The Spiderbot Hop: Earthrise Trailer

This is an odd one: a trailer which combines what is clearly in-game footage minus the UI (complete with some bunny hopping) and footage that is obviously pre-scripted stuff. Anyway, it gives us a good glimpse of some of the environments and characters in motion – which are intriguing enough, if bland in places – and introduces laser action for the first time. All of this makes Masthead’s sci-fi MMO all the more interesting. Earthrise is something of an odd fish, with both real-time XP grinding and offline advancement, as in Eve Online. It’s got a huge PvE world, the size of Azeroth, but also territorial PvP between guilds. It’s not exactly looking super big-budget, but there’s nevertheless a good chance this might actually last longer than Tabula Rasa – assuming Masthead don’t aim too high… Anyway, the beta sign up is on the site, so it might be worth putting your name down.


  1. teo says:

    I’m just baffled at how many MMOs seem to be coming out. I feel sorry for them

  2. NuZZ says:

    The video framerate hurts my face.
    I am however interested ;). Beta acceptance pah-lees.

  3. Neut says:

    Gears of World of Warcraft?

  4. sfury says:

    what’s interesting is that they don’t have a single game out yet – just this in the works, and a couple of days ago it was officially announced they would team up with Interplay for the Fallout MMO O_o

  5. phil says:

    That was essentially an anti-trailer, the gameplay mechcanics, setting and premise potentially interest me, but having seen it, and with the knowledge the developers thought this was the most effective way to sell their game, I’m almost certainly going to give it a pass.

  6. sfury says:

    link to

    here’s the news if you missed it

  7. COOLMAN says:

    looks worth a try

  8. yhancik says:

    “The enemy emerges from the shadows of the past”
    “A new begining lies ahead”*


    *although that will never beat the universe being at the threshold of a new era

  9. the affront says:

    “huge PVE world” and “size of Azeroth” is a really, really bad comparison. Azeroth isn’t exactly “huge” by MMORPG standards – it’s rather tiny.
    Nearly every western MMORPG I can think of had a bigger world than Azeroth, for what it’s worth.

  10. Brass Gerbil says:

    I was under the impression this was supposed to be starship based, a la EVE. Instead, it looks more like Anarchy Online.


  11. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    If the game actually has that framerate, it’ll be unplayable.

  12. MeestaNob! says:

    Surely there will come a time very soon in the future of online/MMO gaming where development studios will have to come to some sort of staggered release system agreement to give each MMO a chance.

    There are literally dozens of these available and in development (doubt a semi-regular reader of this website would fail to name at least 20 for starters). These MMOs are killing each other and they have no chance of holding their own against WoW or WAR when they are too busy scrapping with each other in smaller battles.

    This volume of competition is killing the industry, not helping it. Something needs to change. And I don’t mean by Blizzard buying all of them and hitting the off switch, either.

    And they could, too.

  13. Erlam says:

    ““The enemy emerges from the shadows of the past”
    “A new begining lies ahead”*


    *although that will never beat the universe being at the threshold of a new era”

    All it needed to be more generic was IN A WORLD…

    But then again, FPS of any kind interests me. That kind of reminds me of Lost Planet, only more coherent. Which is a good thing.

  14. Serondal says:

    Blizzard doesn’t need to do that, they know there is no one out there that is going to steal any of their customers in large enough numbers to require a hositle take over :P

    This is good for the industry in my mind. Free market will regulate itself. Once devs and publishers realize that they missed their chance to jump onto the MMO Band waggon this will slow down and you’ll see new and interesting MOOs that try to do things WoW and WAR and others can’t do. Take Eve for example, it was launched in the midst of a bunch of MMO’s coming out and several of them space ones like Ever and Beyond for example. Their business model and game survived while others burned out and died.

  15. Nill says:

    Wake me up when and if it gets here and actually is good. There’s been too many MMOs failing left and right to muster interest for any new ones.

    Also, I agree with whoever said that there’s too many MMOs on the way. Surely, they must be aware that they are all going to crash and burn horribly, except maybe a handful of them at the very most.

  16. Samo says:

    I’m just baffled at how many of you know jackshit about the game and are still posting their speculations, baseless opinions or even worse; opinions based on a not-so-thought-out trailer.
    Everyone has been assuming about ER since it was announced, at first good thoughts. The negative thoughts started to propagate as they said it’ll be RPG combat and not FPS combat, then the friendly fire being disabled, etc…
    The trailer only made things worse. Yesterday two in-game videos were released, a lot of fans were disappointed by the combat, even though the devs said that the used weapon in the trailers was the slowest (being a rocket launcher) and that there’s still loads of work to be done on the game.
    Please learn to appreciate the current state of the game, the fact that more could be done on it and READ about it.

  17. Thatim says:

    Great article. I am waiting for the game, so maybe I am abit biased but.. I suggest checking out the site before you make a opinion. I know it is the interwebz and such.. but some research can’t hurt you?

    I mean.. Spaceships like EvE Online? And.. Low framerate because it was at a GDC? And the game is pre-beta?

    Sure, everybody its own, but can we please have a discussion about the game itself? And the real flaws? I mean no game is perfect..

  18. Lord High Council says:

    Makes me giggle you think war is successful, its another failed mmo, yes failed, The game is like eve, are you on crack? this is in very early friends and family testing atm, and I hope some of you braindead elf lovers dont play tbh