PSI Powered: New Damnation Info

Show us the bike riding on walls in-game!

Damnation may look as dumb as a box of rocks, but I’m looking forward to it. As the latest trailer – below – shows, it’s being made on an enormous scale with astounding amounts of detail. And if they can stick to promises that you can break through doors and windows, that’ll make getting around a lot more refreshing. The new bits and pieces shown today are about the enemy organisation, rather meekly called Prescott Standard Industries.

While it’s desirable to think this could be the work of one rotund, former front bench fist-throwing MP, it is in fact the corporation of W.D. Prescott, creators of steam-powered automaton soldiers and other weapons of steampunk war. It’s your job to prevent PSI from taking over the last few free cities. Yes, you. There’s a brief explanation of who they are and what they’re up to below. What there aren’t are more details on how this will be the first shooter to take advantage of the Y-axis. There is, however, a video featuring information about this on the game’s site, here, which by some degree of lunacy isn’t available to be embedded. Anyhow, here’s the enemy info:


  1. suibhne says:

    The milieu still looks cool, and the animation still looks dodgy. Compare the character animations in that trailer to the unfinished DNF footage that was just leaked released, or to other recent games like Far Cry 2 – these animations look very 2005. Particularly painful was the bit with two characters hand-over-handing across the rope, each using exactly the same animation.

    Not saying that clunky animation is a huge problem, necessarily, but every trailer of Damnation just feels outdated to me, reminding me of the hours I spent watching UT2k4 frag vids.

  2. Sartoris says:

    Bland villain: never a good sign. Still, it may prove to be fun.

  3. Wisq says:

    Love the synchronised rope traversing near the end.

  4. Jonas says:

    Nitpicking: I think that’s actually the Z-axis.

    Also: Yay steampunk! I do love those -punk genres (except Biopunk, that’s just too strange).

  5. Dr. Nerfball says:

    Looks like an alright game I’ll admit, but why are a good 90% of all games where Evil Dictators are trying to take over the world based in only America? Seems a bit… foolish to me. I mean, once you’ve taken over just America you’ll have the entire rest of the world challenging you to fisticuffs for the country.

    And plenty of other countries have had their share of dictators, why can’t game be based around them? Britain with Margaret Thacher for example…. curse her zombie bones…

    Mind you, it would probably just turn into Wolfenstine if it was against Thatcher…

  6. John Walker says:

    You know what, Jonas, I did make that mistake. But I’ve decided it’s a correct mistake. Games are already on the X and Z-axis, but lack Y. Dammit, I’ve decided I believe that.

  7. Andy M says:

    Heh, you can be forgiven. In the game’s code I’m sure it will be the Z-axis, but lots of mathematicians call the vertical axis on a 3D graph the Y axis, so we’ll put it down to your giant maths brain refusing to take a break.

  8. Clockwork Harlequin says:

    Yes, John, we ALL have trouble moving our sights up and down. Now take your meds. . .

  9. ...hmm... says:

    so this game will be in 3D then John?

  10. DMcCool says:

    That dastardly John Prescott up to his old tricks again? Good thing there is finally a computer game based around defeating the portly politican!

  11. Absentminded says:

    Wasn’t this the game with an ostrich used as a weapon or some other silliness?

  12. LionsPhil says:

    @John: Mathematicians may consider you correct. ;) A lot of games which have grown up from 2.5D think of the XY plane as the mostly-2D surface you run about on, and Z has grown from there as the dimension you jump in. But IIRC it can be more elegant to treat it as the XZ plane, and one of the projection matrix setup functions in OpenGL assumes a camera that faces the Z axis.

    Ultimately, though, it makes little odds. Mapping between such things is a single matrix multiplication, and graphics cards are GOOD at those.

    I remember this when it was a UT2004 Make Something Unreal entry. Those were the before times, when game trailers weren’t interspersed with talking heads spouting nonsense. Yes, you might be a developer. You’re still speaking in buzzwords. Shoo. (The ones on the website are much worse than the one RPS has embedded.)

  13. meeper says:

    Hrmph. I just assumed that by Y-axis, they meant they’d allow the camera to roll to mimic walking on walks or some such.

  14. Tally says:

    Yeah, Z is either into or away from the camera depending upon whether you’re DirectX or OpenGL inclined. Up Up Up and a-Y! (Hmm… that was lame.)

  15. MrBejeebus says:

    i like the look of the game, i hate annoying dev talk, id prefer just to read blog entries and watch a good trailer rather than listen to geeks talk about their game…

  16. Dain says:

    Despite some of the ridiculous costume design/very standard shootyness of bits of it, I do like the sound of the steam punky wild west universe.. it’s something a bit different to world wars and space marines, even if they have simply used steampunk as an excuse to have the standard FPS weapons.. Nevertheless it’s been ageseseses since we had an overtly proudly steampunk game.. in fact, what was the last one?

  17. Persus-9 says:

    I found those trailers to be a bit worrying, the fact they’re trying to pass off their Assassin’s Creed/Tomb Raider/Mirror’s Edge style acrobatics as a big “unique” selling point, how dumb do they think we are? If they’d said we’ve taken that and tried to put it into a more traditional FPS game, then fine but to claim it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before as a voiceover to that video? Not good.

    Also calling your evil steam organisation Pounds per Square Inch? Well I guess they’ve done something right, I already want to strangle the main villain for making such an awful joke.

    I love a bit of Steampunk but after watching these trailers I’m worried this game isn’t going to be a credit to the genre.

    @ Absentminded: Nope you’re thinking of Red Faction 3

    @ Dain: Doesn’t Bioshock count as “overly proudly Steampunk”? I mean I know it wasn’t anywhere near pure steampunk, it had a lot of other stuff going on but it was steampunk and it seemed quite overt and proud of it to me.

  18. TheApologist says:

    Maths talk makes me cry

  19. indirectx says:

    kinda reminds me of gunz…

  20. Dain says:

    Hrmm, I suppose Bioshock does have some steampunk leanings, especially in stuff like the Big Daddy, but it never struck me as being the main factor in it’s design.. what with the 1920s style art deco et al

  21. SirKicksalot says:

    Not enough tits in today’s Damnation article. I am disappoint.

    Dain – Rise of Legends

  22. PaulMorel says:

    Prescott Standard Industries = Reference to The Colbert Report’s Prescott Pharmeceuticals perhaps?

  23. Stromko says:

    PaulMorel: Ahh, I was just about to say the same thing!

    Titmorele: May cause ridiculous costuming, wanton disregard for physics, lusty gall bladder, walking urethra, and over-reliance on brass and pistons. Do not take this medication if you may be pregnant or your fire button works when aiming at children.

    I worry I may be fitting into a Yankee stereotype, of course. British people think of old politicians and their peculiar ways, while my first thought is someone currently on TV and their running gags.

  24. Adventurous Putty says:

    Epic steampunk warfare? Sure, why not — it’s certainly worth a look, at least.

  25. Dain says:

    “Dain – Rise of Legends”

    Aharr, of course! Cunning!

  26. TariqOne says:

    I support co-op gaming.

    Yeah it looks dumb. Like big dumb fun. Release day pickup for me.

  27. Zyrxil says:

    That’s an awfully Terminator-esque intro, barely non-duplicate music and all, for a non-Terminator game.

  28. James T says:


  29. KP says:

    When I read “PSI powered” I assumed the tank on the motorcycle was a compressed gas tank and thought about how absurd powering such an overbuilt vehicle like that would be. I am such a nerd.
    Edit: – and then I watched the trailer. It probably is steam powered. That is absurd. Screw you, steampunk!

  30. Ian says:

    That’s some of the most verticalacious verticality I’ve ever seen.

  31. phil says:

    Strange how those bringing industrialisation and modernity are almost always cast as villians in games – especially as the industry in general is otherwise obsessed with bleeding edge newness.

    Self-denial or did everyone just read Lord of the Rings too many times?

  32. IvanHoeHo says:

    Still needs more steam.

  33. Alex says:

    Am I the only one who watched that and got a strong “Armed and Dangerous, but more serious” vibe?

  34. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Holy crap Alex I was just about to post that. I think I saw a Centurion in there somewhere. ; )

    If Damnation doesn’t take itself *too* seriously it could be quite fun in a popcorny kind of way.

    RPS should do a feature on Armed and Dangerous.

  35. Bhazor says:

    Oh christ, I think the evil chick is wearing ass-less chaps.

    I always assumed z was depth. If you’re talking about games which started 2d where you could go up or across. As such the third dimension was being able to move towards and away from the player’s perspective.

    Reply to Jonas
    Biopunk is surprisingly prevalent in games. Bioshock (plasmids), Deus Ex (biomods), System Shock 1&2, Spore and so on. Ironically cyberpunk is much rarer with only Beneath a Steel Sky coming to mind (speaking of which Charles Cecil revealed he’s considering a sequel in GamesTM. Nice.)