Serious Gaming: Ship Simulator Pro

That should be Award Winning Ship Simulator Pro. It was apparently awarded “Best Serious Game 2009” by the right serious Lord David Puttnam at the 4th Apply Serious Games & Virtual Worlds conference in London. That’s gaming where you have to frown, and wear a suit, by the way. Is Ship Simulator Pro the best of such games? Perhaps, but I got more of a kick of Euro Truck Simulator. Anyway, good work, Ship Simulator guys, we do like your ships, and also your boats. There’s apparently a new demo up, but you need to logged into the Ship Sim site to get it.


  1. now wait just a sec says:

    Is that one of Maersk’s rigs I spot in the background? The semi submersible…

  2. Nallen says:

    I’m tired, and this concept makes me tiredier. More tireded. Something.

  3. jonfitt says:

    Nice waves.

  4. Severian says:

    i want to hear more about Euro Truck Simulator. i watched the teaser video on their web-site and wondered how in the hell simulating driving on freeways could possibly be entertaining. unless methamphetamine is involved somehow.

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    Euro Truck Sim is more kind of hypnotic than entertaining. A trance induced via mild boredom, or something. That said, it’s fairly hard not to crash.

    18 Wheels Of Steel is actually the better truck game, the demo of which is here.

  6. Niteowl says:

    You know how you know you’re in Serious Fucking Games territory? When you have to REQUEST A PRICE QUOTE on the damn game. Or when it costs four THOUSAND dollars. Or both, actually.

  7. pepper says:

    I think its the Ereik Raude in the background, spelling could be bogus. I think the sim is pretty good but it could use some serious texture work.

  8. cliffski says:

    I actually bought ship simulator. The demo ruled. It was actually quite dull in poratice though. The ex-boatbuilder in me was very impressed with the physics and the very awesome waves though. They are v good at what they do.

  9. Spacegirl says:

    nerdiest USB peripheral of all time? link to

  10. now wait just a sec says:

    link to

    It might just be Eirik Raude indeed! One of Noble Drilling’s many rigs… gotta love them cranes…

  11. G_Man says:

    @Niteowl its actually 4000Euros, so its just under 5450$.

  12. Serondal says:

    This is NOT a game! Games do not cost 4000 euros! This is a training simulation. Battle tank simulators don’t even cost this much O.o Now if you plot down a submarine, turn the clock back to 1940 and allow you to blow up s@#$@# its suddenly a game and only costs 50 euros or whatever they charge you over there :P

    I wonder if you call them up for a qoute and tell them you just wanna play around with it not actually train anyone if they’d give it to you for cheeper ?

    There are dull modern ship simulators that simulate military ships very well that don’t cost near this much and offer a little bit of action as well. I can’t even being to think it would be fun to sail a boat from newyork to london and NOTHING ever happens.

  13. RagManX says:

    I can’t even being to think it would be fun to sail a boat from newyork to london and NOTHING ever happens.

    True, but what if they had a mega-shark or giant octopus attack you mid-ocean? Then would it be fun?