend two hours smelting and hammering.. get a skill point, repeat”.

    If they could pull off neat little stories around how you collect materials and learn to craft things rather than make you perform arbitrary grinds to level skills it could be sweet.

    A fun quest exploring interesting caves to get your first lightsaber crystal or an assassination mission that nets you parts for building a flame thrower for your bounty hunter.. or whatever. They could make things like that fun.

    During my WoW time I really enjoyed the quests that were telling little self-contained stories (there are quite a few, the Tirion Fordring quest line you got to do close to level 60 was ace, for example) and if they can make a whole MMO like that I’ll be amazed. I really doubt they’ll have enough fun ideas for that, but one can always dream, right?

    I’m still wondering where the MMO bit of MMORPG comes in here.. maybe I should go trawl the interwebs myself rather than count on RPS to do all the hard work for me :)

  31. Adventurous Putty says:

    Plant hit it right on the nose.

    Plus, the story angle seems really cheap — it’s a glorified series of tutorial questlines, which everyone of your class will have gone through anyway. So it won’t make thematic sense for an MMO, since there’ll be thousands of “saviors of the galaxy” running about.

    Again: why go through all this trouble when they could’ve just made KOTOR III?

  32. PC Monster says:

    Adventurous Putty: “Again: why go through all this trouble when they could’ve just made KOTOR III?”

    Constant. never-ending source of revenue a la WoW? There’s gold in them thar digital hills!

    Skalpada: “You mean like.. WoW? :)”

    *PC Monster grins*

  33. karthik says:

    Oh, just make KOTOR 3 already.

    We’ll even forgive the lightsaber beat-sticks.

  34. TooNu says:

    Accurate predictions from P42 then…or not and your cynical life will be turned into random chaos leaving you with no fkn clue what to do next and you will qq moar!