Blood And Smuts: Dragon Age “Violence” Trailer

Possibly a bit spoilery this one, and very bloody. I’m not sure quite what to make of it: the bloody, lusty delivery is somewhat at odds with almost every other glimpse of Bioware’s forthcoming fantasy RPG that we’ve so far seen. I can only assume that the Dragon Age soundtrack will be nothing like the one featured here. Anyway, see what you think, and let the inevitable debate not dwell too long on the sex bits.

Oh, Bioware.


  1. theleif says:

    I see a clear correlation between the recession and the quality and positivism of forum posts.

  2. EliteBestoftheBest says:

    LOL @ Americans trying to do The Witcher their way.

  3. Gorgeras says:

    Actually, nothing has been more detrimental to PC gaming than the constant targeting of the lowest common denominator. Elitism is merely a symptom of this as more pessimistic PC gamers like myself react to an undeniable trend towards dumbing down. I think a lot of us haven’t forgiven BioWare for publicising a very pretty Neverwinter Night; at last very heavy substance and style would no longer be exclusive. When it came, the poly-count had been drastically reduced and it didn’t quite measure up as a worthy game next to Baldur’s Gate 2.

    Given the choice, I’d rather be elitist and ignorant than just plain ignorant(like filthy consoletards!): the elitist has a mind towards improvement and correction that the slob ignorant do not.

  4. Rudolfo says:

    Hell yeah! It’s GTA: San Dragon Age : O.R.I.G.I.N.S. by Tom Clancy…also, subwoofer alarm -.-

  5. Lawlers says:

    Well their marketing worked. People across the webz are talking about Bland Age because of the trailer when they wouldn’t have given two shits about the game before.

    Bad publicity is still publicity after all. Brilliant move Bioware!

  6. Adventurous Putty says:

    Game fails, it has no Lazers.


  7. Fedora Freak says:

    I love you guys so much, especially you, Psychopomp, that I have dubbed over the Violence trailer with the Five-O theme. Behold our bastard (yet classy) creation!

  8. Feet says:

    Haha! That’s much much better!

  9. Fumarole says:

    Shades of this no doubt: link to

  10. CaptainObvious says:

    I like how the guy walking in 10 seconds into vid looks like he’s shuffling to the five-o theme. Awesome!

  11. Tei says:

    Since I have watch another video that show the game is different, I will not make a “Bye Bye Baldurs Gate, Helllo Generic Gears of War clone!”-sh comment.

  12. Pijama says:


    Oh, my angst isn’t directed to the game, au contraire. It’s just that Bioware’s marketing department could have done a SO MUCH BETTER JOB at showing those things that wouldn’t look like this crapfest. xD

  13. HeyMrDJ says:

    Can somebody do the Baldur’s Gate 2 trailer set to Slipknot? I want to see the juxtaposition in action.

  14. Jockie says:

    Well it may be poor marketing as Jim says, but it certainly seems to get people talking about the game, which is what advertising it sposed to do innit?

    Bet a lot of people will send this to their buddies and tell them to check it out, rather than a slower, talky trailer where not much happens (ie, all the other trailers). The April Fools trailer excluded of course.

  15. HeyMrDJ says:

    link to
    + music from link to = win!

    A new meme for 2009? The DragonAgeRoll.

  16. Dominic White says:

    Jockie: Advertising is only really good if it makes you want the product. I remember the debacle that was the PSP advertising campaign of a few years back – I had found myself wanting one until those ads ran, and ended up putting off my purchase for a year… and even then, I got one second-hand.

  17. Carra says:

    So this game is all about sex, blood and rock & roll!

  18. Magnus says:

    @Fedora Freak: It is uncanny how well that fits with the trailer, good job!

  19. Jockie says:

    @Dominic, this trailer is clearly designed to expand their audience outside the rpg fans who will probably buy it anyway (like me).

    Did I like the trailer? no. Will it stop me buying the game, which I know is not really represented by this trailer? no. Will it attract the kind of player who might not think twice if it was a talky RPG trailer, and likes their gaming with a smorgsabord of blood and guts? too early to say, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

  20. Azhrarn says:

    Posted by Magus: @Fedora Freak: It is uncanny how well that fits with the trailer, good job!

    I have to chime in here, that’s almost eerie how well that lines up with the trailer.

    @Jockie: I hope that you’re right, but a sudden change of direction wouldn’t surprise me with EAs involvement here.

    Bioware is good at what they do, but I’ll certainly wait for more information and opinions before committing to a purchase now.

  21. Quests says:

    This seems really stupe and consoletard oriented.

    Ironically the only thing that cheers me up is the seemingly bad graphics, cause bad graphics always mean quality game play structure.

  22. Taillefer says:

    Psychopomp, Fedora Freak: That made /everything/ so much better. Awesome.

  23. l1ddl3monkey says:

    It looks (and sounds) like Underworld 3 in a lot of places (in case anyone is in doubt: THAT IS A VERY BAD THING). Swords and sorcery and Marilyn Manson? Faaaaaahk off EA.

  24. Okami says:


  25. Psychopomp says:

    I am blushing.
    A lot.

  26. Magnus says:

    If anyone is feeling too worried, they should just head over to link to and watch some of the videos. Should put your minds at rest!

  27. MC says:

    @Psychopomp, Fedora Freak

    That is so ridiculously awesome. Now the actual game will seem disappointing when that’s not the in game theme song.

  28. Tim says:

    I kinda enjoyed it, sure it’s silly. I actually just finished watching underworld 3, and then saw this. It’s kinda the same vein, cinematic action gore. Silly meaningless, even bad, but still entertaining. And it was also very short :)

  29. Pags says:

    Hate to prolong this discussion, but if you want an example of a GOOD advertising campaign for a game: link to

  30. Psychopomp says:

    I suggest this be tried as well
    link to

    And yes, I did start trying random theme songs a few hours ago.
    This, so far, is the only other one that’s worked.

    Also, go to the original trailer on youtube, and look in related videos
    When you see it, you’ll shit bricks.

  31. JKjoker says:

    @Psychopomp: its fits pretty well, but it doesn’t manage to take trailer from meh to awesome like the 5-oh one does

  32. Psychopomp says:

    I concur, wholeheartedly, I doubt anything else could

  33. Fedora Freak says:

    I also must concur, but for now I’ll sit back and ride on the wave of my worked-for fame.

    … Over 300 views on the first day for my first YouTube. I am proud. All thanks to you, though, Psycho.

    On a more serious note, I think I’ll relay my opinion about the trailer. It’s AWESOME. I love Bioware for its storylines, and proof of that has already been given for DA:O. Besides the fact that the marketing types decided to use untextured models in the footage and chose possibly the worst “song” on the face of the Earth, the trailer’s content itself seems like it’s going to be extremely, perhaps overly visceral. Now, I realize that this isn’t mature. Hell, it’s pretty much classic juvenile fantasy.

    But, come on, guys – what’s wrong with that? I don’t think that I’ll ever get enough of classic, juvenile fantasy games, especially if they live up to KotOR, JE, and ME quality. Original fantasy universes are extremely difficult to make (i.e., no “classic” races like dwarves, elves, goblins, etc.), and I know that from having made one or two. Those companies that do create something original, high-quality, and new will go down in gaming history as groundbreakers, much like Psychonauts and Okami. But while we wait for those masterpieces, can’t we just settle down and enjoy some of the classic stuff, our guilty pleasure, our memories. Don’t be mad at the Bioware guys. They make good games. Trust them to do that.

  34. MC says:

    Heh, couldn’t resist making the Violence/Cowboy Bebop remix.

    Check it out:

  35. Fedora Freak says:

    Is this going to become something we do for every new trailer of any PC game ever? Cause that would be awesome.

  36. Snuffles says:

    Dear god, did anyone else see that chick’s neck flatten out when she blew out the candle? Those animations look horrible, hopefully it’s going to receive a lot more work before release. I would have expected more from the developers of the remarkably good Mass Effect (KOTOR I & Jade Empire were so-so at best). Of course, Mass Effects gameplay was a complete Z-fest, but the story was fantastic, and the characters were all nicely fleshed out. Is this something they’re going to start doing in every Bioware game; The obligatory PG-13 sex-scene? I’m really not all that excited by the game; no cooperative multiplayer. But seriously, this looks dissappointing to the max. Hopefully they’ve had someone with a brain-stem working on Mass Effect 2. ME was like, the first RPG from Bioware I’d ever actually cared to finish. ME2 had better be god-like.

  37. Subjective Effect says:

    I’m another one who is more interested in this now that it doesn’t just look like some generic fantasy drivel.

  38. harvb says:

    Ooh look, Adult Lord of the Rings.

    Seriously though, I can’t wait for this. Been a long time since we had a really classy RPG – Morrowind, I’m thinking.

  39. Ozzie says:

    Wow, the Hawaii Five-0 Theme does fit perfectly! It’s really a much better trailer with it! Well choreographed, too!:-D

  40. Ian says:

    I can’t decide whether this is a marketing train-wreck or a work of marketing genius.

  41. feline says:

    Ah I see I’m not the only one hoping this is just an epic marketing fail. I guess I’ll just have to wait till more serious stuff gets out again.

    @Nimic: just throw away your bioware site cookies and re-enter birthdate

  42. Z says:

    Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows is 1:36 long. The trailer is 1:33.

    After muting DA and using S,L+R as the theme music, I have to say this is no coincidence. It was MEANT TO BE.

  43. Z says:

    Sadly, the benny hillifier doesn’t work

  44. aaron says:

    Just so I’m clear: if there is no blood or sex, it’s sanitized and watered-down for a T-rating so they can sell more to the console crowd, i.e., Oblivion. If there is blood and sex, it’s pandering to them 14-year-old console kids what love their gore and boobs. Is that about right?

    The music in the trailer was an awful choice, sure, but I just don’t get the backlash against the game because of a little ultraviolence. Sharp bits of metal tend to make people bleed quite a lot. And sometimes people have sex. Both might come off as tacky in the context of the game, but I’ll go ahead and trust Bioware until they give me a reason not to.

  45. Nallen says:

    Done by the same guy as the RA3 ‘Remix’ trailer. Sheer luck he was let loose on something it sort of half suited first time.

    True Story.

  46. Psychopomp says:


  47. Fedora Freak says:


  48. SmartAlec says:

    Fedora Freak, you might just have done more to sell Dragon Age than the people who made the trailer in the first place!