The RPS Talk-o-Tron Talkback-o-Tron: April

Hoo boy, I was going to do these bi-weekly, wasn’t I? Oops. The time is definitely right, then, to do another best o’ the forum round-up – pointing you fine people at some of the more interesting goings-on over on the RPS Talk-o-Tron 3000. Squirreled away in there are news stories we’ve not had the chance to cover on the main site, community-arranged games of all sorts, and the occasional crazy man shouting into the uncaring night.

  • Somehow we missed this when it happened back in February, but fortunately it’s been reposted on the forum. A clever chap’s reworked the boxart for most of the classic Lucasarts adventures into high-resolution, poster-sized images. He’s even removed the logos from several of them, painstakingly restoring the obscured areas of the image. I have no idea as to the legality of all this, but I’m going to try and get the Sam & Max one professionally printed up to decorate my worryingly bare walls with.
  • The Monster That Gillen Built continues to grow, with a fat old MyBrute thread in which people can set to against each other’s toonish beasts, grumble unhappily about their defeats and compare weapons. It’s amazing how much talk can be had from a one-click, self-playing game.
  • Two opposing threads – hailing the underrated, and roasting the overrated. Controversial Invisible War hugs in the former, and in the long-running latter, a lot of swearing, venting and bitching about familiar bugbears.
  • On a similar note – the second-chance saloon. Games that didn’t click first time around, but seemed wondrous upon a revisit.
  • I’m not sure if we’ve gotten around to a post about the Riddick: Dark Athena ultra-nasty DRM clusterfeckery yet, but the forum’s certainly been talking about it. Go forth and vent.
  • The sprawling Empire: Total War thread contains some detailed’n’fun after-action reports and anecdotes from a few RPS regulars. Will Bobsy conquer Iceland? Only this thread will tell us.
  • A.I.M. Racing: oh, if only it had been Angry Internet Man racing. Alas not, but we can dream.

And oh-so-much more. But you should go create even more still – that’s what the place is for, after all.


  1. roBurky says:

    No! Don’t conquer Iceland, Bobsy! Don’t endanger the future of Eve Online!

  2. Ian says:

    If RPS has any Icelandic readers, I pray they will welcome their Bobsian overlord.

  3. Psychopomp says:

    Mayhap he’ll breakup Goonswarm!

  4. jalf says:

    Damn, the race for iceland is on! I want to take it first!

  5. Gap Gen says:

    I vote RPS holds a massive no-holds-barred Empire brawl, where the winner takes Iceland for themselves.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Gnarl says:

    Why would you do this bi-weekly when there is a latest 10 posts at the bottom of the forum page? Ah-ha-ha.

  7. jonfitt says:


    And boo, for my post about the Lucasarts-art back in February not being noticed until it was reposted in April.
    Nobody listens to me grumble, grumble, etc.

  8. Sam says:

    I was more impressed by the number of people mentioning Oni in the Underrated Stuff thread, since I think I’ve only met one person since it was released who’d heard of it.
    (And, disappointed that I don’t think anyone has mentioned Hostile Waters yet, although I think that was genuinely more ‘obscure’ than ‘underrated’.)

  9. radomaj says:

    Yes, it would be great if Oni was somehow sold through the Internets. I remember that I got it, because it came with a magazine I was buying regularly. Sadly, I lost my CD. Go, go internet distribution!

  10. Arathain says:

    Lord, Oni’s really good. Never understood why more people haven’t played it.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Gnarl says:

    Hey, the important people noticed the original post, just not these glorified press statement reiteraters. And could somebody disagree with me about Oni, as the positive affirmation is becoming weird. Somebody at least call it unoriginal or something, or the authorities’ll turn up.

  12. Ian says:

    I know of Oni, just haven’t played it.

  13. Bobsy says:

    Well, note that Iceland is pretty down my list of Imperial Priorities (which sounds like a pretty classy brand of delicious minty biscuit). First I have to sort out Austria, and consolidate my navy which is a total mess right now and…

    Sigh. I only want to go there because the King of Iceland (nee Denmark) is constantly whining and crying and I want to shut him the hell up. Oh, and it might open up America but who knows, eh?

  14. Heliocentric says:

    Oni is good and some levels you can totally subvert. I cant believe that they later farted out halo after the mobility and grace oni afforded.

    Sure, the level design suffered from the “visit every room in this complex” trait, but it at least ended up feling like a place rather than a level.

  15. Andrew Dunn says:

    Bobsy, your posts in that thread are excellent. Keep them up.

  16. not the rob with a pony says:

    I replayed Oni recently and I… I kind of didn’t really enjoy it despite loving it on release. Maybe it is I who has a problem.