The RPS Electronic Wireless Show – Episode 17

Look at us, ma! On the pretend radio! Again! This week’s podcast is the Gillen (sweary) and Meer (muttery) show again, this time also featuring a special guest – sometime RPS contributor Quintin Smith, with his big, floppy hair and everything. Download it directly here, browse the archive or subscribe here, or grab it from iTunes shortly here. Beneath the cut: I gamely attempt to to decipher Kieron’s monstrously illiterate notes (apparently Fahhyuhi = Fallujah) into a running order.

0m – Who we are, why we’re here and what we hope is satire about Rockstar but might just be slander.

5m – Demigod! And the not understanding thereof! We are really good at menus.

12m – How the people of internet solve gaming problems we otherwise probably wouldn’t have realised existed, and how they can ruin games – Empire: Total War and Thief 3 are our case studies. God bless/damn the internet.

16m – The US/UK strategy game divide, and a big old jabber about Deuteros.

23m – We discuss the ethics of Six Days In Fallujah, and the news that Konami have dropped it. And Kieron repeatedly says ‘Fallujah’ wrong.

30m – Kieron makes that gag about World In Conflict’s Bannon coming out of the toilet yet again.

34m – Quintin froths about fascinating indie MMO Wurm Online – perhaps the closest there is to a massively multi Dwarf Fortress. Possibly with even more digging.

40m – Alec and Quinns compare notes on Dead Space, with some mild disagreement. There’s also talk of how we’re all so trained towards headshots in shooters, and what games buck that trend.

42m – The dread spectre of Stalin vs Martians. It’s pretty telling that we only spend a minute on this.

43m – Kieron spills Sims 3 details, and the human wreckage he’s created by building RPS Sims.

47m – On Borderlands’ new art style, and whether folk are justified in getting excited about a game for purely aesthetic reasons. We almost come close to making a serious point, but tragically become distracted by curry.


  1. Thomas Lawrence says:

    It’s libel for any fixed medium, such as a pre-recorded podcast.

    It’s only slander if it’s transitory.

  2. Bobsy says:

    I’ve been telling them that for ages now Tom. They don’t listen.

  3. Mister Yuck says:

    That damn Quentin. Me and my friend both bought Pathologic based on that article.

    It didn’t work on his computer and I couldn’t get though more than an hour of it.

  4. Muzman says:

    I hate to be the sound quality bitch (well ‘hate’ is a bit strong)
    There’s quite a bit of quieter stuff there getting chewed up by either the compression or the noise reduction.
    It could be that the unit itself did this on the way through (in which case some settings could be fidgeted with), but if there was any post production involved I’d have another go and take it a bit easier.
    Don’t think of this as moaning, but that giving semi public figures unsolicited technical advice is merely part of the carnival of delights only the internet can provide.

  5. min3mat says:

    Nice that there is a little detail of whatcha talking about, before i have left listening to your podcast out and made dreadful game choices because!
    BTW there is a new ‘life well wasted’ out which u were commenting on a while back which is quite nice and different!

  6. Sagan says:

    Can Demigod actually be called a strategy game? I haven’t played it, but I always considered DotA to be a team deathmatch RPG. From what I hear about Demigod, killing the enemy heroes isn’t as necessary for winning, but still you are only controlling one unit, so there isn’t much strategy, is there?

  7. Zetetic Elench says:

    Yes! I loved Deuteros so, so much.

  8. Matt Kemp says:

    Quintin Smith and Robert Webb, separated at birth? Sounds like it, anyhow.

  9. nabeel says:

    System Shock was a game where you had to use someone’s eye to get past a retinal scanner (you had to find a severed head and carry it around with you in your inventory).

  10. Zetetic Elench says:

    He actually sounds more like the lovechild of Robert Webb and Matt Berry…

  11. Seniath says:

    Crap, I’ve got a massive backlog of podcasts to listen to, and this is only adding to it.

    I need to go for a nice long walk over the weekend I think.

  12. Stella Q says:

    I’m currently playing through Dead Space right now and loving it. When I first read about there not being a HUD and the dismemberment mechanics I wrote them off as gimmicks but they both work really well. Using a medpack in the middle of battle is rough since the inventory controls are a bit clumsy but there is a ‘quick medpack use’ button that kinda fixes that, although you can’t choose the size of the medpack used if you do that.

    But I’m getting a real kick out of the dismemberment mechanic…not having to aim for the head of every enemy is very refreshing.

  13. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    Quinns has a much better radio voice and presence than Kieron or Alec — you should have him on the Electronic Wireless Show more often!

  14. Alec Meer says:

    Only because he’s a bloody posho.

    (I have a terrible radio voice).

  15. Kieron Gillen says:



  16. Alex says:

    Welcome to Montreal! I think the number of pot holes will be a bigger shocker than driving on the other side of the road.

  17. El Stevo says:

    Quinns has the good kind of posh voice, like James Lance. He sounds like he has curly hair.

  18. Dave L. says:

    Not to continue the ‘Quintin’s got a sexy voice’ trend, but he sounds a hell of a lot like Dominic West (note: I am currently suffering from an ear infection).
    Through the whole thing I was stuck with the image of Kieron and Alec hanging out talking games with McNulty.

  19. drewski says:

    That Deuteros game sounds interesting. Hopefully someone will nick the concept and whack it in a modern game.

  20. Kieron Gillen says:

    Dave: If we can ever grab Quinns for a podcast again, we should go down to a railway track to do it.


  21. Pseudonym says:

    Which one of you gets to be Bunk?

  22. Fenchurch says:

    Deuteros sounds /awesome/, I really really want more games like that! I’m so sick of dull strategy games without secrets.

  23. Kieron Gillen says:

    Deutros is a game I always wanted to play, but never worked on my model of the Amiga back in the day. It got some ridiculously glowing reviews – 95%s.


  24. Quinns says:

    Re: story-driven RTS games I really, really should have mentioned that bit of the Ground Control expansion that Jim always raves about- on one level you finish the mission and as the End of Level Dropship comes down (same as it always does) it gets blown out of the sky and you have to keep fighting with your world turned upside-down.

  25. Gap Gen says:

    Alpha Centauri’s view of you as the player is interesting. It’s very ivory tower, giving you hints of the horrors of living on Planet but never really exposing you to them visually. Edge’s piece on it a while back noted that it had a level of detachment between you sending mindworms like a board game piece into a city and the assumed results on the ground. In some ways, this works with the way the narrative works, in that even in a democracy you are still a revered autocrat with a kind of cult of personality.

  26. peter says:

    Dave L.: Goddamn it, I can’t forget away that now. I can’t not imagine it.

  27. Smurfy says:

    If Wurm is half as good as Quinn says, I will lol in my pants. First impressions: Long download time.