If I Had A Hammer: Red Faction Destruction Tech

“We’re ahead of everybody by five to ten years in terms of destruction,” Red Faction Guerilla lead designer James Hague tells Eurogamer. “…we wanted to go toward fully-dynamic for everything. It’s a very different technical direction from where other people are going.” Judging by the insane super-hammer trailer that Volition have just released, he might just be right. I’ve been quietly sceptical about this, and I’m still rather expecting it to mess up, but that hammer… colour me interested. More varied destruction – presented by some dude I think might be from that program about big men breaking stuff – beyond the jump.


  1. Okami says:

    This guy is freaking me out..

  2. MetalCircus says:

    Hahaha, my god, that guy… LOL!

  3. MetalCircus says:

    That said, it does look quite fun.

  4. schizoslayer says:

    I want to take that hammer to Mack.

  5. gulag says:

    Sold! Anyone who loves gun porn knows Mack. That guy is kinky for auto-fire.

    I think hammer-plus-jetpack may just be my new favourite weapon combo, narrowly edging out shank-grenade.

  6. Optimaximal says:

    Firstly, isn’t RF: Guerrilla console only?

    Secondly, five to ten years ahead of everyone in destruction? If the original Red Faction games were anything to go by, I wish they’d only be 1-2 years ahead of everyone in destruction and use the remaining years to catch up with everyone else regarding story-telling, characterisation and general game design.

    Not a single Volition release has touched the quality of FreeSpace.

  7. Optimaximal says:

    or more too the point, FreeSpace 2…

  8. cliffski says:

    to be fair, freespace 2 was jaw droppingly awesome in every possible way imaginable when it was released.

  9. Ian says:

    Assault rifles?

    In a VIDEO GAME?

    Today we have seen the true meaning of innovation.

  10. PC Monster says:

    Having been lured into the original Red Faction with the kinky-sex that was the rocket launcher/mine combo to create your own paths through the levels, then being cruelly robbed of that facility after the first level…I have very little love left for this franchise. I don’t think it ever made enough use of the Martian setting, either, restricting you to corporate corridors and brown tunnels: nothing I’ve seen of the gameplay in the videos suggest this has changed, although the destruction does seem to have gone up a notch or two.

    I’ll keep a half-eye on it, but I refuse to get excited until gamers get their hands on it and proclaim joyness.

  11. Jim Rossignol says:

    RF:G says GAMES FOR WINDOWS on the website and all relevant press releases.

  12. Tworak says:

    1024-bit browness

  13. Idle Threats & Bad Poetry says:

    This game really makes me want to destroy things (in a virtual environment). I don’t know if the game will be any good, and I really couldn’t afford it anyway even if my computer could run it, but the idea of it is exciting.

    It seriously needs gibs, though. It seems a little ridiculous that you can bash concrete with the hammer but leave behind an intact rag doll when you hit someone with it. And the vehicles burst into bits, but it seems the rag dolls fly out of them? What?

    And that Mack fellow is from a Discovery Channel weapons show.

  14. Heliocentric says:

    Its red damn it!
    But more seriously, that hammer better lack limited ammo. I find it worrying the AI didnt noticed the mines. Sure, hide the mine on the underside, but just slap it on the floor?

  15. simonkaye says:

    Imagine a Freespace 3 with this kind of destructible-everything technology. Beam weapons that actually carve cap-ships in two.

    Bring down a starship’s shields then blast your way into the hanger and the guts of the ship to take out some kind of wacky alien reactor core. Freespace with the Descent mixed back in.

    Make it, please.

  16. meeper says:

    no terrain deformation? :(

  17. Heliocentric says:

    Hell, things like a a boarding crew blast wielding themselves into the ship but evacuating the atmosphere inside the ship and boarding in space suits. And it being handled procedurally rather than in a scripted manner. the ship could close off bulkheads etc. Thats to me, less Freespace and more Homeworld, but i’d love if you could be a pilot, a boarding member and a commander as you wish. Yea… instead we get a reddy brown FPS, with a cool hammer.

  18. PC Monster says:

    @simonkaye: I second that emotion. :)

  19. Okami says:

    I had a chance to play an early build of this at Leipzig last year. I had ten minutes of stupid, mindless fun, running around and hammering everything in sight. The amount of destruction you can cause reall is impressive and attaching mines to passing vehicles never gets old.

    I also tried to never ever sidestep any obstacle or jump over it, instead destroying everything in my path with the hammer. And tell you what: I never once had to sidestep anything. Good times.

  20. rob says:


  21. Down Rodeo says:

    I think the problem with previous videos seen of RF:G-ToD (I just wanted to see how that looked) was that it looked generic and not very fun. However that hammer looks very fun.

    Idle threats: Seems like a fair point. Did the original two have gibs? I seem to remember the railgun causing a serious mess but never having owned it, only played it, I can’t remember.

    Simon: Your idea makes me wet. Honestly.

  22. MetalCircus says:

    Bumwash! They made Saints Row 2 which is a great game. Saints Row was a bit wobbly, though, and, okay, the red factions games haven’t been too good. But this could be the exception, I really hope it is, I love games with big ‘splosions in them. I hope it’s vaguely open world rather than linear though.

  23. DeliriumWartner says:

    Sure, they might be years ahead of everyone else, but did you see those explosions. The smoke-stack in the first vid look like it popped into flat sheets of card, like a box in Deus Ex.

    And the structures at the end of the second vid – an explosion, even a building destroying one, does not instantly dissolve the joints of a structure so it tumbles down like mechano.

    Watch a clip of a tower-block being demolished. It can take a good 30 seconds for the last bricks to hit the ground, smoke plumes and the ground shakes. Noone, especially Red Faction, has come close to this IMO.

  24. DBeaver says:

    3rd person??

  25. Nihohit says:

    I’m sure that if the destruction was so varied and freeform, they wouldn’t need to re-use the same shots twice and thrice during the trailer.

  26. MetalCircus says:

    Jesus Delirium, you picked the most OBSCURE thing to have a problem with the game about!

  27. StalinsGhost says:

    Holy shit! MACK! From Future Weapons!

    Now that’s power.

  28. dsmart says:

    When you see a game touting wanton acts of destruction as a USP instead of, you know, talking about the game, you know something’s wrong.

    If RF2 fails, I think it would be curtains for THQ. No question about it.

  29. clive dunn says:


    This is one of the more absurd trailers i’ve seen.
    And absolutly zero sign of the proverbial tongue-in-cheek.
    And that guy reminds me of Locke from Lost.

    @delerium. Fred Dibnah is spinning in his grave.

  30. Magrippinho says:

    This is the second most radical remake of Donkey Kong I’ve ever seen.

  31. Heliocentric says:

    I’m going to give a cookie to the first person who makes a mod which at random intervals declares “hammer time” and disables other weapons.

  32. Chaz says:

    I don’t care how shallow the game might turn out to be, as that looks like bloody good fun to me.

  33. Bobsy says:

    Take out all the fighting with people and make the game purely about beating up buildings with a hammer, and I’m totally there.

    And yes: Freespace with this sort of thing would be amazing. Sigh, eh?

  34. Optimaximal says:

    If RF2 fails, I think it would be curtains for THQ. No question about it.

    RF2 already did the failing thing. Keep up Derek :)

  35. TariqOne says:

    Having experienced Volition/THQ’s excellent take on cooperative sandbox gameplay in Saint’s Row 2, it makes me very angry that RF:G will not feature any cooperative gameplay, excellent or otherwise.

    It makes me want to smash things. Or not buy this and not smash things, as it were.

  36. Torgen says:

    I was about to warn Heliocentric that if he kept talking like that, he’d summon Derek Smart, and by God if it didn’t happen before I could warn him! ;)

  37. hydra9 says:

    Anyone who owned a ZX Spectrum in ancient times might be amused by this:

    An authentically Spectrum-styled ‘demake’ of Red Faction, called Rock Boshers.

  38. Jetsetlemming says:

    No gibs? No terrain destruction?


  39. dsmart says:

    RF2 already did the failing thing. Keep up Derek :)

    lol! Yeah, I meant RFG. But think about this, even though RF2 failed, they still thought it was a good idea to make RFG. So as far as they are concerned, it probably did OK and didn’t really fail.

  40. Tei says:

    I would love to see a Operation Flashpoint with this weapons, destructibility and graphics :-) (but maybe Is only me, and no one else).

  41. Five says:

    Bridge Commander had deformable space ship combat

    Oh and fingers crossed for Red Faction

  42. Pani says:

    @Ian Seconded
    The hammer sounded fab, the assault rifle however… hmmmm.

    There’s no way you can make an assault rifle sound that good unless it was the first game in which it had ever been featured.

  43. Ian says:

    Next we need a game with shotguns.

    How amazing would that be?

  44. Griffinheart says:

    That the terrain didn’t deform worried me as well, but, even if you can only blow up a little of the world, I’ll buy it. Can’t tell you how many hours I spent just carving off rock in the multiplayer Red Faction maps just to see how big of a chunk I could get to fall.

  45. lumpi says:

    Love that stuff!

    Remember the original RF which let you destroy your environment, dig tunnels and holes in walls dynamically in real-time in ONLINE MULTIPLAYER back in 2001(!). Fantastic tech.

  46. Pags says:

    Needz moar gibz. If a sledgehammer is capable of shattering 2-foot thick concrete walls then I would expect it to do more to someone’s body than just make it ragdoll wildly.

    I haven’t forgotten how disappointing and just plain rubbish the first two Red Factions were respectively, so this is still going to have to do a lot more if it wants to win my affections.

  47. paddytehpyro says:

    Im quite excited by this actually. I’ve loved RF1 and 2 and its way of thinking. Mini-gun in the corridor. Well I could dodge in and out lobbing nades at it. Or just blast a hole through the walls and carry on my merry way. The lack of terrain deformation doesnt really matter. I can see no real use for it in this. And anyways, there looks to be plenty to blow-up already :)

    Also, love Mack.

  48. Pags says:

    The most fun I actually had with a Red Faction game was the original game’s demo where I spent ages in the tech demo room. Blew a hole so far out that I lost sight of the original room I was in.

  49. Legionary says:

    Good grief, which PR executive thought having Grant Mitchell smugging away at the camera was a good way to sell games?

  50. Jeremy says:

    That guy is a creep. The game looks really fun though.