The RPS Bargain Bucket

SavyGamer‘s penny-saving troubadour LewieP sniffs out more discount electric videogames to help you while away this temporally-displaced weekend. Apologies for being a little late to the bat with this one – RPS was delayed by a trip to the zoo yesterday. No, really.

Universe at War – £4.64/€4.99/$6.63
Sci-Fi RTS from Petroglyph. I’ve had a copy of this since Christmas, and still not gotten around to opening it, maybe I should do. It’s a decent price, and from all I’ve heard about it, it is at least competent. Jim’s review here, and try the demo here.

Ubisoft Classic Pack – £8.99/€9.99/$9.99
Consists of 4 Ubisoft classics, although admittedly most of you probably already own at least one of them. You get: Beyond Good and Evil, Dark Messiah Might and Magic, Far Cry and IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946.

A pretty great package, and definitely good for anyone with a fairly low spec machine.

Dark Messiah is surprisingly fun too. It’s a bit hit and miss visually, some areas are incredibly drab, but the combat is immersive, brutal and in your face. You get to kick Orcs off of cliffs, and there are a few really neat set pieces. I’ve heard a lot about people encountering some serious glitches with the game, but I had no such problems.

Dead Space – £11.73/€16.87/$22.42
Phenomenal sci-fi horror game. I’m about 3/4 hours in, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It looks and plays like a game from the future. The hudless interface works excellently, it might seem like a bit of a gimmick, but it really adds to the atmosphere. The level design is varied, and it wastes very little of your time.

Dead Space also shows that you don’t need to have artificially restricted controls in an action-horror game to create tension. There is no PC demo because EA hates you. There is a demo on the 360 and PS3 though, so you could try it out on them.

Deal of the Week
King’s Bounty: The Legend – £9.29/€9.99/$13.27

Alec’s favourite game of last year. He speculated that a lot of people would simply never play this game, because it was a £40 game by an unknown Russian developer. I guess this is the perfect opportunity to take a gamble.

He said:
“King’s Bounty is the future of PC gaming. Stop staring in horror at all those dying MMOs and mendacious, mercenary big devs fleeing for console shores. They’re no loss whatsoever. What we have here is great ideas supported by solid game-making – a new breed of developers freed from the cheerless, focus group-governed rules and oversights of most Western publishers, but now able to pair that with experience and expertise. The Russian scene is about to become absolutely phenomenal, and this charming, thoughtful hybrid is the herald of that new age.”

Sounds like it might be quite good?

Try the demo here.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Gnarl says:

    Surely all of the Hivemind going to the zoo at once would scare the animals?

    Oh, and your clock, it not go forward (I think this was posted about 7 mins ago, otherwise ignore me).

    Edit: Ah yes, the comment time agrees with me.

  2. Evil Vitamin C says:

    I seem to remember something about me not buying King’s Bounty on release because it came with Starforce (even in the demo, for whatever reason) … so can anyone tell me if this downloadable version is Starforce-free?

  3. Björn says:

    I’ve always had the feeling that a “classic” should somehow have withstood somewhat of a test of time. Dark Messiah is just over two years old! Get off my lawn! Etc.

    Still, sounds like a nice pack. Beyond Good and Evil is excellent, and I really enjoyed IL-2 as well. Far Cry not so much, but to each his own I guess.

  4. Silverfish says:

    I just got an urge to buy King’s Bounty: The Legend…


  5. Freelancepolice says:

    What’s the craic with this gamersgate? Is it DRM free?

  6. Markoff Chaney says:

    King’s Bounty shows up as $9.99 on the other side of the Atlantic. I’ve been holding off until I could catch it cheap, but that’s 10 bucks cheaper than I’d had in mind (only because I know I’ll probably never find the time this game so richly deserves), so I’m definitely picking this game up, finally. I’ve already got 3 of the 4 games for the classic pack, but BG&E and Far Cry are worth 10 dollars each, easily. Nice Tips. Thank You!

  7. RiptoR says:

    @Silverfish: If you do buy it, make sure you’ve got plenty of time to play the next few days. I’ve installed the game last Tuesday, and I’ve already played over 30 hours. This game is extremely addictive.

  8. SirKicksalot says:

    Vitamin C – Securom, and the downloadable version also has Securom.

  9. hydra9 says:

    The annoying thing about Gamersgate is they don’t tell you which of their games have DRM, so if you just blindly buy, you’re taking a chance. However, I recently sent a question to their tech support guys ( E-mail: ) asking ‘does game x have any DRM, and if so what is it?’ and they got back to me very quickly with an answer. So I’d recommend doing that.

    [EDIT: Ah, SirKicksalot, I see you beat me to it. Shame about the Securom.]

  10. bansama says:

    Universe at War – £4.64/€4.99/$6.63

    I think your prices are mixed up, as Universe at War is only $4.99 on GamersGate, not $6.63.

  11. Andy`` says:

    Dear people in the mood for playing Dead Space: Please turn off Vsync and disconnect any unnecessary joysticks/non-360 gamepads, or you’ll get quite confused by the game not working (Vsync on causes controls to float horribly, which you might think is part of the game at first but it’s not. Joysticks cause crashes where you dont want them).

    Aside from those little glitches, it’s pretty fun, though I have yet to finish it (I fell out of the mood to play horror games mid way through playing DS and FEAR 1, and have yet to return to the slaughter).

    The joystick problems don’t seem to be entirely Dead Space’s fault though, lest there be much hate – the Wanted demo wouldn’t start up at all with my joystick plugged in (no special drivers installed for it or anything, but the game insta-crashed each time). I think it’s the 360 gamepad stuff trying to find a pad and getting confused.

    And this orc kicking game sounds intriguing. I must find out more…

  12. Cooper says:

    This is becoming one nifty little feature. Even though it may be prompting me to spend money I probably wouldn’t otherwise, I can justify it as ‘the best deal on the interwebs’

    You wipe away my impulse buying guilt. Thankyou RPS.

  13. Evil Vitamin C says:

    Ah, securom, I can live with that! But … now that I went to Gamersgate to buy the game (never used them before), I see that there is no https:// at the payment site!? Only when I click a Trustwave icon does it show me a secure page. Is this normal?

  14. bansama says:

    Yes it’s normal. But as far as I can tell, the actuall credit card verification is done via an HTTPS socket or sommat. Of course, you could always just use paypal and avoid that concern if you wish.

  15. LewieP says:

    Aha, I keep getting confused with Gamersgate, because they charge everyone in Europe, including the UK, in Euros. I assumed that they charged people in the USA the same price in Euros too. It seems they don’t, they have a USD price and a Euro price. I’ll try to get someone in the USA to confirm USA prices in future (unless anyone knows a way into tricking Gamersgate into think I am American? (Like adding “?cc=US” to the address does for steam games)

  16. leeder_krenon says:

    Dark Messiah is well worth a look although the final couple of levels are a real chore.

  17. Weylund says:

    Got excited about the Dead Space thing – a bit of a shame to find it’s a UK site, as that makes the $22 price a bit misleading. It’ll be more like $22 + eight billion dollars shipping to the US, if one of our customs doesn’t confiscate it. I swore off UK shipping after paying something like $80 to get a couple tiny paperback kids’ versions of Beowulf shipped last summer. Painful.

    Still, we don’t get screwed by Steam, so I suppose there’s some justice in US RPSers not being able to buy an awesome game at a great price. Sniff.

    The King’s Bounty deal is intriguing, but everything I’ve heard about the game indicates an incredible amount of fiddly awesomeness levied by inescapable boredom after you’re through the first half of the game. Is that… right? Also, the wife as wargear mechanic holds no interest for me.

    Are there any Imperial Guard players out there feeling forced into buying every box of Cadian Shock Troops they can find?

    Gah, what a scattered Sunday.

  18. ohnoabear says:

    Be thankful there’s no PC demo for Dead Space: it’s one of the worst demos I can think of. The console demo is literally a medium-sized hallway where you can do nothing but kill enemies. It’s also brutally hard. Not the best introduction, you can imagine, to a tense horror game.

    I swore off playing it after the demo, but my roommate played the full version and insists the demo is nothing like it. From watching him, it looks like the full game is quite a bit more scary and much less frustrating.

  19. MetalCircus says:

    It wasn’t that hard. Once you realized you can select weapons with the d-pad you was good to go really. I had no real problem with it. But it still wasn’t a good demo.

  20. LewieP says:


    What was the total price shipped to the USA then? I calculated the USA price as £11.73 + £2.35 international shipping, so £14.08, which comes to $20.13 today.

    Bloody hell, currencies are scary.

  21. Katsumoto (jvgp100) says:

    Yup, the demo for Dead Space is quite odd. Plays nothing like the full game at all. I too was put off by it, but after hearing so many good vibes from the forums I went for it anyway and it’s simply incredible. The demo was a really bad move!

  22. Krondonian says:

    Copy pasted from my comment in the forum:

    Crysis and World in Conflict Complete (with the new expansion thingy) for £10 each, Unreal Tournament 3 for £5, Left 4 Dead 4 £15 (ho ho ho), The Club for £2 and quite a few others.

    That was in a brick and mortar HMV yesterday. I picked up Crysis and UTIII, and my gosh is Crysis a pretty thing for a tenner.

    Also, another vouch for Dark Messiah. You can’t not mention the rope arrows in it either. Hiding from an Orc on said ropes, then jumping down and kicking them in their face? Excellent stuff.

  23. malkav11 says:

    As far as I can tell, GamersGate’s pricing is the same in both Euros and USD. I.e. the King’s Bounty deal is $9.99 and 9.99 Euros also (which of course works out to spendier in real money for you European types. Go figure.)

  24. radomaj says:

    RPS is going to get me bankrupt. First, I bought Mount & Blade, because a deal was in an RPS Bucket. Now I bought Beyond G&E only because RPS recommended it years ago. Before I read the RPS Bucket, but they have it now so it’s their fault anyways.

  25. Rei Onryou says:

    I’m just about avoiding the urge to buy the Ubisoft Classic Pack (since I have 2 of the games already), without reading the comments.

    Oh I wish money was easier to find.

  26. Arathain says:

    Picked up Universe at War. Can’t go wrong with enormous stompies at $5, I reckon.

  27. Weylund says:

    @LewieP: 2.35 pounds for shipping? Does this game site use a completely different postal service from

    But no – if 11.73 in pounds comes out to roughly $22 (according to their site), I would think that all told I’d be looking at $27-28. Which is pretty good. Hmm.

    I didn’t get totals because they wanted me to sign up for their site, which for a potential non-purchase I’m not going to do. Thanks.

  28. Weylund says:

    Err, that last bit should have read “So, thanks.” Or something to that effect.

  29. pepper says:

    Got the ubi package, i love the IL series and was waiting to pick up 1946, Dark Messiah is great fun so far, downloading the multiplayer now. Far cry, its OK, got to level 11 when i bought it a few years back, but it didnt run perfectly on my current system. And beyond good and evil, dont know a lot about the game except that people say its good. So its all worth trying, and most of those games are worth the price on there own anyway.

  30. WarpRattler says:

    I didn’t own any of the games in the Ubisoft pack but loved BG&E when I played it using my free GameTap subscription ages ago, so of course I snapped that up – I’m not going to turn down three free games (because that’s really what it boiled down to for me).

    I might buy King’s Bounty. It certainly sounds like the kind of game I’d enjoy. I must be the only person who hasn’t had to deal with SecuROM problems yet, even though I own two games that use it.

  31. DigitalSignalX says:

    I want to like Kings Bounty, but it’s still moving your units around on little hex’s.. my mind just refuses to find that entertaining for some reason depite the fact that I remember loving table top games with little hex’s (Star Fleet battles especially).

    Same logic with Dwarf fortress, people rave about it’s depth and complexity but all I can see is 8 bit graphics that make me think I’m playing on an Apple II. I used to love games on my apple II.

    I’m ashamed.. but it’s just the way my simple brain has been programmed with the past 10 or 15 years of gaming on consecutively advanced generations of PC’s.

  32. LewieP says:

    Also of note – I just saw HL2: Episode 1 for £3 in HMV.

    With student discount, that’s £2.70.

  33. Dave says:

    King’s Bounty: The Legend was a game I was thinking about checking out. I literally just bought Silverfall on Steam though, after having a pretty fun time with the demo yesterday (in spite of horrid camera/movement controls), so in the interests of financial prudence and having some time to sleep, I’ll pass for now.

  34. Clovis says:

    I got King’s Bounty about a month ago at EB Games (US) for $15. They had cut the prices on all PC games because in my area (KY), they are no longer going to carry most PC games.

    I was really excited because of everything I had read here. The guy working there though did a, “Umm… I just want you to know… before you buy this, that it is HORRIBLE.” He said something about terrible graphics glitches or something. He then repeated that it was HORRIBLE.

    So, I bought it and never noticed and graphical glitches or anything else to make it HORRIBLE. I don’t think it is the greatest game ever, but I’ve easily spent 20+ hours on it. The combat is fun, but I did find the story kind of boring. I was expecting that part to be more fun.

  35. Dave says:

    71KB/s… really Steam, you can do better than that. :/

  36. Lighthouse says:

    Well I can thank RPS for introducing me to King’s Bounty – what an awesome PC game – reminds me of the days of old :)

    Secondly one conclusion I have drawn from all the features on weekend sales here and at Blues, is that RETAIL IS DEAD … for me anyway.

    Many games are cheaper online than at actual retail stores and if not, I can wait a while for specials to show up.

  37. H says:

    Bugger. King’s Legend is now €29.99.

  38. pepper says:

    Dave, maby a problem on your end? Ive been downloading a few gigs yesterday with a good 600kb/s.

  39. -Spooky- says:

    Heroes of Might and Magic Compl. Edt. *nuff said*

  40. Maniac11919 says:

    Kings Bounty is showing up for me as USD $29.99 as of today. Did I miss the sale?

  41. bansama says:

    Yes, you missed the sale. It was last week’s game of the week.

    GG do both a game of the week deal and a weekend deal.

  42. Maniac11919 says:

    Shuckers. I was hoping to pick it up for cheap after all the delightful madness I’ve heard about it…

  43. Maniac11919 says:

    Also, this gravatar thing seems to be failing…

  44. Dave says:

    pepper: well, I think it’s just the torrent mess Steam uses. It dropped as low as 10.8k/sec and is now back up to… 27.

    It’s been downloading for approximately 22 hours now and is 80% complete. And to think I was expecting to play it last night… :P

  45. LewieP says:

    I got this advice from someone on a forum about getting shitty steam download speeds, not sure if it will work for you, but it is worth a try:

    Download TCPview

    Then, use TCPview (run as admin if you’re on Vista) to close all Steam TCP servers (this is important, NOT the UDP ones, just the TCP ones). Steam will then reconnect to a different server, which will hopefully get you a better speed. If you don’t go faster in a couple of seconds, retry until you get a speed you like.