How To Build A U-Boat In 5000 Easy Stages

One of the few things the Silent Hunter series hasn’t managed to deliver yet, is a fully modelled sub interior. SH4 actually provided fewer interior spaces than its predecessor. While lazy sods like me were content to grumble about this in reviews and leave it at that, two industrious CAD craftsmen – forumites Mikhayl and Tomi – have been busy making the missing compartments themselves. Tomi’s breathtaking engine room isn’t complete yet, but, even in its current state, stands head and shoulders above anything produced by Ubisoft Romania. Truly amazing work.


Another regular has come up with a different solution to the missing interiors problem. Spanish(?) Kapitan ‘Johann Vilthomsen’ is in the process of U-boatifying a room in his apartment. From the photos I’d say he’s on the right track but definitely needs more bunches of bananas, and puddles of sweat, diesel oil and pee.


  1. pepper says:

    Talking about dedication. I always thought it looked pretty good already. Then again, i had most fun admiring the uboat from the externals.

  2. Lack_26 says:

    This make me very pleased. The lack of interiors was always a disappointment with the SH series. Now I want compartments to start flooding, although I fear that might be too much.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    I’d love the same concept to be universally applied. Game has a tank? Let me pull my eye from the cross hairs to check how many shells are in the rack or whether that last hit killed any of the crew. In a train sim let me rush to the toilet when i park at the platforms.

    Quite lovely.

  4. Tei says:

    And interesting that a sub has curtains…

  5. PC Monster says:

    Helio: “I’d love the same concept to be universally applied”

    I’d love the same comcept to be applied universally, as in give me a spaceship I can rattle around inside of, use for trade, fight battles with, customise, replace parts of, etc. The best attempt I’ve seen so far was in Unreal 2, but that was as much a ‘real’ spaceship anything you’d see on TV in Star Trek. D Smart’s proposed MMO is another step in the right direction but I doubt the ships on offer won’t be mine in all those crucial ways (considering I’ll likely have to share with other crew), nor have much of the interior details we’re looking at here.

  6. Surlyben says:

    @PC Monster: You could walk around inside the ship doing maintenance and so on in Sundog: Frozen Legacy. That’s the only space sim I can think of where it’s possible. But that game came out in the early 80s, so I doubt it’s what you are looking for…

  7. unique_identifier says:

    @ pc monster: i hear your awesome spaceship interior, and raise you Hyperspeed component-swapping jury-rigged repairs. and boarding actions.

  8. PC Monster says:

    Oooh, Sundog sounds interesting. Will take a look. Cheers, Surly.

    Unique_identifier – I’ll see that bet, and raise you customisable ship software, meaningful cockpit displays (not just futuristic-looking fluff) and the ability to hang pink, fuzzy dice up in the cockpit. Oh, and to be able to spray “I know I’m ugly but my momma loves me’ somewhere prominent on the hull. :)

  9. M_the_C says:

    @unique_identifier and PC Monster
    I see your component swapping and fuzzy dice and raise you fully destructible hulls with bulkheads to seal the problem temporarily blocking access for FPS movement through the ship.

    Oh how I long for a game like this…

  10. Nutkins Victory Otter says:

    You guys turn me on. I think you could do all this sort of techy fiddling, jury-rigging and turret manning stuff in the original Megatraveller (on Amiga perhaps?) but it was so long ago, I could be making it all up.

  11. Chiablo says:

    I’m going to go in the opposite direction here and say that I really would NOT want this to be universal. These simulation games are already inaccessible to the average gamer, why make it even more difficult? X3 is hard enough to get a hang of without needing to worry about getting lost in the interior of your ship.

  12. Cooper says:

    Star Trek: Online is supposed to have ship interiors. It’s gonna be a crap game, but you’ll be able to walk around a Galaxy Class bridge…

  13. Heliocentric says:

    The great thing about a feature is you can turn it off and still have the same core game. But no games having it is a shame.

  14. Warduke says:

    Pretty neat find guys. I read a bit of the thread on subsim and this guy is a hero over there. I’ve been wanting to get into SH4 so this may be a good way to have a bit of fun with it.

  15. BooleanBob says:

    YoHoHo! Puzzle Pirates had ship interiors. I know it’s not the same thing, but as an exercise in proof-of-concept it was fantastic. Could we genetically splice it with something like Eve? I definitely want to be able to walk around in my dinky one-man frigate or in my triple-hulled* 48-man battle cruiser. I also want to be able to customise these interiors, or cooperate with friends to build a ship from scratch, then fly out into that most final of frontiers and get into all sorts of PVE and P related scrapes. It would be the Best Thing Ever.

    Of course, I’m not sure what there’d actually be to do on board while you travel through the limtless inky void from quadrants Alpha to Beta. Eve’s solution (nothing) was hardly inspired. Similarly I’m not sure endless amounts of knock-off Tetris or Puyo Pop is quite an appropriate thematic fit, but some manner of puzzlery might be the way to go. Engineers could have some kind of in-the-reactor style pipeline game, commanders could fiddle with nav charts, and marines could meticulously disassemble, clean, and reassemble their gun collections, over and over again, while muttering something about ‘Betty’ and the Androsynth wars.

    *disclaimer: I have no real idea what it means for anything to be triple-hulled. But I assume it is a suitably impressive thing for any self-respecting Battle Cruiser to be, and at only nominally great expense to the taxpayer.

  16. lumpi says:

    I never have the patience to do anything even close to that, but I sure love people doing stuff like this at this level of dedication. Amazing.

  17. Flappybat says:

    Silent Hunter 4 is so awesome. Only actual flaw with game is the ship AI being about as dangerous as facing a potato armada.

  18. markcocjin says:

    Wouldn’t this add more work for the Video Card an RAM?

  19. me, ehem. says:

    Along these lines, you might want to take a look at – something I’ve been meaning to send in for a while now.

  20. TooNu says:


  21. Kommissar Nicko says:

    I remember in some or another rendition of Independence War you could man the engineering station and order crews to repair different sections of the ship in varying orders and with different intensities, depending on how damaged they were and how badly you wanted them to work (damn the life support, get the shields up!).

    The idea of having a ship to toodle around in and a crew to order around, if only as a distraction, is awesome–even if it’s “cosmetic,” (i.e. you can just do it all from the helm).

    One idea I just had was to merge EVE and the Sims. You can customize your crew, if you want, and rearrange their rooms and put up goth posters above the toilet if you’re inclined. Overall it would be a waste of time, but it might be neat to go aboard a station for a player meeting or something and have a Mod-Squad posse of your own design at your back, just for shits. Or, for the spartan types, you can just be your lonely pixelface self, alone in the vastness of empty space. So alone.

  22. PC Monster says:


    X3’s problem is that you’re not just responsible for one ship. It asks you to be responsible for ships of all shapes and sizes, stations, satellites, keep an eye on the economy, etc…all at once. In our case we just want one ship simulated in enough complexity – including an interior – that it stops feeling like we ARE the ship but instead are inhabiting something. Then give us a universe to play in and explore.