Blood And Smuts: Dragon Age “Violence” Trailer

Possibly a bit spoilery this one, and very bloody. I’m not sure quite what to make of it: the bloody, lusty delivery is somewhat at odds with almost every other glimpse of Bioware’s forthcoming fantasy RPG that we’ve so far seen. I can only assume that the Dragon Age soundtrack will be nothing like the one featured here. Anyway, see what you think, and let the inevitable debate not dwell too long on the sex bits.

Oh, Bioware.


  1. Larington says:

    Oopsie, if you look at the falling down animation of the guy that gets a throwing knife thrown into him, a rather nasty hole appears in the side of the character model for a split second.

  2. Taillefer says:

    I’m hoping for a Blizzard-esque response, and they release a trailer of the party skipping through golden fields with dragonflies flitting about, birds singing beautiful tunes, a big, bright and happy Sun shining away in the Sky. Fairies shower each other in rainbow dust, and little bunnies bounce and roll around our heroes feet. Then everybody laughs merrily to themselves at the end, commenting on how the World is such a wonderful place. Along to “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”.

  3. Nick says:

    If you got hit with the business end of a throwing knife a hole would appear in you too!

  4. Hajimete no Paso Kon says:

    I love how people think this small trailer showing bloodshed and one sex scene ruins the entire game. Thank you RPS commenters, you have fueled my laughter quite well for now.

    Remember folks, you can be a pretentious douchebag and still enjoy bloodshed.

  5. Funky Badger says:

    It’s not like every other marketing campaign for everything aims for the lowest common denominator. Or is it?

    (Marvel have hired boatloads of interns to help them count the huge piles of money Wolverine made over the last week, and that’s nothing if not a dumb shouty violent movie…)

  6. Duoae says:

    Bleh, horrible ‘advert’/marketing. Set to the Five-O tune it was pretty funny…. other than that my wanting this game just keeps getting less and less. The graphics don’t look good (not that i overly mind that), the story doesn’t look interesting and there’s a difference between trying to “appeal to different kinds of people” and making a trailer that’s in no way representative of the actual product.

  7. Magnus says:

    “No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” – HL Mencken

  8. negativedge says:

    The reason this game will suck isn’t because of the trailer, kids. The reason it will suck is because Bioware hasn’t made a good game in a decade.

  9. negativedge says:

    Well I take that back, Neverwinter was at least a great idea and a good set of tools

  10. Capital-T-Tim says:

    Glamorizing the slaughter of thousands of elves, dragons, and knights with a spastically-edited video set to a heavy metal song? Disgusting.

    I may be a bit more sensitive than most – my grandfather lived through the Dragon Age – but it’s just too soon for this sort of exploitative trash.

  11. DMcCool says:

    This has actually peaked my interest of the game everything i’ve seen up to now just pointed toward Dragon Age being the biggest pile of generic fantasty bullshit in recent memory. So obvious what Bioware are doing, just remaking the same generic fantasy “RPG” they used to make but now in exciting new 3D. I actually find it insulting that we are expected to be excited about this game just because its the new fantasy game and its in 3D .

    However, this trailer made it at least seem they are trying to put some actual viceral combat in, which is welcome. The sooner Bioware admit they can’t write a single interesting character and their plots are generic and lazy beyond belief and just flat out admit people play the games to kill kobolds the better. Bioware “RPG”s are about combat and have always been about combat, this is the most honest trailer they’ve ever produced.

  12. Muzman says:

    Psychopomp says:


    link to
    Start is as the Bioware logo pops up

    That is solid frikken gold.

  13. DK says:

    “Now, I’m not saying this has changed my mind but hell, an RPG with blood and actual proper violence? The sex seemed a bit forced in (sorry, pun not intended), but haven’t we been asking to be treated like adults for a while?”
    Are you kidding? “Look, here’s some Blood and titties!” is not being treated as adults. It’s quite the opposite.

    @Guy-who-said-BG-was-whitewashed: Please show me the scene where you can have someone make a human skin leather armor for your main character in Mass Effect. Or any other post-shark-jumping (ie Jade Empire) Bioware. Baldurs Gate had nuance – they didn’t have to beat you over the head with the dark places and overlay marylin manson on it.

  14. That Guy says:

    I guess after the snorefest that was the majority of Mass Effect Bioware finally realized just how infantile and formulaic most of their games are and just decided to run with it.

    Mass Effect had a well-thought out and tasteful alien/human love scene at the end, and Dragon Age looks to pornography that idea hard-fucking-core.

    Mass Effect had alright combat, but it was mostly GoW style hiding behind cover to jump out and shoot/use psychic “spells”, so at least this game is trying to go more physical (not that it has a choice.)

    Going back and replaying Bioware games after a fresh run of Fallout1,2/Arcanum/anything by the Troika folks/anything by anyone that isn’t Bioware you realize just how bland their games are. :|

    At least their gameplay is top notch though.

  15. Turin Turambar says:

    Gritty fantasy = Marynlin Manson?

  16. DarthInsinuate says:

    I think the “may not be representative of actual gameplay” boiler-plate applies to the choice of music.

    Also the sex scene reminds me of the wonky dance audition in Knights of the Old Republic.

  17. Adventurous Putty says:

    I don’t think it would be so dreadful if the script writers would ditch the binary morality system. Or deconstruct it. Or SOMETHING, other than the Holy Trinity of dialogue options repeated ad nauseum.

  18. Senethro says:

    Wow this is getting lots of posts. We going for a 200 comment total?

  19. CakeAddict says:

    Among the most awful trailers I’ve seen for a while, it’s probably just my taste but I took my headphones off when that.. music.. started.
    I also found a few of those.. blood spurts awfully fake.
    And I suppose bioware is in to sex scenes these days, perhaps it will be in the news again? =3

  20. Blzbob says:

    Even better – for comedic effect – play this as the Bioware logo pops at the start.

  21. Ashurbanipal says:

    I’d rather not add to all this negativity, but…

    Damn it, I hate fantasy sometimes. At its best, it’s filled with wonder and awe and imagination. At its worst, it’s a juvenile bit of navel-gazing. Not long ago, there was a new trend in epic fantasy spearheaded by people like G. R. R Martin. And I’m sorry to say that it’s just as vacuous as everything that came before it, but, like this trailer, made a novelty out of violence and sex, only to have people call it revolutionary, or say that “fantasy had grown up”. Far from it.

    I find it hard playing Mass Effect or Never Winter Nights 2. They feel absurdly stilted, themes are shallow, personal interactions as deep as that of a disney movie. Shepherd’s no-nonsense soldierly demeanour puts everything at a distance, including my ability to relate to him. Neverwinter Nights 2’s hamhanded effort to make me try to relate to and feel sympathy for a village in which I was apparently raised but only had real experience with for all of 10 minutes only made me frustrated.

    I just wish these games would become a little more mature. That fantasy might learn more from say, John Fowles The Magus or Gene Wolfe’s Shadow of the Torturer. Or sci fi learn more from, I don’t know, J. G. Ballard. And thereby understand that there’s more than just battles, friendship and sex. I feel like I’m being treated like an idiot sometimes in these games. For all their violence actually feel like they’re written by puritans, incapable of relating to anyone, looking for an outlet for repressed urges.

    In fact, this trailer is a bit like American porn to me, which differs to that of europe in that it’s often completely devoid of the erotic. Slick, but also quite awkward. That’s this.

  22. Dagda says:

    You know, for what this is. . .it’s not badly done. I mean, I’m still rather stupefied at the choice of music and the decision to make this sort of trailer in the first place, but with that in mind it’s a rather solid production.

  23. Wirbelwind says:


  24. SuperNashwan says:


    Just think, somewhere right now there is someone who does marketing as their job, what they get paid for every day, who thinks this is a good way to represent the game. Boggles the mind.

  25. Fenchurch says:

    Let’s not worry about this. This is EA being an embarrassing Dad who has made a hideous slideshow of out of context development footage of Bioware’s game and slung it up on the ‘net without thinking straight. I can’t believe people get paid good money to take such bad decisions as this.

    Marylin Manson. I mean, does that really say “classy fantasy series”?

    Excuse me whilst I go re-read my Lord Dunsany books.

  26. tmp says:

    Looks like a non-issue. Blood and gore certainly fit when the people are hacked apart with sharp metal bits, it didn’t hurt the Witcher or the latest Fallout to have it. (and it’s typically optional and left to the player to enable/disable anyway)

    The “smut” with party NPCs looks like standard Bioware fare at this point, and seeing how here the characters remain in their underwear vs full nudity they had in ME… well hardly something to whine about, also.

  27. Günter says:

    I find it ironic that the Gears of War trailers are so much classier than this.

  28. Hulk Hogan says:

    If they’re going to rip off The Witcher’s take on fantastic racism they might as well rip off the sex and violence too, ‘eh?

  29. Alaric says:

    Does anyone else think that the graphics look simply crummy?

  30. Nahkatakkimies says:

    Because Bioware = Marilyn Manson

  31. Binho says:

    I think there is nothing wrong with the video. It didn’t do anything for me, but it didn’t make me think any less of the game.

    What does get on my nerves is the over the top action everything has these days, the so called ‘300 syndrome’. All that was missing was the pointless slow motion shot.

    Seriously, can’t we have some proper, tense action/violence, with believable consequences for the characters?

    Stop with the running, jumping, spinning, slow motion, and general badassery.

    That shit isn’t badass anymore (it never was after you turned 12). It’s just lame and retarded.

  32. tmp says:

    Does anyone else think that the graphics look simply crummy?

    Given the amount of characters involved in some of these scenes, no. They seem to be going for large scale fights and environments, so the fidelity of individual pieces suffers.

  33. surlyben says:

    Marilyn Manson is nice and all, but as long as they were heading in that direction, I think they should have gone with one of those epic metal bands with the cookie monster vocals. The genre is littered with high fantasy RPG concept albums…

  34. lumpi says:

    Identical: link to

  35. Kanamit says:

    I really want to know what RPGs made in the last half a decade that all these commentators seem to be talking about that make Bioware games so inferior by comparison.

  36. Aftershock says:

    Is it bad that i thought was a cool trailer?

    The gore was gamey, and thus off, as always, but otherwise (minus gamesex) was pretty cool.

    So i liked the song?

  37. TheDeadlyShoe says:

    the bioware hatin’ in this thread is silly.

    if you didn’t like NWN, NWN2 or Mass Effect, that’s your right. But don’t portray your personal opinion as the Will of the Market, because all those games were successful.

    I think the trailer sucks, but seriously people get a grip.

  38. AidenJerrod says:



    Yaaay! I love it! I love blood-fest! Kewl! Err, I love mature-themed RPG, such as The Witcher, and now this. This one seperates the MEN from the boys. LoL! Now backoff younglings! >:D

  39. Kanamit says:

    I still remember when I turned 18 and was given my very own deck of pornographic cards to separate me from the boys, as it were.

  40. MC says:

    Apart from the epically bad background music, I must say that piqued my interest. Usually the combat in this sort of RPG is kinda sterile and bland, whereas that was nicely viceral. But then, I’m not pretentious enough to pretend I don’t like blood and titties.

    And I’ve never owned a console in my life.

  41. Real Horrorshow says:

    All this trailer tells me about the game is that there’s blood in it and possibly a Mass Effect-like sex scene, and that EA has a bunch of morons in their marketing department.

    I don’t see how this spells doom for the game.

  42. Ozzie says:

    This trailer looks actually much more interesting than anything I have seen of this game before!
    Yeah, it’s trashy, cheap, cheesy, immature……..but at least it looks entertaining! That’s a step up!!

  43. Melf_Himself says:

    Blah blah blah. The issue here is not the unusual choice of soundtrack, but the much more depressing feeling that the footage was an amalgamation of various cut-scenes from the game.

    However, if that was actual gameplay footage, I say, bring it on.

  44. Erik R says:

    Hey Bioware/EA, link to

  45. Markoff Chaney says:

    This is the new shit.
    Stand up and admit.
    Do we get it? Yeah.
    Do we want it? No.

    I like the old shit.
    Stand up and admit.
    Successor, spirit
    Baldur’s Gate? Bullshit!

    That being said, I’m sure that song won’t be in the game, and I think this game will still be pretty enjoyable. Fun little trailer, even if I’m of the demographic that has been playing their games for over a decade and all this makes me do is shake my head and wonder why the corporate types defend this drivel and, yet, I still hold out hope.

    I know far too well what happens when one appeals to mediocrity and the lowest common denominator. You get the same old shit.

  46. Pijama says:

    Not knowing much about Dragon Age, so I don’t know about spoilahs.

    Now, gentlemen, brace yourselves for MR. PJ OBSERVASHUNS:

    1. It’s GOOFY.

    2. Seriously, it is bloody goofy. Particularly the blood splatterings and the alleged “sex scene”. Come on.

    3. What the heck, MANSON? Hahahaha…

    4 and most important one: Hawaii Five-O theme is highly recommended. Seriously, it turns this failfest into classy action.

    @Psychopomp: I declare you an Internet hero.

  47. Evangel says:

    @ Kanamit, just because most of the market is made up of shiny shit does not mean that shiny shit with writing scrawled on it is acceptable.

    And I’m comparing this to Troika’s Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines, a game released in November 2004. Another 6 months until it’s past the “half decade old” mark.

    If you’re after something a little more recent, Mask of the Betrayer by Obsidian, September 2007. The Witcher, October 2007.

  48. Sean w/o an H says:

    Sometimes the marketing can aim for lowest common denominator, even when the design does not. Happens with movies, can happen with games too.

    It’s not like we’re seeing a new Dante’s Inferno trailer, where trailers just confirm your fears… have a little faith, people.

    That being said, the trailer is pretty over the top… like they took every bloody moment from the entire game, threw in an out-of-context sex scene that actually matters to the story, and rushed it to the marketing dept. The trailer is crazy, but I still hope that the game isn’t.

    ::edit:: and RealHorrowshow beat me to it. Sorry :)

  49. noom says:

    I am stunned at how well the Hawaii 5-0 theme fits that… utterly stunned.

    In fact, to cast just as relevant a judgment on this as everybody else, I am deciding that I love the game and shall buy four copies just because of the trailer/hawaii 5-0 combo.

  50. Pijama says:

    It should be renamed to “Dragon Age – Origin of the 5-0”.

    With that in mind, “BOOK’EM DANNO!” should be said after the final battle™.