Ubisoft: Some Of Their Games Are Inexpensive

These twenty-four hour sales barely give us enough time to realise that they’re happening. I mean I do have to sleep half the week, you know. Anyway, Ubi’s Far Cry 2 – which I know is hotly debated, but I thought was splendid – is currently up on Steam for $15 until 9am PST tomorrow. Probably. Something like that. I should check, really. What I do know is that it’s a US only offer, and it’s £18 in the UK on Steam. It’s still expensive in the rest of the world though, which is rubbish. Also GoG, whose convenient sign-up link wot-we-are-advertising is at the bottom of our sidebar (eh, wink, nudge etc) have just announced a stack of older Ubi games on their roster, including Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Beyond Good and Evil, and IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, with more on the horizon. Beyond Good & Evil is one of the RPS love-games. We’d buy it a pint and take it home in our van. (John even wrote longingly about it here.)


  1. jalf says:

    I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I uninstalled a game. Games tend to stay on my computer until I format.

    Anyway, I could live with that restriction, if the price was reasonable. But charging twice as much from Europeans as they do from Americans doesn’t really work for me.

    Plus, of course, it’s not like I’m starved for games to play at the moment. I’ve got plenty of mileage left in DoW2 and ETW, and those are only the last month’s games. I’ve still got a backlog of at least half a dozen other games to play when I have time.

  2. Oak says:

    Fair enough. Though if you’re looking to sink a lot of time into a shooter, it’s a good choice. Jim has been reliably on-point in his posts here about why it’s a stranger and far more worthwhile game than the run-of-the-mill FPS it’s often dismissed as. There was also a recent, long discussion of its merit at The Brainy Gamer that’s worth reading if you’re still in the air about it.

    Brass tacks, though: it’s breathtakingly beautiful and full of exciting bang-pow gunfights.

  3. malkav11 says:

    It’s not just uninstalling. They have a revoker tool.

  4. Matzerath says:

    Is there a betting pool for the Friday offering?

  5. Matzerath says:

    Here’s the list of possibilities:
    link to en.wikipedia.org
    I’m banking on ‘Grey’s Anatomy: The Videogame’

  6. Nimic says:

    I bought Far Cry 2 on Steam on the day it was released, played it for an hour or two, and haven’t touched it since. I might try it again at some later time..

  7. Muzman says:

    Me too (not on steam though). It seems like a really admirable game and one I should like, but that first part was utterly uncompelling. I don’t like the feel of the controls and the overwhelming browness of it all either (even though it’s one of the few games where that’s appropriate).
    I suspect I’ll like it once I force myself to play a bit more but going back to Stalker is just too easy.

  8. PC Monster says:


    Oh my god I LOVE ‘propaganda’! I went nuts when I heard it playing outside the bar and would turn the volume up on my speakers just to sit and listen to it. Not long ago I tracked down the soundtrack, and through sheer repetition this track has become one of my 5-star favourites on Foobar, up there with Wipeout 2097’s ‘Canada’ and the Haegemonia soundtrack. What a tune!

  9. PC Monster says:

    PS: Zertagild’s misheard lyrics for the song are also a joy to listen to. :)

  10. jon_hill987 says:

    At £18 I hardly call it a sale, that is the same price as Amazon. And the Steam version still comes with limited activations.

  11. Lukasz says:

    15 usd. yeah. i would buy it
    25 usd…
    no thank you. game is not worth it. For that price i can get beyond good and evil, cannon fodder and septerra core.

  12. Tei says:

    I have played this game with 4 other friends on a cybercafe. Is really fun as a casual deathmatch game. Good work guys!.

    I will not buy it, because I have read is too much consoley, but looks like a very good game. Soo sad got nerfed for the inferior and obsolete console gameplay style.

  13. Tei says:

    More games sould have a pseudo-sandbox gameplay style like Beyond Good and Evil, “Shark” or Puzzle Quest.

  14. ZIGS says:

    On a somewhat related note, Valve and Ubisoft should get testicular cancer. I’m from Portugal and I can order physical copies of games from the UK for less than on Steam WITH the 50% off

  15. Will Tomas says:

    Yes, but then most of these games that have just been released on GoG can still be found in shops for cheaper than $9.99 – most of them are in the £5 rack in Game. At current exchange rate you’d still be better off going to the shop, but I still applaud GoG for putting them out there digitally too. I might even be more tempted that way.

  16. jonfitt says:

    I saw the FC2 sale and bought it forthwith. I disagree with the DRM, but at $15 I don’t care. Yay for flexibility.

    It’s a shame Steam in the UK isn’t outpacing retail prices, but retail in the UK discount PC games heavily anyway, so you get spoiled thinking that’s the norm. In the US the retailers don’t chop prices nearly as quickly.

  17. jonfitt says:

    BGaE will be my first GoG purchase sometime soon (I’ve already got pretty much all the games they have which I’d like :) )

  18. Morph says:

    I buy off Steam because then I have a game to play within an hour or so. Ordering off Amazon etc. means I’d have a game to play within a day or two. I’m willing to pay a few quid more to have the game ASAP.

    Does no-one else see this as an advantage?

  19. jonfitt says:

    I see this as a huge advantage.
    I’ll just suddenly get an urge to play a game right now, and Steam fulfils that.
    I don’t mean to sound cocky, but my time is worth more than it used to be, and if I’ve got some time and want to play a certain type of game, it’s worth a small price differential to get it immediately.

  20. Maskatron says:

    Uh, some of you may want to pick up Beyond Good and Evil off of Steam this weekend because you get 3 other games (Far Cry 1, IL2 1946, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic) all for 10 bucks. :)

  21. ZIGS says:

    I buy off Steam because then I have a game to play within an hour or so. Ordering off Amazon etc. means I’d have a game to play within a day or two. I’m willing to pay a few quid more to have the game ASAP.

    Does no-one else see this as an advantage?

    I just play a pirated version while the legit one doesn’t arrive. lol, sometimes, after the legit ones arrives, I just keep playing the pirated one with the unopened box next to me (happened with Burnout paradise). Heck, I paid for it so it’s ok

  22. danielcardigan says:

    or £8.99. I’m really getting to like digital distribution again. I bought 8 games off Steam last weekend and nearly spent twenty quid.

  23. Gorgeras says:

    I’m surprised at Dark Messiah’s meta-score. I watched the videos and the combat looks brilliant even if the graphics are obviously dated. The player score is somewhat higher and only the magazines that don’t matter gave it below 80.

    I will take this offer. Take it and rub it on myself.

  24. jonfitt says:

    GAH! I was going to purchase my first GoG game, but now Steam has 4 for the same price. I already have FarCry and 1946, but still DMoM and BGaE for $10 is a deal.

  25. Carra says:

    Already found the $9.99 price tag a bit too high for Beyond good & Evil as it was up on Steam for €5.00.

    And now I also get Dark Messiah for $9.99. Sold!

    Bit sad to see Steam trying to steal gogs customers though (don’t tell me it’s a coincidence that those games are on sale the week GoG sells them). I really like GoGs service. But I like my wallet more.

  26. Carra says:

    Also, kings bounty up for €9.99 at gamersgate!

  27. Alex says:

    This post should really be updated to reflect the Steam Weekend Deal.

  28. Paul_M says:

    Does BG&E work on Vista? Steam says not..

  29. Blather Blob says:

    The SavyGamer “what’s for sale on Steam/Gog/Impulse/GamersGate/D2D/various websites I’ve never heard of that offer to ship things to you in exchange for numbers prefaced with £-symbols” posts seem to have become a weekend thing here, so I’m sure the Ubisoft pack on Steam will be mentioned at some point.

  30. EvaUnit02 says:

    My Steam bought copy of BG&E works fine under Vista x64, once I used a work-around from the forum (+ ALchemy to regain the EAX support).

    link to forums.steampowered.com

  31. Paul_M says:

    Thanks – I risked it and bought it in the meantime. It’s about time I gave it a go – a shameful gap in my computer gaming experience.

  32. jalf says:

    @Paul_M: My GoG bought copy of BG&E works great under Win7 x64 as well. I haven’t bothered with EAX workarounds though.

    I had to disable HW vertex processing in the launcher to eliminate a bit of graphics corruption, but other than that it’s been a surprisingly smooth ride.

    Does no-one else see this as an advantage?

    Eh, it’s convenient, sure, but often, it’s not really a big issue for me. If you preorder a game from Amazon or other online stores, they generally ship it a few days before launch so you have it on release day. If I feel like playing a game all of a sudden then yes, I sometimes grab it from Steam. But more often, I’m happy to wait a couple of days to get the nice boxed version, usually at half the price or less.

    The convenience of not having to wait for a game to be shipped to me doesn’t outweigh the crazy Euro prices on most of Steam’s games.

    (And as someone said above, once I’ve ordered it, why not pirate it as well? Best of both worlds, no?)