On Patrol: New DC Universe Trailers

I now insist that all games contain flying.

DC Universe Online (I really want a crossover game where you can fight DC Universe Online characters against Marvel Universe Online characters) has released a new trailer/interview that goes into a few details about the game in general. There’s an explanation of how you can pick between your own from-scratch hero, or a mimic of a favourite DC character, as well as all sorts of in-game footage, and some info on missions. This is all explained by Sony’s global brand manager, Deby Sue Wolfcale, which totally sounds like the name of a superhero’s alter-ego.

So apparently they’re still working out how they’re going to make the PS3 controls the same as all other games’? Um. Anyway, there’s also a couple of gameplay trailers. This first one shows a battle in full swing:

And this second one shows a battle in no swing at all:


  1. Torgen says:

    Yep, certainly looks like a Playstation game to me. No thanks.

  2. James Brophy says:

    Did she end the first video with the words the “PC console”?


    It looks like it might be fun but two things come to mind; adding your own hero and joining a faction sounds far more like a good plan for a marvel game then a dc one. Secondly, I’d much rather play as my own hero in a game that wasn’t just a repeated set of prefabs for the city and the game.

    Marvel comics has a great thread running through it that the more power you have the less stable you are, Molecule man, the sentry, Magneto and doom. In dc the thinking is that the more power you have the more stable you are… superman, wonder woman the flash and so on. surely that’s a world where it’s going to be harder to generate interesting stories beyond… stark labs is under attack.

    however if they run a story arc resembling anything like the justice league unlimited arc, then it’s going to be hard to resist.

  3. skizelo says:

    I think you’re ducking the real question: who would win in a fight between Superman and Thor? I’d pip for the god of thunder.

  4. DarthInsinuate says:

    Isn’t Mjolnir magic? Then it’s easily a Thor win.

    It’s always good to see a publisher’s global brand manager getting excited about a game. On the flu scale it looks more exciting than flu.

  5. Calabi says:

    I canna handle the numbers captain!

  6. Axiin says:

    Ohh… look WOW with different costumes

  7. Adam says:

    I’m definitely intrigued about the game, but I’ve always been more of a marvel fan. The marvel universe just seems so much more detailed and interesting.

    And I agree with James about the inverse relationship between power and stability being a good thing. Another example would be Galactacus – he can destroy worlds, but needs to eat entire worlds to survive.

    I’m pretty sure she said that you could fight AGAINST the super heroes. I’d definitely like to make Superman shut the hell up.

  8. Vincent Avatar says:

    That lady was… annoying. Why can’t they just show footage anymore? Why the talking heads?

  9. Je Suis Un Bear says:

    I was more thinking Superman Vs Green Lantern
    There is a fight I wanna see

  10. Buckermann says:

    Superwoman vs. Me.
    Even if I loose, I win. Hehehe.
    (Yes, I have a dirty mind.)

  11. Wulf says:

    My faith in PC/PS3 hybrid MMORPGs was bolstered by Free Realms, if this is as compelling as Free Realms, they’ve got a customer here. The thing is, unlike the BuxBox, the PS3 isn’t so much the bad guy, and the more time goes on the more it’s trying to be like a PC and less like a console. It feels far more like a PC out of the box than any other console I’ve used, and yeah, I speak from experience. I never took to Microsoft’s toaster, but I do like my PS3. That I could install Linux on it out of the box helped.

    And mentioning Free Realms might be strange, but it really is very good, I’d even so far as to say it’s one of the more engrossing MMORPG experiences I’ve encountered since UO beta. In the UO beta, there was lots of social questing and gathering, miners would gather in a cave, natter, and mine for the stuff they wanted to make. Free Realms captures that perfectly, and that makes me happy.

    Finally, Brophy, you’re wrong. It sounds like your DC experience comes from cartoons, without ever having laid a hand on the comic books. As a reader of said comic books, I can tell you that the people you’ve mentioned aren’t right in the head. And Superman especially is a very troubled little man.

    In the comics, he’s often portrayed as a right-wing psychopath who’s only kept in line by the other heroes. If not for Green Arrow, I think he would’ve gone over the edge years ago. Again, this is something that’s only been hinted at in the cartoons.

    Superman is as much of a shades-of-grey, evil-with-a-cause bastard as Victor von Doom or Magnus Lennisher, he’s just better at hiding it when they are, but when he shows his true colours… yeah. Superman definitely needs counselling.

  12. Little Green Man says:

    I love my PC Console! Woo! Let’s all play rubbish dumbed-down-for-console “action” games where all you seem to do is walk back and forth, hover in mid air and point dangerously at someone. Feel the suspense as numbers appear above your head!

  13. TheFatDungeonMaster says:

    I’ll probably try it. But for some reason fights look a bit bland… I want to be able to run forward and slam my palms together like Superman and FOOOOM!! sonic waves and everybody is knocked back. I saw some knock back action in one of the movies. But I also saw Superdude drop a big bulky console thing on the head of a trooper who “just” collapsed.

  14. Tei says:

    This game can have some fun, I suppose. But It looks like a 25 cents arcade saloon machine. Something like …hum… Gameplay this simple could be boring, too. You burn all your adrenaline in 5 min, and after that, is a chore to continue playing.
    But lets wait and see. Tryiing new things is always a good thing, I suppose.

  15. CaptainHairy says:

    If they want to do a superhero MMO right, then mooks need to be mooks. I’d probably actually be vaguely interested in an MMO where you took people out like you would in something like Dynasty Warriors, where you can send a whole crowd flying with a couple of wide sweeps and make everyone fall over with a single button press. Super heroes should be super.

  16. Wisq says:

    I suppose it was inevitable that superhero MUSHes would eventually find their counterpart in MMOs, much as MUDs have, and that problems inherent with the superhero genre would be brought along with it. Still, it’s somehow funny to see them dealing with the same problem said MUSHes had — namely, not everyone can be the Superman, the Batman, etc. Although at least they’ve solved that by saying nobody can be them, rather than first-come first-served.

    (And yes, I know it’s not the first superhero MMO, but far as I’ve heard, it’s the first one that actually has copyright licensing for a bunch of iconic characters.)

  17. Rath says:

    I hope they make a demo available that showcases the character creation, as the selling point for me will pretty much be how close I can get a character to resemble Nightwing without it being outright plagiarism.

  18. mister slim says:

    The one problem with the more power/more instability structure would be integrating it into the game. It probably wouldn’t be too popular if the more you leveled the more erratic your abilities got.

  19. Redswirl says:

    Looks like a console game.I’ll pass.

  20. Bobsy says:

    Question is, how does it pitch up against Champions?

    My problem with DCU is with its pandering to the players who just want to “be” Superman. The mimickery idea is a bit of a step back. What I loved about CoX was the challenge in making your hero/villain BETTER than the same old tosh DC and Marvel have been regurgetating for decades.

    Cooler than Batman? I’m in.

    But DCU puts you firmly in the shadow of the established characters, who are never going to be made anything other than infallible.

    (except Aquaman of course)

  21. DrSmith says:

    *Cough….MxO’s Game engine…Great Idea but underused it seems
    *finally sees what SOE paid wb/monolith for.
    *will skip and stay at CoX until SOE gets it right.

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