Well Crafted? Warrior Epic Beta

We’ve not seen much of Possibility Space’s free “action” MMO Warrior Epic, but having poked around the assets they’ve so far released via their website, it’s looking fairly promising. Obviously there’s a potent whiff of Diablo heritage in there, and the visuals have a certain Blizzardian mimicry to them, but as a free MMO it’s probably worth a look. Might pass the time until Diablo 3 hits, anyway. Lucky for us, the beta sign ups are now live. (Obligatory glimpse of game footage via trailer below.)


  1. Ian says:

    Another MMO that has more than three colours?



  2. Jambe says:

    Of course! If it doesn’t do everything in earth-tones and muted grays and reds, it simply isn’t worth playing!

    This looks neat. Is it a hacky/slashy-type MMO? I’m sorta confused.

  3. DigitalSignalX says:

    It has an archer class so I was obliged to at least try it. Bow fetish = Sad.

  4. dishwasherlove says:

    Think an MMO Diablo and you will be pretty close. It features a client like Guild Wars that streams the assets to you while you play. Levels are randomly generated and you party up with other adventurers like Diablo.

  5. Markoff Chaney says:

    Hrmm. Looks like an MMOARPG that’s Free2Play with a Micro Transaction based system. Worth a shot, I reckon, since I just started D2 back up and I’ve been loving on my Guild Wars so much.

  6. NuZZ says:

    I don’t know what the deal is with low-budget/asian mmos having so many redundant flashy explosions of light.

  7. Tei says:

    What makes warriors awesome?

    His challenge/winning formula is unique. You only get PX if you finish the dungeon. This make the enphasys on teamwork skyrocket. Is a loveable tiny game.

    I could be wrong, of course, since I played this eons ago, and my memory is shit.

  8. Dominic White says:

    There’s a growing number of actually quite decent semi-free MMOs. It seems that the market just became so saturated with crap that to get a decent playerbase, you need to rise above the norm and do something exceptional.

    Right now, we’ve got Granado Espada (AKA Sword of the New World, an action-RPG where you control three characters simultaneously), Atlantica Online (turn-based combat with each player having a party of nine characters), Ace Online (aka Space Cowboy, which is a third-person flying/shootery game), and now this? Any other actually good ones I’ve forgotten?

    On the horizon is Continent of the Ninth (link to youtube.com – looks to have a fantastic arcade combat engine), Blade & Soul (link to youtube.com – beautiful looks, nice martial arts style) and The Exiled Realm of Arborea (link to youtube.com – Very ‘heavy’ looking combat, with a focus on facing, and physical impacts, which kinda reminds me of Monster Hunter).

    Good to see the wheat being seperated from the chaff now.

  9. damien says:

    @ dominic, granado espada AKA Jiggle of the New World? seriously?

    the amount of “gameplay” that game provided me was depressing. its one of very few MMOs i’ve ever played that actually meant it when they implemented an auto-attack feature. without breasts in lacy baroque / nautical costumes i doubt the game would have any players outside of the Philippines.

    as for warrior epic, i’m a sucker for action RPGs, so yeah, i signed up.

  10. Baris says:

    The Exiled Realm of Arborea actually looked quite interesting to me, now if it just plays like Monster Hunter I’m giving it at least 2 months of my life.

    Also, another decent (and I stress the decent) free MMO is Civony, kind of like a very slow Age of Empires…

  11. damien says:

    continuing with this wild tangent of free / semi-free / not-free-at-all MMOs: i’ve completely fallen in love with the chronicles of spellborn. from jesper kyd’s score to its infectious combat mechanics (load / build a “deck” of combat maneuvers onto slots in the “faces” of a skill bar that rotates in real time while you fight).

    the creamy, surreal and swirley graphics dont hurt either.

    i’m done being waaaay off-topic now. :)

  12. Dominic White says:

    damien: If you tried playing Granado Espada using the auto-attack feature, you’ll have a terrible time. It’s basically there so that you can leave your party AFK for a while and they’ll not get murdered too horribly. They won’t use their abilities at all.

    It’d be like playing World of Warcraft with just the basic autoattack and NOTHING ELSE. There’s a lot of gameplay there if you actually try to play it, and a good player can absolutely tear through a dungeon, firing off spells and AoE attacks all over the place.

    And what’s wrong with heaving bosoms anyhow? Especially when the outfits are *that* fancy.

  13. damien says:

    i’m fine with bosoms, heaving or otherwise. i think its the whole time-sink aspect of an MMO mixing with heaving bosoms that weirds me out. i guess i felt as tho the game was rubbing my nose in all the real world breasts i was missing out on watching by playing the game and leveling my family up.

  14. Dizet Sma says:

    Sadly, I’ve been playing “Runes Of Magic” since it got a mention here – from a total MMO noob to being just this side of obsessed. Please don’t tell me of other such things, I beg you, especially with extra heaving bosoms!

  15. Colin Hansen says:

    Colorful is one thing – the art style and color palette reminds me strongly of WoW. Which I don’t really mind, to be honest.

  16. yns88 says:

    When you say Diablo, do you mean it’s an MMO with the same fluidity of combat as, say, Mythos? Because that was the only MMO whose combat I’ve ever enjoyed.