Operation Flashpoint 2 Delayed, Trailer

Operation Flashpoint 2 has now been pushed back to the Autumn, apparently to give the team more time on improving the player experience. This announcement arrived along with a new trailer, and a comment from Codies executive producer Sion Lenton, who had this to say about the game’s island territory: “Skira makes for an immense and, with the latest visual pass, a magnificent battlefield; we’re exceptionally proud of the build so far. Creating this vast island, populated by unscripted AI military forces, is no trivial matter and so, to get this absolutely right, we’re now investing additional development time.” Of course this also means that it’ll no longer be head-to-head with Arma 2, which is still scheduled for release in June. We should have more detailed impressions of Operation Flashpoint pretty soon, so we’ll let you know how it looks.


  1. teo says:

    There’s no way they’re going to make this a one shot – one kill game, which is too bad. Might be good but it’ll miss out on what the really unique thing about OpF was

  2. Gap Gen says:

    teo: Depends on the mods, though. People modded ArmA to be even more brutal than it was before, and so you could see a one-shot-kill added if it can be modded. In any case, I suspect the hardcore crowd will gravitate towards ArmA 2 due to being already involved in the ArmA community.

  3. Slippery Jim says:

    @teo, there will be on the higher difficulty setting with one-shot kills, Clive Lindop has said. Whether it’s true or not, though….

  4. Lh'owon says:

    Well “one-shot kills” doesn’t in itself equal realism. You need to have a realistic ballistics system and (to a certain extent) realistic weapons handling, etc.

    You could make guns in any FPS be one hit kill, but it certainly wouldn’t make it “realistic” in any meaningful sense and it certainly wouldn’t be good.

    So hopefully all of those things have been worked out.

  5. Chaz says:

    I would actually prefer something a little less brutal than OFP and ArmA, as the AI were insanely accurate, even with basic AK assult rifles from miles away and in the dark.

    The worst was when I got sniped whilst flying a chopper in ArmA. I was at about 300 feet and quite some distance away from the enemy so that they were just tiny little dots, and yet an AK round struck me perfectly through the canopy. The chopper remained perfectly intact and just gently auto hovered down to the ground, no longer a target of opportunity now that I had died. I could understand that if I was getting straffed with AA fire. But to be taken out with pin point accuaracy at distance in a moving chopper by small arms fire just beggared belief. Hardcore? Most certainly. Realistic? Probably not. Fun? Certainly not.

    Don’t get me wrong I certainly wouldn’t want things to swing too far the other way, as god knows I can’t stand the Call of Duty series, but a little bit more leniency would certainly be nice.

    Anyway that OFP2 Dragon Rising is looking very nice indeed, and that series of big explosions on the compound looked pants wettingly exciting.

  6. Wookie_Wookstar (Big D) says:

    Shame its slipped, I have it on pre-order but not ARMA II. If there is a demo for ARMA II I will give it a go but I fear it won’t be as polished as OP2. In any case I think both will be good for the same and different reasons, so will just buy both if they turn out ok!?

    Fingers crossed

  7. Heliocentric says:

    The realism screamers sometimes forget that the ai will be limited, if it can’t be really smart it will probably just cheat. Ai which face you when they are alerted by an explosion in a totally different direction? Guns that are just plain more accurate when the ai uses them. I won’t even talk about x ray vision or the way they can identify your profile from miles away.

  8. Robmuzz says:

    – Gap Gen,
    I agree in a sense, but then again, modders do what they do because the base game lacks this or that feature. I’d much prefer (although I’m being unrealistic,) to have them out of the box.

  9. Nutkins Victory Otter says:

    It’s Flashpoint in name only anyway… so no biggie. Codies simply don’t have the pedigree of writing training sims for the military. Genuine fans of the series (and of ‘realism’) are waiting on ArmA II.

  10. Fat says:

    OFP did it right, imo. Yeah sometimes Spetznaz (sp?) guys could pop you with an Ak from 300m in the dark while you were hiding in a bush… but i thought that was rather comical in a way.

    If they could get it so that the enemy doesn’t have such good night vision (when not even wearing NV-goggles) then it would be spot on i think. They weren’t TOO crazy at daytime for spotting you, it was easy enough to creep up close to people as long as you stuck to bushes and treelines.

    They defo should keep how the damage worked though. Shot in the leg, can’t walk. Shot in the arm, wobble aiming. Shot in the guts, ouch or dead. Shot in the head, dead. Much better than fragfests or ‘Halo shields’ in a game like this.

    Rainbow Six and the likes i think ”omg im being shot better hide here until i regen” systems work well, but OFP should stick to how it always was.

    Though i guess as the guy above said, this is only OFP in name. But it still has potential to do the name some justice.

  11. Slippery Jim says:

    Found some interesting insider info from developers working on DR. Don’t know what to make of it all but it speaks for itself:

    Person linked to the devs claims they admit the game is a dud (Scroll down to see his other posts)

    Further investigation. Compelling evidence?

  12. Gap Gen says:

    “The worst was when I got sniped whilst flying a chopper in ArmA.”

    We played co-op on a mission someone made where you had to escape from Saharani, escaping patrols and finding transport to an island evacuation point. Flying a Blackhawk or Little Bird, looking for fellow evacuees to rescue, was quite difficult at times, as the enemy are rather good at hitting choppers with small-arms fire.

    Robmuzz: True, but I’m not sure whether the hardcore crowd is the main target audience for OpFapDR. It’s possible they’ve modelled the weapons obsessively, but like I said, I suspect that ArmA2 will be more likely to supply this, or the mod community necessary to make it happen (given that a very similar thing already happened for ArmA).

  13. EBass says:

    Thats hardly compelling evidence.

    The jury is out on this for me. After BiS totally screwed up ArmA (even with it fully patched up and working the core mechanics of the game including AI aren’t any improvement on the original OFP), I put my support behind the Codies effort.

    However Codemasters total lack of any information release other than re-hashes of press briefings are starting to make me lean back towards BiS. I’ll see what the community reaction is before making a purchase.

  14. Gap Gen says:

    Either way it has slipped, so that’s a sign it needs fixing. That said, slipping back to the pre-Christmas launch window is no bad thing commercially (for them).

  15. Larington says:

    Those links mean nothing to me, for all I know there could be some disagreement within the team about element x, y, or z that results in one disgruntled developer having a little moan about whatever it is, and suddenly one grievance becomes some kind of wierd controversy or proof that a game is gonna suck. A post that just says, a friend of mine is a developer and he said don’t get your hopes up but I can’t tell you any more is not something I can take seriously.

    I’ll judge them on the reviews, thanks.

    Also, often times I’d rather see a game delayed than not, I tend to interpret it as a good sign these days, partly because release dates tend to be set by publishers and my faith lies more with development than publishing, truth be told.

  16. Slippery Jim says:

    I’m glad they took the decision to delay it so they have more time to improve the game. I await more info :)

  17. teo says:

    “@teo, there will be on the higher difficulty setting with one-shot kills, Clive Lindop has said. Whether it’s true or not, though….”

    I suspect as much myself, but a higher difficulty is not the same as having it in the core game design. If you look at the original Flashpoint it did lots of new things, and it had a pretty grand scope, but I feel that the way you could die so easily was a huge part of what made the game work. Even though you were a ‘hero’ in the game, you were just a soldier on a battlefield and kind of insignificant.

    When you were up on a ridge, using your binoculars to look at stuff, you really wanted to keep your head down. When you went down into a valley you had to constantly keep checking the horizon, and every bush you encountered. You had to be cautious as hell, and I found it really immersive.

    Maybe Codemasters can make a fun game where you get to do all the things you did in Flashpoint, but if they ease up on players I don’t think it will be the same game. I DON’T think it could ever work as a console game. I don’t really care either, they can make the game they want, I’m just pointing it out.

  18. Gap Gen says:

    “A post that just says, a friend of mine is a developer and he said don’t get your hopes up but I can’t tell you any more is not something I can take seriously.”

    Also, he doesn’t exactly defend the information to the death, saying that he can’t tell people any more before doing exactly that when questioned once.

  19. Plopsworth says:

    One aspect of realism that often gets neglected is moving away from a purely cumulative hitpoint based system. This is something that Bushido Blade on the PSX did so very very well. Fights went on until you managed the killing blow of hitting the braincase/throat/spine/diaphragm. Everything else just disabled the affected limb/extremity.

    While I’m not claiming that it’s realistic per se, it is a good bit more authentic than the standard fighting game’s “90 seconds to drain your opponent’s health-bar”. Cue pathetic fights with both opponents crawling and rolling along the ground, trying to get that final coup de grace.

    Yes. I realise that I’m talking fighting games in an OFP thread. My point is that there are other features needed too. One-shot kills and material penetration are not always equal to instant realism (see counter-strike), especially when you’re still using a cumulative damage-model.

    Now add ballistic trajectory + surface material and impact-angle based ricochets and material penetration + non-cumulative damage model + non-regenerating health + retaining chambered rounds, nor having to charge the weapon when reloading from a weapon that isn’t empty + the now compulsory iron-sights… and you’re getting a bit closer and an impressive feature creep list.

  20. ACESandElGHTS says:

    The wikipedia entry (link to en.wikipedia.org), if it’s to be believed, has some stuff that makes me very hopeful. like including realistic firing sequences (raise, shoulder, aim, fire) and penalizing reloading weapons that aren’t empty, by eventually cycling the half-full magazines back into the weapon.
    Anyway, as PC users, some of you may have experienced all this before in OFP and ArmA, but for an Xboxer like me, this stuff brings back memories of Ghost Recon and how the first squad-based version of that game incorporated tactics, a little bit of realism (health didn’t regenerate and injuries slowed you down) and how this game might be twice as fun.
    What’s that mean? I’m hopeful about Arma2 and OFP and I want both to be excellent and unprecedented among console games.

  21. ACESandElGHTS says:

    I’d also like to add, in the least sucking-up way possible, that RPS is king among gaming sites due to its prolific output, conciseness, brevity, and let’s not forget humor. I don’t know if the RPS guys even own a 360/PS3, yet I feel that, here, I am among fellow gamers regardless of platform. Yea. BTW, I didn’t want to post this in forums ’cause I’m completely over forums. Peace.

  22. jackflash says:

    I’m putting my money on ArmA II, personally (with TrackIR, mmmmmm). But $10 says that won’t make a June release, either.

  23. KP says:

    The actual game engine looks like Battlefield 2 with filters.