Replicants Of A Different Kind

This is rather beautiful: a series of famous movie environments – including BladeRunner, Aliens, and I Am Legend – recreated in the Unreal 3.0 (apparently) and Crysis engine, over on These were pulled from the original competition threads over at the Game Artist community forums.

EDIT: Full submissions thread here.


  1. Larington says:

    OMG Want.

  2. Dain says:

    There are some other ridiculously beautiful entries there..

  3. diebroken says:

    Indulge me, indeed. ;)

  4. Markoff Chaney says:

    My heart almost stopped for a second there. Then I read past the headline and screenshot and realized that Westwood’s Blade Runner wasn’t being remade with new tech.

    This looks pretty though.

  5. Schmung says:

    If you want a quicker way to look at all the entries then the submission thread at GA is probably best :

    link to

    Personally, I really liked the I am Legend and Fifth Element entries.

  6. Elisha says:

    The Blade Runner scene was actually done in the Unreal 3 engine. The thread on it says so and it is obvious when looking at the images in full resolution.

  7. bansama says:

    Really makes me want a decent updated Aliens game and a I am Legend based game could be fun if done right. The ability, for example, to drive though bunches of mutated humans while sniping from the driver’s seat with a hunting rifle may just provide the fun that was missing from Left 4 Dead. IMO of course =)

  8. ascagnel says:

    There was also a great map for UT2003/4 called DM-2019 that was based on Blade Runner. It never was officially released, but its still damned good to look at. The game flow wasn’t all there, though.

    Linky: link to

    There was also a UT99 version.

  9. Whiskey Jak says:

    Seriously, EA (who owns BR video game rights as far as I know) should get on this ASAP. I’m pretty sure something good could come out of Blade Runner game made with the Mass Effect engine with a few tweaks…

  10. Subject 706 says:

    @Markoff Chaney
    Same here, actually. I recently played Westwoods Blade Runner game, having missed it when it came out in 1997. Great game, my first thought when entering RPS was : Yay ARE THEY MAKING A SEQUEL!

    Way to get my hopes up, RPS!

  11. James O'Hare says:

    Elisha: They started in UE3 but changed over to Crytek2 mid-way through the competition.

    Their entry was the clear winner of the comp, though. (Second place was the Hook entry and third was the X-Men 2 entry by Coridium).

  12. El_MUERkO says:

    faithful dog kaboom :(

  13. jonfitt says:

    Aww, no new Bladerunner game :(

  14. c-Row says:

    Just delete the Spinner from that image and you get what a first person remake/synergy of Syndicate and Deus Ex looks in my mind.

  15. Pavel says:

    I LOVE IT.People responsible should get hired by Crytek immediately and be given whatever resources they would need to make a full game.

  16. lumpi says:

    God I too hoped for this post to be about a new game using this design. Anyone noticed that we still haven’t left the brown in brown aesthetics for AAA titles?

  17. mashakos says:

    no downloadable maps? I just had a case of blue balls

  18. Poita says:

    The Blade Runner ones look so incredible.
    That’s the level of detail and atmosphere i want to be imersed in.
    Now if they could populate it was believable AI and make it a living, breathing world it would be amazing.

  19. Spice Rack says:

    Oh god. That Blade Runner environment needs to be in a game.

    The images from Aliens make me miss the Aliens Versus Predator games. They also make me anxious about the upcoming Colonial Marines.

  20. Pags says:

    The backgrounds in the Westwood Blade Runner game didn’t actually look much worse than that, I’ve also been playing it recently out of nostalgic curiosity and man! What a game.

    There’s a Clerks one in there of the Quick Stop! Fittingly, it looks kind of awful and low budget. This pleases me.

  21. Sum0 says:

    Blade Runner was a stupendously good game, preceding Chronicles of Riddick for the “surprisingly good film adaptation” award.

    Though this is an awful lot of work put into two screenshots. I imagine you couldn’t keep this standard up for an entire game, unless you wanted a delay of Daikatana-like proportions.

  22. High Memetic 80s Hero says:

    Ohh damn…. i want a new Blade Runner game! If somebody made BR in RPG Mass Effect/ElderScroll/Fallout 3 style i would seriously wet myself.

  23. Michael says:

    “The backgrounds in the Westwood Blade Runner game didn’t actually look much worse than that,”

    Yes they did.

  24. DigitalSignalX says:

    The development thread has some higher res shots of the BR scene.

    Here and Here. They’re simply amazing.

  25. newt says:

    I want a Blade Runner social MMO.

  26. Clockwork Harlequin says:

    I think everyone here agrees that we need a new Bladerunner game. Time to start a petition: I move that Troika resurrect themselves, magically do away with all their flaws, and make Bladerunner: the Masquerade.

    Who’s with me?

  27. DigitalSignalX says:

    plot ideas:

    Tyrel corp’s leadership has been seceded by his more power-hungry (son, ex-wife, board of directors etc). Production of newer nexus models continues unabated and they have been integrated covertly into society on and off-world at many levels of government and industry. Some even literally replicating public figures covertly like body doubles for security or to increase their leisure time.

    However, news of Roy’s rebellion and attempt to extend his precipt date has made him a martyr among a few self-aware replicants, and as an underground movement spreads, so does the risk that replicants, especially those standing in for more powerful figures will attempt a revolt.

    Play as a blade runner, seeking out replicants who would/will/have done evil as part of this rebellion, with plenty of moral choices on what degree of evil warrants a retirement. Or possibly play as a replicant, trying to spread word of your movement to other replicants as well as work toward finding a fix for your precipt date.

    Locations to include on and off world… expand the blade runner universe some. Show us the “things you people wouldn’t believe…” Give us older models of replicants who are visually obvious, programmed for every purpose imaginable from factory work to combat.. who’s retirement doesn’t hold a moral ambiguity and can be cannon fodder etc.

    Could be awesome. Like a morally gray Mass Effect.

  28. Owen says:

    Jesus, the BR one’s are just fantastic. Makes me want to reinstall the game and watch the movie again.

    Incredible stuff. There are some so very talented people out there.

  29. Nallen says:

    I jizzed. In. My Pants.

  30. np says:

    Nallen: Second.

  31. Ian says:

    @ Spice Rack: is that still “upcoming” or were the rumours of cancellation true?