Vid-Action – King’s Bounty: Armored Princess

Ooh, the first footage of the expansion for my favourite game of last year, the Heroes of Might’n’Magicky King’s Bounty: The Legend. So far, all we knew was it featured an impractically-dressed female hero, a grown-up version of the parent game’s Princess Amelie, a pet dragon, a pegasus and a race of angry anteater types. Can’t say I feel terribly threatened by anteaters, but presumably their master plan involves more than mass insect ingestion. A pair of new videos show the game off rather better, and while editing can often achieve miracles, they do rather suggest we’re in for a bigger, grander experience than the crawl’n’grind of KB’s latter half. Many bosses, many ultra-powers and the option to fly across the map should make it a leaner affair.

Excessive. Gosh, it’s a pretty, silly game. Can’t wait.

Looks as though there might be some direct, solo combat between your hero and various roaming bads too, presumably playing up the roleplaying elements. Looking forward to that – there was always this question over exactly what your character was actually doing while he sent all his troops off to die horribly.

Not quite so impressed by this second trailer, focusing on Amelie’s ‘domestic dragon’. As a boy who likes smashing up zombies, this is a little too cute for me:

Stick with it to the end for a bonus surprise, though. 3D glasses! Wheee. I’ve ignored 3D-o-vision in games until now, but all those pop-up monsters in KB means it’s a game that strikes me as well suited to it.

Not sure when Armored Princess is due – it was originally down for Q4 2008, which should mean it’s not far off. C’mon, c’mon!


  1. Larington says:

    Heh, I noticed in the first video theres a shot of the inventory/stats screen, the female lead was married to a woman. Take that masculinity! (I suppose it could be a dude with long hair, though)
    Its highly likely I’ll buy this, I never did complete the original but I most certainly enjoyed it whilst I was playing it. Plus, if theres fewer fights but bigger, more imaginative and varied fights then even better.

  2. Heliocentric says:

    Hope they use this ‘spansion as a chance to really go crazy on the play dynamics and the plot. Rather than phoning it in with generic combat areas. The trailers seem to imply the prior.

  3. Tei says:

    This guys rocks!

  4. Recomposer says:

    How will I download the glasses?

  5. Larington says:

    I think that Dragon is replacing the hate box thingy in the original, which is a relief, there was something about the hate box that meant I never used it nor wanted to.

  6. qrter says:

    The whole game will look like those computer-generated 3D paintings, where you have to look at them cross-eyed to see the 3Dness.

    Question is: how will you download the headache pills?

  7. Markoff Chaney says:

    Awww Yeah. I just got King’s Bounty thanks to that insane Gamer’s Gate 10 dollar deal last week (back to 30 this week but Fantasy Wars is only 8 dollars. Another SRPG deal, especially considering how many hours you can get out of that one too) and I am madly in love with it (in a moving save games around to follow me kind of way). The thought of having more, from a HEAVILY armored princesses’ viewpoint no less, fills me with glee. Fantastic.

  8. bansama says:

    I can’t help but get the impression that these guys were slightly inspired by Bioshock. I only got the first one last week, but darn, I want this one too now.

  9. Larington says:

    @bansama: Bioshock… In what way?

  10. Wibbs says:

    did you not notice the big daddy like thing fighting in the first trailer? Seems a pretty good likeness to me.

  11. Larington says:

    Oh yeah, doh, brain obviously wasn’t working. Yeah, I focused on the occupants inside of it so I thought of the city defending robot from the Labyrinth film when I saw that link to Don’t seem to be getting a shot of the robot with the pilot covering removed.

  12. Taillefer says:

    I can’t help feeling I just spoiled half of the surprises for myself. But it looks amazing! Can’t wait.

    Also, insect ingestion seems like a pretty good plan to me. Take out the bottom of the food chain, and where does that leave us, eh? I’m surprised more games don’t involve a mass-breeding anteater apocalypse.

  13. Tims says:

    This looks pretty awesome, were those epic looking boss battles in the first one? I really need to play more of it, I went on holiday and haven’t looked at it since.

    Impractically armoured princesses are my favourite kind.

  14. roBurky says:

    That lady still doesn’t look very armoured to me.

  15. Tei says:

    “I can’t help but get the impression that these guys were slightly inspired by Bioshock.”

    Is called Steampunk. There where a few MS-DOS steampunks games,…

  16. noexes says:

    I fully approve of the adorableness of the second trailer.

  17. Bret says:

    The Dragon kind of looks like Stitch, from the Disney film of the same name.
    Not that it matters, just interesting.

  18. Sam says:


    I enjoyed the first a lot, even if it did get somewhat repetitive at the end. I will be buying this, I’m sure.

  19. Nick says:

    There were a few big boss battles in the first one.. they weren’t overly special though, usually just lots of HPs and summoned allies every other turn. Oh and didn’t let you use your spirit summoning.

    This looks great, I highly enjoyed Kings Bounty, certainly a lot more than the mostly awful HoMM 5.

  20. Segal says:

    It’s out on April 10 here :)

  21. clovis says:

    @Bret: No, the dragon thing and Stitch both look like something else…

    BTW, do you liek mudkips?

  22. Al3xand3r says:

    Buying this day one. Loved the first, completed it, but I feel bad for not keeping the save as they may have some connections :(

    There’s so much awesome new stuff to see in this video it’s unreal, I didn’t expect all this. Along with all the awesome old stuff of course.

    Unicorn, sub marine, dismounting, fighting with your character, insane keeper boss, more insane bosses, some kind of construction (you can build your castle now?), more units, rage spirits, monsters, omgosh too much awesome in this expansion.

    And what’s with that uber cute dragon and the 3D glasses??? can’t wait!

  23. Kommissar Nicko says:

    For whatever reason, this has a vague effervescence that reminds me of Final Fantasy, circa 2000. I don’t know what in particular it is, and I don’t really understand how King’s Bounty works, but it makes me pine for those days. Maybe I’ll give this a go–I kind of liked Might and Magic. Kind of.


    Is this moddable?

  24. Larington says:

    That construction shot looks like a special dragon move that funnels enemy troops around the wall so you can better protect your ranged units by blocking access to them (Position your melee troops each side of the wall).

  25. Chaz says:

    Wow that looks fantastic. I know Alec’s been banging on about this for a while now, but these are the first vids I’ve seen of it and I am bloody impressed. Is there a demo?

  26. Tei says:

    @Brett: “The Dragon kind of looks like Stitch, from the Disney film of the same name.”

    I suppose on the oppenning of the first movie of Star Wars a guy whas claiming “Woa.. this look like Star Trek”.

    And on the openning of the first movie of LOTR.
    “Doh.. this looks like a ripoff of Dungeons and Dragoons”

    Theres always one of these guys on a movie openning, or internet forum.

  27. Thirith says:

    What are you going on about, Tei? The guy was just making an observation, and one that’s pretty spot on. So what? What’s the big problem?

  28. Tei says:

    He is probably right, and my comment is idioticy. Sorry. I hate that type of comment, but probably I was overreacting.

  29. Adrian says:

    now thats what ic all an expansion! So much new stuff! looks really xciting. i hope you won’t need your old character from the first part since i just uninstalled it yesterda :(

  30. Heliocentric says:

    Death to casual observation. Long live critical analysis!

  31. Paul says:

    The 3D mode is quite interesting, especially since it doesn’t rely on $50+ gear you have to buy separately.
    And Stitch the Dragon looks like a decent attempt at broadening the player base towards gamers of the female persuasion (since the guys already have Amelie the Not-Really-Armoured Princess).

  32. Logan says:

    I was just about to blog about this game when I found your article on google. I am going to link to this… It’s great to see someone else who things King’s Bounty was awesome. I’m not sure if I liked it better than Fallout 3, but I did play it more.

    Can’t wait for the expansion!