Maniac Fashion: Day Of The Tentacle Shoes

So pretty!

Maya Plisetskaya, whose Monkey Island shoes we were so enamoured with last month, emails us to let us know her next footwear-framed masterpiece is unveiled. Day of the Tentacle All Stars! Day of the Tentacle is obviously the best of all the LucasArts adventures, and anyone who would disagree is clearly a dangerous lunatic, making these the ultimate Converse of all time. Maya has optimistically put them for sale on eBay for €250 (and not the rather more optimistic €250,000 I first misread the European money-punctuating comma to denote). If I had oodles of money I’d be buying them immediately – they’re my size! Someone else should, because they’re utterly lovely. More fun than a jumpsuit full of weasels.


  1. Stupoider says:


  2. BooleanBob says:

    We’ve seen how altruism has been stirred up on the internet before. Maybe the RPS faithful could all chip in and buy these shoes!

    And then refuse to give them to Walker, possibly tying them up on a lamp-post within sight of his house.

    After setting them on fire.

  3. Dozer says:

    Yes, let’s do that, I know where he lives…

    Well I know where he catches the bus from anyway.

    Those shoes are among the best things I’ve seen all day, alongside the tale of Urist The Dwarf and the ‘Sins of a Solar Spymaster’ articles on EVE-Online espionage!

  4. MeestaNob! says:


    Even more that the Monkey Island ones. Impossible!

  5. pilouuuu says:

    Hopefully they allow you to time travel too. Back to the mansion!

  6. Saul says:


  7. Nihohit says:

    I might be a dangerous lunatic, but by jove – the internet will know that Grim Fandango is the bestest adventure game EVAR!
    Also, when Isaw the story, I hoped that the shows will be modeled into a tentacle. disappointment.

  8. Dreamhacker says:

    Nice shoes, overrated game.

    Now, The Dig shoes, I’m all about that!

  9. Benny Mitchell says:

    Way to cool!!!!!!!!

  10. a rob amongst many says:

    Hehe John has tiny, tiny feet!

  11. Duoae says:

    No fair! I really want them… and yes, DoTT was the best LucasArts adventure game – just beating Monkey Island 2 to the post.

    John, with these posts you’re becoming my favourite RPS writer…. soon the site will be known as Rock, Paper, John Walker. Now… write more!

  12. LewieP says:

    Pretty cool, but nothing on these bad boys.

    Which I do own a pair of.

  13. Rei Onryou says:

    The bigger images look better than the Monkey Island ones. Boy, I really need to play DotT.

    PS: John, your feet are HUGE!

  14. Irish Al says:

    Agree 100%, DOTT was the best, in terms of humour at least. I don’t think Sam And Max is particularly funny at all.

    Nice shoes.

  15. diebroken says:

    Very cool :)

    However, are you allowed to sell something like this?

  16. John Walker says:

    I’m getting mixed messages here, but I’m fairly sure size 9 (GB) feet is pretty average.

  17. a rob amongst many says:

    John, your feet are huge to people with feet smaller than you but laughably tiny to anyone with REAL SIZED FEET!

  18. Chaz says:

    Does he say any where how he does it? Presumably they’re not hand painted, so I’m guessing they’re either printed some how or directly onto the shoe or done with a transfer.

  19. Supertonic says:

    One advantage of living in Thailand is that I can get shoes handmade to any design I like cheap as chips so I think I’ll be asking my local Thai chap to see if he can knock out a pair for me :)

  20. Chaz says:

    Th other advantages of living in Thailand being cheap drugs and prostitutes. ;)

  21. Mort says:

    LOL Chaz

    If he´s charging that tiny fortune for them, I don´t think he´s going to say anything about how they´re made. If he did, all of us would try to make shoes themed after our favourite game heroes! (I would be the sensation of my neighbourhood with my Sonic the Hedgehog footwear)

  22. Potajito says:

    @Mort, she had already said how to do them in her deviantart page, they are 100% hand made, they aren’t printed, its paint. Not everyone can paint that.

  23. Mort says:

    :o I stand corrected then, I thought she printed them in some way.

    Hand painted… damn

  24. Pags says:

    These are much better than the Monkey Island ones, to the point where I would even buy them on impulse if I saw them.

  25. Scandalon says:

    I’m getting mixed messages here, but I’m fairly sure size 9 (GB) feet is pretty average.

    Um, I’m pretty sure 9 Gigs is pretty huge by anyone’s standards…your feet are like, what, 240 peggles? Newfangled wippersnappers…in my day, feet were measured in Megs, in my grandpa’s day, in KB…

    (Though I hear there’s some new “Procedurally Generated Footware” that’s measured in KB, they just take about 10 minutes to lace up and you have to have a really nice hat or they won’t work right.)

  26. Blaxploitation Man says:

    I would stomp on the feet of anyone I saw wearing those until I heard something break.

  27. Aplicacion Movil says:

    Great Artwork!! I remember seeing that in Reebok while Bread & Butter Expo in Barcelona last July…


  28. Monolith says:

    Just to clarify, what is LESS fun than a jumpsuit of weasels? A jumpsuit of ebola-infected monkeys? It sounds like this is some kind of scale of ultimate negativity that needs to be properly calibrated, in the same way that the “peggle” has been defined with scientific rigour as a unit of download size. How many weasels are there to one ebola monkey? Enquiring minds want to know, as do commercial currency exchanges.

  29. Don Robot says:

    Wow! Those shoes are really cool!!

    I have a little online t-shirt shop with a bunch of Day of the Tentacle t-shirts:

    If you combine that amazing footwear with my DOTT t-shirts, you’ll surely take on the world! :D

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