Erminia Peed On Herself: New Zeno Clash Trailer

This guy is stella-awesome.

There’s a new Zeno Clash trailer, which is a good way to fill in some of the time before its 21st April release. This time we’re introduced to the nature of some of the characters, as well as shown some more splendid in game face-punching action. Sadly no elephants were harmed in the contents of this video.

The video is about The Corwids of the Free, a group who have freed themselves from boring restrictions like common sense, or reason. It really does show off the extraordinary character design, looking unlike anything else, anywhere outside of a Hieronymus Bosch nightmare. Just look at how Oxameter pulls himself forward by his own helmet.

Zeno Clash is currently available to pre-order on Steam.


  1. Xercies says:

    Looks really good, unfortunately i can not pre-order this game or get it until really later. But I’m really looking forward to it. Shame you can’t get it anywhere other then Steam.

  2. cyrenic says:

    Really looking forward to this one. These trailers have convinced me it’ll be worth playing for the art and characters alone. Let’s hope the combat is just as good.

  3. Bas says:

    Too bad you can’t get it anywhere other than Steam, which means we’ll get the privilege of paying as much for the game as we would for a store-bought game that actually comes in a box with a manual.

  4. dhex says:

    on the other hand you save time having to go and buy it at a store, plus it was ridiculously cheap in the pre-order sale, round 1.

  5. manintheshack says:

    Every bit more I see of this game shows such promise. Yeah, it’s cheap, but I’m broke as hell. I’m praying for a review copy as much as I am praying that this game will be fantastic, because it looks like exactly what I need.

  6. Joe says:

    Why did I just think of Daikatana?

  7. Pavel says:

    Meh, already have it preordered.Bring the game already, dammit!

  8. jalf says:

    I preordered it when it was 50% off. So for once, I can’t complain about Steam’s pricing… ;)

  9. Stupoider says:

    Oh wow, this makes me look forward to the release even more. :>

  10. N-Al says:

    WTF. I’m not sure whether this is too weird for its own good…

  11. Dracko says:

    As it seems the RPS crew are averse to reading their e-mails, I’;m just going to dump this link here: link to

  12. DD says:

    Very unique. Hopefully ill have the money by the time it comes out.

  13. negativedge says:

    Sup Dracko. I expect a write up of this one on SB from you. I’m not sold yet, but remain intrigued.

  14. Tarn says:

    Designs look great but I’m unconvinced by the combat from the videos…I’m just not getting a feeling of physical connection. Fingers crossed they’ve got it sorted, though, as I’d love for the gameplay to match the artistic side of things.

    Much as I’m tempted to use the pre-order discount, I think I’m going to have to wait for reviews on this one. 1st person melee combat is such an elusive thing even for big budget devs….well, fingers crossed. :)

  15. Xercies says:

    I also am a bit unsue whether to pre-order it. And also I don’t particularly like Steam so I’m hoping they have their own buying thing or put it on GamersGate or something.

  16. Nighthood says:

    @Xercies: It’s going on Direct 2 Drive as well.

  17. MeestaNob! says:

    I cant believe I missed the 50% preorder, considering how often I have Steam running.

    Being the tightarse I am, I’ll wait for a demo now.

  18. Morph says:

    It appears to cost £11 on Steam at the moment, how is that anywhere near the cost of a boxed version? Or is it comparatively more in other regions?

    Yey for Steam!

  19. jalf says:

    It appears to cost £11 on Steam at the moment, how is that anywhere near the cost of a boxed version?

    If it’s a very small box! :p

    But nah, it costs about that much in all regions (€12 or $15 in EU or US respectively)

  20. Matzerath says:

    I am excited, and must maintain my excitement, as I have prepaid for this. Thankfully it looks freakin’ awesome, so there’s that.

  21. Valentin Galea says:

    Melee combat in an FPS?

    What’s next? Jumping puzzles?

  22. Oak says:

    Melee combat? In my FPS?

    It’s more likely than you think.

  23. Uglycat says:

    And the circle of memes is complete.

  24. hydra9 says:

    “He needed to be invisible so he… removed the eyes from anything that could see him.”

    Fucking brilliant.

  25. Cedge says:

    It’s on Direct2Drive as well.

    How many boxed games of this quality are available for £11/€12/$15, at launch (or in this case, before launch)? There is no question that they would not have been able to offer it at this price, if the developer was having to take the hit of retail publisher cuts, and retail manufacturing costs.

    Without digital distribution, Zeno Clash would not exist.

    Also, welcome to 2009. It’s time to get hip to digital distribution.

  26. The Hammer says:

    Man, this game keeps on impressing me every time I see it. Super smooth animation there… absolutely incredible character design, and nice dialogue. Not to mention the environment.

    There is just so much to love here – it’s a shame their next games are gonna be lower-budget.

  27. The Hammer says:

    (At least it means there won’t be a sequel, though)

  28. jay says:

    why are their next games going to be lower budget?

  29. Thiefsie says:

    Getting more excited for this which is good.

  30. futage says:

    I just peed on myself.

  31. The Fanciest of Pants says:

    Freakin great. Nice work Ace team, you’ve got my money.

  32. Chiablo says:

    The description of Oxameter made me immediately pre-ordered. I wasn’t following this game too closely until now.

  33. Dominic White says:

    hydra9: Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’, doesn’t it?

    I also loved the little detail of the bird flying straight into a tree in the background there.

  34. John Walker says:

    jay – their claim that their future games were going to be lower budget was part of their April Fool. This would be an incredibly large part of why we ignore all April Fools.

  35. Tei says:

    /claps /claps /claps

  36. Subject 706 says:

    Seven shades of awesome!

  37. PC Monster says:

    Even with my herculean Steam aversion, I couldn’t resist their recent pre-order sale for this one: it looks like the freshest, most imaginative thing the PC has seen in Donkeys Years and I’m proud to have supported just the idea of it, even before knowing if it’s going to be any good or not.

    Fish guns = AWESOME. Roll on the 21st!

  38. The Hammer says:

    “jay – their claim that their future games were going to be lower budget was part of their April Fool. This would be an incredibly large part of why we ignore all April Fools.”

    Oh, now I look like a complete twonk.

    Thanks, John!

  39. Malagate says:

    Ohh dear hammer, didn’t you read the game info for the Malstrum’s Mansion? It said the ACE team were making their next game for the Apple II and wouldn’t let 20 years of time get in their way…
    In truth I don’t think the ACE team have decided on what game they’re going to do next, there was some hint of a possible sequel if Zeno Clash is successful. Maybe. I understand the story is going to be quite well rounded up, rather than left with some kind of cliff hanger.

  40. Wedge says:

    Only 11 days left eh… so happy I grabbed this when it was $10.

  41. hydra9 says:

    I also bought this for its budget price. To be honest, if I’ll like it enough, I’ll support the team by gifting a second copy to someone else.

  42. Chaz says:

    Looks very cool and quite original and I really like the art style.

    It kind of reminds me of a bit from the Peter Hamilton book “Fallen Dragon”. Where a load of corporate space marines turn up on a planet to extract tribute from the colonists for the debt they owe to the corperation. Only to find that the colonists have split from the program and have genetically mutated themselves into a weird society of freaks.

  43. I am beginning to understand this comment system says:

    As it seems the RPS crew are averse to reading their e-mails, I’;m just going to dump this link here: link to

    Whoa, that is pretty neat. RPS should definitely do a little blurb about this.

    What the link contains is a retro flash Apple 2 Shadow Gate style game, complete with a little faux Apple 2 interface to get into the game.

    Oh and the Password is “ZenoClash”. To save you from reading the read me (which is part of the Apple 2 interface).

  44. Adventurous Putty says: