Super Jail Escaper

This is about as simple as games get: Super Jail Escaper was made by the splendid Jan Willem Nijman in fifteen minutes. You have to dodge the searchlights. And it’s peculiarly compulsive. The music completes it, I think. Can anyone beat 200 75,000 metres? (Not really.) Pick it up at The Poppenkast.


  1. TonyB says:

    It appears I can – 218 metres on my first attempt, 247 on the third. I can’t see myself getting much further than that though, given how many searchlights there are by that point.

  2. Norskov says:

    The 200 metres wasn’t very difficult, 228 on first 251 on second. But the music sure is nice..

  3. Not Bernard says:

    Argh, 220.

    I blame it on the music. I want to move all gracefully.

  4. Cycle says:

    First thing I thought of when I saw that screen was Bonanza Brothers.

  5. user says:

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Step Event
    for object Player:

    Error in code at line 17:
    dist += 1

    at position 2: Unknown variable dist

    buggy ;)

  6. JW says:

    hey, unzip before blaming my game of being buggy. ;)

    Thanks for the post!

  7. Max says:

    There isn’t much to criticize about this game, but I don’t like the sound effect when you’re caught. It’s very jarring and unpleasant compared to the soundtrack.

  8. Andy`` says:

    Not being too bothered to actually play it properly – I know, I know :( – I tried it a few times, then on my last try decided to stick the character along the right side, near the top, right at the start then left it and went off to read up on some of the other games they made in the thread (as games made in an hour go, this is good considering it was made in 15 minutes, and I wanted to see what else came out of that compo).

    I got to 272 metres, through sheer luck alone. Do I be happy or sad?

  9. Down Rodeo says:

    It’s RAR’d, so bugger that. Why do people use RAR anyway? It’s not *that* fantastic a format, and requires a closed client which is some kind of freeware nonsense. Ah well.

  10. MD says:

    @ Down Rodeo

    link to

    It’s open source, and can handle RAR files along with a bunch of other formats.

  11. Ryx says:

    I got to 231 meters

    Also, is that a kevin macleod soundtrack I hear?

  12. Frosty840 says:

    “It’s very jarring and unpleasant compared to the soundtrack.”
    Being shot dead will do that…

  13. Harry M says:

    Reminds me of a game called Rox i got off an old amiga power cover disk…

  14. Pod says:


  15. GotenXiao says:

    286 metres. Hiding in the top left corner works quite well :P