Duke Nukem Footage

This splurged its way all across the web yesterday, but we might as well report it for The Eye of RPS to gaze down on it with a fiery stare. It is apparently a demo reel from developer Bryan Brewer, who worked on the game until the recently closure of 3D Realms. Various sources managed to grab the video before he pulled it off his site, presumably at the sabre-rattle of parties who remain interested in what exists of the game. The actual game footage is spliced with a lot of modeling roughs and concept stuff, but it gives us a fairly good idea about how Duke might have played: it’s a first-person shooter videogame.


  1. Subjective Effect says:

    Shame. Could have been a blast.

  2. Martin K says:

    (b)Ryan Brewer, even.

    Forgive me. I couldn’t resist.

  3. Garg says:

    Wow, these shooter videogames in the first-person could really catch on.

  4. Martin K says:

    Having now seen the smattering of footage present in the demo-reel, my curiousity is forever satisfied, and I have no need to see the game published.

  5. itsallcrap says:

    …parties who remain interested in what exists of the game.

    Having seen it running I really hope someone slings it together with what they’ve got now.
    Even if it’s visibly not a finished game, I’d give ’em a fiver for it, as I’m sure many other would.

  6. Zyrxil says:

    Wow, that looked surprisingly good. If only they had been competent at managing themselves, this could’ve been Duke Nukem Fivewordplayhere with Fourever being the real version of the 2001 trailer, put out in 2003.

  7. Noc says:

    A first person shooter?! Egads.

    It does seem very . . . first-persony.

  8. basak says:

    From what I read at Shacknews, this is stuff that doesn’t represent the final game. But Brewer turned some stuff off to highlight his work: animation.

  9. Bas says:

    The levels somehow look empty, and bland. I like the middle finger though.

  10. Nurdbot says:

    Hmmm, I’m surprised that they had enough there for a decent alpha footage demo. Thought they were still just throwing us new concepts for engines every five minutes.

    I would have gotten it, especially if they made several more pig cop skins and actually gave Duke lines of his own. Also, anyone catch the crates in the footage :p.

  11. Yargh says:

    Some parts of that were very shiny indeed. I did like the scale of the bosses, especially the part where you have to climb on his back.

  12. SmokingKipper says:

    What? No pool table?

  13. Günter says:

    It looks like a fun first person shooter. Not much more or less than that.

  14. Ian says:

    It’s like you’re seeing through his eyes!

  15. Dubbill says:

    I’d buy it for the boss fight in the american football stadium.

  16. Anthony Damiani says:

    I’m disappointed that this will never be finished. It’s like a prophecy has been broken, a great and terrible promise that will never come to pass.

  17. Mr Fishe says:

    Maybe it was hearing the theme tune again, or perhaps Duke’s silly twattery, but that made me rather sad. The day I first saw Duke in action was the day I knew I had to retire my Amiga to the attic and get myself a PC. Poor Duke.

  18. Jeremy says:

    Man, some of the animation looked quite good (piggies climbing over the building, the door dropping on one of them). Not to mention the giant bosses.

    But the one-liners and the humor remind me that I was in high school when 3d came out. Sadly enough, I think that were this to come out now, I wouldn’t enjoy playing it.

  19. Dreamhacker says:

    Wow, this looks so… 2007.

    Well, what I mean is: I’ve seen it before so many times. If an FPS is going to appeal to me now, it would probably have to reinvent the whole genre.

  20. Gap Gen says:

    Here’s another fine example of shooting people in the first person. Russian military installation? Frogmen? Snowmobiles? They must be remaking the NOLF series. Hurrah!

  21. Don says:

    Seeing this begs the question: What could possibly have taken them so long? It looks like a decent enough FPS (when finished) but there’s nothing in there that would explain why it wasn’t out years ago. There are amateur groups, like the Black Mesa Source guys, who seem to have accomplished more in a fraction of the time. Ok, they weren’t writing their own game engine but from the video there isn’t anything in the DNF engine that was going to rock the world.

  22. Meat Circus says:

    Alexander the Great managed to conquer the known world in the time it took 3DR to ‘produce’ this ‘footage’.

  23. Tei says:

    More FPS games need the middle finger emote. Is the epicenter of violent passive-agressiveness.

    @Meat circus: The strategy of the persians whas the suck. Simply zerging the enemy, and negotiating. The greeks where more like a professional shock force of something. Anyone could have conquered the world at that time.

  24. jon_hill987 says:

    That actually looks fun. I hope someone picks it up and gets it finished.

    I think they should get Croteam in to do it. They know how to do oldschool action.

  25. RogB says:

    i’n not entirely keen on the music remix, but I do like the Mike strutter-esque ‘OOoooohhh’ vocals over the top.

  26. MultiVaC says:

    The shooting of the pig cops with the shotgun towards the end looked really fun and satisfying. It looks like it would have been and solid, competent shooter with over-the-top action and juvenile comedy. If they had released that game, I would be satisfied with it. Too bad it took them 12 years to come up with it. I’m just glad I never bet on Duke.

  27. Fenchurch says:

    I would have bought this game solely if it promised to have a button for “flip off overwhelming alien invasion force”.

    I never understood the pig people thing, why do people suddenly turn into pigs in Duke 3D in the first place? xD

  28. marilena says:

    It looked pretty good, to be honest. I like this kind of more old school shooter, with set pieces and also environments where you fight multiple crazy enemies with crazy weapons. Serious Sam is the last game that fully delivered this to me, even though Painkiller came close (the combat wasn’t as satisfying, though).

    There were some nice bits of flair here and there too, including the middle finger bit. And I am mistaken or did they really name the health bar “Ego”?

    Of course, it doesn’t look like something that would have changed the world or that was worth 10 years of work.

    But it was nice.

  29. catmorbid says:

    Why pig people? Who cares, they oink and you shoot them :) Not much logic in the Duke Nukem universe anyway. I hope some dev/pub snags this one, it looks like it could’ve been fun.

  30. Thomas Lawrence says:

    The reason they were pig people is that they were mutated cops. Cops = pigs. Simple as.

  31. Sum0 says:

    Maybe it’s just the years of anti-hype, but that just looks so … ordinary. It’s like Half-Life 2 never happened in 3DRealm’s universe.

    Of course, it’s unfair to judge from a demo reel, but is this really it? Has twelve years of design resulted in a game where you shoot aliens in construction yards with laser guns?

  32. indirectx says:

    I wonder in which of their presumably numerous development iterations they chose to put in QTEs…

  33. phil says:

    A minecart sequence? All those years of hot house creativity and they were going to give us minecart sequences?

  34. Gap Gen says:

    It’s OK. They were going to use banjo music to go with the minecarts.

  35. phil says:

    Well, that’s ok then.

  36. Chaz says:

    Damn, that actually did look pretty good fun, just the kind of game you’d want a current gen Duke to be.

  37. Martin K says:

    @phil: I love you. Have my babies. My many, many babies.

  38. Angel Dust says:

    I think everyone should remember that this is a demo reel of one man’s contributions and therefore has a somewhat narrow focus. The last run down the fairly dull hall I think would have been chosen to showcase some of the death/recoil animations and maybe the little bit of environment destruction. I’m pretty sure if it was say a level designers demo reel we might have seen structurely more interesting levels etc.

    Still I think even in this limited amount of footage there was enough of the little detail touches and Duke buffoonery to suggest that this was the same 3DRealms that made that legendary 2001 E3 trailer and they hadn’t got all grim and GoW on us. It wouldn’t have reinvented the wheel but I think it would have been ‘all killer no filler’ and a damn good time. I hope that somehow it gets picked up and finished because god knows I could do with some over-the-top FPS action with a mouthy protagonist.

  39. Fenchurch says:

    I think that Duke Nukem Forever probably failed because it was so ironic about shooting aliens in warehouses that it just imploded on itself. xD

  40. ChaosSmurf says:

    It had half naked strippers, I would have played it.

  41. Vandelay says:

    I think all those people who are down on this wouldn’t have been impressed with anything. This looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Lots of set-pieces, very solid combat, great animation, big boss battles, colourful environments, etc. I don’t think you could real ask for any more from this style of shooter.

  42. roryok says:

    I won the 3dr caption competition twice, and I never spent the $30 games vouchers they gave me. I was saving them for DNF. =(

    Now if it gets released by a third party at some point, I’ll of course have no credit with them. I’d still pay for it though, based on this footage which looks at least up to a halo standard, with lots of attitude thrown in.

  43. Po0py says:

    I’m glad this turd has finally been laid to rest. The very concept of Duke Nukem was always dated to me, even when it first came out. It was a thing of the 90’s and should always remain a thing of the 90’s. There is plenty of other shooters out there that can and already have filled any gap that the Duke Nukem franchise may have left. Leave it and move on.

  44. Craymen Edge says:

    Those shots of Duke getting up off the ground and looking down at his body are strange. It’s like his neck is 2 or 3 times too long to be in proportion to his body.

  45. Balerion says:

    I’m really sad. That footage looked like a lot of fun, that kind of mindless over-the-top fun which I haven’t seen in years. None of those Gears of War or CoD or any other shooter from recent years can match that. I’m tired of these oh-so-serious cheesy games.
    BRING DUKE BACK! Someones needs to finish this game, I really want to play it dammit.

    I’m so sad now. :(

  46. Stense says:

    Such a shame, it could have been fun.

  47. Dominic White says:

    Looks like a fairly solid, no-brainer shooter from that video. I like the fairly minimalist HUD (especially Dukes health being his Ego – I guess so long as he feels invincible, he IS invincible), and the bosses look definitely a couple of grades above your usual FPS standards too.

    So, this is.. what, footage of the third restart or something? I recall reading that the final version had been in the works for only about 2.5 years, which isn’t *absurdly* long by game standards.

    Sad to see a potenitally fun game get canned like this, but it’s no grand surprise. The amount of money frittered away on this must be enormous, and given the number of times they’ve apparently scrapped everything and restarted, it seems that they could have just made a game and there sequels in that time.

  48. Yiorgos00 says:

    After over 10 years in the making and no material released, the most hype produced for this game is after the developer closes down and the staff release material to job-hunt.

    This would be and excellent time to bring out the game…

  49. Bhazor says:

    The most frightening part? The nippleless stripper.
    They’re happy to show all that violence and mutilation but are afraid seeing a pinkish circle will lead to moral collapse of the community. American broadcasting standards are crazy.

  50. Kildrago says:

    Ah man. Now I’ve seen the footage I know I’m always gonna be disappointed it never got made.

    Duke lives in his own genre – Yeah Wolfenstien 3D did it first with the 3d first person (with it’s cute beeps and hidden walls) and Doom followed that up with its 3d/2d non mouse look world. But Duke Nukem 3d just took that gratuitous first person blow sh!t up to it’s pure level.

    With quotes like “Those alien b@stards have stolen all our women.” and “Blow it out your @ss” this demo shows exactly the type of first person shootem up we don’t have anymore – plain old simple blow stuff up with ‘style’ enjoyment.

    Yeah Bioshocks great for enemies hiding round corners and attacking you from the dark, and Half life defined enemy troop AI (remember the first time you came across a group of soldiers who used cover and flushed you out with grenades).

    But Duke. Just how cool would it to be to watch pig man leap off the top of the car towards you to take that shotgun in the face (no hiding behind boxes for thicko pig boy), or climbing in through the roof to be shot off into space by take the missile launcher at close range, immediately followed by a quote “So pigs do fly”. You’d be peeing in your pants.

    These epic moments of satisfactory 3rd person kills are really what define how enjoyable a game can be, and Duke just oozes with classy kills, lines and its own unique style.

    It’s a very sad week for the real world has once again raised its ugly head and consumed a hope and dream of many old school gamers.