Typical Hoodie: New Prototype Trailer

This is what videogames look like.

Each new Prototype trailer has us giggling like children at the gorish ludicrosity of it all. Running up the sides of buildings, caving in heads on the sides of buildings, throwing cars at helicopters, morphing into a giant fisted madman. These are just some of the things we do when we’ve watched them. A little joke for you there. Below is the latest trailer, which gives you a top 10 reasons why you should want to play it. And frankly, they had us with “Projectile Dysfunction”.

Kieron had a little play of it last month, and you’d do well to read his impressions here. Looking at the footage, it’s hard to imagine how this Hulk-meets-Rampage open city madness could be anything other than fun, and Kieron had a great time with it. It’s still a few months away, but is due to arrive in June – the perfect timing for a summer blockbuster nonsense-fest.


  1. suibhne says:

    Okay, that’s ridiculously entertaining.

  2. Ian says:

    Oh my, did he just elbow drop a tank??

  3. Steven Hutton says:

    The main reason I play games is to liveout a childish power fantasy. I am thus EXTREMELY excited about prototype.

  4. Rudolfo says:

    zomg, is that a game where you can’t die? If so, I want one!

  5. Markoff Chaney says:

    This is better and better looking with every showing.

    I also feel that should be a new violence setting – None / Green / Red / Ludicrous. I know which one I’d opt for.

  6. heartless_ says:

    Why does someone that can smash a tank with their backside, hop in one and drive off in it?

  7. Dominic White says:

    Rudolfo: If it’s anything like the developers previous game, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, then it is possible to die, but it will literally take an armys worth of firepower to do it.

    Later in Hulk, the enemy start bringing out giant robots to deal with you, and fights with them could level whole city blocks. I hope Prototype has that kind of escalation of firepower.

  8. Lambo says:


    Because then you can enter your tank and win in the games optional “prettiest tank” contest that unlocks the games tank customization which lets you change between the three different shades of green on the turret!

    Or at least it better, or else I’m not buying the game.

  9. Okami says:

    @Ian: Actually he first shot the tank with a rocket launcher while flying through the sky and then elbow droped the tank!

  10. SlappyBag says:

    I like I just came a little…

  11. Steven Hutton says:

    I think we both know the answer to that: “Because it’s awesome!”

  12. mandrill says:

    This just looks like an excuse to blow stuff up and destroy everything without consequence. It is a damning indictment of the state of video gaming today where its all about the mindless violence.

    Guess what? I’m REALLY looking forward to it XD

  13. motherpuncher says:

    This is like superjail but a videogame. Violence porn is fun!

  14. Wurzel says:

    Re: #2, I think when it gets to the point of almost flight and being able to run all the way up buildings it’s beyond the remit of ‘parkour’

  15. MrFake says:

    I peed a little.

    Also, #11: Free-Camera Replay! … please?

  16. theleif says:

    Once in a while, a game is being made that you indistinctly know you’ll love. This i one of them.

  17. LQB says:

    I have no idea whats going on but it looks pretty awesome.

  18. Pags says:

    Fuck it, I’ve been cautiously optimistic about this and it has finally moved into the category of ‘do want now’.

  19. Matzerath says:

    His insatiable hatred of helicopters is infectious.

  20. sbs says:

    that stuff is frighteningly close to the kind of shit i do when i have lucid dreams.

  21. hydra9 says:

    As an old codger born on January 1st, 1908, I approve of this game.

  22. AJ says:

    What’s with all the civilian slaughtering?

  23. Alex says:

    Oh god looking forward to this so much. I am also in the camp of people playing games for absurd power and this looks like a few steps above Crackdown. AWESOME.

  24. CG says:

    I think this game pinpoints exactly what we secretly want from all games, which is to be a horrible vicious monster.

  25. Deadend says:

    Yes yes, being able to blow up a tank, or steal it is quite awesome. But did anyone else see the bit where you steam a guy’s appearance, then point a finger at someone else and accuse THEM of being you? As that was the best part.

  26. Pags says:

    Yeah that was the bit that moved it into the realms of ‘do want now’ for me.

  27. Petethegoat says:

    Jesus, I was looking forward to this, but frankly, those running animations put me off it all together. I really hope they get changed before release.
    Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by GTA 4’s animation (which, incidentally, plays beautifully on my two machines).

  28. A Button says:

    I’m hoping you can still run around like a horrid little monkey after stealing someone’s appearance.

    The hoody is not doing it for me.

  29. monkeyhat says:

    For me it was the part where he jumps on top of a car, grabs it, and throws it at a helicopter in one smooth motion. Very fluid.

  30. DD says:

    good GOD this game looks so sweet!

  31. Chalkster says:

    *head explodes*

  32. clive dunn says:

    right, hang on now everyone, just who the hell is going to clear up all that mess?

  33. Mil says:

    Looks a bit too violent for my taste. It’ll be interesting to see if there is any gameplay depth beyond the spectacular visual element.

    As an aside, I’m wondering if there will be a PC outrage about this game. To me it would seem a much more obvious target than RE5, but I’m often wrong about these things. If there is, what will be the angle?

  34. Matzerath says:

    This game is called ‘Prototype?’
    Gee willikers, I wonder what one of the late-game twists/bosses is going to be?!?!?!?

  35. NeonWraith says:

    Oh my holy god. DO WANT. I must admit I’m almost unafraid to ask, but, um…what’s the plot about?

  36. Lord_Mordja says:

    This game looks like it will the the ultimate asshole-simulator.

    I can’t wait.

  37. Rudolfo says:

    I love this comments thread. Such vicious critique of a game so well conceptionalised and executed.

    Especially “damning indictment of the state of video gaming today where its all about the mindless violence” cracked me up.

  38. Adventurous Putty says:



  39. Pijama says:

    That game should be called “OMFG”.

    Also, what the fuck, the hoodieman consumed the guy in front of everyone and nobody got scared shitless? :|

    Other than that, I am looking forward for it. Sometimes, escapism is better done playing a PEARL OF TOTAL RAGE. :)

  40. Dracogeno says:

    A Tetsuo simulator.
    I always wanted one.
    I miss the ragged cape though.

  41. Pags says:


  42. Commentor says:

    This looks extremely fun. The beginning somehow felt a bit weird, though. Then, when he hijacked the helicopter, I realized it. This somehow seems a lot like Mercs 2. I liked Mercs 2, but only played about 20 hours before I stopped. I have a feeling this will be much, much better, though.

  43. MetalCircus says:

    Wow. I want this very much. Looks like Crackdown (one of the most fun games ever) crossed with the hulk with shapeshifting thrown in for good measure. Hurrah for childish fantasy games!

  44. Arathain says:

    Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was tremendous fun- pretty much the perfect Hulk game. This looks like that, only way slicker and faster and more brutal. Loverly.

    Hmm, and Hulk had a very decent control system too, so more big hopes.

  45. Benga says:

    looks like the Thing vs Mercenaries so pretty damn sweet!!

  46. Phil H says:

    Fuck yes, this is continuing to look like a worthy followup to Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, but the bit that got me with this trailer is the Patsy, that was absolutely brilliant and I have a feeling I’ll be doing that a lot!

  47. Beastman says:

    I must admit I’m almost unafraid to ask, but, um…what’s the plot about?

    The what?

  48. Post Maker says:

    Kotaku gave this a run over on their site as well, and I have to say that the comments over there are almost enough to make me cry. Gigantic, sprawling threads filled to the brim with people completely missing the point of this game and busily congratulating each other on how smart they are.

    One person actually complained about how the windows aren’t transparent and that the player isn’t able to see the inside of every single building. It’s a complaint so grounded in fantasy that I have grasping even the idea that he might think about whining about it.