Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (Phew!)

LucasArts have announced that they’re making another game of their Clone Wars animated series, and this one is headed to PC. It’s called Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes and it’s an action game featuring the exploits of a Jedi and a Clone Trooper. It does sound a lot like they’re taking their cues from the success of Lego Star Wars, with the game being “built around two-player cooperative action, the accessible controls and family-friendly gameplay.” Jumping, shooting, hovering, sabering trailer posted ‘neath the click.


  1. Nurdbot says:

    Oh wow, more prequal stuff! we all love the prequals AM I RITE GUYS?

    Seriously, unless it is Republic Commando 2 it can sod off. I’m personally wondering where the hell is our open world RPG set in the original trilogy already is dammit. Come on LA, quite stabbing us some more in the back.

    At least remake X-Wing.

  2. Ian says:


  3. Gap Gen says:

    The best way to make a dramatic trailer seem not so dramatic is to have the narrator use a comedy voice.

  4. MD says:

    The Lego Star Wars comparison seems very apt, based on the bits of that trailer that looked like gameplay footage. Not sure whether I would have picked it if it hadn’t already been mentioned, but the shooty, jumpy and lightsabrey bits looked very similar to what I remember of LSW. To me that’s probably not a good thing — I certainly got some fun out of playing co-op Lego Star Wars, but without all the charm and novelty value I think it would have felt rather thin gameplay wise. Still, it’s obviously too early to judge the game, and being realistic I’m probably not part of their potential customer base anyway.

  5. Kommissar Nicko says:

    I dunno man.

  6. DarthInsinuate says:

    I do quite like the cartoon, it’s a super-hyper-caffeinated slash and blast fest with the occasional delving into the murky political undercurrents of a universe struggling to hold itself together during an all out slash and blast fest.

    This game reminds me a bit of that Episode One game, which wasn’t that bad. It was respectable, more fun than flu.

  7. Alexander Norris says:

    I wonder how they intend to convince people to play “Random Faceless Guy With A Gun” (even if he ends up being an ARC trooper) rather than the guy who has magic powers and a cool sword wot makes swish noises.

  8. Rei Onryou says:

    Republic Commando 2 seconded.

  9. Larington says:

    Ahh heck, yeah, I saw that openning blurb and found myself hoping against hope that it was talk of a Republic Commando 2… Damnit.

    Myself, I think I’d much rather play the stormtrooper, I’m sure the Jedi will have all sorts of cool swishy powers but theres something about the ‘guy just doing his job’ element of the clone troopers that I find somewhat appealing. Whereas Jedi end up getting themselves embroiled in all sorts of silly shenanigans.

  10. FhnuZoag says:


    The random faceless guy with a gun gets to shoot the asshole with the fancy sword in the back at the end.

  11. PC Monster says:

    Third vote for RepubComm 2 “Are you sure we’re from the same vat, sir?” being the best wry comment made about your screw-ups EVER.

    I disliked the Clone Wars film-thingy…kind of…but have yet to catch up with the series proper. I’m not holding out much hope for this one, he says, deftly avoiding the over-cliched use of Force analogies and film quotes.

  12. Carra says:

    I was hoping for Republic Commando 2 too. Very underrated game that was a ton of fun :)

  13. Legandir says:

    I thought Lucasarts didn’t make games for PC anymore? Are they going to make this for the mythical $12,000 pc they think we all have?

  14. S.Moss says:

    Defiantly need a new X-Wing game my Microsoft force feed back 2 Joystick is getting dusty. Wouldn’t mind a new Jedi Knight game as well.

  15. Bobsy says:

    Sigh. Lucasarts still don’t get it, do they? This is not what Star Wars wants or needs.

  16. JKjoker says:

    oh no, no no no, first of all, there are no prequels *JKjoker bangs his head against the wall*

    second of all, for the love of monkey island, coop is nice as long as it is 100% OPTIONAL, no more forced AI partners, dont let it become the new bullet time… please no more…

  17. tigershuffle says:

    Republic Commando 2…….deffo. My almost 7yr old son has finished it on original xbox and demands more!!! lol..
    As for the Cartoon series …….its fantastic. (The film was just a hotchpotch of the series). The humour and interraction between the clones is v.good. Oh and animated Anakin out acts Haydn Christenson(sic) comfortably. Hopefully they will sort out the gameplay cos Clonewars Lightsabre Duels on the Wii was a missed opportunity.
    *pointless SW comment* “I got a bad feeling about this….”

  18. PC Monster says:

    “Sigh. Lucasarts still don’t get it, do they? This is not what Star Wars wants or needs”

    Time to face the fact that ‘our’ Star Wars no longer exists. Brainless, talentless eye-candy FOR KIDDIES is all we have left. Forget that rich, often dark sci-fi universe we’ve all been playing in since the early-mid 90’s – Lucas has been pouring sugar, spice and all things nice over it ever since he made Greedo shoot first (despite the fact countless millions of kids had grown up entirely happy with Han being the sensible product of the dark, dangerous universe he inhabited). Seeing Truman Kapote the Hutt in the Clone Wars movie actually made me weep.

    Lucasarts inexplicably lost the knack of making good games of any sort, never mind Star Wars classics, round about the same time…Republic Commando was obviously a fluke.

  19. Tei says:

    HAHA.. poor jedi. While where fighting these poor robots, the chancelor is ninjaing the power on the senate. HAHA… and this clones, probably where made with a short lifetime, all but the children.. Boba Fet or whatever is called.

    Man.. is soo pointless to fight on the clone wars, all you are is a peon of the chancelor.

  20. Jeremy says:

    I’ll back up PC Monster on this. I used to love SW, then it all went to shit, well before the prequel movies were released. And still, every time something new comes out, a piece of me hopes it will be something that adds to the franchise, not something that cheapens it.

    Anyway, do you guys know there’s no Let’s Play: Republic Commando? I’d really like to see one, if there’s a story to it.

    I’d also like a new X-wing, not that that’s ever gonna happen.

  21. Derek K. says:

    The Clone Trooper looks like Captain Rex, given the scenes with two pistols. He’s a pretty big deal in Clone Wars.

    Also, have y’all watched the original trilogy lately?

    It’s awesome, I agree. But to suggest that it’s a deep and dark musing on the nature of the universe, full of deep dramatic themes kind of ignores, like, teddy bears, C-3P0’s head coming off *again*, Luke being a whiny teenager, etc etc etc.

    Don’t get me wrong – I love the trilogy. I was annoyed by parts of the prequels, and enjoyed others. I can take or leave a lot of the rest of the stuff. I have a sticker of a wookiee on my car. But I don’t think that SW is high art. I think it’s awesome fun.

  22. Subject 706 says:

    Sorry, Lucasarts don’t do good games no more. Or movies either, for that matter.

  23. Unlucky Irish says:

    Is it just be or is the whole Clone Wars thing a bit morally dubious? I mean from what little I understand of it seems to be based around a groups of systems wanting to leave the Republic due to an unfavorable economic situation; only to be crushed by super-powered space monks and the Clones (who are basically a cross between the Red Army and the SS).

  24. Bobsy says:

    @PC Monster:

    You actually hit upon the nub of the matter: mid-nineties. It’s when Star Wars merchendisery really came of age. Timothy Zahn wrote the first Star Wars novel (other than the film novelisations) in 1992, and a year later the first “good” Star Wars game was released: X-Wing. These caught a grown-up and nearly-grown-up generation who still fondly remembered the films but could no longer really be thought of as kids… and ironically this led to the remastering of the films which in turn led to the rather spotty prequels.

    So, 15 years in between the original theatrical release of Star Wars and the emergence of “our” Expanded Universe. We’ve still got another five to go before we hit that for The Phantom Poobah.

    So yeah, Republic Commando was a massive fluke.

  25. Vandelay says:

    Thank you Derek K., I thought I was the only one for a second there. As much as I loved Star Wars films in my youth, they really are not the greatest cultural output of western civilisation as some would have us believe.

    The suggestion that the original trilogy were adult films is simply ludicrous. Star Wars has always been for the kids, from the original trilogy to the prequels. Look at the first film and you can see that the plot is simply an adaptation of a traditional fairy story (mixed in with numerous references to other films,) whilst the humour and a lot of the aliens are obviously geared towards young audiences just as they are in the newer films. Of course, that isn’t to say that there is nothing for adults to enjoy, but those that always bring it up as the greatest films ever made are most likely swayed by nostalgia from when they originally saw them as kids.

  26. OldManTick says:

    I really like all the films mostly as great involving entertainment. My wife always gets mad at me when I laugh at the first fight scenes of A New Hope when the rebels are fighting the troopers and it’s got a fairly low-budget cheesy quality to it. It is all good after that.
    She has an emotional involvement with the first 3 from her childhood and doesn’t care for the prequels.
    She also never got into the Star Wars games despite ALL my efforts.
    I caught one episode of the new clone wars series in my hotel room while traveling and liked it, but we don’t have TV reception/cable/sat at home so that’s all my exposure to it, but I also liked the Episode 1 game, more then the lego games. I think this could be good.

  27. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    “Yes, we have to make the characters more visible. It’s not cartoony enough. Oh, I know, let’s make them glow!”

  28. Wisq says:

    Shouldn’t that bit at the end be “or lost all will be”?

    Not that I would know anything about these “clone wars”, since I stopped watching Star Wars after the initial trilogy, once it became clear that “Phantom Menace” described that movie’s overall contribution to the Star Wars universe.

  29. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Necrophilia, bondage, bestiality.

  30. CitizenErazed says:

    C’mon, LucasArts. There’s nearly 4,000 years worth of expanded universe stuff out there – some of it is dreck, admittedly, but who wouldn’t KILL to play a new JK/X-Wing set in the Yuuzhan Vong War? For me, the best Star Wars games have been the ones AWAY from the films, rather than ones that attempt to plug completely pointless, massively unimportant gaps /between/ the films (Force Unleashed, anyone?). Hence why I still play JKII/KOTOR/KOTORII, and Force Unleashed is gathering dust on my shelf – that plus it was dreck, too.

  31. Wirbelwind says:

    LucasArts is dead.

    This coming from a big long-time fan of their work, unsurprising given the direction they’ve taken – heading away from quality.