Eve Online Winners

The recent Eve Online competition was our most popular event ever, with hundreds of entries from all across the globe. Thanks to everyone who contributed. The competition is now closed, and the winners are detailed below.

David Gallant from Texas suggests Ice Pirates, and he’s in alignment with about a dozen other Ice Pirates entries. Why all the Ice Pirates love, RPS readers? David says: “Why you ask? It was an ecological thriller about pirates who steal water, as the most precious resource. Where else can you see an actual space Possum or space herpes?”

Will Pomes from Illinois wrote us an essay about Primer, saying things like: “the setting of the story is one of the best things about the movie: its banality makes it altogether believable, and this makes it so much more disturbing. When you are done watching the movie for the first time, you walk away completely confused, but feeling like you have just seen something amazing, that you don’t fully comprehend.” Good work, Will.

The oddly-named Philihp Busby from Raleigh, NC suggests Gattaca, and wins for his brave argument: “It would have done better in the box offices, had it not been released during the time of Independence Day and Men In Black; where people thought Scifi had to have space ships, and either be comedy or action in disguise. It’s pretty much a requirement that Science Fiction be prophetic, and Gattaca tries to be that and nothing more. These days people are understanding Scifi as something more, with shows like Battlestar Galactica, but honestly Gattaca laid the groundwork for modern scifi blockbuster films. Also, how else are you going to get a scene with Uma Therman having sex shown in a high school biology classroom?” Truth, Philihp. The correct argument for Gattaca, however, is that the end sees them all boarding rocketships wearing sharp suit-and-tie get-ups while Jude Law burns in an incinerator. That’s good sci-fi.

Peter Bortas from Linkoping in Sweden says the best film is Plan 9 From Outer Space. He’s right only by being absolutely wrong, as he explains: “The best science fiction film is Plan 9 from Outer Space. It is so good because it establishes a baseline for further comparison. It’s obviously stinkingly bad, but in such a blatant way that “worse that Plan 9” and “at least it’s not as bad as Plan 9″ are excellent tools when describing the latest film from Mr Boll or the first episode of Dollhouse.”

Romano Schade from Berlin wins for arguing that Serenity is the best sci-fi film because of its genesis via huge community support, as well as just being brutal and brilliant.

Finally, SW Davies from Wales just says what’s on his mind: “I’d say that my favourite Science Fiction film would have to be Weird Science, because it taught me all I needed to know about girls.” Sage advice, indeed.

(And having done a rough count of the votes, the favourite RPS film seems to be a tie between Bladerunner, The Fifth Element, Serenity, and Ice Pirates. Who knew?)


  1. Dan Harris says:

    Well done, all.

    I watched the first episode of Dollhouse last night. It wasn’t bad.

  2. Sithinious says:

    I love Dollhouse. I love the fact that it’s not a canned plot. You’re never sure what the plot is gonna be about week to week until you tune in.

  3. Seniath says:

    Winners? Given the nature of EVE, in the long run wouldn’t ‘Losers’ be more apt ;).

  4. Markoff Chaney says:

    Hrmm. This makes me think I should have one of my new embryo’s names’ (single embryo with multiple names that is) be a palindrome. I rather like that.

    Congratulations to all winners! Feel free to share your adventures on the high void with us in the forum, if you like.

    -EDIT- Dollhouse isn’t half bad. I’m glad it’s gotten away from the story of the week episodes from the first half of the season and seems to be settling down to a proper story arc. Maybe we can see it next season too. The powers that be seem to be still up in the air as to its’ return, even if the magic 8 ball isn’t as positive.

  5. Crispy says:

    Until that last line I was almost about to stop fraternising with a community that has never seen Blade Runner.

    I’d probably say Blade Runner is the best SciFi film, there are many arguments:

    – because it’s all special effects and no CG and it still looks better than many CG efforts despite being made over a quarter of a century ago
    – because its imagery has made its way into countless films and games since: people talk about the Fifth Element, that simply wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for BR, and would we have ever had a Deus Ex, or even Blade Runner the game?
    – because in my opinion it surpasses the novel, which few films based on good books ever do
    – because it has been meticulously looked after since its original release (which had Deckard and Rachael driving off into the sunset at the end of the film – the later Director’s Cut is the definitive version), the creators obviously care about the film, it’s their masterpiece
    – because the music is awesome and adds to its unique character
    – because, like all good SciFi, it’s about today’s concerns but set in tomorrow’s world
    – but on top of that, because it carries even bigger themes that transcend time, such as ‘What is it to be human?’
    – because it somehow defies belief that Ridley Scott did so well with this but so badly with Dune

  6. theleif says:

    And i thought it was common knowledge that Dark Star is the best sci-fi movie ever.

    “Low-budget story of four astronauts in deep space, whose mission is to destroy unstable planets in star systems which are to be colonised. The late Commander Powell is stored in deep freeze, where he is still able to offer advice. As their mission nears completion, they must cope with a runaway alien which resembles a beach-ball, faulty computer systems, and a “smart bomb” who thinks it is God.”

  7. theleif says:

    @ Crispy

    because it somehow defies belief that Ridley Scott did so well with this but so badly with Dune”

    David Lynch directed Dune

  8. DMJ says:

    “A runaway alien which resembles a beach ball”?

    “A runaway alien which clearly is a beach ball” might be more accurate.

    Still an awesome movie, though.

  9. ChaosSmurf says:

    wow, RPS likes some terrible, terrible films [/troll]

  10. unique_identifier says:

    Dune was hilarious.

    edit: haha, i’ve seen darkstar. that thing is hilarious too.

  11. Babs says:

    It’s amazing how much influence Dark Star has had. The famous opening to Star Wars (the ships flying over the camera) is clearly nicked from it for instance. It had so many unique ideas.

  12. Chaz says:

    I’m guessing Serenity gets a lot of votes due to Firefly fans. As one who has never watched Firefly, I personally thought Serenity was rather bland and a bit dull. If the series was anything like then I’m not surprised Firefly got cancelled after one season. Although having said that, it was better than watching an episode of Angel.

  13. Lunaran says:

    Gattaca is frighteningly possible.

  14. Nenad Ristic says:

    I was actually torn between recommending Primer and “The Man from Earth”… I ended up recommending the latter, and now I see that somebody recommending Primer won… Kind of dissapointing, but it was a great movie…

    Hopefully, i will have better luck next time!

  15. Crispy says:

    Erk! I was convinced that Dune was the black mark in Ridley Scott’s otherwise superb career, but that was Lynch’s. Kingdom of Heaven is Ridley’s black stain.

    Firefly is a lot better than Serenity, I don’t think as a standalone Sci-Fi film Serenity is up there with the greats. It’s mostly one for the fans but okay on its own.

  16. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    I was expecting a whole list of Star Wars and Trek, you have impressed me RPS hive mind.
    No Ghost in the Shell lovin’ though? That even had a spin off game or two (although the series was much better than the film in my book because it didn’t put Art ahead of a good watch)

  17. AndrewC says:

    Crispy, if you care enough to, and have a spare three and a half hours, you should watch the director’s cut of Kingdom Of Heaven. It adds the nuance, as much as you can say Scott films have nuance, that was sorely missing in the theatrical.

    It still asks you to believe Orlando Bloom as a great tactical genius, but what can you do?

    Edit: Also you can’t call any version of Kingdom Of Heaven the black stain of a filmography that has GI Jane in it.

  18. Chaz says:

    I though White Squall was a rather poor Scott film too. Jeff Bridges character was a right cock.

  19. Meat Circus says:

    Of course, by episode 4, Dollhouse is BRILLIANTS. This was never true of Ed Wood.

  20. abhishek says:

    The Man From Earth is a gem of a movie. The entire movie is set inside a lodge in the woods with a budget of absolutely nothing and despite this, the film makers create a captivating movie that’s better than all the hundred million dollar sci fi movies made to date. Definitely worth checking out if someone hasn’t seen it.

  21. Hastur says:

    I’m partial to Children of Men, not just for best SF movie of all time, but up there with the best movies, period. It represents what good SF should try to achieve: an examination of literary themes (despair, hope, morality, transformation) within a fantastic setting. The filmmaking, with its long uninterrupted shots, was also incredibly visceral.

  22. Homunculus says:

    I’m rather enamoured with Kiwi underdog The Quiet Earth.

  23. AndrewC says:

    I can never tell with nerdy types (this would be us) whether votes for the entertainingly ropey Ice Pirates are ironic or not. It is, of course, nothing compared to Battle Beyond The Stars.

    Anyway, I like to think that Robocop deals with themes of despair, hope, morality and transformation, not to mention questions of ‘what it is to be human’ in a future world increasingly defined by technology and Western Capitalism, while at the same time is so prescient regarding the mass media that its satire has now turned into simple reportage AND provides more gratuitous sex and violence than all the other movies put together.

    In this way, it is my contention that Robocop is the greatest Sci Fi movie ever made.

  24. PeopleLikeFrank says:

    Serenity was some of the worst writing I’ve seen in a film in a while. This position earns me no friends, but I felt that the plot was silly, and the vast majority of dialogue was trite and cliched.

    There’s such a thing as dialogue being too “clever”, and when every line out of every character’s mouth is some snappy witticism it’s a problem. When the line is also *exactly* fitting that character’s archetype, with almost no deviation, it’s a bigger problem. Plus the story isn’t exactly exploring a whole lot in terms of interesting sci-fi ideas.

    Anyway, rant off.

    I get a bit stuck with things like this between “sci-fi films that are good sci-fi” and “sci-fi films that are good films”. Some are both, some aren’t. Robocop is mostly the former, Alien is mostly the latter. Some really good ones like Blade Runner, or 2001, manage to be both.

    Additional votes here for Children of Men, and Ghost in the Shell mentioned above. Neither are pinnacles, but they’re good stuff.

  25. Rei Onryou says:

    You guys make me seem so mainstream. I gotta get more obscure.

    *hides in a comic book shop*

  26. ack says:

    Solaris. ’nuff said.

  27. Serondal says:

    Obviously the Origonal Fantastic 4 movie should have won this contest!

    By the way I gotta agree with PeopleLikeFrank. I thought Serenity was an aweful movie that made little to no sense. I still don’t really undestand what the heck was going on in that movie.

  28. Matt Kemp says:

    Of course Serenity was awful. It was fan service for Firefly, which was awful.


  29. Serondal says:

    They should have figured when they made a TV show no one watched that they weren’t going to make a lot of money making a movie based on it. Should have made a Farscape movie instead :P

    BTW my vote goes to Ice Pirates as the best movie evar, peroid. The scene where they fight an epic battle in the middle of a time warp was probably the best scene ever filmed in the history of moving pictures. (Reminds me of the Time Warp dance for Rocky Horror) BAH! Now I’ve got this crazy tranvestive song stuck in my head again!

  30. Antsy says:

    Forbidden Planet. The End.

  31. MedO says:

    What, noone even mentioned Back to the Future? I’m deeply disappointed.

  32. machineisbored says:

    If only the planned HR Giger designed, Jodorowsky directed Dune (with Salvador Dali in a starring role) had been made. Now that would have been a film worthy of the source material. Giger’s designs for Harkonnen’s castle are amazing.

  33. AndrewC says:

    Yes, but Flash Gordon. The End…?

  34. Wisq says:

    I liked Serenity well enough, but I take issue with killing off Wash like they did. It’s not that I’m some Firefly fan who can’t stand seeing any major characters die, just that I don’t like it when writers give any major character a random, meaningless death.

    Going in to turn off the reactor to save everyone? Okay, you can die. Making a last stand to give the VIP a chance to escape? Right, make it a good one. Landing the ship against all odds, surviving, and then getting randomly offed? Uh, no.

    Other than that, I thought it was decent enough quality — for what is effectively a series finale, not a movie. If I could wipe the memory of Firefly from my mind (not that I’d want to), I doubt Serenity would be nearly as entertaining as a standalone movie.

  35. Colin Hansen says:

    I said the Iron Giant. No love.

  36. Serondal says:

    I counter your Flash Gordon with Barbarella?

    Maybe Serenity would have been better to me if I’d seen the series first. luckily I didn’t pay to see it, my room mate rented it and I just mooched lol.

  37. PeterK says:

    What, nobody likes 2001? It’s such a perfect storm of scientifically-grounded future speculation and artfully executed cinematic magic.

  38. Antsy says:

    Barbarella! Haha that film is magic. Especially the first 5 mintutes.

  39. Serondal says:

    I’ve never seen anyone raped by a piano before or since.

  40. Crispy says:

    “Solaris. ’nuff said.”

    I agree, on that note I think we’ve heard enough! :P

  41. GeoffB says:

    Ice Pirates was/is hilariously campy.
    “Why’d you make the robot black?”
    “Well, I wanted it to be perfect.”

  42. vkoloyan says:

    Thank you Crispy, you got it off my chest. I’m am bashing my head aginst the wall trying to figure out why Blade Runner was not in the winning six. It’s the grand daddy of all sci-fi films.

  43. DSX says:

    I went with 2001, also one of the few cases where a film outshines a superb book. From the silent ballet of a ships maneuvering jets orchestrated by Strauss to the tempo of breathing in a space suit can’t be relayed in words, despite the best efforts of Mr Clarke.

  44. Peter Bortas says:

    Just to clearify: Dollhouse has developed into my favourite series this year, but episode 1 is horrificly bad.

  45. Bob Hope says:

    Serenity is the only sci-fi I ever walked out on in the middle.

  46. djomg says:

    What?? No one went with 4D Man?
    Deeply disappointing.
    _lulz :)

  47. D says:

    … I kinda liked star wars..

  48. Angelos says:

    Primer is definitely a good pick and any sci-fi fan should watch it. I forgot about that movie and I might have voted for it as well. Another fantastic movie is Sunshine, kind of a mix between Armageddon and Event Horizon.

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  50. psyk says:

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