Sticky Fingers: Complete World of Goo Piano Score

Okay, we’ve done the World of Goo Soundtrack before, but this is something else. Imagine if all electricity just disappeared and we were reduced to a feudal state. How would you bring back memories of that most glorious goo-featuring game? Well, you’d gather around the piano and have someone play its music. But how would they know it? That had me stumped too, until I saw on Indie Games that Sebastian Wolff has put up all the sheet piano music for the game on his site. Quickly! Print it out before electricity disappears. It could happen any second. And for those who foolishly consider me as a Cassandra, watch Mr Wolff play the songs below. It’s really rather lovely.

Though you won’t be laughing when civilization falls apart. No. Not at all.

Though no-one will be laughing then, I guess.

Oh well.

Carry on!


  1. Stupoider says:

    Oh man. My love for video game music played on the piano grows even larger. <3 Thank you, RPS! Thank you!

  2. Serondal says:

    I will be laughing when the civilization falls apart. It will be my long awaited chance to seize power in my trailer park and create my own country that covers roughly 40 square miles in all directions through use of fear tactics, shotguns, and free liquor. (obtained by assaulting and capturing the near by ” Perez’s Liquor Outlet” and “The Liquor Hole” on 4th street”) and free cigs (By taking and holding Cox’s Smokers”)

  3. DD says:

    Impressive. Sounds very good on piano.

  4. FunkyLlama says:

    I love playing the piano. I love World of Goo. This is orgasmic. O_O
    EDIT: FunkyLlama’s fact of the day – the chord labelling on there is completely wrong in numerous places. Also the pianist on that video is… how do I put this… not really doing the music justice. Regardless, the transcription’s pretty good.

  5. Persus-9 says:

    That’s awesome! For the first time in ages I wish I could play the piano. Ah well I guess they’ll be plenty of time to learn after the apocalypse. You think Mr Gillen’s kidding about the electricity going off at any second? Well maybe he was and maybe he wasn’t but it’s a very real possibility, read this and be afraid link to

  6. DrGonzo says:

    I feel like the only person who didn’t really enjoy this game. It is very pretty and the music is amazing but the gameplay didn’t really grab me.

    I can vaguely play piano and that is some beautiful music! Bioshock also had some amazing piano and is well worth downloading the soundtrack for anyone who hasn’t.

  7. FunkyLlama says:

    Ah, yes, Cohen’s Masterpiece is pretty fun to play. Sheet music is free on the Interwebs too.

  8. Markoff Chaney says:

    Hrmmm. I wonder what this site (or any of a large number of others, really) could do in conjunction with that video?

    I know! Make an ever larger soundtrack to listen to while driving back and forth to work! Excellent find. Thank you.
    -EDIT- Little more b/w capable site changed out.

  9. Larington says:

    I’ve fallen behind on listening to Piano being played by itself, ‘twould seem an opportunity to do a little catching up has presented itself.

  10. Krondonian says:

    Don’t think my skills would really up to it, but the piano versions are rather nice to listen to all the same. Might learn the funky bass to Cog in the Machine though, for a start.

    Bit odd how people walked past a few times in the video. Filmed in a piano shop perhaps?

  11. moyogo says:

    Simply amazing! Makes me want to play WOG. And practice piano.

  12. Gap Gen says:

    Woo! Key change every bar!

  13. BoltingTurtle says:

    Technically it wasn’t a key change until he actually set into another key for a few measures. It was just sequencing. But damn, this guy isn’t messing around when he writes game music.

  14. Rei Onryou says:

    Reminds me of having classical/piano music played when going into primary school assemblies. I wish they played game music instead. I’m sure kids would appreciate hearing their favourite game music played on a piano.

    That is awesome. 2D Boy are no doubt either going to release the actual sheet music, or also host this themselves. Its really quite amazing, and hearing it on piano is very unique and enjoyable.

  15. Davik says:

    The first link is broken. Good stuff, though.

  16. Larington says:

    Unless I’m very much mistaken, I think I heard someone emptying a connect 4 set during this, its probably being played in a community centre of some kind.

  17. Anarki says:

    Speaking of World of Goo, people might like GooFans, it has lots of mods and themes and editors etc for World of Goo.

  18. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    At least this will be a bit easier to learn than Cohen’s masterpiece.

  19. cyrenic says:

    There’s a link to an MP3 of this in the Youtube details in case anyone missed it: link to

  20. ...hmm... says:

    i will never be able to play cohens masterpiece.

  21. Guhndahb says:

    Awesome work arranging that. Wow. Thanks for the heads up.