RUN: Mirror’s Edge Editor Jimmied Free

Construct a Construction yard.

Beyond Unreal have picked up on the Mirror’s Edge community discovering something interesting. More details in the link, but basically involves copying the wxRC and wxRes folders from UT3\Binaries to Mirror’s Edge\Binaries and then running the Mirror’s Edge executable with an editor modification thingy to the file’s properties. Here’s a custom map the community have magicked up. You may have to be quick, however. Chatting to our industry contacts, you apparently have to pay an additional fee to ship a game with UnrealEd, making them suspect it’ll be patched out sooner or later. Which is a shame: if any game could do with some user-generated maps, it’s shining-in-speed-trial-mode Mirror’s Edge.


  1. pepper says:

    I cant believe Epic asks user to pay extra to create content for a game. Because that is what it comes down to in the end anyway. A shame because there would be much potential if people could get there hands on with this game. Although something tells me all content appearing online would receive a cease and desist notice.

  2. Gundato says:

    They are licensing their engine. The UED (theoretically) adds a lot of replay value to a game (making new versions less of a necessity).

    Plus, with the way things are going (adult content mods being viewed as “unlockable content”), Epic might be trying to avoid a proverbial poostorm.

  3. The_B says:

    Never mind custom levels, how about custom character models so we can recreate Gillen’s real life Mirror’s Edge-ness thus completing the circle?

  4. Fede says:

    @pepper: as I understand it it’s the opposite. It’s Dice who should have paid to include the editor, but they didn’t.

  5. bansama says:

    Damn, better set my Steam copy to never auto update U_U. Not that that will stop it from auto updating given the bugginess of Steam in that respect.

  6. Howard says:

    The thing that startles me most about this is that Mirror’s Edge is in the Ueng 3 engine. I really had no idea O_O

  7. pepper says:

    Fede, epic ask Dice for the money, and dice then calculates it into the price of the product. That is how i reasoned it.

    The B, custom characters shouldnt be a problem, just replacing the fay model should be possible since you can export to fbx from 3dstudiomax/maya etc,

  8. Turin Turambar says:

    As others had said, the type of game is ideal to play in new scenarios created by the users, thanks to the focus in the time trial. Pity that Dice thought the pc version wasn’t worth it.

  9. pepper says:

    They probably saw it as a risk not knowing how it would go. Hopefully they will come back to that decision.

  10. suibhne says:

    The irony is that the game’s basic movement mechanics work *so well* that user-generated content could have transformed Mirror’s Edge into a gaming sub-culture rather than a quick, tiny blip on the retail radar. Thanks a lot for your forward thinking, DICE (or EA, or whoever made the idiotic call to axe the editor that was originally promised for the PC version).

  11. Tim James says:

    Everyone shut up. You are all dirty pirates and don’t deserve UnrealEd.

  12. Smurfy says:

    @Tim, uh no.

  13. AbyssUK says:

    Couldn’t this turn Mirrors Edge into Trackmania: Free Running Edition….. How is that a bad thing ?

  14. Xercies says:

    Hmm seems good if you pirated the game if you didn’t buy it for the DRM since you can get around the patch. More maps yay.

  15. El_MUERkO says:

    i hope they do patch it out, so people need to use an unpatched version, i then hope it’s popularity explodes but EA gain not a single sale from it before wailing in the gaming media about how Mirrors Edge was pirated on a massive scale, then i hope a small meteorite of alien shite decimates EA HQ during their regular ‘how to fuck the customer over’ meetings

    … i hope too much :*(

  16. Azhrarn says:

    “Howard says:

    The thing that startles me most about this is that Mirror’s Edge is in the Ueng 3 engine. I really had no idea O_O”

    Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal 3 aren’t the same thing, Mirror’s Edge uses Unreal Engine 3 which is essentially just a blank canvas with developer tools that you paint a game onto.

    It just saves you the trouble of having to write something as complex as a functional 3D engine from scratch and then having to optimise it too, this saves a ton of money for the developer which they can then spend on other things. (either for the game or other projects)
    And as 3D engines go, Unreal Engine 3 is extremely good, high framerates on even midrange PCs etc and compared to the cost of having to make your own, its probably quite cheap too.

  17. Dan Harris says:

    Is Mirror’s Edge cheap anywhere yet? Like less than 20 quid cheap? Google Shopping doesn’t seem to think so.

  18. jonfitt says:

    It’s a shame Dice didn’t pay for the tools to make Mirror’s Edge map creation easy. I would definitely be more inclined to buy it if the user generated content was there.

  19. Dracko says:

    Got it new for a tenner on eBay.

    Shouldn’t be too hard to find. Spotted it around the same price in Blockbuster’s and such.

  20. Dan Harris says:

    Mint. Cheers dude.

  21. Deadpan says:

    Or… we could just use U3 or Source to make our own parkour game.

    Left4Dead would get alot more interesting.

  22. Deadpan says:

    Or just give Faith a katana. That alone would make the game alot more fun.

  23. Mman says:

    Am I missing something or is ME STILL not on the UK steam store yet? I’d probably end up buying to get the definitive version, not to mention this modding potential, but apparently EA have suddenly started hating money or something.

  24. lumpi says:

    “Chatting to our industry contacts, you apparently have to pay an additional fee to ship a game with UnrealEd”


  25. Ravenger says:

    @Mman – EA games are still not available to UK buyers on Steam. I want to buy the non-limited activation steam version of Dead Space – the same version that the ENTIRE WORLD (except the UK and Japan) has, but as you say, EA hates our money.

  26. Phaith says:

    EA’s gonna luv this…

  27. Dave L. says:

    I don’t think it’s even possible to patch the editor out, as it’s embedded in the executable (sort of like Doom 3). Technically you don’t even need to copy those binaries out of UT3. AFAIK all they do is make the editor’s UI visible, it can still be launched with the command line switch without them.

  28. Heliocentric says:

    You can’t patch this shit out, except for steam users who get the shaft from automatic updates. This will make me buy mirrors edge, there you go ea customers like mod’s. I’d like a melee lethality mod and a mod that widens the windows for attacks, but also lets you disarm just attacked enemies and all my the gripes i heard about it are resolved. Oh and ea? mirrors edge 2 better have a level editor or i’ll just stick with #1. Cheers for the slip up dice.