Voiceover Dude Is Scaring Me: Black Prophecy

The voiceover guy for the new Black Prophecy trailer sounds like he’s going to burst out my speakers and recruit me directly into his interstellar crusade. Calm down, mate! The trailer apparently shows combat between the two main factions in the game, as well as the obligatory spooky alien faction at the end: The Restorers. Woo. We’ll hopefully have an interview with the team behind this absurdly pretty space MMO some time next week. In the meantime, go sign up for the beta.


  1. Tarn says:

    That voiceover will surely become a thing of legend. I love how angry he sounded, like he was about to burst into genuine apoplectic rage. Reminded me slightly of Steve Ballmer, now I think about it.

    Extremely pretty game…does it follow the WoW template, the Eve template, or is it doing something new and interesting?

  2. teo says:

    My problem with all space games that aren’t EVE is that their ship designs tend to suck. EVE put the bar so damn high that most other spacecraft look like something a kid made

  3. PacifismFailed says:

    BEST VOICE OVER EVER!!!! it had the full awesome movie trailer voice combined with just a hint of local radio, i want this guy to do al my trailers from now on

  4. schurem says:

    Holy Voiceover Batman!

    I saw plenty little fighters. Maybe something like jumpgate? Why do these things have to be MMO these days. Whats wrong with making a truly awesome successor to Freespace2?

  5. Yak Jazz says:

    “Destined” now sounds like the weirdest word I know.

    Dess tinned. Dez tinny. De stinned.


  6. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    @teo – really? EVE stuff all looks weird…

    +1 freespace 2

  7. Devin says:

    EVE stuff looks weird, yes, but it’s also distinctive and unique. Every ship looks different, but is also clearly identifiable by faction and class. (Some of the ships are ugly, but to my eye the only ones that bug me are the ones that have engines that don’t align with the axis of thrust – not off-center engines, those are fine, but ones where all of the engines are on the top half of the ship so it looks like it should be doing a topspin). Good ship design isn’t the same thing as making every ship look generically sexy.

    This had three different colors of nubbly delta-space-fighter things, accompanied by similarly colored and only slightly more distinctive big nubbly capital ships. If you like over-gubbined generic space fighters, I guess this is good for you, but I can’t call it good design.

    Sadly that trailer tells me nothing about the game. If they promise to have that guy on my vent server as our FC, I’m in. Otherwise, please make trailer that tells me something about, you know, the game rather than just “it has ships, lasers, and DESTINY!”

  8. Garg says:


    Well that’s what I heard.

  9. Heliocentric says:

    I’m one for the mechanically functional homeworld ships. They were built to do a job. Rather than being built to have generic modules plomped in. The ion cannon frigate was a frigging ion cannon with ship wrapped around it. So rarely in sci fi do vehicles look like a designer considered the core function of the vessel.

  10. Ian says:

    He’s an exciteable chap, isn’t he.

  11. Fire_Storm says:

    Such a shame space flight has to be all MMO now-a-days. It’s not like it was when I were a lad…

  12. DMJ says:

    In the future everyone will apparently be angry.

  13. clive dunn says:

    The future is obviously just a bunch of ion-driven toasters zapping larger toasters in a massive WAR OF TOASTERS. Why do these games have all the style of kitchen appliances. True, Eve has some nice stylings and X3 has some nice touches but still not much nicer than a really nice toaster, or sandwich maker for that matter.
    I hope the human race never conquers space because it looks like we’ll just fill it with grey crap (shooting sparkly stuff)
    btw, sorry, having a cynical morning.

  14. Simon says:

    Who’s this ‘we’ he keeps going on about?
    What happened to the ‘you’, the player, in these sort of ads?

    If the game had the same tone of the voicework, a Team Fortress 2 take on space combat, I’d be very interested.

  15. Nick says:

    He sounds like Horatio from CSI, I can just imagine him putting on his sunglasses just before the final line of his rant…

  16. Lack_26 says:

    The universe stands, at the threshold of a new error(?)

    Well, if you know it’s going to go wrong, at least try to stop it.

  17. Ian says:

    @ Lack_26: A quality control/quality assurance MMO?

  18. Azhrarn says:

    While the voice-overs emotion is quite good, I must say I dislike his accent.

    Nice trailer though, but from the looks of it, are the player ships only the smaller fighters? Those were the focus of the trailer, not the massive capital ships. (Which atleast in EVE are player-pilotable.)

    Also, did those cap-ships seem a little light in terms of armament to anyone else. Where are the huge energy bolts/beams the shells the size of small buildings. (yes I miss homeworlds/Freespace 2’s beam cannons)

    Like the look of those alien ships though, nice design. Bit generic organic technology perhaps, but nice looking none-the-less.

  19. creiij says:

    Man I want him to do all my talking by, and to, me… That would own….

  20. Aldo says:

    I think the voiceover dude must have needed a wee sit down after that one.

  21. rob says:

    I prefer this guy to Mac.

  22. DK says:

    “Nice trailer though, but from the looks of it, are the player ships only the smaller fighters? Those were the focus of the trailer, not the massive capital ships. (Which atleast in EVE are player-pilotable.)”
    “Pilotable” in the loosest sense. You don’t really fly ships in EVE – they fly themselves and you just tell them where. That the combat mechanics are dice-roll based, with FX acting as a flashy overlay instead of an actual hit box just makes it worse.
    In that regard, EVE is decidedly first-generation MMO. From what I’ve read, this is actually a freespace style dogfighting MMO.

    On the ship style, I really don’t know where you get “generic” from. Sleek Planes-in-space is generic sci-fi fighters. Blocky boxes is more of a hard sci fi convention.

  23. yhancik says:

    Oh, “destined”… I thought he was talking about being “distant”.

  24. El_MUERkO says:

    It’s from the makers of Neocron and it looks more like Jumpgate than anything else. I, for one, hope it’s a success, cause it’s bound to mad as a brush if the NC people have anything to do with it :D

  25. Bobsy says:

    “We are destined to fight.”
    “No no no. Angrier! Do it again.”
    “We are DESTINED to fight!”
    “Angrier! Grrr! Fighting! Grrr! Yeah! Again.”
    “WE are DESTINED to fight!”
    “Unleash your fury, my young voiceover! Only your hatred ca-”
    “WE are DESTINED to FIGHT!”
    “Excellent! Okay, on to the next l-”
    “Oh god, Steve’s gone nuts! He’s broken the booth glass! OH MY GOD MY NECK! HE’S GOT MY NECK! STEVE! STOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRGHGLGLGLglrbleflrble…”

    *recording ends*

  26. Azhrarn says:

    @DK: “On the ship style, I really don’t know where you get “generic” from. Sleek Planes-in-space is generic sci-fi fighters. Blocky boxes is more of a hard sci fi convention.”

    I was referring to the alien vessels you see in the last few seconds of the trailer, not those in the rest of the trailer.
    Those, atleast to me, looked fairly generic organic alien to me. Sleek, rounded with odd curves all over the place. Not very distictive. Nice, but nothing special.

    As for the EVE ships, yes they more or less fly themselves, but a player is in control of their actions. That’s what I meant. EVE is indeed 1st-gen, it’s 6 years old now, but it’s still the best sci-fi MMO around.

  27. anduz says:

    He kind of sound like the guy from the total war intros.

  28. schizoslayer says:

    I got a distinct William Shatner vibe as he emphasised every other word followed by a huge pause.

  29. The_B says:

    I was a little disappointed, I was expecting the last line to be “WE ARE DESTINED… TO RAWK” followed by a bitchin’ guitar solo.


  30. Meat Circus says:


    In space.

    So this is Planetside in space is it? Could be good.

  31. Surgeon says:

    Evidently he’s from the James T. Kirk school of acting.

  32. Rolf Soldaat says:

    Wow that was terrible.
    It sounded as if he was doing a parody or something.

  33. Rudolfo says:

    Captain Picard written all over him

  34. Sajmn says:

    We… are destined… to ROCK!!

    For a moment I was absolutely positive he was gonna say that.

  35. simbo says:

    Don’t tell me how to act – it sickens me.

  36. simbo says:

    Damn, can’t edit… meant to say…

    “Evidently he’s from the James T. Kirk school of acting.”

    Don’t tell me how to act – it sickens me.

    Oh bugger, the moment’s gone.

  37. Kadayi says:

    Reakktor is a German company, so I expect the VO is German, that’s probably why it sounds a little hard.

    Love to give this a looksee..but sadly no time…

  38. Klumhru says:

    I had to mute the video, I was cringing so hard at the voice-over…

    Nice looking, shame it’s an MMO.

  39. dazed says:

    they want my phone #? for the beta? pfft.

    worth a spin anyhoo.

  40. PleasingFungus says:

    That was the best voiceover of all time.

    But yeah, pity it’s an MMO. I’d like a new Homeworld/Wing Commander/whatever. Single-player-like.

    One of these days.

  41. Duoae says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like there are too many games in this particular genre all coming out at around the same time…. i feel like i’ve seen about 5 of these space MMO game trailers in recent months.

  42. Booyakasha says:

    Great, ANOTHER space sim game where you CANT land on planets.
    So friggin lame for real. Make a goddamn game where we can actually land and explore planets not just look at them.

  43. Dante says:

    Is it me, or does this look a lot like Homeworld? Well, angry Homeworld anyway.

  44. army of none says:

    Freelancer 2 now please.

  45. Marty Dodge says:

    Big hint of Bab 5 influence there.

  46. Arca says:

    A NEW ERROR is what it sounds like.

    Did anyone order a LARGE HAM?

  47. IanAetch says:

    I actually think the ship design was quite – especially those scary ships towards the end. Quite frightful.

  48. Alex says:

    This voiceover is plainly stupido.

  49. N says:

    The voice actor guy was priceless, why the hell are they making it an mmo… damn shame.

    If you think Eve has weird ship designs play Xenocracy, it rocked. Even had planetary missions, bitchin’ craft design anyway, uneven, unbalanced, really cool.

  50. Adventurous Putty says:

    He used the words lay waste lol