Ubisoft: Some Of Their Games Are Inexpensive

These twenty-four hour sales barely give us enough time to realise that they’re happening. I mean I do have to sleep half the week, you know. Anyway, Ubi’s Far Cry 2 – which I know is hotly debated, but I thought was splendid – is currently up on Steam for $15 until 9am PST tomorrow. Probably. Something like that. I should check, really. What I do know is that it’s a US only offer, and it’s £18 in the UK on Steam. It’s still expensive in the rest of the world though, which is rubbish. Also GoG, whose convenient sign-up link wot-we-are-advertising is at the bottom of our sidebar (eh, wink, nudge etc) have just announced a stack of older Ubi games on their roster, including Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Beyond Good and Evil, and IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, with more on the horizon. Beyond Good & Evil is one of the RPS love-games. We’d buy it a pint and take it home in our van. (John even wrote longingly about it here.)


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    ChaosSmurf says:

    Delicious Prince of Persia is delicious, not being available on Steam in the civilised countries.

  2. teo says:

    15$? It’s 25€ here!!
    The game isn’t that great anyway

  3. Recomposer says:

    And Cannon Fodder is now on GOG too. Cannon Fodder (excitement rising)!

  4. Fractus says:

    $15? Nice. Steam has it on sale in Europe too for 25 €. Convert 25€ to dollars and you get a bit over 30$.

    It’s still slightly cheaper than at retail, so I might get it. However, it’s amazing how a digitally distributed product can be twice as expensive depending on which side of the Atlantic you live.

  5. pkt-zer0 says:

    EuroSteam’s Far Cry 2 goes for 25€ at the moment – only slightly more expensive than retail. WOT A BEARGAIN!

  6. Colthor says:

    That GoG link/ad in your sidebar’s quite handy. You should try to get similarly unobtrusive, un-animated, non-Flash ads for Steam and Impulse so I never have to type their URLs again either. And maybe make you some money.

  7. Heliocentric says:

    Yeah, cheaper at retail. What a bargin, our currency is worth moderately more and we get the luxury of spending numerically more the same product. Yunno what? Piss off ubi. However, ubi on gog? Let me kiss you ubi.

  8. Still annoyed says:

    Cannon Fodder on GOG? That’s great!

  9. Jazmeister says:

    Wow, an effective advertisement! I clicked through, and it looks good!

    Just what is wrong with these TV advert types, anyway?

  10. Seniath says:

    I will admit, I caved to the power of The Sale; picked up Far Cry 2 even though I had no real inkling to do so. Not to mention the fact that, even at 50% off, it’s still more expensive than at retail (it’s currently going for £13.99 on Gameplay).

    Gods I’m weak.

  11. Fractus says:

    Ah, disregard that “might buy”. Amazon uk has it for £15, or 16 €. What a pointless “sale”.

  12. dadioflex says:

    Was looking around the onlines for FC2 prices (purely out of curiosity) and noticed Fallout 3 is £16.99 at gameplay.co.uk FWIW.

    (Oh that amazon FC2 price is marketplace so you’d pay a couple of quid carriage. the standard price is £17.99)

  13. Frank says:

    Heroes of Might and Magic (3D0 era, now Ubisoft’s) is heading to GOG. Best news ever.

  14. Turin Turambar says:

    BG&E, uno of the few Ubisoft games i can recomend! :D

  15. Tworak says:

    Nothing is ever inexpensive on steam. Wonder if these prices will ever get fixed. At least with the steamware thingy games I can buy the retail copy and register it with Steam for like half the price.

    Steam store sux

  16. Fractus says:


    Yep, but I’m ordering stuff from amazon anyway. Even if I were to only order FC2 from amazon, the postage costs are about £2 which makes it still cheper than the cheapest price I can find in Finland, which is 24€ or about 22 £.

  17. Vaur says:

    Not entirely true Tworak; the games for sale (which I think included pretty much all of them) during the Steam Xmas promotion were undeniably inexpensive.

  18. Xercies says:

    Has limited installations not available here and really expensive in Europe so you can go to hell Ubisoft.

  19. Pavel says:

    Umm. I got FarCry 2 COLLECTOR’s EDITION (the one with the T-Shirt dammit!) for 24 Pounds two months ago, in retail, on game.co.uk………….

    No, buying games on Steam is NOT a good deal.Not for a new AAA games anyway.

    With that said, I just bought (week ago) Orange Box for 15 Pounds, again on game.co.uk…retail.
    How much is that on Steam? 30? Yeah, great deal.

    But I DID buy Zeno Clash for 8 euros, I gotta admit that.

  20. Dracko says:

    Hahaha! You should have made this post when it was about Brothers in Arms.

  21. Jahkaivah says:

    Incidentally I am having trouble with the copy of Beyond Good and Evil I brought on steam, it seems somewhere down the line Nivida released a graphics driver which doesn’t agree with BG&E’s water reflections (basically ridiculously low framerates during speedboat parts despite my specs being more than high enough, and neither Ubisoft nor Nvidia can be assed to do anything about it.)

    Would really like to play this game, but I would rather play it with Water Reflections on as for some reason Game Developers are unable to make the lower spec water textures look appealing (seriously BG&E’s looks like tin foil and Oblivion’s looked like a tar-pit*).

    *Actually come to think about it Bioshock’s Tar Pits looked fairly pretty, perhaps that was a bad simile.

  22. A-Scale says:


    link to blog.wired.com

  23. Frye says:

    Might be cheap but it’s still a Ubisoft game; Lately, I seem to lose interest after an hour or so in their games. They look great but have no soul. At all.

  24. gbarules2999 says:

    I click on that ad occasionally. I support both sides of that arrangement, adblock doesn’t block it, and it doesn’t take a million megabytes to load.

    Far Cry 1, you will soon be mine.

  25. gbarules2999 says:

    Did someone just say that Beyond Good and Evil has no soul?

  26. cHeal says:

    I got Far Cry 2 for free and just couldn’t bare to play any more than a couple of hours. Awfully boring.

  27. Po0py says:

    Wow. Far Cry 2 for £17.50! It’s like they took pity on us and decided we could have it at normal prices. Play.com are doing it for £17.99. Steam is a comedy goldmine sometimes.

    Um… I’d hold off getting Beyond Good and Evil from gog.com for a little longer. I have a sneaky suspicion about the Steam weekend deal. Although, it could be something like a cheap arse World in Conflict, which wouldn’t be a bad deal at all if it is the usual 75% deal.

  28. undead dolphin hacker says:

    This thread is now about Beyond Good and Evil.

    BG&E had brilliant continuity. The game kept my attention throughout its length, and never did it feel like a chore to play. There were no “man, I want to get through this section so I can get to the next bit of story” moments.

    It was also kind of… not memorable. I know I unlocked almost everything in the game, but aside from the big spoilers, I can’t recall a single bit of the game.

    I think the graphical style had something to do with it (and alot to do with why it sold so poorly). The game’s plot was mature and disturbing at times, but nothing really conveyed that graphically until the last 1/3rd of the game (which is, coincidentally, the part I remember).

    In retrospect I want to say the game had a pervasive sense of dread, like we knew the whole thing was building up to some great horror… but that’s not how I remember it. I remember the game being bright, colorful, and cartoony.

    I guess the problem I have with the game is that it told too much and showed too little.

    It’s also a case study in truly atrocious marketing.

  29. Blarghhh says:

    link to youtube.com

    Couldn’t get this song out of my head then.
    Can’t get it out now.

  30. malkav11 says:

    $15 is actually dead cheap for Far Cry 2. Pity it’s only a bargain for US types, though.

  31. Michal says:

    Well Far Cry 2 is down from US $50 to $25 in Australia, which is about AU $35 at the moment.

    That’s a good deal when compared to the cheapest prices here which are around AU $70 including shipping.

  32. Ravenger says:

    Limited activations on the Steam version – sorry no sale Ubisoft.

  33. Michal says:

    WTF does a game on Steam need 3rd party activation?

  34. cjlr says:

    I once got a copy of IL-2 when I bought my old, old GeForce 4 Ti4200 video card. Man, that was like 8 years ago. Wow. Beyond Good & Evil is ace. I got that one for about $15 (that’s $CAN, mind you) about six months after release, and it consumed my next weekend utterly. And maybe it’s just me, but I can STILL find Sands of Time for, like, $10 at most Best Buy locations in Ontario…

    Shit, with all those on GOG, now I feel old. And I just turned 18. Wow.

    And Cannon Fodder? That game was brilliant. Well, the gameplay was not the greatest, but everything else was top notch. Plus, it had about the greatest ever.

  35. Cooper says:

    Not only is it cheaper at retail, it still includes the same DRM as the retail version.

    You do have to ask in what manner is this a good deal?

    I’ll see what the next two are, but my hopes aren’t high…

  36. Clovis says:

    @Ravenger: I guess that’s worth protesting in principle, but I just don’t see Far Cry 2 as a game that I will want to play again in 10 years. If it doesn’t work in the future, who cares? For now, I’m sure I can get $15 worth of fun out of it.

    OTOH, maybe I’ll get lucky and have to install it twice, and then have my hardware fail. Then I’ll look perty dumb.

  37. RLacey says:

    All of the prices of Ubi’s games in this week-long sale have been stupid so far. Like Prince of Persia, which they were offering for £14.99, but which I can get from HMV.co.uk for £12…

  38. Doctor Doc says:

    The game sucks anyway and the bad price will save more people from playing it.

  39. Rich_P says:

    The real sales are over at Gamersgate, now client-free but just as ugly as ever :p

    King’s Bounty for $9.99 and Universe at War for $4.99

  40. drewski says:

    Cannon Fodder and Sands of Time WILL be had.

    But not today.

    I already have BG&E, woo!

  41. Gorgeras says:

    Further to the ‘cheaper at retail’ topic: Sega have brought down the price of Empire: Total War on Steam so it now matches that of GAME, HMV and most other places.

    But it is still going at £17.99 at ShopTo.net. I’m currently mulling over whether it’s currently worth buying with all the usual Total War bugs in it. I certainly know it’s not worth the hassle at £30, never mind £40. Reviews be damned, I begin to suspect they are not on our side.

  42. Eschatos says:

    And I paid $50 for this piece of crap…

  43. Novotny says:

    IL-2 Sturmovik : the most under-rated achievement of the last 10 years. A majestic piece of software. Alongside Civ, Counterstrike and perhaps TA/Sup Com, one of my top games ever.

    And no-one cares about it *sigh*

  44. Novotny says:

    *under-appreciated, I should say

  45. wiper says:

    Tch, I’m with Jim here – FarCry 2 is fantastic. Well worth the £20 I paid for it a few months back; you guys across the Atlantic are getting a fantastic deal!

    Also, already having BG&E and SoT (and both on systems that don’t require installs) saves me money here, fortunately.

  46. Fumarole says:

    $15 for Far Cry 2 is a deal. Pshaw to the nay sayers. Too bad you Brits cannot get in on the action though.

  47. DD says:

    15$? that’s a steal for this game.

  48. jalf says:

    Doesn’t seem worth €25 though.

    And of course, please note that it comes with luverly DRM. Max 5 activations on the Steam version.

  49. Oak says:

    Those installs are the “refundable” type, where uninstalling earns you another. Silly to have it on the Steam version, but there you go.