SWTOR: Bounty Hunter Preview Page

Bioware have continued to pump out the awesome preview content for The Old Republic MMO, this time with a detailed web page on the Bounty Hunter class. It explains the character type’s background, complete with some mini movie clips of the Mandalorian armour showing off its flamethrower and jetpack functions. See, not everyone will want lightsabres.


  1. mister slim says:

    Is there a quest where I get swallowed by a Sarlaac? Unless I get slowly digested I’m not subscribing.

  2. Fashigady says:

    @mister slim
    The first MMO to last a thousand years, slowly digesting your time and money?

  3. Tworak says:

    This looks really really good. Hopefully it won’t do a 180 and turn to complete horse shit like most MMOs do.


  4. El Stevo says:

    So bounty hunters have to wear a uniform?

  5. TheSombreroKid says:

    actually i think consoles might introduce gameplay into the mmo genre where none existed before tbh, consoles are so imediate and mmo’s unresponsivness is the worst part

  6. Serenegoose says:

    I think to activate the sarlaac scene all you need to do is use your jetpack frequently and inappropriately, never noticing that it never, at any time, actually assists you in doing something productive.

  7. Ian says:

    If the flamethrower is as satisfying as drinking Drakefire Chile Ale is in WoW I’ll be happy.

  8. KBKarma says:

    @mister slim: But he survived, remember?

    Also: Mmm, pretty fire.

  9. Tei says:

    I remenber commenting yesterday “flamethrower for all!”… so I will not change my opinion here. From CoX is obvious than a flamethrower make for a logical mele weapon :-)

  10. mrrobsa says:

    My friend who played the Battlefield/Star Wars doodad said all anyone wanted to be was a Jedi with a cape, lightsaber and double jump, throwing whatever class based combat there was right out the window.

  11. HeadwoĆ¼nd says:

    I think you just don’t invest a developer’s time and money into a mmo on a platform that’s not supposed to last as long as mmos. a persistent virtual world needs a persistent platform.

    Come to think of it, I’m glad that there aren’t any mmos for consoles. WoW weighs down the PC gaming industry significantly, where more and more devs try to have some from a hit-mmo’s success. So console games are healthy for PC gamers too because they move on in all the other genres.

  12. bantros says:

    At first I didn’t really like the stylized look of the game but after seeing those BH screenshots I’ve changed my mind, it looks amazing

  13. BooleanBob says:

    It does look nice, doesn’t it? I do so hope that being a Bounty Hunter will give you some semi-exclusive quests involving, you know, the hunting of bounties. It’s one thing to turn wizards and warriors alike towards the Great Amorphous Evil that is threatening your lands, but another altogether to start taking people of entirely different professions (without the handy catch-all ‘adventurer’ bracket enveloping them) and have them all do your one-size-fits-all quest line…

    Also, ‘visual identification matrix’ has to be the most laughably contrived synonym for ‘screenshots’ ever. In a good way, obv.

  14. Aaron Nowack says:

    Have they actually said anything about how the MMO part of this MMORPG is going to work? I mean, everything I’ve heard so far just sounds like a (very big) single-player game.

    If they could get a lot of the stuff about story they’re talking about to actually work in an MMO, that could be big… but I’d like to hear something on what they’re planning to do to make it work.

  15. schizoslayer says:

    If you watch the last developer blog video thingy they go on and on about how every class has their own exclusive quest line. Which to me suggests that inter-class grouping is not only pointless but being actively discouraged.

    The combat videos of the bounty hunter also make it look like Bioware are going for WoW in space regarding the actual game play mechanics.

    Plus not all Bounty Hunters are Boba Fett so why are they suggesting that all of them wear Mandalorian Armor like he did?

    Are all Smugglers going to be Han Solo?

  16. skalpadda says:

    “Are all Smugglers going to be Han Solo?”

    I bet they’ll try their best ;)

  17. Sam C says:


    Could you elaborate on what you mean by introducing new gameplay? With the few MMOs that have come out for consoles, like Final Fantasy XI and EverQuest Adventures gameplay has stayed pretty much the same as PC MMOs, perhaps with some streamlining of the interface, as far as I can tell.

  18. Doug F says:

    A depressing thought, but “WoW in space” is the new “Oblivion with guns” isn’t it? The latter ended up being a trigger phrase that caused my eyes to glaze over and skip the rest of the containing post. Hopefully the former doesn’t reach that level of mindless repetition.

  19. Fat says:

    If this even turns out like SWG with a GOOD combat system this time round… i will be buying this.

    Honestly, as bad a rap as SWG gets… i only ever really found the controls and combat system to be the shat bits. If it didn’t feel like your character was on rollerskates and the combat system had been more interactive and not been a case of que’ing up a string of moves to use ahead of time, i’d probably still play now.

    The world was awesome, i loved a lot of the the quests (more immersive to me than anything else in any other MMO i’ve played) and the whole player city thing was great too.

    But honestly, i’d settle for a lot less as long as the combat is made of win.

  20. schizoslayer says:

    @ Doug F

    My biggest area of complaint right now is that the combat looks pretty static. Even in original SWG you could run and shoot at the same time.

  21. Doug F says:

    Shizo – fair enough. I never played SWG (I managed to resist the lure of MMOs until after they drove away most of their playerbase.) My problem wasn’t so much with your comment as with the terrifying flashbacks that particular phrase triggered. If everyone who uses it (or who said “Oblivion with guns”) puts a reasonable amount of thought into the rest of the post, it shouldn’t cause too much pain.

    hm. what would be the “Oblivigun”-esque snappy abbreviation for WoW in Space?

  22. bantros says:

    @schizoslayer – Damn straight I’d be Han Solo!

  23. Grimrita says:

    SWG had a great Bounty Hunter system, until the Jedi kept crying. It was very exciting hunting, tracking and then hopefully killing your target – it was one of the best things about Galaxies.

    There really isnt much detail here on how Bounty Hunting will work in the game – its just alot of generic text. I’m also getting sick of the ‘create your own story’ which is probably PR spin for ‘grinding’.

    I really hope there isnt levelling up and that they create the skill tree system of Galaxies before the combat upgrade hit because that made people unique.

  24. Lukasz says:

    I so want to hunt other players. especially those damn jedis.
    and i wanna torture them like atton did.