That Bioshock 2 Footage

Two minutes of Bioshock 2 footage have emerged from the cold abyss of development, and lie shivering beneath the cut. You really are a Big Daddy, drill and all. The underwater bit looks cool, anyway.


  1. Tei says:

    So we play as the big fat dude? the bigfat? he move too fast for a bigdad.

    Other than that, I have count like 4 totally different types of awesomeness on this video. This thing looks like is in production longer than the original bioshock…. thats is *very* strange.

    I think this one could have a creeppy twist on the history, and some Doom3 moments…

  2. Frosty840 says:

    Ooooh, atmospheric. And aquatic.

  3. Martin K says:

    That. Looks. Bizarre. Familiar, but also. Bizarre. I don’t know what to make of it.

  4. Smee says:

    I always thought it was odd that Bioshock, a game set almost entirely underwater, doesn’t have any swimming sequences. Pre-release, I assumed the environment would be one of the biggest hazards. A constant threat from depressurisation and drowning, or at least one sequence where you use a diving suit on the sea bed – but nope. The intro doesn’t count, since that was scripted. That footage makes me think the same thing, since Big Daddies are too heavy to float.

    That’s not really a complaint, since swimming sections in FPSs are always awful and awkward, but still. Water never being a threat seemed like an odd choice, considering the status of Rapture.

    Anyway. I wonder why this Big Daddy has increased intelligence and takes orders from someone who isn’t a Little Sister. Also: will you still fight other Big Daddies?
    I think the thing I’m most looking forward to here is finding out how they’re going to explain everything.

  5. Theoban says:

    Tenenbaum’s still there? That woman needs to get out more.

  6. Hidden_7 says:

    Yeah, this is really not doing anything to dissuade me from the belief that Bioshock 2 is a Bad Idea. If anything it looks like a chance to Miss the Opportunities presented in the first game even Harder.

    Oh well. I certainly don’t wish them failure. Hopefully it will turn out good (nay great!), but it is quite a challenge to follow Bioshock up well and none of the information presented so far suggests that the team has risen to that challenge yet. I reserve judgement, however.

  7. Psychopomp says:

    I am no longer worried about the being a Big Daddy thing, which appears to be awesome.

    Now I am worried about Tenenbaum. Why is she there?

  8. Clockwork Harlequin says:

    Aah. . . wow. I think it looks amazing. The environments were always the best part of the game for me, and no. 2 looks just as eye-candyish.

    –Smiles vacantly–

  9. Bobsy says:

    At a guess I’d say that Tenenbaum stayed behind to look after any little sisters that weren’t all into the growing-up thing.

    Question: it’s been 10 years… how are the little sisters still little?

  10. Kieron Gillen says:

    You play the original prototype Big Dadddy, who was a lot niftier than the later ones. The fact the original one was so fancy caused problems, apparently, and they decided to simplify.

    This is from PCG’s BS2 feature. Or at least, the first two pages they’ve put online..


  11. PC Monster says:

    Okay, as this is a must-purchase for me I’m officially entering Hype-Avoidance mode. I don’t want to know a thing about the game until I’m playing through it, so I’ll be ignoring anything Bioshock 2 related that appears on these pages. Later, peeps.

  12. catmorbid says:

    *yawn* It’s so apparent that the player is some sort next-generation super big daddy, i.e. faster but still strong with other bonuses etc. This game just looks boring. The first one was very interesting in theory, but in the end it was just another pipe-run with nice story. If BS2 would supercede it’s predecessor, I will eat my pants.

    I Miss System Shock 2 :/

  13. Barts says:



    While pretty and sporting an interesting story, Bioshock was a scripted run through a very linear sequence of events with same gameplay mechanics over and over again. I got bored after, ahem, one key event where certain person’s family is killed, and never came back.

    I miss System Shock 2 and Deus Ex.

  14. Xercies says:

    Hmm still not sure whether this is a good idea or not, playing as a Big Daddy is interesting but I still get the feeling its kind of stupid…

  15. Yiorgos says:

    They’re obviously playing it with dual analogue sticks, the big sillys

  16. marilena says:

    That bit where water breaks in and swallows him is better than anything I can remember from Bioshock. And, although I may be just dreaming, it feels from the combat bit that the enemies no longer take absurd amounts of hits to go down.

    I guess the project lead’s obvious flair for set pieces may actually make this more interesting that the original for me.

  17. Crane says:



    Oh. Oh mercy.

    You ah, you managed to stop before… well, most of the best bits actually.

  18. Yiorgos says:

    I agree with Barts, they need to open up level design and gameplay. A bit like the levels from the Thief games. The story can still be linear. I expected a degree of open-endedness in the first (with all the claims of it being the ‘spiritual successor to SS2) but was very dissappointed…

  19. Vivian says:

    is like watching trained monkeys do an impression of an interesting and thought provoking game

  20. PJ says:

    I liked the original Bioshock, but I was always disappointed that it never really lived up to the promise of those few minutes of promo FMV through the eyes of a splicer dragging a little sister out of a pipe and getting thrown around the room and impaled by a big daddy. There was a wonderful sense of physicality in that video which unfortunately disappeared when you started playing the actual game and it turned out to be another (though excellent) floating-camera-with-hands-stuck-on FPS.

  21. Stense says:

    Looks interesting, and pretty water stuff going on!

  22. toni says:

    more of the same….until they don’t tell me that they revamped the whole plasmid/tonic system I’m not getting excited on this one. more limiting plasmid system so it has an impact on gameplay, more ways to tackle a situation than shoot crazy splicers in the face and choice in storyline that actually has an impact on the story and they have me on board. I could live with the linearity if the levels would open up and you could circumvent certain fights. but if it seems to play in rapture (or some other city underwater) I don’t think they have the possibilities to open up the levels, more like bubble-hallway-bubble-hallway with an occasional first/2nd floor thrown in. right now it looks like more of the same, should have been an add-on….
    since I got burned by Bioshock once, this aint no first-day buy or preorder, not in the slightest. we’ll see if the reviewers can hold back the fanboyish hyperbole this time (also on RPS)

  23. piphil says:

    It’s depressing that a number of the comments so far are about what the game isn’t going to be, rather than what it is or could be. So you want System Shock 2? Go play it then. Same goes for Deus Ex.

    Bioshock was a linear shooter (from what I’ve read; I haven’t played it) and so therefore probably its sequel will be too. Half Life 2 is also linear, and people seemed to like that quite a lot, and the don’t complain that it isn’t the next Deus Ex or similiar.

    Is there anything wrong with linear games that tell a story well?

  24. Rei Onryou says:

    Based on the internet released info, this video and Tom Francis’ revelations in the latest PC Gamer podcast, I am so looking forward to this. Makes me want to play Bioshock again.

    Can’t wait to find out the details in the latest PCG. Jordan Thomas be a genius!

  25. Funky Badger says:

    System Shock 2 had a completely linear narrative, and pretty linear level design. Just sayin’.

  26. DK says:

    Utterly horrible. They’re simply destroying the potential Bioshock 1 had (but didn’t realize but to a tiny amount) and replacing it with utterly boring, generic bigbudget drivel.

    Party on, Bioshock 2.

  27. dishwasherlove says:

    Quite a few decks in SS2 allowed you to choose whatever route you wanted. Not that it really mattered. A linear game is not always a bad thing.

  28. Funky Badger says:

    dishwasherlove: you’re completely right.Structure’s in no way a bad thing (SS2 got the point of letting you choose which of three items to find first) – the most “open” game I’ve played is Europa Universalis: Rome – and it’s extremely hard to get into…

  29. Techy says:

    Bioshock was a phenomenal game. I think that we just need to trust 2K that they will do the right thing (I mean, they’ve made some of the greatest video games in history :D). Also, although it may look like the environments are more of the same, you have to remember that this is just one location, only two minutes of gameplay, is in the same city, and is designed to Tease, not to show anything radical or new just yet. (that will probably be saved for E3). It IS built on the same engine, and thats not necessarily a bad thing, as the engine itself is unique. (There are so many games out at the moment that use GOW style graphics.) The storytelling is the most important part, and its a bit stupid to judge it this early, as no information has really been released properly apart from on the teaser website.
    Don’t say that this game isn’t open-ended enough. Nothing has been said yet!

    My advice is to just wait, and see how it plays out. Don’t bash the game when you have only seen a trailer and two minutes of gameplay.

  30. Yes/No says:


    Well, I’m looking forward to it at least.

    The guy Jordan Thomas seems more interested in actually making a game than some half-baked commentary on video games in general.

    Not that the half-baked commentary was bad.

    It just got in the way at the end.

  31. Little Green Man says:

    Uhm Techy: GOW, Bioshock and several other games all use UT3 engine. That’s why they look similar, Bioshock didn’t use an original engine.

    Personally I can’t wait for this game as the project lead is Jordan Thomas. Man, that guy has created some AMAZING levels, I really want to see what he can accompish given project lead.

  32. Yiorgos says:

    piphil, I’m not sure why Bioshock makes me wish it was more like Deus Ex…You’re right, I didn’t think that about HL2. And I did play Deus Ex many times through, even until recently.

    (I tend to play linear games only once, if I try a second play-through it becomes a chore and I give up very soon)

    Maybe its because of some similarities in gameplay mechanics…but after all one was a first-person RPG while the other is more action/adventure.

  33. TooNu says:

    Why couldn’t they have tied the first game with this game? Simple idea really without the plot holes.
    You just see the first game events from a different POV while doing the same story with a different take. A bit silly to make this ’10 years later’.
    Rapture would be flooded by that time, none of the splicers would be alive because they are insane, don’t eat, don’t take care of their bodies. The interactive NPCs who are not insane would have long since gotten out of there. Dumb, weak plot holes.

  34. Po0py says:

    I was hoping they would make Rapture look a bit different this time round. Didn’t see much new gameplay except for what looks like an underwater level. But combat seems pretty much the same with a little Big Daddy Melee thrown in and maybe you are a little slower moving about. I’m still hoping for something that clearly sets the game apart from first game. Simply no point in doing the same game twice, y’know.

  35. CakeAddict says:

    I find this plot quite interesting.. so we will be protecting the little girls now?

  36. Po0py says:

    @Little Green Man: actually, it uses Unreal 2.5 engine, which is the same as what you see in Unreal Tournament 2004 beleive it or not. They do use some parts of Unreal 3 engine to pretty it up a bit and they also hired a dude especially so he could work on making the water look beleivable. But at it’s core it’s Unreal 2.5.

    I’d love to know if they started Bioshock 2 from scratch using Unreal 3. Anyone have any info’s?

  37. Janto says:

    Apparently – well, you get the choice of murdering them for their Adam, or doing escort missions with them to murder Splicers and have her extract the Splicer’s Adam. I reckon their probably making the evil choice by far the more convenient, and the good choice far more inconvenient. We all remember that escort mission, right? (Although proper little sisters are supposed to be almost invulnerable, so it’ll probably be a lot less of a pain.) Still, chances are a lot of the fights will either be stealing Little Sisters from other Big Daddies, or protecting Little Sisters from mobs of splicers.

  38. Nighthood says:

    Wow, considering how powerful the drill is supposed to be, it’s really anticlimactic.

  39. The_B says:

    Not to cheapen Tom’s preview in the latest PCG, but some info from it:

    Apparently the drill has quite a gory animation – obviously that wasn’t apparent in this particular demo.

    There will be sections where you are on the seabed (ie: outside) able to look into an area before entering it.

    The little sister’s haven’t grown up as such because they’re actually new little sisters that Big Sister has been going up to the surface and kidnapping youngsters…

    There’s more of course, but that covers points in this comments thread.

  40. Austin says:

    The linearity of the original Bioshock was the point. I look at Bioshock as more of a commentary on FPS’s; without giving away too many spoilers, a major plot point is that you’re “on rails.” You could say that the plot is there just to justify the linearity, but I think if you read it deeply enough they’re really almost parodying it.

  41. shon says:

    Watching that clip reminded me of how much fun I had with the original Bioshock. I can’t wait to try this one.

  42. PC Monster says:

    Bugger it.

    Well, Hype-Avoidance lasted about 4 hrs. I blame my subconscious: It’s stronger than I am.

    My one wish for Bio2? Feature the Bioshock bug-man who obviously got ditched early on in development. Hes too pretty to leave to the dust of history.

  43. SirKicksalot says:

    Austin – you can see whatever you want in any game. BioShock was just pretentious.

    Po0py – it’s Unreal 3

    AMN: Speaking of the graphics engine, it’s running on Unreal 2.5 right?

    Ken: No, we’ve moved to Unreal 3, we’ve done a lot of modifications on top of it

    link to

  44. Calabi says:

    @ Austin. That was the most annoying part of Bioshock to me. The way it played out, wasnt revelatory a parody or unexpected. To me it was just the perfect excuse to have it linear and pretend they are being clever when they are just being lazy.

    The fact they dont present the player with any other choices, what are they saying?, they arent saying anything.

    I dont mind playing on rails first person shooters, but the way it came across in Bioshock it felt like it was laughing at me, it made me wonder why I even bothered playing it.

  45. diebroken says:

    Fool me twice…

    I’ve just got to post a link to this again:

    link to

  46. Dracko says:

    Well, this already looks far more interesting than the utter turd the original one was. They actually understood tat you should be able to use Plasmids and weapons at the same time, thank fuck.

  47. Y3k-Bug says:

    I dunno. This just seems so…. not good.

    So you play a big daddy. But you have the regular powers Adam grants people. Huh? Oh, this is a “prototype” Big Daddy. Well isn’t that convenient!

    So I’m looking for Sisters again, taking orders from someone over a radio again, to fight a more nimble version of the Big Daddy.

    Sadly I have to say, I kinda don’t care. Keeping an open mind up to release though.

  48. Dracko says:

    Austin: “The shitty portion of the game is the point! Who needs game design when we have a ever so important message to sell to idiots!”

    This is the sort of attitude that would kill games. God forbid anyone bother to put effort in their construction any more. Not when we can just sell really poor pulp stories with really poor characterisations instead. Because that apparently, is what the people want.

    Whatever happened to books or films?

  49. Jeremy says:

    I was really happy with the way things looked in the video, and someone said they wanted something that really sets Bioshock 2 apart from Bioshock 1… how about the fact that you’re a Big Daddy? I would say that pretty much puts you on the opposite end of the original game, a rather big difference. As for making Rapture look different, in all fairness we saw only a couple minutes of footage and in that time we saw the Big Sister, an abandoned looking area with overgrown roots and stuff, a huge flood and a really nice looking entrance to Fontaine Futuristics, not one of these things are from the original game. Also, there is a change in the gameplay, you can use plasmids and weapons at the same time, and there is a major difference in the way Little Sisters affect the game. Seems like a lot of change to me.

    In the video the Little Sister refers to you as “Mr. B” so that is kinda telling maybe, perhaps there’s more to the relationship between this Big Daddy and the Little Sisters than the previous game. Also, it looks like part of the story is going to explain where these Big Daddies came from and what they were before the change, so that is definitely interesting to me. I wonder what that writing on the wall”We will be reborn in the womb of the ocean” is going to refer to? What about the fact that the splicers are no longer controlled by Ryan? Will they all be intent on killing you now? Lot’s of questions and I’m definitely excited for the game!

  50. DK says:

    “someone said they wanted something that really sets Bioshock 2 apart from Bioshock 1… how about the fact that you’re a Big Daddy?”
    But you’re not. They diluted the whole concept of it (which they already did at the end of Bioshock 1) even further by just making you standard-fps-protagonist-with-drill-melee. You’re a Big Daddy in nothing but name.
    It really seems like 2K is afraid of actually having their players think about what they’re doing. There’s no consequences to anything you do in the first one – ridiculous “save or harvest little sisters” included. The good variant gave you MORE of a reward than the bad one – where’s the dilemma in that?