Crytek Show Off Fly Tech

CryEngine 3 has been unveiled at GDC, and shown off with a new video. Nothing on the new “what you see is what you play” editor (WYSIWYP, clever eh?) or any hard tech facts so far, and sadly the crappy compression of the trailer means the impact is lessened somewhat. But it still looks fractionally more impressive than Crysis, and that’s the main thing. Right? Okay then.


  1. bhlaab says:

    Zyrusticae> How well does your gtx260 do? I want to upgrade from my 8800gt but anything higher would require a new power supply as well

  2. Janner says:

    I personally like the cry engine since the first time i saw it, yeah it requires a more powerful processor to run than most games but why does that matter? If you cant run it you can get a console or WAIT for the money for a computer that can run it. Crytek obviously doesn’t care that much about what your system is as long as you give them money. All PC games do have system requirements, do you read them? Do you keep in mind there OS is most likely FRESH and doesn’t have any viruses/spyware or an anti-spyware on them taking their much needed resources? And if you don’t like the story SHUT UP! It’s not yours and you don’t have to play it.