Aion Zone Trailer Loveliness

NCSoft’s MMO-with-wings, Aion, has been showing off its floaty environments with quite spectacular results: lots of floaty things, both animate and inanimate. The flight aspect makes this rather more interesting than your normal MMO world, because there’s a whole lot of vertical detail to deal with. Oddly, NCSoft recently announced “flying transformations” for the new continent of Lineage II, which seems a bit like stealing their own thunder. Surely you keep the best for your big launch? I suppose Aion has been out for ages in Korea already, but still… Anyway, prettiness below. How I envy the environment artist.


  1. rei says:

    Looks quite nice. Especially the second clip. I’d probably enjoy playing that as some sort of an exploration simulator, but I don’t think I have it in me to get into another MMO.

    Plus my computer couldn’t run it anyways.

  2. Tworak says:

    It certainly looks interesting. A Korean MMO that *probably* isn’t a grindfest. I guess they learned a thing or two from Wow.

    The requirements shouldn’t be too demanding either considering it’s the Cryengine.

  3. Mechazawa says:

    Oh yeah, it’s very pretty. The problem is, the beauty is the only good part of the game. Behind the eyecandy, it’s the same old korean MMO grindfest, with nothing new or interesting thrown into the mix.

    Oh, and the flying part ? Yeah, it’s only a little gimmick. Looks good on video, barely used in-game.

    [Disclaimer: all these things are coming from friends experience, YMMV]

  4. MultiVaC says:

    It looks nice. Too bad it’s an MMO. I kind of feel like the design a few of those areas are somewhat excessive and tasteless though. It mostly looks great, but a few environments had this sort of ugly, glittery Las Vegas look.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    Is it me or does everything look a bit Warcrafty? It might just be the low poly count. In any case, it does look very nice.

  6. Riotpoll says:

    @Gap Gen; It looks a lot more like Guild Wars than WoW, if it didn’t have the Aion things I could have mistaken it for a new Guild Wars thing.

  7. Poita says:

    I live in Seoul, Korea. My internet was out for a few days last week so i used a PC Bang for an hour or so every day. It seems that the three top games that everyone was playing was Aion, Starcraft 1 and Sudden Attack (a lot rent, in terms of graphics at least’ CS clone).

    I didn’t see anyone playing WoW though I know there are a lot of WoW players here. They pay $25 dollars a month for WoW if they have a home account (a bit less if they get it in a quarterly chunk) but if they play in a PC bang they basically are paying $1 per hour which if they play say 4 hours a day 5 days a week would cost them $100 a month.

    Anyway, Korean games, even if they suck, get a huge boost in korea just by being Korean so I exect Aion do bulldoze WoW.

  8. egg says:

    I’ve played Aion for the past 2 weeks or so. It was the Chinese open beta, though I suspect they have already officially launched the game and thus started demanding money for it. Which sucks for a freeloader like me.

    It feels a lot as if Linage 2 going less hardcore, with an UI and a colo(u)r palette which really remind me of WoW and a PVP system like Risk Your Life (humans versus demons, etc etc etc).

    It feels really nice to fly in the game, though in the early levels you just have about a minute of flight time before your wings collapse and you plunge into oblivion.

    Don’t really know how to describe it that well. Mostly because I haven’t played WoW as a base of comparison and also because writing in English is awfully hard. :(

    The quests within the game are really really cool tho. Most of them a subtle of way of telling you to “kill 5 molerats and bring me their tails”, but there are some which are much much more interesting than that.

    The “Clumsy Teleporter” is an example. You get to talk with a girl who is still learning how to teleport people to other places. And then she offers you a free ride to anywhere you want. No matter what you choose, she accidentaly dumps you right in an Asmodian town (I was Elyos btw). Needless to say, in less than 30 seconds I was dead by the hands of a high-level dude which seemed to be as surprised by my presence there as myself.

    Well, just an example.


  9. DigitalSignalX says:

    Been waiting 3-4 years now for AION, hopefully my 2 year old machine can run it, probably not :( After playing the hell out of and retiring from Perfect World online, I am ready for NCsoft to finally release it’s oh-so-better big brother. It was the only other fantasy MMO I know of with solid vertical play elements (flying).

    edit: found out they’re using the crytek engine for it, so that’s some very good news in the older-pc compatibility dept.

    Queue all the Korean MMO haters of course, but L2’s cosmetic, solid game play, pvp, massive sieges, and decent customer service holds up well after almost six years. It is what it is.

  10. Kits says:

    It’s a really beautiful game, and while only been up to level 15 so far, very polished. The quest text’s are well done and interesting, even if from time to time the content of them is a bit grindygrindy.
    Was a bit disappointed that a lot of what you can see is off limits, but its still fun to fly around what you can access, and thats by no means small. Even in the areas you cant fly freely you can glide around, catching updrafts to keep yourself aloft, and that minute of flight time recharges pretty quickly; You might not be able to stay up continuously, but unless you intend to afk midflight you’re hardly gonna notice it.
    Worth a look anyways, moreso than any other of the recent mmo’s I tried. Still unsure if it’s gonna be the one to pull me away from WoW, but I’m hopeful.

  11. Markoff Chaney says:

    My comments come from some play time with the Chinese Open Beta, so take them as you will.

    The game was rather fun and polished with some nice additions (like show where a quest item is by clicking on the name or autorun to an NPC) to standard MMO fare. I’ve been off the WoW wagon for a couple years now and this was a nicely polished piece of code (especially considering I was hitting a server in China from the US) and is easily the par of Warhammer (if not a little better in the PVE department) and, while it didn’t touch the immersiveness of Tortage in AoC, it was still very enjoyable from the get go (and, hopefully, won’t devolve into grind-a-rific junk after 20). Flying was fun, but I never got up high enough to see it being used as anything other than a neat little gimmick. I understand that as one progresses, however, being in the air is more and more part of the experience.

    It is not, I believe, going to be free to play and instead will go on the old box+subscription method. There will not be a beta around these parts (US at least) but they will be having some weekend events where you can get in and join up for free before launch to check out some content. I think I’m still sticking with Runes of Magic and Guild Wars for my MMO fix though.

  12. Mark says:

    Am I the only person who wants a single-player sandbox game like this without the endlessly respawning mobs, fetch 20 doodads quests, and “lvl 40 pally lfg” zone spams?

    My favorite part of CRPGs is exploration and these huge beautiful worlds created for MMOs seem perfect for it. It is a shame that you have to spend scores of hours power leveling in order to access the next zone.