Badgering Us: Postal III Trailer

I've never trusted badgers.

I feel terrible breaking the relaxing silence with this, but here’s some new game footage of Postal III. Fire, shooting and badgers. And it’s got some awfully raucous music on it, you know the sort, all shouting and banging and you can’t make out the words. It’s beneath.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any signs of this in motion. There was the prison break-out level commentary last year, and the badger weapon footage before that, but what we’ve got here is a bundle of bits and bobs that show you the sort of naughty behaviour you’ll be getting up to.

There’s no hint of structure, although history suggests that’s possibly quite representative of the game. It shows off the cover system as you mow down police, passersby, old ladies, and so on, as well as the much-touted badger weapon, biting chunks out of people. And there’s the obligatory setting people on fire, although so far no sign of pissing on them to put it out. In case you didn’t play Postal II, that’s not an exaggeration-based joke, it’s a feature that will almost certainly be in the finished game. So, turn down your speakers and enjoy:


  1. qrter says:

    “This content is intended for mature audiences.”

    Except it isn’t, really.

  2. Da'Jobat says:

    I actually honestly enjoyed P2. For some reason. NOT CRAZY.

  3. ...hmm... says:

    Oh not crazy… Just a sociopath.

  4. Matzerath says:

    Postal is a series you really don’t want to get more technologically advanced.

  5. Captane says:

    I lurve me some Postal, a nice simple break from world domination, battle tactics and taxes in Empire: TW

  6. Sum0 says:

    Postal 2 deserves credit just for NOT CRAZY breaking the norm of linear shooters. It is a game NOT CRAZY where I can walk into a store and kill NOT CRAZY shoppers with rotting cow heads, or pour petrol NOT CRAZY outside the entrances to a house and burn out the occupants. NOT CRAZY

    …Seriously though, it’s just a ridiculous level of horrifically violent fun that Crysis can never hope to match, and for that it deserves a little praise.

  7. Smee says:

    I absolutely loved that the missions in Postal 2 were completely menial tasks like “Pick up your paycheck”, “Return a library book” and “Buy some milk.” The rest of the game, sadly, I loved not so much. It felt more like an amateur mod than a ‘proper’ game.

    Here’s hoping the production values and presentation can match the quality of their ideas.

  8. Smee says:

    I absolutely loved that the missions in Postal 2 were completely menial tasks like “Pick up your paycheck”, “Return a library book” and “Buy some milk.” The rest of the game, sadly, I loved not so much. It felt more like an amateur mod than a ‘proper’ game.

    Still, I can’t shake the feeling that somewhere in the Postal format is a Best Game Ever. Here’s hoping the production values and presentation can match the quality of their ideas.

  9. Gap Gen says:

    It doesn’t count because it’s not a real badger.

  10. Gap Gen says:

    Oh, hang on, are there different types of badger you can use?

  11. James O'Hare says:

    There’s something that looks unquantifiably satisfying about knocking about on a segway shooting things.

    But the requirement of big labels saying “Pre-Beta Footage” should probably indicate that it’s not in a showing-off state… not that the postal games appear to ever be, as fun as they are and all that.

  12. Lady Manburger McLovefist says:

    I actually sorta liked Postal II- though I am legitimately crazy.
    This looks fairly “meh” so far. But it’s certainly looking better than it did in the previous footage, and it’s still in pre-beta, so it might turn out to be alright for a bit of vimsical ultraviolence upon completion.
    Guilty Pleasure of ’09?

  13. MrTambourineMan says:

    Hmmm, I actually played just original Postal back in ’97 or something, and only tried P2 demo, but this installment looks like a lot of fun hehehe :>

  14. JKjoker says:

    is thats supposed to be a badger ? it looks like a racoon to me, and the one in the picture looks like a shaggy dog with pipe bombs strapped to it … and he has his hand up both of it’s asses… heh

  15. Taillefer says:

    Saves youtube uploaders adding their own music, I guess.

  16. Andrew Dunn says:

    Kieron’s original Postal 2 review for PC Gamer is one of the few games reviews that still sticks in my mind, years after the fact.

  17. James Brophy says:

    Violent as this is, it seems to be a somewhat nutted version of postal.

    In the video your just shooting random strangers at least in the second one you were fighting people who had genuinely pissed you off, whether that be police, games designers, marching band members or people who had kidnapped you and put you in a, assless gimp costume that you had to walk home in avoiding getting shot for being a “weird looking one”. i’m not saying the story was good but the scenarios were at least above duke nukem 3d, here. not seeing much evidence of that.

  18. Gap Gen says:

    Well, this shot doesn’t look like any of the badgers on Wikipedia: link to (same as above, but with a face)

    The video looks more like an American Badger, not a proper European Wind-in-the-willows-Badger badger.

  19. MetalCircus says:

    I really fucking hate the elitist snobbery that Postal 2 (and likely this) suffers. Postal 2 was a really great laugh. Juvenile? Sure, but we like juvenile behaviour once and a while. Ground breaking? Absoloutley not, but then it’s not trying to be. Every game these days is trying to tout itself as revolutionary and ground breaking but they’re not [i]really.[/i]

    At least with this you know what you’re going to get, and with plenty of immature swipes at popular society thrown in for good measure. It’s kind of like South Park in a game, but sillier somehow. And lets face it, postal 2 was at least as good as Quake IV or any other sub-par guff the big name publishers are pumping out at any given time.

  20. Marty Dodge says:

    Running with Scissors does its best to get mature games banned in even more countries.

  21. DK says:

    “It’s kind of like South Park in a game, but sillier somehow.”
    South Park is basically utter garbage – but the thing that makes it watchable (perhaps even “good”) is that you can feel the writers are actually smart.
    Postal nails the first part. Not the latter one.

  22. po says:

    OK, so who else couldn’t be bothered spending the time to put their actual date of birth in and just made something up that seemed old enough?

    About as dumb and pointless as DRM.

    Anyway, where’s the pissing on people? You can’t get much more juvenille than that (unless they add teabagging).

  23. Weylund says:

    The age thing makes actual sense. If you lie about your age, it’s your doing and not theirs. They had every reason to think you could watch the video.

    DRM, yeah… sadly, people’s reactions to non-DRM these days seems to be “woohoo! Free game!” DRM has had terrible effects on the gamer psyche. Did I blame DRM already? Because I do.

    Speaking of, will Postal ever be Steam material? I may then purchase it, then. Also, then.

  24. Thiefsie says:

    I’ve always wondered at what think of the huge amount of people who watch their videos all born on the same day of January 1, 1900.


  25. Weylund says:

    Late bloomers.

  26. bildo says:

    What’s wrong with postal? It may not have the best gameplay but the stuff you do is pretty funny! Geeze, it’s akin to Conkers Bad Fur Day in terms of content so whats the big deal?

  27. MetalCircus says:

    Like I said, PC gamers like to get all indignant like a load of bloody early 20th centuary gentlemen over anything that isn’t stuffed to the fucking gills with classical references and complex theory bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I like classical references and theory bullshit too, but sometimes I like to take a break with some juvenile, silly bollocks like this. Just saying.

    But then I guess games like this weren’t meant to be taken seriously, so it gives idiotic PC users a superiority complex with which to bash the game and it’s devs over the head with. See also: DK’s post above.

  28. qrter says:

    ANGRY!! GRRR!!

  29. Andthensobecause says:

    Look, I’m a 45 year old white male (born Jan 1, 1964). I can’t believe video games are so behind the times. With maturity comes a shift of aggression away from people and towards the earth. I would prefer a game where I use badgers to saw down the Amazon or space shuttles to mine oil sands in Alberta or hand warmers to melt the ice around polar bears.

  30. Muzman says:

    My kingdom for a game whose slogan is “Explore a living, breathing world and put a stop to that kind of thing!”

  31. PC Monster says:

    “I’ve always wondered at what think of the huge amount of people who watch their videos all born on the same day of January 1, 1900.”

    Actually, it takes much more effort to scroll all the way down to 1900 than it does to scroll once or twice on the mouse-wheel and end up in the 60’s or 70’s. I’d wager the large percentage of people are in that region, for simple expediency, rather than taking the extra time to scroll all the way to the beginning – human laziness wins every time.

  32. Okami says:

    This game is so not coming out in germany. Speaking of germany, some cerrazzyyy german mayor has managed to ban all killer games in his city. Don’t ask me what that means or how he did it.

  33. Ian says:

    Okami: The correct spelling in that instance must be “kerrazzyyy” with a k. It’s like a law or something.

    Anyway, a game where you can do drive-by shootings on a Segway and then get off and maim people with a badger you keep in your pocket? Sold.

  34. Malagate says:

    @Okami, ban all “Killer” games? So no Killer Instinct or Killer7 then?

    As long as they keep the “alternative” way to do things in this version of Postal then I might have a look at it. It still amuses me that the “missions” in previous postal games can still be achieved without any violence, which many other, more serious games still haven’t managed yet.

  35. Heliocentric says:

    I was sat thinking about that killer games ban when i first read the news.

    Street fighter would be okay as they only ever get knocked out. Splinter cell 2 would be okay as you don’t need to kill anyone in that title, the other 3 have mandatory murder.

    Tf2 as a medic, shadowgrounds(they are aliens its okay)

    Other violent titles which don’t have plot lead mandatory killing anyone?

  36. mpk says:

    There comes a point when aimlessly shooting computer people in the face stops being fun and you have to ask yourself why you’re doing it. The basic idea behind Postal is something I find abhorrent and, as someone mentioned above, this is a game we don’t want to get more technologically advanced. Imagine Soldier of Fortune 2’s brutality with modern tech if you will – not for me, random badgers notwithstanding.

  37. Heliocentric says:

    But i think that brutality has a place, especially in instances where the death is undesirable. People are basically meat pinata’s when it comes to warfare. Sanitised war where people don’t bleed or lose hunks of meat when shot. Is that healthy? During call of duty 2 (to a lesser extent 4)the enemy started to become nothing more than popup targets. No threat, no tactical assessment, no sign of emotion, a lack of blood would have made this even worse. In games that allow non lethal take downs not taking then is blood on your hands alone. When games force you to kill? The deaths are meaningless.

  38. Xercies says:

    I very much enjoyed Postal 2 in a juevaile pissing on people who were on fire kind of way. Its that kind of game where you play for about 10 inutes after a long hard days work to get the frustraton out of your system.

    It probably actually stops work shootings. So it should get a Nobile Peace Prize.

  39. Toby says:

    Mummy, why is Kieron killing all those people?


  40. gulag says:

    Heh, looks like Saints Row 2 has a playmate. I’ll finally be dipping my toe in the Postal pool with this one.

  41. DMJ says:

    Postal 2 was ALMOST a genuine and thought-provoking game.

    I loved the menial “missions”, and the way that the world conspired to annoy you as much as possible, and then give you access to automatic weaponry.

    It would have been a much better game if there weren’t sections in which violence was mandatory. I would much rather have made violence ENTIRELY THE OPTION OF THE PLAYER in response to the annoyances of the everyday world.

    I prefer the option of being a dick to a game which forces me to be a dick on command.

  42. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    I think I approve of a world in which the postal games exist, because I feel like something has to be at the other end of the bell curve to, I dunno, the Path? World Of Goo? Whatever the gaming opposite of forcing a badger to eat someone’s face with your hand up it’s arse is I guess.

    PS, if this is alpha footage, maybe they’ve not put the missions in yet, they’re just making sure the important badger>face>eating bits are working ok

  43. catmorbid says:

    Postal is like the big fucking middle finger shoved up the ass of tight-up flower-power-ladies demanding censorship, decency and reduction in freedom of speech. Things like postal are, indeed awful and fucked up, but they’re also necessary in a world where everything is censored. I’ve never like the games, but I’ve always played them, and in short doses they might be enjoyable as, as an instrument of stress release. The trick is, that when everything is overdone it doesn’t feel that bad any more.

    Sure, a new breed of sociopaths is probably born the moment Postal III is released, but would that then be avoided, or would it have been inevitable anyway?

  44. SlappyBag says:

    And here is me sitting here thinking that the Source engine was old hash =P

  45. PC Monster says:

    “Sure, a new breed of sociopaths is probably born the moment Postal III is released, but would that then be avoided, or would it have been inevitable anyway?”

    Ah, nature vs nurture. My old friend. Almost certainly the latter. Games don’t create sociopaths – sociopaths play games, world of difference there if you’re listening, Knee-Jerk Media. The evidence for this is the billions of people who play games with a ‘violent’ component and DON’T then decide to hone their skills on real people. Postal looks like lots of fun – fuck censorship.

  46. Cooper says:

    I’m glad I live in a time when the Postal series can exist.

    There’s something very subversive about Postal’s take on the mundane. You could almost see it as a Foucaultian / Derridean post-Butler take upon the performativity of everyday life; whereby even the quotidian is part and parcel of the reinstatement of social normatives which when analysed clearly maintain inequalities, and disenfranchise, in this case, the protagonist in more or less overt forms of exploitation.

    The protagonist in Postal could be said to be rebelling not so much against this everyday performativity of others who annoy, anger and exclude him, but, moreover, his very own complicity in that structure.

    Or, it could be a load of adolescent sociopathic fun…


  47. Songbearer says:

    I loved the original Postal as a kid, and the second was so delightfully evil that the person at the store I bought it from actually looked disgusted that I was buying it!

    It was great for a laugh though. For all its amaturish production values, it knew that it was completely ridiculous and it reveled in it. The AI was capable of some very funny things as well, including people interacting with each other without your intereference and even going as far as to start going postal themselves.

    I think the best part is when I showed my dad it. He isn’t much of a gamer, and never played a FPS until I showed him it, but after decapitating some people with the shovel he was crying with laughter. He actually played the entire game to completion and loved every minute of it.

    It’s a perfect way to let off steam after a stressful day and I hope Postal 3 delivers just as many laughs.

  48. Irish Al says:

    I am trynig to do 9 things at once, and consequently misread the title of this as *Portal* III.

    Then spent several confused seconds wondering why the screenshot seemed to show a third-person Gordon Freeman brandishing a belt-fed dog.

  49. Kieron Gillen says:

    I always liked Postal 2’s piss-physics.


  50. ZIGS says:

    I like how these comments are more about Postal 2 than Postal 3