Dawn Of War II, Big Update

The shootiest RTS of all time, Dawn Of War II, has just had a monster update, and should patch automatically when you start the game up. The update includes the 2v2 game mode we were all clamouring for when the game originally came out, as well as a bunch of other surface stuff such as new death animations. There’s also two new four-player maps, a benchmarking app, and push to talk for voice chat. There’s also some serious bug fixing and an overhaul of the AI. Full details of patch below. We’ll probably have a poke around on those new maps later today, but let us know below if you have any thoughts on this update, or the current state of DoWII.

New Content

* Two on Two game mode is now available for ranked play.
* Two new four-player maps have been added to the game: (4p) Medean Cliff Mines and (4p) Ruins of Argus. These are available for ranked and custom games.
* We have added a benchmarking performance test; you can find it in the Graphics options tab.
* There are eight new sync kill animations in the game. Keep your eyes open for some new carnage!

New Options

* We have added a “Push to Talk” option for in-game voice chat. When enabled in the Game Options screen, tilde (~) will control chat.
* We have also added a “Advanced Sub-selection” game option. When enabled sub-selection behavior will be the same as Company of Heroes, where a sub-selected squad will be the only one to receive orders.


* Fixed several crashes where invalid data was being written to logs.
* Fixed a common multithreading crash.
* Fixed some out-of-memory crashes on Vista 32.
* Fixed a crash that could occur if Avitus was reinforcing when a game ended.

UI Change

* The previous PvP squad decorators have been replaced with decorators based on the squad role. The new decorators identify units in a way that is consistent across races. A new loading screen tip has been added to explain the new images.

Replay Improvements

* Added a 4x speed.
* Capture progress bars are now visible.
* Commander wargear and squad upgrades are now visible on unit selection panel.
* Build queues are now displayed.
* Replay control buttons now have audio.
* Decorators now show up in replays.

Gameplay Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where a unit with an energy shield could become unkillable if they also had very low health.
* Fixed a bug where the Carnifex would stop meleeing units after killing a hero in melee.
* Tankbusta targeting priorities have been improved, now prefer to target vehicles.
* Fixed a bug where demolition charges could pass through terrain and not detonate.
* Fixed a bug where the Techmarine could continue to repair after being knocked down.
* Squads now unload from a vehicle when it is destroyed.
* Full resource refunds are now granted when a building that hasn’t started construction is cancelled.
* Adjusted refund costs on the Webway gate.
* Adjusted refund costs on the Techmarine’s Space Marine Heavy Bolter turret.
* Fixed a bug where a melee leaping unit would follow a teleporting or jumping unit a long distance.
* Fixed Warp Spider Exarch Enhanced Warp Generator and Improved War Generator.
* Adjusted Scything Talon knockback and suppression.
* Fixed a pathing problem on (6p) Typhon Arena.
* Put a build time on Ravener Tunnels. Tunnels are also vulnerable during construction.

Text Bugs

* Fixed tooltip on Lictor Hero’s Adrenal Gland wargear.
* Fixed tooltip on Catalyst ability.
* Fixed tooltip on Warlock Champion’s robe.
* Fixed an incorrect tooltip on the “Luv da Dakka” ability.

Custom Games

* Players are no longer prompted to dispute a match when a player is kicked from a non-ranked game.
* Players can now select chapter colors for AI players.


* Removed the “Submit Player Review” prompt that would appear if a player left the countdown before a match started.
* Fixed a situation where a party could get broken up when host migration occurred.

Post-game stats

* We now show a “Player has left” message for all players when you quit out to the post game screen.


* Fixed a bug with the Sweeping Advance achievement. Previously it wouldn’t be awarded if the retreating unit was the last entity in the squad.

Audio Improvements

* Speech events now fade out if a higher priority event triggers.
* Medium sound quality preset now chooses 44100Hz instead of 22050Hz.

In-Game HUD and UI

* There are now two map ping buttons, Attack and Defend. (Hotkeys are F8 and F9 respectively.)
* Added a Retreat All hotkey. (ALT-X)
* Added a Retreat Hero hotkey. (SHIFT-X)
* Fixed an issue where the camera would get locked to a position if you band-box selected and landed on a button, then pressed it without moving the mouse.
* The camera no longer strafes when starting a move facing or band-box selection.
* Squads that have sergeants now display the count correctly on the reinforcement UI.
* Unconscious heroes no longer get selected when bandbox selecting multiple units.
* Targeted abilities are now usable on multi-select portraits and on squad tabs.
* Implemented a fix for starting squads not receiving hotkeys when another player loaded slowly.
* Player list bars no longer fade in and out while using voice chat.
* Fixed an issue where “Rear Armor Hit” kickers were triggering multiple times.
* Selection circles no longer disappear on a selected unit that is performing a sync kill.
* Fixed a bug where greyed-out unavailable abilities would show up when a squad was retreating.
* Fixed an issue where the portrait health of a unit could display zero when the unit was still alive.
* Clicking a squad tab on a unit in a Webway gate or Ravener tunnel will now correctly select that squad.
* Fixed a bug where squads with a sergeant would sometimes get two decorators when exiting a webway gate.
* Reinforcement UI no longer displays when a hero is selected.
* Fixed an issue where a blank square would appear when a squad was reinforcing.
* Opposing players no longer see random players’ race selection in the Player List panel.
* Fixed a bug where helptext on purchased hero accessory wargear wasn’t visible.
* Fixed an issue where a black border would sometimes appear on a garrisonable building.
* Pressing space bar in a chat no longer results in two spaces entered.

Game Options

* Fixed a bug where sound for buttons in the Game Options screen would disappear after adjusting brightness.

AI Player improvements

* Expert and Hard players now provide higher early game pressure through a variety of tier one units.
* AI players now purchase a variety of wargear for their hero, and take better care not to hurt their economy.
* AI players now purchase an appropriate amount of generators.
* AI players will engage the enemy and attack more aggressively than before.
* AI players are ber at preserving units, and retreat at appropriate times both in melee and ranged combat.
* AI players are now much better at using unit abilities.
* AI players will upgrade existing units with a variety of upgrades more intelligently.
* AI players prioritize capture points in a more intelligent fashion.
* AI players tech to tier 2 in an appropriate timeframe and purchase later game units based on combat needs.
* AI players tech to tier 3 and purchases late game units including Carnifexs, predator tanks, fire prisms, etc, based on combat needs.
* AI players now can flank suppression weapons out of combat.
* AI players now purchase dead heroes at more appropriate costs.
* AI players no longer buy and cancel generators when enemies are around.


* Mission briefing speech now only plays the first time a mission is opened.
* Fixed an issue where the starmap button didn’t highlight the first time a player had to travel between planets.
* The character level up screen now accounts for rewards granted by the mission.
* Fixed a fatal SCAR error on Angel Gate.
* Fixed a fatal SCAR error on the first Lictor encounter.


* Added a countdown timer to campaign mission start.
* Fixed an issue where the other player in a coop games hotkeys were always set to 5.


* Added support for Hungarian language.


  1. Sev3rity says:

    All good, but I’m waiting on the upcoming balance patch that Relic said is on the horizon before I jump back in with both feet.

  2. Riaktion says:

    I bought this game and have hardly touched it, and in truth the realisation that I have done that has made me think about my purchases more in the future, I kept buying games and not even getting half way through them, stupid really! Nevertheless I will get round to this, I enjoyed the hour I spent with it and the longer I leave it the better it gets with all these good patches!

  3. Archonsod says:

    I just can’t get into it. It lacks the ’40K come to life’ feel of the original, the campaign is tedious and the skirmish mode far too limited to hold long term interest. It’s like they surgically removed all the good bits from Company of Heroes and tried to cover it with a 40K bodge job.

  4. The Sombrero Kid says:

    no one was playing the 2v2 games yesterday :( ps it takes a fuck long time to get into a game in DoW2 am i the only one who browses the internet in the steam overlay while they’re waiting?

  5. Primar says:

    Plenty of people were 2v2ing, in my experience. Took less than a couple minutes to get into each game.

    Seems good fun, but one of the new maps in particular seems horribly unbalanced due to odd building-placement, meaning a Heavy Bolter team can pretty much cover a massive chunk of the map and shred your/their power at the same time.

    Looking forward to spending more time with it – 3v3 is still fun, but having to rely on random team-members when it’s just the two of you is plain painful sometimes.

    Also, Tyranids are still silly.

  6. Jonathan Strange says:

    Finally, 2v2.

    1v1 I dislike because who wins and who loses a match will be determined within the first two minutes, and everything from there on is just for show. Plus with such quick matches you never get to see or use any of the more grand abilities or units. Some say it’s more tactical, I say it just means he who produces and sets up the quickest wins. RTS equivalent of twitch reflex rounds.

    3v3 Meanwhile while epic in scale compared to one on one, can be frustrating because it lacks a real feel of purpose. How many times how have you been in a situation where everyone goes their way at the start and you’re happily holding your own in your corner, only to suddenly find yourself getting overwhelmed by sheer numbers because one or both of your allies just couldn’t hold it together and now no matter how well you play there just isn’t much you can do. Still, at least the explosions are awesome.

    2v2 on the other hand is perfect. An excellent player can hold his own and carry a less skilled ally, and while the matches are quicker you’re still likely to see the big guns being thrown around every match and have the full racial options open to you.

    It was the same with Company of Heroes. 2v2 is my favorite balance in RTS, and one of the most stupid choices I always thought was DoW2 shipping without any 2v2 support. Now it’s finally in the game and after having played a couple matches, I like it just as much as I’d expected I would!

    Now hurry up and make more maps Epic. A few new terrain styles wouldn’t hurt either! Chop Chop!

  7. Him says:

    It’s certainly an improvement; the game is easier to read when you’re playing – rather than wandering ‘is that guardian squad equipped with grenades?’ or ‘just what are those tyranid warriors carrying?’ the information is more clearly presented.
    A while back it certainly used to take a long time to get into a match but over the past few nights I’ve been getting into games quickly and painlessly – I’ve had a few instances where the match has spent longer loading than the search for players had taken.
    2 v 2… will take some adjustment. I tried playing a few matches together with a friend last night but we got roundly spanked. I blame his ineptitude, of course.

  8. SwiftRanger says:

    Update introduced some new bugs (menu lag and crashes, weird graphic glitches) as with all previous DoW II patches, and Tyranids are still blatantly overpowered. It feels pretty sloppy this way (just like Empire and L4D with their own errors), it’s so bad I am looking forward to StarCraft II just to have an actual working and polished game from day one. Because that’s a real rarity on PC. Also because SC2 probably won’t be using Steam which has been frequently bugging out for the last few months with all kinds of logout issues. Sad to say but even Live does a better job of keeping you logged in…

    Rest seems fine though, 2vs2 is pretty chaotic on these incredibly small maps, need something bigger perhaps. Also, some new Ork campaign files were sneakily added. Now THAT is something with awesome potential, alongside a big balance patch which will hopefully nerf Nids into the ground.

  9. Jonathan Strange says:

    I’ve never had much trouble with the nids, then again I play almost entirely with the Eldar (I’ve tried all the other races, but my playstyle just seems to *click* best with the Eldar. Story-wise I prefer da Orkz!), and eldar have a couple abilities which I’ve found are ridiculously destructive against nids. For example the Warlock blast ability right from the start will reduce a hormagaunt down to half health, making them pretty much free experience once you get to melee. And later on a Wraithlord with the shuriken cannon and a guardian squad for backup and repair will destroy most anything nids throw against it. Carnifex are deadly as hell however, and I’ve always found it a bit of a farce a Nid player can have two out at a time while I’m restricted to my one avatar. Fair enough untill you consider an upgraded Carnifex can go toe to toe with an avatar, and against two he doesn’t stand a chance.

    Haven’t experienced any new glitches myself.

    And thanks for the link by the way. Glad to see a new singleplayer campaign might not be as far off as I’d feared, and I’ll get to dominate as da Orkz as well!

  10. Tei says:

    “tilde (~) will control chat.”

    On most keyboards, you have to type ALT+162 to generate that key.
    I suppose talking with a non-english player will be kinda funny…

    It probably sould be used a “Function Key”, you know F1, F2, F3… these are on the keyboard to serve a Function, you know…

  11. The Sombrero Kid says:

    steam has never logged me out :/

  12. The Sombrero Kid says:

    @Tei i’ve never seen a keyboard that didn’t have a tilde am i missing something is it just a brittish thing or something?

  13. Freudian Trip says:

    @Tei: I’m sure they’re just referring to the console button (next to number 1) Pretty much every keyboard in the world has a tilde there whereas we have our shit. It’ll be the same button it has been in every game ever.

  14. Him says:

    It’s not. My UK keyboard has a tilde sat right next to the return key – ~.

  15. DK says:

    Tilde is far from a standard button. Many developers make the stupid mistake of giving it a function that can’t be reassigned – see Valve’s L4D console for another example: “Want to change the console button to something you actually have on your keyboard? Gotta use the console….”

  16. Garg says:

    Relic have shown some really good post-release support for DoW 2 I think, with three sizeable patches in as many months. Compare this to the debacle with Soulstorm, where they took something like a year to patch out the infinite resource exploit. Looks like they’ve learnt and improved from that experience.

  17. tekDragon says:

    @ Garg:Correct me if I’m wrong but Soulstorm was the last of the DoW Games so importance may vary. Dow II is the first of a cycle that’s sure to have at least 2-3 expansions itself so Relic needs to be sure to maintain player support etc… etc…

  18. Redswirl says:

    I’m pretty surprised that Relic is supporting the game so well,although 2v2 maps should have been included at launch.

  19. Xercies says:

    Kind of got bored with DOW 2 but i do want to go back to it and this update might make me go back to it. The multiplayer was great but after awhile got a bit overwealming when you were on a team that didn’t use teamwork so the other team always steamrolled you. Wonder whats it like with 2v2. Though usually i don’t like 2v2 since theres more chance of being called a noob on it :)

  20. Riaktion says:

    Sounds like the DoW 2 “experiment” by Relic has mixed results, I haven’t played the game enough to form an opinion, but I suppose you could say the Nid’s being scary and overpowered fits in very well with the 40K lore at least (even if that doesn’t always translate to the table top)

  21. Wirbelwind says:

    Good new stuff, I like the new maps. Decorators take getting used to.

    They really need to start releasing balance fixes now … Tyranids hardly got touched since release (and the ravener or carnie fixes hardly matter) and some obvious issues such as mekboy mines are still running rampant.

  22. Sp4rkR4t says:

    I got very, very bored of DOW2 very quickly, it just doesn’t have the soul of the original which is a shame as I am in serious need of a good RTS to play atm.

  23. pignoli says:

    Well I’m very pleased to see the amount of support this game game is getting post-release. If you can get over the fact that it isn’t DOW again, it’s really very gratifying despite the shift from strategic to more tactical play. Very much looking forward to the new campaign.

    @SwiftRanger: I guarantee SC2 won’t be perfectly balanced on relase. SC got to that stage with a decade of heavy play by a huge number of people. As for overall ‘polish’ I thought DOW2 was pretty well produced itself…

  24. jalf says:

    @The Sombrero Kid: Many non-english keyboards have tilde moved to some other key than the one above tab, and many require a modifier key (on mine, alt+¨=~), which virtually no game is able to understand, and so tilde is simply impossible to type in almost all games. Sometimes, games that claim to use tilde really mean “the key above tab, whatever it is”, in which case I can open the console by pressing that (which is ½ here btw). But in a scary number of games, tilde is simply impossible to type.

    And yeah, I too got kinda bored of DoW2. It seems to me that the campaign was onto something. With some tweaking, a bit more depth, and more content, it could turn into a lot of fun. But how much longevity will it have, even so?

    The multiplayer? Eh, it’s fun enough for a couple of matches, but it seems in their eagerness to embrace competetive ranked matches, they’ve surgically removed all the features that just catered for “I want to play a round of dow with a bunch of friends”. Which was what kept the first DoW alive for years for me.

    I’m never going to be #1 on the ranked ladders. I don’t care about that, and I don’t want to spend my time playing against people I don’t know.

    Finally, of course, they removed the game mode that made DoW so fun. The current victory point system is too much of a slippery slope. If your opponent has only 50 VPs left, they’re screwed, and if they make a single misstep, they’ll lose, game over. In DoW, with the critical locations, you could always make a comeback in the last second. The game wasn’t over until, well, it was over. I miss that.

    I’ve tried really hard to like DoW2, but I really think they dropped the ball. They’ve added some nifty new stuff, sure, but they also removed everything that made the first game popular.

    The smaller scale doesn’t bother me at all, but the lack of game modes, and the inflexible team system really hurts the game.

    I’m not sure about removing base building either. I was initially all for the idea, and it’s not that I *want* to sit around building bases. But I can’t help wondering if removing that is part of what makes the matches feel more rigid and uniform than in the first game.

  25. Him says:

    Personally I’m finding 2v2 to require a serious readjustment of my play style – in a 3v3, two decent players can carry a team to victory against three average players.
    2v2 needs both players to be competent if you want to win; one poor player on a team is one too many. The maps are… hectic; you need to micro a lot more to get good results, and with the difficulty in retreating without having a squad wiped out makes things even harder.
    I like it. I’m just not used to it yet.

  26. Whiskey Jak says:

    Anybody else has the bug where Avitus get stuck when he comes out of a building? It happened to me at least 4 or 5 times and I have to either finish the mission without him or restart the whole thing… Sux.

  27. Gorgeras says:

    It still remains too dissimilar to Company of Heroes for me to really care for.

  28. Baris says:

    Damn it, am I the only one who wants more crap for the godly campaign mode? I need more of it…

  29. Wirbelwind says:

    Pignoli, it was pretty well produced, except for lack of maps, basic features like replays left much to be desired, UI had issues, crashes and most notably: terrible balance.

    It’s a fun game but they really need to bring big balance fixes. The tyranids have OP problems with almost every single unit they can field. They’re being overly cautious in my opinion, and sometimes I get the feeling they don’t even think there is a problem with Tyranids at all.

  30. Fumarole says:

    Push to talk – afuckingmen.

  31. fuggles says:

    If you guys want more game modes then I made some for the beta which work as a mod with the full game.
    1)Tug of war – your VP’s go up as you hold points
    2)Leech- your enemy takes HQ damage, the more points that you hold
    3)Take and Hold – if you control 66% of the points for 5 minutes you win, just like in DoW
    4)Quickstart – huge amounts of energy and power to start with.

    This is a mod, if that bothers you, but can be grabbed from:
    link to mediafire.com

    If only they’d go on a coverdisc or patch eh? Be sure to read the instructions, particularly the bit about backing up your dow2.module file!

  32. jonfitt says:

    I’ve never had a problem with tilde in games in a UK keyboard since Id started using it for the console. They say ~, but they always mean “the key to the left of 1”

    I bought DoW ages ago but have not yet installed it. I’m waiting for some of the rest of the crew to get it so we can engage in coop and Vs.
    C’mon Cyrenic, upgrade that computer already :)

  33. jalf says:

    @fuggles: Oooh, that sounds interesting. Thanks a bunch, I’ll definitely check that out.

  34. ChampionHyena says:

    Count me proud of Relic’s post-release support, ESPECIALLY where new content is concerned. Dawn of War 2’s multiplayer mode is as addictive as I’ve ever found in an RTS–quick 20-30 minute deals that I have to actively pay attention to and think about the whole way through, what with the utterly mechanical base-building/resource-gathering processes being gone–but it suffered from only shipping with seven maps. I suppose it’s TF2 logic, that players are only gonna play a given set of maps over and over (still true in RTSes), but I like seeing more maps.

    2v2 is nice. Jonathan Strange is right, there’s a lovely balance to it. 3v3 is great, but the more players you have on a team, the more chance there is for one of them to be a complete moron. 2v2 makes it a lot easier for me to just grab whatever friend’s handy and then find some random internet folks to beat up on.

    …which brings me to the AI. I’m not totally sure what I’m doing wrong, but I get completely bashed to shit online. I’ve been watching replays to try and suck less, but in the meantime, I’ve been playing versus the Expert-level AI for practice. It’s ridiculous. They will dump all their money into buying generators instantaneously, and they raise their downed heroes when it’s way too expensive. More than that, they just tech to Tier 2 and sit there, spamming Dreads. Then the AI update came. My Ork opponents were using Tier 1 units throughout the match. Stikkbommas actually threw grenades accurately. They pulled out of combat when the odds were against them. They gave their Kommando Nob ranged upgrades instead of that damned knife over and over. They built Tankbustas. They used missile barrages. They teched to Tier 3 and sent frigging tanks around my front lines and into my base. It’s glorious. I’d been hoping so desperately for an AI upgrade–Relic’s AI has never really been great in any game–and I’m elated that it was so well-handled.

    The new floating unit icons are great too. The previous ones were race-specific, and playing as the Eldar (with their weird-ass glyphs) or as the Tyranids (where their icons just looked like the creature they were supposed to represent) got confusing when I couldn’t really figure out the unit’s purpose on the fly and had to glance at the info card. Now it’s much easier. “Oh, what do you do? You have a big bullet on your icon, you must be ranged. What about you? Oh, a big punching fist, you must be melee.” Wargear upgrades appear there too, which is VERY helpful when you can’t really afford to squint to see what your squads are carrying. My Space Marine scouts, with combat shotguns and a Sergeant, had an eyeball and a grenade. They can infiltrate and throw frags. Neat.

    As for their handful of balance fixes: Squads now unload from a vehicle when it is destroyed? I thought killing ’em provided incentive to unload on transports as fast as you can and seeing their bodies ragdoll through the air. I suppose this does make transports more viable, though. And build times for Ravener tunnels? Yes please. I’m sick of them suddenly bursting up from the ground and chopping up my business with all their spiny buddies the second I touch a Victory Point.

    A lot of the niggling UI issues got killed in this one, too. No more ‘Rear Armor Hit’ spam, no more weird grey unit abilities on retreat, no more reinforcement button on heroes, and NO MORE SELECTING MY DOWNED HERO. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drag-selected a bunch of troops to tell them to retreat, only to realize the order didn’t take because my selection box went over my incapacitated Commander and prioritized him. Not that it’s as much of a problem anymore, though, since we have global retreat and hero retreat hotkeys now.

    I’m excited. I can’t wait for new stuff to come out of Relic, especially at the pace they’ve been doing it. If that news about an Ork campaign is true, count me doubly excited.

    Now where the hell’s my FFA?

  35. DK says:

    “If your opponent has only 50 VPs left, they’re screwed, and if they make a single misstep, they’ll lose, game over.”
    VPs have no impact on resources – which means losing a VP does not impact your actual combat presence one bit. Comebacks from low VPs are incredibly common (even 1-0 and 0-0 ones).

    @jonfitt: Few games mean the key left of 1 – most of them, including DoW 2 actually mean tilde ~. Which is alt-+ on german keyboards – not only does the game no recognise the key combination, even if it did, the key is in a horrible position.

  36. Fumarole says:

    50 pts = automatic loss? Maybe for you. I had a come-from-behind victory when my team was down 436-5. I’ve also been on the losing end of a 1-0 final score. This game has room for everything.

  37. jalf says:

    @DK: I know VP had no impact on resourcs. But they leave less room for missteps because if your opponent gets over 50% of the VP’s, you’ll have very little time to take them back. Your opponent, on the other hand, can afford to fumble for a long time before he’s even threatened.

    @Fumarole: Thank you for taking me too literally. Yes, I absolutely meant that the moment you have 50 VP’s left, the match ended and you got a loss on your record. That’s exactly it. *rolls eyes*
    Yes, I know that *sometimes* it is possible to come back. I’ve done that too. Tom Chick on Fidgit also posted about how he was down to one single point, and his opponent had something like 250, and he managed to win. Doesn’t change the fact that the VP game mode favors the winner far more than DoW’s T&H did. In T&H, the score would basically reset if you lost control of a victory point for just a moment. Your opponent would be back in the fight, and at the very least, he’d have another 5 minutes before the timer expired.

  38. Crispy says:

    I generally welcome everything in the update, but the big thing missing from that list is the matchmaking system hasn’t been fixed.

    It still takes a monumental age to get into a 3v3 Ranked Match and, once there, you will often find yourself ‘matched’ with people from across the globe, who subsequently get kicked for lagging the game and are replaced by an AI-player who, although improved in this patch, still can’t hold a candle to an average Human player, crippling your team in the process.

    1v1 and 2v2 matchmaking are much faster, but you still end up with TrueSkill 27 & 24 vs. TS 1 & 6 whitewashes.

    Re: The VP argument

    It’s perfectly doable to come back against someone with only 50 VPs left to your name. What will lose you games is poor unit preservation and not controlling resources. If you control resources and keep your units alive, it’s very easy to gain back those VPs and hold them.

    The main key is never letting the enemy get 3 VPs. Always keep it so they have at most 2 more active VPs than you. This means it will take 4m10 seconds to tick down instead of 2m45s.

  39. Crispy says:

    (the RPS comment edit countdown begins at 30 minutes, but I think it’s supposed to show only 5 minutes because it stopped me from re-editing just now)

    If you control resources and keep your units alive, it’s very easy to gain back those VPs and hold them. If you watch the higher-skilled players in head-to-heads you’ll notice they usually spend the first couple of minutes securing resources before capping any VPs.

    This is because
    resources + unit preservation = army strength = map control = VP control = victory

  40. DK says:

    “It still takes a monumental age to get into a 3v3 Ranked Match and, once there, you will often find yourself ‘matched’ with people from across the globe, who subsequently get kicked for lagging the game and are replaced by an AI-player who, although improved in this patch, still can’t hold a candle to an average Human player, crippling your team in the process.”
    It sounds very much like that’s either a port, router or provider issue – 3v3 matchmaking usually takes less than 3 minutes for and pretty much everyone I play with.

  41. Fumarole says:

    You might want to re-read my post and your response a few more times before deciding who has trouble getting their point across via text.

  42. Hulk says:

    Shallow game still shallow! Hulk Smash!

  43. Erlam says:

    “I just can’t get into it. It lacks the ‘40K come to life’ feel of the original, the campaign is tedious and the skirmish mode far too limited to hold long term interest.”

    Really? I think the only game I’ve played based on 40k table top that feels like it is DoW2. I’m not saying that’s good, but it feels much more like the tabletop than past DoW, etc.

    That said, I agree that they think that the nids are ok. And they may be – it could be that at the higher echelons of playing, Nids fall behind.

    But for casual players, they often find the Nids hard to counter. I myself can never figure out what unit to build to counter their melee/ranged/explosive/artillery combos. You know, 4 minutes in…

  44. Him says:

    My big funtime trick with ‘nid players convinced of their own superiority is to offer them a sacrificial scout unit, which them pulls back into range of a devastator squad sat just out of sight.
    Fun times!

  45. ChampionHyena says:

    I just can’t get into it. It lacks the ‘40K come to life’ feel of the original, the campaign is tedious and the skirmish mode far too limited to hold long term interest.

    I seem to recall one Alec Meer hearkening back to Space Hulk. And I quote:

    Much as I’m fond of it, I’ve always had one major complaint about Dawn of War. It doesn’t feel very Warhammer 40,000. It certainly looks pretty Warhammer 40,000 – fans are well-serviced by grisly animations and the army painter tool – but I never got much sense of the universe’s character. All that colour, all that cartoonishness, all that replenishing lost troops… I want DARKNESS and FEAR and EVERY MAN DOWN IS LIKE A PUNCH TO THE STOMACH.

    Definitely sounds like Dawn of War II to me.

    Also, I like how “streamlined” suddenly means “shallow.”

  46. Cradok says:

    All I want is a fourth set of Terminator armour so I can kit out my whole company…

  47. TheDeadlyShoe says:

    I’m pretty impressed with the patch so far. I don’t understand why the 2v2 truskills are seperate from 3v3 though.

    PS for players having trouble with nids early on. The problem is that 3 squads of basic nids plus a hero is better in a straight up fight than what most other armies can field that early. The advantage disappears later on, but if you lose too much in the first fight you are in trouble. One recommandation is to find and use buildings. Most nid players get rippers and hormagaunts and they have no capability at all against buildings. So even if you are out-powered you can dance in and out of buildings, racking up casualties all the while.

  48. Crispy says:

    “It sounds very much like that’s either a port, router or provider issue – 3v3 matchmaking usually takes less than 3 minutes for and pretty much everyone I play with.”

    Hmm. Netgear router working perfectly fine, a 10mbit, secure and non-shared Virgin Media connection based very close to the exchange and that works better than fine for every other game and a Tech Support forum full of people complaining about exactly the same issue.

    No, I think it’s a problem with the matchmaking system somehow. You should thank yourself lucky for being in the minority.

  49. pignoli says:

    @Cradok: That would be lovely. Except I need a fifth one too, as I accidentally sold one of mine. I could have cried…