Host Master And The Conquest Of Humour. Yes.

It’s the season of GDC award ceremonies. RPS isn’t going to be there. We don’t like other people and, more relevantly, other people don’t like us so we don’t get invites. Or, at least, invites which don’t read “DIE SCUM” in what we believe is blood. So Double Fine’s new online mini adventure Host Master And The Conquest Of Humour is the closest we’re going to get to hanging back stage with Tim Schafer. It’s a one room affair – or at least, it is for me – with you playing Tim, trying to collect enough jokes to make through his presentation. And, suffice to say, Jokes are found along the way. I got 11 of them, and apparently there’s 22. Where’s the rest? I don’t know. I’ve got three items left and nowhere left unturned. Gahk! I’m going to stop and play the Path. That’ll show you, Doublefine. That’ll show you.

Er… you have a try here.


  1. Markoff Chaney says:

    I saw this earlier today and was hoping y’all would put this up. Very tongue in cheek and not bad, all things considered. Excellent Retrhomage (am I doing it right?) by a retromaster(‘s company).

  2. Acosta says:

    That’s the moment when a spoiler tag would come handy around here.

    In any case, without spoilers, hilarious adventure. Make sure you make Tim talk with everything (not for anything useful, but for laughs). And make sure you go out the door with zero, some and 22 jokes, you get a different ending in each situation (getting 22 unlocks a special, extra awesome mode). Have fun.

  3. The Hammer says:

    Hahaha, this is why I love Double Fine. Lovely slice of hilarious adventuring released for a self-indulgent joke.

  4. phuzz says:

    Spent ages looking for 12-22, bloody pixel hunting, but the hint shows up twice, just think, what is that symbol of? Then hunt pixels…

    Ah point and click games, why did you go away?

    (ps, try and {verb} Tim)

  5. Solario says:

    Up to twelve, but I really want to know what to do with that damn artifact.

  6. Stephen Granade says:

    There’s one pixel-hunting puzzle, sigh, and one case of “look at everything twice”. I’m tempted to throw together a walkthrough for GameFAQs.

  7. Solario says:

    And I got it, but Jesus Christ, that’s cruel.

  8. grey_painter says:

    Cruel but once you figure it out it does make a fair amount of sense. Still glad I got the hint here.

  9. Nick says:

    Try and turn off everything too, for teh lulz.

  10. Harmen says:

    Hah, good old times.
    Time to play some psygonauts :)

  11. Panther says:

    Played, completed, all four endings. (0 jokes, some, many, all)

    Gonna have to break out my point-and-click collection.

    @Stephen Granade: The pixel-hunting got me, thankfully the magic of internet forums helped me out. Ask yourself though, what homage to the P&C games of the past would be complete without obnoxious puzzles?

  12. Harmen says:

    Panther: happily this is small-room-with-obnoxious-puzzles-and-the-2009-Internet versus big-world-with-obnoxious-puzzels-and-1984-local-tokenring

  13. Panther says:

    @Harmen: Yes exactly. Although, thats why they had those annoying, exceedingly expensive hint lines. Someone, somewhere was making a mint, and now spends all day cursing GameFaqs.

  14. Senethro says:

    Am I really dumb for only being able to find 5 but feel that I’ve interacted with everything in every way already? Theres not a second room or something anywhere…?

    Also, I got the pixel hunting joke by complete accident and only noticed it was something different later!

  15. Panther says:

    @Senethro: There is a second room, well, sortof. Have you looked at everything, picked up everything? Things that stay in your inventory have more than one use.

  16. Flint says:

    I’m missing ONE. And I can’t find it. Sob.

  17. Flint says:

    Oh THERE we go. Yay!

  18. Thomas Lawrence says:

    The pixel hunting isn’t too bad given that it is clued twice.

    Anyone with 6 or less jokes hasn’t managed to open the safe yet. Look inside the cigar box again.

  19. Acosta says:

    Yes, I had to pixel hunt once, but I completely missed the two hints the game kindly gave me to discover it. It´s was a bit obscure reference, but shockingly clear when you see it.

  20. PleasingFungus says:

    Man, only got 5. And apparently there are many more? I may have to take another look.

  21. Bret says:

    Heh. The matchbox had the bit that made me feel clever. Or at least less dumb.

    Got all 22 with some FAQy stuff. So that was fun.

  22. Rei Onryou says:

    Took me a while, but I managed it. Oldskool fun never gets old. The pixel hunting and looking-twice aggravated, but it wouldn’t be true to the nature of the genre without them.

    Schafer, the legend.

  23. krayon says:

    I thought I sucked at adventure games until I managed to find all 22 jokes (with a little help from my girlfriend) in about half an hour.

  24. Igor Hardy says:

    22? I found 2 and was sure it is all.

  25. Kester says:

    22, huzzah! The ending when you have no jokes is the best though.

  26. Campaignjunkie says:

    I have 21 and have no idea where the last one is.

  27. Andrew Dunn says:

    I got the artifact but have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Up to 11 jokes, I think.

    Feeling really thick now, and even working out the safe code didn’t help. :(

  28. lumpi says:

    Best viral marketing since… since… no, best viral marketing ever. Period.

  29. EvilHayama says:

    For stuck on 11 or 12 jokes, you should try out the Turn Off verb, and then look at some things again. I got stuck on the safe (cigar box has more than one use) and half the artifact (pressing things again helped).

    This felt so wonderfully oldschool, including getting horribly stuck!

  30. Andrew Dunn says:

    22 jokes! SON OF A BITCH.

    Now to see this ending.

  31. Thoth says:

    I have the chicken head, but where do I screw it into?

  32. lumpi says:

    Lol, special mode unlocked!!!111one

  33. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    Curses! Where’s the 22nd joke? I was glad when one lucky find upped my total to 21 but this is getting ridiculous.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I hadn’t tried all the Verbs with all of the jackets in the closet. Silly me.

  34. wake says:

    Why, a chicken bottom of course!

    sorry, had to.


    you have to screw with the elevator
    note the sink doesn’t have a stopper
    use the cigar cutters on the tablecloth –> put that in the sink then turn it on to jam the elevator when you hit the switch again.

    sorry about the spoilers, but I know people can be sensitive about that sort of thing.

  35. krayon says:

    By the way, there are four alternate endings. In order to get them all, leave the room without any jokes, after finding one, after finding seven, and finally when you’ve found all 22 jokes.

    Each non-conclusive ending just sends you back to the room, so you can pick up right where you left off.

  36. Alex says:

    A reference to the Quebecois expression ‘close the light;? I love you, game.

  37. tim says:

    pls someone just spoiler what to do with these two ancient things…

  38. Fomorian says:


    1) USE them on each other.
    2) TURN OFF the light switch.
    3) Notice how the combined artifacts start glowing.
    4) LOOK AT it.
    5) Click on the glowing eye.
    6) A scroll comes out.
    7) OPEN it.
    8) LOOK AT it.
    9) Enjoy!

  39. Gap Gen says:

    Roomisodes are becoming popular, it seems.

  40. MrFake says:

    Wow, I feel weird now for knowing exactly where I was supposed to pixel hunt, even without the two clues or any prompts that I’d need to pixel hunt. That was one of the first places my cursor gravitated to when the game started. It’s not a great feeling. I can’t tell if I’ve subconsciously cottoned on to the homage, or I just play way too many games altogether.

    *sigh* back to work I guess…

  41. Impossibly Daft says:

    The only spoiler anyone needs to know is

    “Moonwalk mode unlocked”.

  42. Razputin says:

    Best ending is with no jokes collected.

  43. Razputin says:

    (As Kester noted yesterday)

  44. LKM says:

    I need help! I have 21, but what do I do with “scrap of index card”? I haven’t shut down my computer in two days because I can’t close that browser window! Help!

  45. LKM says:

    Ah, look behind the mirror :-)

  46. Josh says:


    I’ve found 21 jokes, but I can’t figure out for the life of me what to do with the cellphone and the text messaging. I’m using the number on the newspaper with no positive results. It’s probably completely obvious.

  47. TwistyMcNoggins says:

    Are you actually putting “joke” into the message box?

  48. Josh says:


    god damn it.

  49. Sah War says:

    Awesome game, funny and quite tricky!
    Anyway, a complete walkthrough for this online quest is available at link to , if somebody needs it. :)