BAM-BAM-BAM-BAM: Thing-Thing

Presumably as some sort of reaction to The Month Of Infinite Strategy Games we’ve just enjoyed, today I was gripped by a strange and peurile urge to go shoot an awful lot of men in the face. And in the game. Eventually, that urge turned out to be best scratched by Defense Grid: The Awakening, which made for a rather ideal halfway house between relatively cerebral RTS and the wanton killing of FPS et al.

En route to that though, I spent a cheerfully blood-crazed couple of hours with freebie flash games the Thing-Thing series. Blood-Drenched Rag Doll may have been a better name for it.

While sadly it devolves from Thing-Thing 1’s likeable bubblemen-in-top-hats look to the irritatingly teenage Final Fantasy-esque characters and overcooked exposition of the later games, more happily it does also massively increase the death toll, gore and array of stupidly overpowered weapons at the same time. Budda-Budda-Bam-Bam-Splat, etc.

There is really very little to it. You move, you shoot, you double-jump. That is, though, kind of the point. It is only really about escalation; the significantly more challenging Alien Hominid is perhaps the best touchstone. Come Thing-Thing 4 and the just-released Thing-Thing Arena 3 (it’s a sprawling little series – Thing-Things 1-4 are platformy, story-based games, while the Arenas are high score attack variations), the amount of on-screen blood and the inventiveness/brutality of the weapons is really quite impressive. Not big, not clever and certainly not very grown-up then, but quite frankly it was just the tongue-in-cheek ultra-violence my tactic-tired brain was looking for. You may feel the same.


  1. Gladman says:

    Eh, madness combat is far better.

  2. Lukasz says:

    nah. as good.

    game is so much fun. simple fun maybe but still great.

  3. anonymous says:

    No. Madness Combat is one of the greatest 2d shooters ever made on any platform. This is a timewaster.

  4. Filipe says:

    This sort of game is usually up my alley, but every time I load up a new one in the series, I’m disappointed. It’s a pretty pure distillation of shooters, but I think it boils things down too much. You get the essentials without any flavour.

  5. Max says:

    Looks like a madness ripoff.

  6. vinraith says:

    “Month of infinite strategy games?” That sounds marvelous, but I can’t say I feel like I just went through one. Other than Empire (good, but needs some patches and mods to be great) and the supremely mediocre DoW2, what else was there?

  7. dartt says:

    @vinraith Men of War!

  8. SlappyBag says:

    Madness > This

  9. x25killa says:

    played at least 10 hours on this flash game. Managed to get 25/26 achievements.

    Not sure if it was time well spent.

  10. T-B0N3 says:

    quite fun :).
    but i remember there was a flash movie based on these thing things. It was kinda based on the matrix i think. it might not have been this series but it sure looked alot like it. but i cant find it anywhere anymore :( anyone knows what im talking about?

  11. T-B0N3 says:

    ah nvm, it was madness combat what i was thinking about.

  12. Nameykins says:

    Agreed, feels like a badly polished Madness Combat clone.

  13. SlappyBag says:

    Alec has bad taste in games…

    … you call yourself a games journalist…

  14. Scalene says:

    At all those arguing over the similarities to Madness Combat – Thing-Thing, the original, came out a year after Madness Combat (from memory, Newgrounds is just in April Fool’s Day mode and I can’t actually view anything). And it was inspired by madness.

    That said, it’s the closest you can currently get to the ACTION that is madness. It’s fun, and it’s frantic, and far better than Madness interactive.

    (In short, it’s not really fair to compare the two. One is a Flash Movie, the other a Flash Game. It’s like saying ‘OHMIGAWD, WATCHMEN FILM HAD ACTORS, NOT COMIC BOOK PANELS.’)

    [cue counter-post]

  15. Starshot says:

    Needs multiplayer, to be honest =/

  16. asdf says:

    low blow, slappybag

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