StarCraft II Beta “Opt In”

A new post over on the official World Of Warcraft website reveals that an “opt in” for the forthcoming Starcraft II beta has been added to your beta profile settings page on Needless to say, that’s only there if you have a account. The US beta will apparently come online before the rest of the world. Thanks to Pat for the tip.


  1. Dominic White says:

    It’s worth registering a ‘ 2.0’ account anyway, as it lets you enter your CD keys from older Blizzard games, and they’ll be available permanently in digital format from their site.

    One particularly nice thing is that I’d lost my Starcraft: Brood War disc ages back, but still had the key for the original game. You get Brood War thrown in for free if you only have the original.

  2. Rob says:

    Same here dominic, that is awesome. I’m now opted in, I hope I get an invite.

  3. ascagnel says:

    Also, does this mean the SCII beta is coming soon? And therefore, that SCII Episode 1 is coming soon?

    Oooo I hope so.

  4. Markoff Chaney says:

    ascangel, I’ll venture further in the hope machine and go with – This means that Diablo III is closer as well, right?

  5. pootank says:

    Can anyone go on to

    I’m getting 403 forbidden…

  6. Crash says:

    @pootank: yeah I have the same error.

  7. pootank says:

    I can get in to this one

    link to

  8. pootank says:

    the link the the body should be link to for Europe and us for the yanks

    And im just dling the system check now :D

    And now im all signed up… woot

    Anyone think is down due to high volume of ppl trying to sign up?

  9. Seth says:

    I got the utility, but it says it can’t connect. Going to assume it’s getting slammed right now.

  10. Vandelay says:

    Seems like they aren’t going to be doing this simply on a first come, first served bases and are instead basing their selection on systems specs, which is much more sensible (and fairer) way of doing things.

    All signed up now, after spending a long time trying to find a way to get my Warcraft 3 CD-key (at uni, so not got my cases with me.) I imagine that this is more likely to be for Starcraft then Diablo, as I expect the former is closer to release. Having said that, there no reference to any game, so it may be them just trying out the opt-in system, rather than actually a beta is coming very soon. Probably still a couple of months yet.

  11. Seth says:

    Finally got it to work.

    Hoping that my mediocre system specs actually help me get in on one of these.

  12. cubed2D says:

    bit of a pain for me, you cant register for the beta unless you have at least one game registered. All my blizzard games are at home somewhere, not up here at my uni house. No cd keys, no beta opt in for me :(

  13. Torgen says:

    When I try to download the beta opt-in application, I get a page showing a murloc doll holding an “oops” flag.


  14. Aaron says:

    I definitely want this game. I gotta figure out how to get it.

  15. Torgen says:

    Update: Firefox is NOT working on this page, but stinkin’ IE is. I tried again with IE and it promptly downloaded the opt-in app.


  16. Rob says:

    I had a problem making the app work when i had firefox open. just close firefox and then try the app again, it should work.

  17. AC says:

    So how much is Blizzard charging per-month for now?

  18. Schaulustiger says:

    Now I’m only getting a 403 on Seems like the site is hammered. I don’t want to know how many applications they get :P

  19. Rich_P says:

    It’s worth registering a ‘ 2.0′ account anyway, as it lets you enter your CD keys from older Blizzard games, and they’ll be available permanently in digital format from their site.

    I wish every publisher offered this service. Buy an EA/Take-Two/Atari/Ubi game from retail, plug in a CD key, and download a .exe straight from a website, DRM free.

  20. abhishek says:

    Blizzard has never charged for access to, but there is speculation that it will change starting with Starcraft 2.

    I managed to do the opt-in through firefox just fine. I suppose the site is getting hammered right now and that’s why people are having problems with it.

    A tip – try or if you get 403 errors with the homepage.

  21. xocrates says:

    I doubt Blizzard would be suicidal enough to charge for Given the service current functions it would be nearly like Steam started to require a monthly subscription.

    Besides, all their games are money factories (wow in particular), I don’t think they need more money and losing customers isn’t such a good idea.

    Worst case scenario I would say they would charge for SC2 multiplayer, which would also be incredibly stupid.

    As for the subject at hand, I have two PCs so I was waiting for the weekend (when I can use my good ones) to sign up.

    I really want to play SC2 :(

  22. Seth says:

    I thought about getting some additional games from their on-line store, but the prices are even worse than in-store.

  23. CogDissident says:

    If you can’t connect, its probably because you’re behind a router. Try making your router port-forward everything.

  24. Popular Energy Drink says:

    Got an account and managed to do all the requirements with ease using Firefox. :)

  25. Arca says:


    EA actually have a key recovery service on their website if you actually bother to register your games with them, which is a decent step once you can jump through all the hoops to FIND where to get the keys, but unfortunately you can’t register many games with their downloader for such purposes. Bit of a pain, really.


    Be nice if there was a manual upload option for those of us who know how to make a dxdiag xml dump, seeing as their app is going wonky.

  26. Micky says:

    Man, it’s great that let’s you download Starcraft if you have your old key, but it really really sucks that all my old computer games and whatnot are sitting in a box in my mom’s basement 8 hours away.

    I’m not even sure the CD keys are still around or if they were lost. Must resist urge to buy game I already own.

  27. James T says:

    I think an opt-OUT system would’ve been much more effective — put a notice about the imminent release of Starcraft 2 in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet, stuck in a disused lavatory (with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’), saying that anyone who objects to receiving the Starcraft 2 beta must send an email saying so. Everyone else on the planet is forced to download it. What could go wrong?

  28. Vandelay says:

    @cubed2D: I had the same problem. If you’ve got Warcraft 3 installed on your system, you can use a program called Warcraft 3 CD-key Grabber (or something like that) to find out your key. I expect there is an equivalent for their other games too. Annoyingly, they don’t store the key on the registry.

  29. Voidwalker says:

    Can someone explain this to me, im a bit lost.

    The new blizzard system what exaclty is it for

    I have the old starcraft game and Warcraft III
    and i also play WOW i recently put on Warcraft III in hopes that I would be able to apply for the opt in. and I had some trouble when it scaned my cpu for specs and couldnt successfully send it in to blizzard. Today ill try with IE or just close out firefox and then try to send the specs in hope that works.

    Now that I have Warcraft 3 on my file what do i do with it, I recently misplaced Reign of Chaos but had Frozen throne, will i be able to download the “client” of Warcraft 3 TFT and be able to play like normal?

  30. Patrick says:

    If they charged for Starcraft 2 multiplayer, 3rd party programs like G-Arena and Game Ranger would go apeshit.

    They wouldn’t do it because of loss of revenue and because someone else would make the service available for FREE.

    Unlike World of Warcraft which is a MMO Starcraft 2 is a RTS with very limited updatable content. They would have trouble stringing us along with update carrots when all they did would be minor tweaks here and there.

    Not possible.

  31. brian says:

    i tryed putting my cd key in but it says its supposed to be a 26 cd key mine is only 13 help please

  32. Kenny says:

    Brian, I have the exact same issue. I put in my keys for Diablo 2 and SC and then downloaded it from Blizzard and now when I went to install it – it’s asking for a 26 long cd key when all I have is the 13 digit key on the back of my SC disc and I don’t know if I even have my Brood War key anymore(I know I lost the disc..). Perhaps try stringing both keys together?

  33. Kenny says:

    lol figured it out..pretty easy

    go back to battlenet and login – go to manage Starcraft and it shows you the 26 character long key

  34. brian says:

    kenny thats sort of my problem but its not the problem is that i didnt resgiter it yet im doing that but i think all of the blizzard games now have 26 digits cd keys i ask blizzard support but didnt help

  35. MXX says:

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