IGF: Blueberry Garden Takes The Prize

As we anticipated, quirky 2D adventure Blueberry Garden, by Erik Svedang, was the winner of this year’s Seumas McNally Grand Prize. Read the details of the other winners below. (Dyson was robbed! Boo!)

Innovation Award: Between

Excellence in Visual Art: Machinarium

Excellence in Audio: BrainPipe

Technical Excellence: Cortex Command

Excellence in Design: Musaic Box

Audience Award: Cortex Command

Congratulations to Data Realms, Cortex Command is totally ace. I’m also a little surprised that CarneyVale Showtime didn’t snag anything. Oh well, well done to everyone who was nominated. It was another bumper year for great indie games.


  1. Ian says:

    Are we going to get a list of all the ones you chaps think we should play?

    Aside from the ones that won awards, natch.

  2. bansama says:

    Well at least Dyson managed to secure release over Steam. I guess.

  3. AndrewC says:

    Oh the glory of Cortex Command! That Zombie Cave video was from an alternate time line where people decided 3-D was a bit naff.

  4. Nighthod says:

    Zeno Clash deserved the Visual art award, machinarium was nothing special.

  5. Pags says:

    @Nighthood: strongly disagree, I’m very happy Machinarium won the Visual art award myself.

  6. Acosta says:

    God, Machinarium is gorgeous, can’t wait to get it.

  7. Nighthood says:

    Machinarium doesn’t seem to break boundaries much, I think Zeno Clash is a LOT more brave in terms of art.

    Also, bloody keyboard not recognising the second “O” in my name. T_T

  8. Bergotronic says:

    if “You have to Burn the Rope” would have won something I would have unleashed INTERNET RAGE.

  9. l1ddl3monkey says:

    I must remember to buy Dyson as I can’t stop playing the Demo; has anyone got it and does it involve multiplayer or smarter AI in the full release?

  10. Xocrates says:

    Dyson isn’t for sale yet. The latest “Demo” is all there is.

  11. Nero says:

    Hooray for Sweden! I’ve only really played Cortex Command of those and that game is brilliant. Machinarium *drools*

  12. Aubrey says:



  13. Max says:

    I like how the Musaic Box download is actually a downloader that downloads the downloader that downloads the actual game. I kid you not.

  14. Ziv says:

    Ian: “Are we going to get a list of all the ones you chaps think we should play?
    Aside from the ones that won awards, natch.”

    I think you’re right. they should make a series of articles like the games coming in 2009.

  15. Still annoyed says:

    Osmos or whatever it’s called also got an award.

  16. Cedge says:

    Zeno Clash was robbed.

    Machinarium is very pretty, but it seems like it just tries a bit too hard, if you know what I mean, which is never something I feel when looking at Zeno Clash.

    Regardless, congratulations to all the winners. Well done.

  17. SteveHatesYou says:

    Blueberry Garden looks gorgeous, but I still have no idea what the game is actually about.

  18. sam says:

    what is this “dyson” you all speak of ?

  19. Jocho says:

    Feel really proud to have Svedäng as a game-design teacher at times like these. *proud/brag*

  20. Wedge says:

    I really hate when someone enters a game into this that they’ve never released any real information about, much less anything we can play. And then it wins and it feels like they’re hiding some secret special thing all to themselves.

    Then some forever time later it actually comes out and you’re like “oh, is that all?”. At least that’s how I felt about CPD doing the same thing last year (though at least that had something of a tech demo around).

  21. unique_identifier says:

    dyson is single player real-time risk, where you can sacrifice troops to gain additional production capacity, and troops built from different asteroids feature different characteristics.

    unless they’ve made a colossal number of improvements since the last time i had a play, i don’t quite see how there’s enough there to make it worth buying. although the music is lovely.

  22. lumpi says:

    Dyson: link to dyson-game.com

    Amazing game that grew out of the TIG Source “Procedural” competition IIRC. I always thought the game deserved more attention and surprisingly, said attention now arrived with a long delay.

  23. GrrrlGamer says:

    That Dan Tabar has got a smokin’ bod!

    link to news.bbc.co.uk

  24. Matzerath says:

    Dan Tabar interfaces with his computer by way of a Bowflex.

  25. Taedirk says:

    @Wedge: I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who gets annoyed at all these indie games winning awards when they haven’t even been released yet. STOP GETTING PRIZES IF I CAN’T PLAY YOU YET, DAMMIT!

  26. fucrate says:

    if you were here you could play :)

  27. Mike says:

    I think Between was the wrong choice. But Blueberry Garden – absolutely. We had a peek at the IGF release for issue two of Another Castle and I was really thrilled with it. Really captivating.

  28. Ryan Daniels says:

    I just want a release date on blueberry garden, although I now realize I should just forget it, I have a feeling it won’t be for a while. Also, I wish dyson would have won, but oh well.