Wolfenstein: Captain Generic Saves The Day

Just out is this moving-picture displaying the introductory sequence to Raven’s upcoming Wolfenstein do-over. It’s a curious project, for once putting the mystical overtones of the Wolfenstein series front’n’centre, as opposed to the usual late-game burst of fantasy weirdness. This cinematic, though, aptly demonstrates its two conflicting elements – Nazi-shooting and crazy gothic magic, the latter this time to be wielded by you as well as your exaggerated foes. No in-game footage, and thus no enormous sense of how this sequel/remake (semake? Requel?) will play. But I guarantee you this: it will feature the shooting of pixel-based German men.

BJ Sillynameowicz’s latest incarnation is as about as blandly generic as action heroes get, but I rather imagine that’s the point. He’s the archetypal US soldier, all lantern-jaw and gruff stubble, dropped into a bewildering world of dark magicks and dark festishism. Ironic juxtaposition, and all that. Frankly, he looks so 80s action hero that he’s a little ludicrous (as the name also implies) – and I do hope that’s something that’s played with rather than Raven simply treating him as sympathetic hero.

Anyway, go video:

Other salient points about Wolfenstein include a few winks that RCTW: Enemy Territory will be the inspiration for the multiplayer – so it could be a sequel of sorts to poor Quake Wars- and this plot summary:

It is the year 1943. The Second World War is at its height. While Allied forces have stalled the expansion of Hitler’s Third Reich, the Nazi war machine still has its boot on the throat of mainland Europe. However, the Führer demands nothing less than global domination. Enter Heinrich Himmler’s feared SS and its plan to master an occult force known only as the Black Sun. With this mysterious power source at its disposal, no army on Earth could stand in the Reich’s path. No army but the man who had single-handedly shut down Himmler’s Übersoldat program and thwarted the resurrection of ancient superhuman King Heinrich I, that is. Once again, the world requires the particular talents of special agent B.J. Blazkowicz.

It’s due later this year, so no doubt we can expect oodles of footage and information soon.

Bonus! A GDC interview I don’t believe we slapped here at the time:


  1. Chiablo says:

    I I’d love to see a World War 2 shooter told from the Nazi side. It would actually create a nice spin on the tired beaten horse that is the genre.

  2. GrandHotel&Casino says:

    the last part the video with the magic amulet/device, reminds me of Ben 10. (i’m 31, then cut the slack). Looks like this is the way to choose the powers, i think.

  3. Senethro says:

    Quake Wars was good, it was gamers that were broken ;<

  4. l1ddl3monkey says:

    @ Reverend Speed: definitely captain Scarlet.

    And oh good, I was just wondering when some MORE games that let me shoot goose stepping Germans would be coming out.

    One thing I did like about RTCW (apart from the absurdity of it all; zombies, assassin witches fighting in skintight leather and whore-heels, a man with suggestive initials) was that it actually had some f***ing English people in it.

    Not many people know this but we Brits did actually fight in WWII.

  5. SuperNashwan says:

    Requel is getting filed right next to expandalone.

  6. toni says:

    wolfenstein == generic
    I would never imagine id and raven doing something REALLY ambitious and breaking with their own franchise tradition. they are just cowards in that regard. even Rage won’t be as ambitious as it seems, it will be just racing and shooting, no open-world multi-mission, multi-path game.
    DOOM4 won’t break new ground either. It won’t be a squad shooter, just you (maybe some NPCs) and the old, old monster horde. And the audience and reviewers will eat it up. just like the closet-monsters of d3

  7. Ismo laitela says:

    I love the indiana jones feel of the first wolfenstein. rctw was a little too dark imo.. i hope they could catch the 90 action feeling and looks.. but as the trailer shows it’s not going to happen.

  8. Ian says:

    I dunno whether the game will be any good, but I actually enjoyed the video very much in that 80s action movie way.

  9. Wedge says:

    I didn’t care about this at all until you brought up multiplayer and I remembered how awesome ET was.

    And then I remembered this will be catered strictly to a console audience and I stopped caring again.

  10. phuzz says:

    Looks like I’m about the only person in this thread (apart from l1ddl3monkey, w00!) who quite enjoyed RTCW, personally I’m all up for shooting some poor sod germans who just got conscripted and the forces of EVIL. My only justification is that the guns felt like they had a nice weight.

    Fun Fact! The Tirpitz did actually have it’s own little catapult launched seaplanes. So they haven’t made that bit up at least.

  11. Stijn says:

    I do hope they keep the supernatural spiritghostdemonstuff out of the multiplayer. Because if they do, it might be ET-but-next-gen, and thus awesome.

  12. Ian says:

    I think Enemy Territory is the one and only game I’ve played in terms of there being a load of us playing it in the same room.

    Good times.

  13. Radiant says:

    The thing with ET was that out the box it was broken.
    The specials and abilities were thrown in without a care and totally abused.
    It was only till Bunny’s ETpro mod that it was brought under control a bit.
    Was fun for griefing though; spamming airstrikes onto the enemy spawn.

  14. Rei Onryou says:

    I wants me some more Wolf:ET, but if Splash Damage aren’t doing it, then I’m worried it’ll just be an attempt at doing it and miss the heart and soul of the game.

  15. mrrobsa says:

    I found that first trailer quite exciting, but probably because it was a CG Indy-a-like. I’m sure the actual game will be nothing like that, which is a shame.
    Its got me geared up for Uncharted 2 though!
    EDITED: For novelty factor.

  16. Jochen Scheisse says:

    “Why are the germans talking in english with german accents to each other?”

    The same reason why the Polish jews in Deliverance speak English with Polish accents.

  17. Dimension says:

    RTCW is all about the mutiplayer. I’m sorry, but RTCW had the single best FPS multiplayer ever. Objective based FPS should be the FPS of choice today, but somehow it just hasn’t been realized by developers.

    The problem is the sequels took it off in the wrong direction. The people who played all three games know which one was best. The problem is the majority have only played ET and totally missed out on RTCW.

    RTCW multiplayer was magical. There hasn’t been a game since that employed so much strategy in a FPS. RTCW had all the elements of working a fully coordinated team. The classes complemented each other, the special abilities were balanced. The map making took gameplay to the next level and I have yet to see a fps with a more thought to the strategy. You actually have to think. Splash Damage creates a map called “marketgarden”. It can be best described as the map that killed my favorite game. It is a 5 on 5 match with 30 people deathmatching in the middle. Who cares about the objective? It is all about my kill to death ratio. Newbies love it. So of course, id turns this pioneering strategical fps over to the people who understand the strategy of the game the least.

    RTCW:ET took that magic and effed with it, but it still had enough of the original to be good. The maps were horrible and flat. The classes were messed with and the whole balance was thrown out the window. It became much more newbie friendly. Hardcore RTCW players weep at what became of their magical game.

    Quake Wars effed up that magic and left a pile of dung. Let take all the good stuff out of ET, throw in more horrible maps and add vehicles that show we have no idea what made the first game the best in the series.

    Hardcore RTCWers still keep up with each other. We are pining for a game like the original RTCW. Hopefully our pleas have been heard for RTCW2.

  18. Jim Rossignol says:

    RTCW had the single best FPS multiplayer ever.

    Sing it!

    I don’t agree re Quake Wars: it’s so different that’s nothing like RTCW, yes, but it was something else. And not bad.

  19. BlackKraken says:

    Im surprised no-one has mentioned that he stopped an ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN from killing him with a DOOR.

    Also, why did they speak wiz ze german aksents and then towards the end the one left standing said “nein! nein!”?
    If your going to make your own arbitrary rules of language then stick by them.

  20. Senethro says:

    Hardcore RTCWers are on their way to being to to the next generation what Tribes players were to ours: insular, bitter and ever nostalgic.

    Shame they couldn’t get past the vehicles of ETQW to see that there was a good if different game. I’ve never understood this mantra of vehicles = bad. Between that and the BF players disliking the game because of the scifi, Activision not advertising opposite their other baby Cod4, and being released alongside what were admittedly more polished games (orange box, CoD4), Quake Wars was doomed :(

  21. funnelbc says:

    How to make this awesome? Replace BJ Blaszogeneric with Lobster Johnson.

  22. Sum0 says:

    Or… Lobster Random?

  23. Solario says:

    I’d like more Hellboy, less Indiana Jones really.

  24. James T says:

    Panzers II lets you play as the Germans, Italians, English, Americans and (I believe a first for any ww2 game) Yugoslavian Partisans. Take that.

    Aaaah, but you can control a Yugoslavic partisan in Commandos (1998)! God, I’d love a new Commandos game; just pick up right after Commandos 2, get all the characters back, ignore all the bollocks that’s happened to the series since then…

    I don’t know if anyone ever had a go at the stealth in RtCW, but I loved playing it that way. It wasn’t just the two compulsory stealth missions — there were a good few missions where you could take a sneaky approach for ages, playing the same level in at least slightly different ways, even if it was no Deus Ex; it’s something that’s either half-arsed to the point of nonexistence, or just outright ignored by practically every mainstream FPS; hardly ‘generic’. Stealth is the kind of thing that doesn’t get a showing in trailers, so who knows whether Raven have included that flexibility in this new game, but… from the raw boredom throbbing out of the gameplay-bits trailer awhile back (and this one), I doubt it. Hey, prove me wrong…

  25. seriously disliking says:

    I seriously dislike the design of the main character. He looks like shit.