In German: OpFlash 2 Footage

EDIT: Footage gone now. Boo.

Hyper-dynamic newsblog VG247 found this, and it seems to be footage from some kind of GameStar TV show? Anyway, the narration is in German, but some kindly soul has added English subtitles to it. The game sure is fancy lookin’, although it’s still something of an unknown quantity in terms of the soldier-sim-ness of it all. Expect the game to arrive this summer, and we’ll try to find out more before then.


  1. unclelou says:

    and it seems to be footage from some kind of GameStar TV show

    Gamestar is Europe’s biggest PC gaming printmag, I would have thought you’ve heard of it! Not that it’s great, mind. :-)

  2. Cooper says:

    Summer release my arse.

    Maybe Christmas, but more likely Q1 2010 if I were gonna gamble on it.

    I’m more interested in the next ArmA to be honest. This sure has the pretty, but I’d like some spice with that sugar please.

  3. nabeel says:

    Ooh, nice find. Looking good.

  4. SlipperyJim says:

    I know it’s at an early stage, but it looks like the animations and mechanics of combat etc. are mostly done. This is bad. It looks stilted and awkward in my opinion. I far prefer how Arma 2 is shaping up.

    FP:DR is going to be too arcadey for me, not that Arma 2 will be inaccessible, either. I really wanted this to be good, but it looks like it won’t be what the fans of OFP wanted (not based on this video alone- based on everything else I’ve seen, including official statements).

  5. Poita says:

    Before seeing ArmA1 or footage of Opflash2 I would have gone with the devs rather than the name for a good sequel to Opflash.
    Having played Arma1 and seen this footage though I’m leaning towards Opflash2 rather than another dose of ArmA.

  6. Jaffo says:

    Looks good, can’t be any more disappointing than ArmA was.

  7. HidesHisEyes says:

    ArmA was such a shame in terms of a wonderful effort executed awfully… And despite being very unforgiving in terms of combat mechanics, they then felt the need to put in missions that would have been difficult in CoD4, never mind in OFP… “Single man sent to eliminate convoy” springs to mind…

    That and i could never get the hang of the sniper rifles, when i had no problem in OFP.

    Probably we’ll get another ArmA and we’ll get a good FPS out of the whole thing, even if that good FPS isn’t a soldier sim, it’s still probably going to be worth playing.

  8. muscrat says:

    Exellent video….
    Well as a long time OFP fan, i’m still cynical about OFP2…. however I am looking foward to it…. Multiplatform development and the lack of Bohemia troubles me.

    However with ArmA2 i’m also a bit cynical…. After ArmA – while it was faithful to OFP, the amount of bugs, dodgy a.i., poor mission design, and return of the clunkly (but functional) interface was inexcusable. However from the looks of things Bohemia is fixing things for the sequel… and after the recent trailers I am anticipating it.

    I’ll probably end up picking up both…. I just hope Bohemia dont mess up ArmA2, and Codemasters dont dumb down OFP2 for the lowest common denominator.

  9. Simon says:

    ArmA1 is probably better compared to OFP1. Both first go, new tech, that sort of thing.

    @ Unclelou:
    It’s always surprising to native english speakers that there’s a greater world out there.

  10. SlipperyJim says:

    I’ve been following the development of Arma 2 and FP:DR. I played OFP and ArmA 1, and whilst I enjoyed them, I was also fully aware of the flaws. Here is my simplified opinion. I’ve based it only on evidence of videos, screenshots and confirmed features, not on PR nonsense.

    From what I’ve seen, Arma 2 is a far cry from ArmA 1. The developers themselves admit semi-failure with ArmA 1, and ArmA 2 is set to be a seriously good game. Yes, the basic gameplay and focus on realism will be similar, but the bugs will be minimal and everything will be smoother and less clunky, with some exciting new features.

    FP:DR will not be a true sequel of Operation Flashpoint. It will be a larger-scale and slightly more authentic Call of Duty in all but name. It will be accessible to the console audience. It can and hopefully will still be a good game in its own right, but it is incomparable to Arma 2’s realism and authenticity.

    In summary: If you liked Operation Flashpoint 1, Arma 2 is the game that’s the true sequel. Whether FP:DR is also good is immaterial; it will not be the same sort of game.

  11. Turin Turambar says:

    ArmA was as it was because they didn’t have enough money to finish it properly before release. That’s the sad true, it was all about money. Those are the dangers of not having a strong publisher behind your project.

  12. IvanHoeHo says:

    Man, I was so happy to see that turned off the bullet trails. And then the night scene came up… :(

  13. DigitalSignalX says:

    I want it now!
    Ich w√ľnsche es jetzt!

  14. dsmart says:

    Thats looks so basic, it could be mistaken for the usual tripe coming out of Eastern Europe by the likes of City Interactive et al.

    No way in hell this is going to be on par with ArmaA 2 – which hopefully Bohemia won’t fuck up trying to release before or at the same time as OfP2.

    As we’ve all said before, both games will have their fans, But regardless of realism, if Bohemia jumps the gun again, there’s just going to be a whole new breed of pissed off ArmaA2 players and dash all hopes for anything resembling the inevitable (?) ArmaA3.

    I’m getting both, so I don’t give a toss either way who wins. I have a library to stock. :)

  15. hasbean says:

    As far as I’ve seen they’re both shaping up to be good games, and usually competition like this would be good for the consumer…

    What I’m worried about though is what she said at the end of the vid. It’d be nice if both dev teams took their time, I can’t see that happening though. Seems to me that unless there is a SERIOUS disparity in the quality of the games, the first to release will get the lions share of an already small target audience and ‘win’.

  16. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    It’s far to early for me to be picking a winner between two games that haven’t even been released yet. (and if they’re both good and I buy both which has ‘won’?), but the little bit of footage of blokes running around at night and coming under fire reminded me in a good way of some of those tense moments in OpF.
    So if it can deliver something like that experience then I will like it. (you might not though.)

    (*not aimed at anyone in particular*)

  17. Gap Gen says:

    Yeah, the animation looks a bit stiff. Hopefully that will change by release. Still, nice to see more raw in-game stuff.

  18. Down Rodeo says:

    Video gone to a copyright claim, unfortunately.

  19. SirKicksalot says:

    I guess it was this one:

    link to

    No subtitles though.

  20. tigershuffle says:

    like what DownRodeo said………….withdrawn…booo!!!

  21. Pendragon says:

    I started playing ArmA a few months ago, I’m putting in so many hours, and loving it. The community has matured along with the game. Yes there are a few issues with joining servers and such but there is little wrong with the game play. The game lacks the slick image of other games but is well worth your time.

    As for the whole Codemasters vs BI thing I do think it’s a bit off that Codemasters are making a whole new game and sticking the OF name on it. They are reinventing the wheel and taking the credit. Seeing as OF:2 is going to be playable on the consoles then you can expect a console port with all that entails. The number of “Good” fps console ports can be counted on one hand, on the whole they suck the big one.

  22. whitebrice says:


    I just pray neither OpFlash 3 nor Arma 2 include “flyable” helicopters.