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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Indie Inundation

It’s that time again: the time when SavyGamer’s magnificent LewieP guides you in the direction of the best bargains. Ladies & Gentleman, please head calmly clickwards for all the necessary links to an amazingly cheap array of indie games. And watch out, it gets Steamy down there.

Multiwinia/Darwinia – £6.02/€10.04/$10.04
Introversion are one of my favorite UK developers. They do everything that gamers wish developers did more of, and seemingly did it years before anyone else had realised it was a good idea. Several of their games are going cheap on Steam right now, but my personal best pick is the Multiwinia/Darwinia package for only £6.02, which is a third off the regular Steam price. Darwinia is a brilliant, original single player RTS, and Multiwinia is a brilliant, original multiplayer RTS. Here’s my review of Multiwinia, and try the demos here. Also reduced are: Uplink/Darwinia – £4.01/€6.69/$10.04 DEFCON – £4.01/€6.69/$6.69

Defense Grid: The Awakening – £9.37/€12.72/$13.39
Excellent tower defence game. It has a story, told through a one sided dialogue with an ancient computer, that gets a few laughs from time to time. There is a nice range of weapons available, and they all feel unique enough. The last level ramps up difficulty a lot, I’m still working on it months after first getting it. But I’ve done alright on the leaderboards for a few other levels. Shed loads of replayability. Jim’s opinion of it here, and try the demo here.

Space Giraffe – £13/€14.08/$17.99
Jeff Minter’s game about shooting and bullets and Giraffes is pretty divisive. I’ve not quite been brave enough to take the plunge with this one, but I keep redownloading the 360 demo, so maybe that’s a sign of something. You might end up loving it, you might end up hating it, but regardless, it kind of demands to be played. Try the demo here.

MDK 1+2 – £3.09/€3.31/$4.49 each (Apply code “ACTION” for 25% off)
Insane sci-fi action games, back from when acronyms didn’t need to mean anything. Very cool, and very funny. It’s about 40% platformer, 60% third person shooter. The first one was developed by Shiny Entertainment, and the second by Bioware, which is odd enough in itself. You get to jump and glide quite a lot, from memory.

Total War
– £17.99/€31.81
(Sorry USA folk, they won’t ship outside of Europe) I don’t think Sega gets Steam. The company that pioneered free online multiplayer on a console years before Xbox live charged for the same is not the same company that charges £39.99 for a game on Steam that is available for around half that on the high street. Shopto have dropped the price to 24 euros (around £17.99) now too. Empire: Total War is one of those games that you can put the serial into Steam to add it to your account too. Tim’s opinion of it here, and try the demo here.

Bargain of the Week Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – £1.50/€2.50/$2.50Oddworld: Abe’sExoddus – £1.50/€2.50/$2.50or £2.25/€3.75/$3.75 for both. Cheaper than either a pint, or some rubbish DLC, and for your money you get two brilliant 2D puzzle platformers. The Oddworld games have pretty sick sense of humour, and have wonderfully cerebral puzzles. Lots of trail and error, lots of frustration, and lots of eureka moments. I love them, and with a little fiddling, you can get a gamepad to work great with it. It’s a shame the excellent Strangers Wrath never got a PC port.

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