Crysis Free Week From April 9th

News of another free week of Crysis Wars has turned up over on the community forums, and BigDownload reckon it’s from April 9th. Word is that the official community portal – the existential-sounding – will have details on how to get in on the free week from Monday. (And Crysis Wars, in case you were wondering, is the multiplayer aspect of Crysis: Warhead. In it everyone gets the super nano-suits, and can do each other harm with MAXIMUM-strength, vehicular escalation, and cloaker-sneaking goodness. It’s actually a bit of a laugh, although not one of my all time favourites for online FPS.)


  1. RiptoR says:

    Bought the game when it came out, but never bothered to try crysis wars. It simply doesn’t speak to me the way call of duty does for example.

  2. Heliocentric says:

    To be honest everyone is super powered so everyone is normal. I’d prefer more asymmetrical play. 5 super soldiers vs 20 normals. Or 10 normals and 1 super soldier vs 10 normals and 1 super. As it is, people can be invisible run fast or be a bitch to kill. But not all at once. So any simple teamwork will fall apart. Indeed team work just slows you down.

  3. Mike says:

    I also brought the game when it came out and think Crysis Wars is pretty decent (huge improvment to crysis multiplayer). I do have to be in a certain mood to play it though – I don’t think its your normal multiplayer fps experience.

  4. M_the_C says:

    I played in the two previous free plays, it’s different enough from other multiplayer FPS’ to be interesting. Although I couldn’t see myself playing it on a regular basis.

    As Heliocentric said this isn’t really a game about team work, coordinating a team effectively would take so much work that it’s just not worth it.

  5. lumpi says:

    I guess you got a major problem as a developer, if people aren’t even interested in trying the FREE weekend.

    But, of course, it’s all the pirates’ fault. Why? Because it is!

  6. KindredPhantom says:

    Oh. And here i got my hopes up that they wear going to pull a FEAR Combat and let people play the multiplayer for free without owning Crysis.

  7. roBurky says:

    I own this, but never even installed it. I tried the original Crysis multiplayer, and that was pretty awful.

  8. psyk says:

    Teamwork would be an amazing thing to see in the game the non teamworking side would get dominated.

  9. Tworak says:

    Crysis and Crysis Wars are amazingly awesome games. Due to the fact that Crysis mostly runs at sub 30 fps on most computers it makes for a terrible multiplayer game, however.

    It’s too bad. Maybe in a few years. :p

  10. Rei Onryou says:

    @roBurky: Exact same thing with me. Did you also hate that EA Download Manager wants to install as well?

    @Heliocentric: That’s what makes the single-player enjoyable. Your super, but not invincible. So you can take on hordes of normals, but you have to use your head. When everyone is super, nobody is, and its lame. That’s why the Hidden HL2 mod works. You either feel good for killing a team or normals, or you feel good for taking out a super.

  11. Zyrusticae says:

    As much as I love the single-player game, the multiplayer portion irks me, mainly because I have an annoying tendency to get killed before I even have a chance to shoot back at my opponents. Also, the suit is severely nerfed online. Melee attacks are useless – unlike other FPSes, they do not kill in 1-2 hits, which is baffling considering the existence of Strength Mode and how incredibly difficult it is to actually get in range. Speed mode has been slowed down to a somewhat-faster-than-Call-of-Duty sprint, and armor mode is… why bother? Maybe it lets you take one or two more bullets, but in my experience you’re better off going with Strength for the controlled recoil (and frankly, if you’re not already shooting at your opponent by the time they’re shooting at you, you’re already dead).

    Only cloak mode is better online, due to the ability to fire without uncloaking and losing all your energy, which makes it quite possibly the most annoying mode to fight against, ever. I don’t get why they did this, because it makes it clearly superior to all the other modes. Sigh. Oh, well. Guess it’s just not for me.

  12. Cabbs says:

    You know, I got a bit of fun out of crysis multiplayer. Strength was pretty much one-hit-kill, and sneaking up to/killing someone with the patience to earn the handheld nuke was somewhat enojyable.

    Then, for whatever reason, every server I played on became infested with cheaters bouncing around the map with rapid fire nukes.

    Im assuming that has’nt carried over to this latest iteration.

  13. kuddles says:

    Just for clarification, this is the multiplayer portion of Warhead, which on most accounts is preferable to the multiplayer portion of the original Crysis.

  14. roBurky says:

    I have now played Crysis Wars, and I can report that it is identical to normal Crysis multiplayer. And it is still impressively awful.

  15. roBurky says:

    On the other hand, Far Cry 2 multiplayer is somewhat enjoyable, which I wasn’t expecting.

  16. roBurky is half right says:

    i enjoy far cry 2 and agree there but crysis wars is a great experience considered the epic battles for proto’s and some very enjoyable freefalls after being shot down by the damn vtol’s :), its a decent game just try it