That Giant Is Made Of Bricks

The Rook is clearly going to be the first demigod that each of us try in Demigod. It’s a giant brick golem with castles for shoulder-pads. It also has a hammer. Lead designer Mike Marr shows it off in the walkthrough below, and although he cackles at one point, he doesn’t sound excited enough for me. Gas Powered should totally get the Black Prophecy trailer dude in to narrate their videos. THE ROOK IS DESTINED… TO SMASH!

Demigod is out soon, and we’re going to review the crap out of it.


  1. Heliocentric says:

    The governments of ancient times must have been much more relaxed. No way you could get planning permission for something like that now.

  2. Tei says:

    Rook is somewhat of a in soviet russia joke: You built turret on him.

  3. Sagan says:

    The more I see of Demigod, the more I worry about it. They take a lot of their features from the Warcraft III mods that didn’t work.
    The reason that DotA is so successful, and that all the other similar mods aren’t, is, that DotA went back towards being mostly a hero arena (team deathmatch), where the RTS parts only provide some context, and a dynamic playing field. DotA is primarily about killing enemy heroes, not about helping your army and destroying the enemy base.
    And it seems to me, that the people at Gas Powered Games focus more on the strategy part. They are repeating the mistakes that have been made by a lot of Warcraft III mod developers in the past.

    Maybe all those developers just lacked experience, and Gas Powered Games can get it right, but I fail to see the appeal if it’s not mainly about killing heroes.

  4. Morberis says:

    Out of all the videos I’ve seen about Demigod this has been the one that convinced me to get it.

  5. Tei says:

    @Sagan: So you don’t know that heroes can respawn in DG and that killing a hero is just a minor anoyance for the guy killed?

  6. Howard says:

    eh? I just get a white square., no video?

  7. Howard says:

    ooh. works now.

    I still don’t get this game. As in I don’t quite get the fuss over it. Isn’t is just A.N.Other RTS with you in control of a central character (like Supreme Commander)? What am I missing?

  8. El_MUERkO says:

    if people are looking for preorders i got it on shopto for 17.99

  9. Inferno says:

    Well I haven’t played it yet but a bunch of my friends have been playing it and thoroughly enjoying the beta so I will probs pick it up on release

  10. Ceremony says:

    @Sagan: I feel that may be due to the people playing in these demonstration videos. If you’ll notice, this last video was a 1v1. I assume the normal set-up for the game will be at least a 4v4 or something. I find that DotA being so focused on hero-killing is actually one of its faults in that it encourages only one type of strategy. That is, the aggressive ganking style of play has proven throughout most versions to be the most successful strategy. Every now and then a team uses a pushing strategy, and it may work, but its easily countered and simply not as effective as a tried-and-true ganking strategy. Hopefully that this game has more of an emphasis on being able to focus your demigod on destroying buildings and reinforcements means that we’ll be able to see more viable pushing strategies, and thus more varied gameplay and choices to make. Just looking at the footage so far, it seems to me that a ganking strategy would work great. You can push and specialize for destroying structures all you want, but if 4 enemy assassin demigods jump you every time you start to push, it won’t do you much good.

  11. SwiftRanger says:

    I am picking this up even if it was only to give GPG a boost for finishing that SupCom patch faster.

  12. MeestaNob! says:

    I’m gonna wait for a demo of this before I get excited.

    Many of the DotA players in the beta say its horrible, but that could be fanboyism or overly high expectations. Previews seem to say it’s potential GotY material.

  13. DMJ says:

    A slightly bored, slightly sarcastic narration does not help this video.

  14. roBurky says:

    With the uncontrollable units moving along set paths, and you controlling a single powerful unit that’s moving around trying to clear a path for them, it sounds a lot like Future Cop’s multiplayer game.

    Future Cop’s multiplayer was brilliant.

  15. Dominic White says:

    The development of Demigod has been pretty interesting. From the moment they came out of Alpha, it’s been open beta (with user input actually getting paid attention to) for anyone who preordered.

    They’ve been really open and honest. None of that keeping stuff under wraps and hush-hush until the 11th hour.

    It’s not nearly as hardcore as DOTA. Think of this as the Team Fortress 2 of the subgenre. It’s fast and accessible, and new players can actually be useful. It’s also primarily a team-game. I think some maps go up to 8v8?

  16. Ubernutz says:

    Demigod or beer….Demigod or beer….or maybe I could make myself a Rook costume out of beer cans and go smash a postbox with a sledgehammer.

  17. Crane says:

    DOTA wasn’t so much “hardcore” as “hopelessly poorly balanced”.
    Essentially, you had to pick one of a specific set of heroes, and ensure you were able to get a precise set of items, or you’d be utterly unable to compete with the opposing team. It wasn’t helped by the fact that death not only provided XP and Gold for the enemy, but TOOK Gold from you, AND lost you XP during the time you waited to respawn.

  18. Gap Gen says:

    He reminds me of the puppet in Children’s Hour of Knowledge.

  19. Optimaximal says:

    “…these portals are the source of new units that enter the area. These units are called *slight pause* reinforcements!…”

    I feel sorry for the guy reading the script.

  20. underdweller says:

    Looks kinda boring and uninspired to me..

  21. Lorc says:

    I was really excited about this when I thought it was going to be the next Sacrifice.

    Excitement level dropped when it becamse clear that it was a DOTA-like.
    Dropped again when the characterful unit designs were joined by a naked elf babe.
    Dropped again again when I saw the rook turning on the spot (why doesn’t anyone give characters, especially large ones, turning animations? It looks ridiculous!).

    And yet, I’m still eagerly awaiting the demo. Because everything I liked the look of to start with is still in there. If it can make DOTA more accessible and forgiving then I’ll be all over it. Fingers crossed.

  22. Scandalon says:

    roBurky – Someone else played futurcop!?! I only played it because it had a semi-secret mac version included, at a time when it was one of only a few games that had mac versions and took proper advantage of the 3D cards available. I don’t really recall the multiplayer though…did you have to herd some of the poor (squishy) un-armored humans?

  23. Rei Onryou says:

    I only ever played Future Cop single player at my cousin’s house, but it was pretty cool.

    Demigod just went up on my WANT list. The previous video didn’t really sell it to me. This one did. He siphoned life OUT OF A TOWER!!! Oh yes!

  24. Sajmn says:

    I don’t see the fun in spending 30 minutes to conquer 2 screens worth of terrain. Futhermore using just one unit with an autoattack and a pair of special attacks.

    I might be horribly mistaken but it looks shallow and repetative. Then again I could never get into DotA either.

  25. Dogby says:

    all hail!

    the first of the retail dota clones has arrived!

  26. A-Scale says:

    As someone who was not a big fan of DOTA, I appreciate the creativity here but don’t think I’ll be picking up the game. I’m also underwhelmed by the scope (size disparity b/w demigods and regular units) shows due to the bird’s eye view.

  27. DK says:

    “Dropped again when the characterful unit designs were joined by a naked elf babe.”
    Don’t worry:
    She’s one of the smallest Demigods, so you won’t see her.
    She spends most of her time inside a plant, so you won’t see her.
    You won’t have time to oogle during play, so you won’t see her.

  28. catska says:

    I wonder how much more money Stardock will make before everyone realizes that they are just ripping off other developers. Their entire business model is finding niche communities that were built in other GOOD games like Master of Orion and basically copying that formula verbatim to appeal to that community (GalCiv). SoaSe? Homeworld says hi. Also it kicks the shit out of that crappy ripoff.

    This game is basically DoTa gameplay with Shadow of the Collosus artstyle. It will be a pathetic display if it sells more than the game coming out created by the actual DoTa creators, league of legends.

    That fantasy game they have coming out is just a master of magic clone as well.

  29. autogunner says:

    catska, sins is absolutely nothing like homeworld so im guessing you havent even played it.

  30. Dogby says:

    I finally did get around to watching the video. I like that they’ve probably ignored things the Dota community has made their own custom solutions for… always visible health bars, for one. Also, heroes that can build towers? Wow, there’s like 50 Dota ripoff maps for War3 that want to say hello.

    How is Demigod any different than any DOTA clone in War3, other than now it costs money and requires a better PC to run?

  31. Mo says:

    and the art-style doesn’t look like shadow, apart from that one demigod. I’m guessing you haven’t played that either.

  32. bookworm8at says:

    “I wonder how much more money Stardock will make before everyone realizes that they are just ripping off other developers.”

    Yeah, like Valve, who shamelessly release one Doom clone after another.

    I say making stuff based on good ideas should be forbidden by law.

  33. Bremze says:

    Dogby, this game actually has some balance and polish! You probably don’t know about them if you enjoy DOTA.

  34. Dogby says:

    If you seriously think DOTA has no balance, I doubt you’ve played much more than some public easy mode games.

  35. Heliocentric says:

    Lapd future cop multiplayer was brilliant. I need to play that against a person rather than the ai. But yes, lapd:fc multiplayer (and skirmish) was dota long before dota existed. This games design looks a little watered down on the smaller units but thats okay. I’d need to join a clan/team to really play it properly due to the nature of dota teamwork. Hope there is a demo, i’ve not joined the beta.

  36. Radiant says:

    I have no idea want went on in that video.
    And looking through these comments has helped compound my confusion even further.
    What’s a Dota?
    Is my brothers Dota my niece?

  37. Muzman says:

    No, your Neets.

    I liked the earlier ads with the ground level footage. That always seems like it’d be the best way to play most RTSs. This one, with all its groovy giants and lordy knows what, even more so.
    It also reminds me of how much I wish Giants rts stuff was a lot more in depth and challenging (or had a huge mods scene with lots of maps and people writing in great enemy AI).

  38. Tertiee says:

    “How is Demigod any different than any DOTA clone in War3, other than now it costs money and requires a better PC to run?”

    It has a much better chance at sustaining a public community. I liked the variations to the formula, like tower building, in other maps but they never filled up the custom games list like DOTA and tended to die out.

    @Radiant: The closest analogy is Dynasty Warriors. You are a hero unit leading respawning uncontrollable armies against the the enemy armies and opposing heros until you are able to destroy the enemy base. The gameplay mechanics make DOTA play a lot differently from DW but that’s the gist of it.

  39. Dogby says:

    “It has a much better chance at sustaining a public community. I liked the variations to the formula, like tower building, in other maps but they never filled up the custom games list like DOTA and tended to die out.”

    I think there’s a reason those maps tended to die out. Most of them were well made, but took the DOTA formula and just complicated it unnecessarily. Heroes being able to upgrade and build defense tends to lead to really long games, and DOTA games are long enough as it is.

  40. Rich_P says:

    And looking through these comments has helped compound my confusion even further. What’s a Dota?

    Yeah, I’ve never played DotA and have no idea of what to expect from Demigod. Every topic about it (on the boards I frequent) is full of minimal information…mostly commets about DotA in WCIII. And Stardock/GPG has done a relatively poor job of marketing the game, IMHO.

    Guess that’s why they make demos :p

  41. Al3xand3r says:

    Yeah, that giant looks like a rip off of the Alexander summon in FF9. I suck for knowing this.

  42. Al3xand3r says:

    Though that was even cooler:

    link to

  43. Muzman says:

    I like how no one has actually said what ‘DotA’ means yet, even in explanatory posts responding to the question
    (don’t look at me, I don’t know)

  44. Al3xand3r says:

    Defense of the Ancients or something similar to that, I forget.

  45. Tertiee says:

    That’s correct but I think Muzman was referring to how universally used the acronym is. It’s like BAR or scuba where the full meaning is not commonly used.

  46. Zyrusticae says:

    DotA, or Defense of the Ancients, refers to a specific subgenre of RTS/RPG games where multiple players control a single unit that levels up and focuses on the use of that unit’s special abilities in tandem with the rest of the team’s in order to overtake the enemy team.

    In other words, it’s a hero vs. hero game in an enclosed arena with lots of NPCs running around set lanes killing each other and a major emphasis on those choke points.

  47. Zyrusticae says:

    Where multiple players *each* control a single unit, that should say. It would be weird if everyone controlled one specific unit at the same time…

  48. Radiant says:

    But it would be an awesome game.
    Like a Voltron rts.

  49. Radiant says:

    But real talk I still have no idea what Demi God is doing.
    He talks about cities and citadels but I can’t see it.
    And is that floating shape really the entire map?

  50. Bremze says:

    DOTA balance? Hehe, yea if you chose the right hero and level up his skills in the right order and give him just the right items then you probably wont be gimped! Also most of the 90 heroes aren’t really worth to play if you aren’t looking for a challenge and same with most items.