The Zeno-Garry Collective

Oddball birdman-punching game Zeno Clash has just received its first downloadable content – the option to use its beautiful, absurd character models in the world-conquering meta-game/toolset Garry’s Mod. Go go crazy, surreal fantasyscapes!

The add-on’s free, and will auto-patch itself into Steam if you own both games. It contains 70 models (characters, beasties and weapons), and the mere concept of it is enough to have me desperately praying Zeno Clash’s uptake has been decent enough. I want to see Father-Mother vs The Heavy, Dr Breen riding on one of those giant elephant-camels, Golem holding hands with with a Vortigaunt. Step to it, RPS community!

Developers ACE Team promise there’s more DLC inbound, by the way -fingers crossed for a multiplayer patch, eh? I so badly want to stove Kieron’s face in. AND IN THE GAME.

If you missed it first time around, here’s our mega-chat/review about Zeno Clash, and how we love it so despite its strangeness and flaws.


  1. PC Monster says:

    Rly? Cooool!

    Now to wait the interminable eons until Steam’s servers are ready to grant me the luxury of an update. Harrumph.

  2. The Hammer says:

    Ahahahaha. I had forgot allllll about Garry’s Mod. Man, it’s great to see Zeno Clash being used in it! That’s what you call fucking good news. Can’t wait to see the comics!

  3. Tei says:


    Is called MASS REACTION!!!.. if you merge Garrys Mod crazyness with Zeno crazyness. the universe will implode, or something worst!

  4. Dole says:

    Neat to see the model package released.

    A shame its on garry’s mod though. That game is just packed to the gills with a**holes when played online. Worse than Halo.

  5. abhishek says:

    I find it a bit amusing that this is being advertised as Zeno Clash DLC when in actual fact, it’s Garry’s Mod DLC created by ACE Team.

  6. Stupoider says:

    Hunter is so awesome.

  7. nihohit says:

    couldn’t have said it better myself.

  8. Narwolf says:

    I’m curious about the SDK that’s apparently coming. Could interesting add-on levels can be made? It seems like the mechanics and assets are pretty much used to their limit in the main game and challenge towers.

  9. Flobulon says:

    The characters would be hard to reuse, due to there not really being any generic units (like HL2’s combine troops). But the aesthetic of a level can be largely brush-based, so hopefully we’ll see some novel ones.
    Giant mushrooms anyone?

  10. Nero says:

    I tried it out and though I suck at making fun stuff in Gmod it’s fun to get these characters in there. Also, fun stuff happens if you spawn a Mucalosaurus (the giant creature) in a TF2 payload map.

  11. Jerricho says:

    :( I can’t run it. it crashes as soon as I try to open any of the Zeno Clash stuff… I shall persevere… for YOU RPS!

  12. Narwolf says:

    I just tried it this afternoon and you might have an odd thing where it takes FOREVER to generate the thumbnails for the new models and appears to freeze. I mean…like hours long, maybe. I had left the house and only found out what it was doing when I came home.

  13. Cristóbal says:

    Good to know that this game from my country, Chile, has made a good impression in the international scene overall. It makes one think that maybe, there will be a growth of videogame studios here and we can be proud playing a game “made in Chile”.