There’s No Other Wayfarer

The blood stains are especially cute. VIOLENCE.

Jim spotted this over on Offworld and in his continuing attempt to stereotype my interests in gaming (in short: anything with ASCII, anything with intercourse, Kenickie), thought I should have a look at it. Wayfarer is a Rogue-like running online, constructed in some kind of programming language and with a cute semi-3D look to it. Which you can turn on and off if you’re scared of perspective or something (the “Something” is likely to be a little lag. It’s still in Alpha). I had an enjoyable stomp through a few randomly generated levels. Married to its retro-graphics, it’s relatively stripped down in design (as far as I can see, there’s no levels or classes and progression is based solely on equipment) it’s an ideal game to experiment on if you’ve always been intrigued by Rogue-likes but letters scare you. Which does make you wonder how you read a website, but let’s let that go. Fun. Play!


  1. HotSake says:

    Interesting, but unplayable. I’m getting 2+ seconds of lag after every command.

    edit: I would like to see the code, though. I’ve been interested in Processing every since I found Substrate.

  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    It suggests turning the 3D off with the = key (I think) if you get a lot of that.


  3. duel90 says:

    Fantastic, i love the psudo-3d look.

    got lost in a dungeon didnt i, then i promptly died…

    “was that worth dying for?” – it said

  4. Davee says:

    Haha! Purely epic game. And it’s all randomly generated areas! I’d like to see a game like this in an engine like Oblivions.

  5. Threep says:

    I’m a big fan of nethack and I jumped at the chance to play this. But the lag was terrible, even on 2D mode. Such a shame.

  6. Alex Hopkinson says:

    You’ve taken the fun, out of everything. I don’t want to think at all…

    RPS – not only does it recommend you games to play, it also picks what albums you’ll be listening to on the train the next day.

  7. JonFitt says:

    All that you can do is watch them play?

  8. JonFitt says:

    Stuck Kenickie in It has taken me back to my misspent youth…

  9. perching path says:

    I can never get into “simple” roguelikes. The efficient presentation of extremely complicated systems is what I like about the genre. (I still haven’t ascended in Slash’em, but one day…)

    Now imagine if Kenickie had been a bit bigger and a cheesy tie-in game had been rushed through. The crpg trope of better armour baring more skin would finally make sense. (Millionaire Sweeper would be a minesweeper-knockoff minigame.) I’m going to be thinking about this all evening.

  10. Serondal says:

    If you like this and you’ve never played this type of game before I also suggest Dwarf Fortress. It has a pretty funny adventure mode where you can rip off peoples limbs and throw them at children which in my book makes a game worth playing.

  11. Dozer says:

    “Wayfarer” is a dominant brand of bus ticket machine. Thanks for reminding me of work on my week off, RPS! And on my birthday too…

    Also, is the title a reference to Blur? I love that song…

  12. BenHem says:

    Hi folks — thanks for the nice mention! Did work on the “lag” issue (was actually the autosave feature acting up) — at least I hope that was all it was. In any case, it should be much better now. — Ben

  13. Lim-Dul says:

    Hey! I like this game! Of course it seems to be in early stage of development and needs much more features but I already sat down and played for like two hours straight. Reminds me of POWDER.
    Very accessible!

  14. Stromko says:

    I enjoyed playing this for a couple hours and will probably put in a few more hours at some point. The music brings me back to the proper old games of yore, gentlemanly heading down into dungeons and slaying foul beasts, needs more Olde Englishue. It’s a proper games’ game.

  15. Lim-Dul says:

    OK – I think I have hit a brick wall that will keep me from playing until several versions later. I descended to level 11 and basically nothing can hurt me (I have 90+ defense equipment and a 80+ dmg bow, mostly because the 90+ bows are bugged, being two-handed while you need a quiver to shoot them) but the fights take veeeeeery long because the monsters have so many hitpoints. I don’t think I’ll see any reasonable weapon or armor upgrades from here on…

    Is there an end to the game? Like, an end boss you have to defeat to ascend later?

    Anyways – great game, I’ll look forward to the next versions.

    P.S. Ranged weapons are overpowered – well, OK, they’re NORMAL as compared to melee weapons being pretty useless with all the monsters running away all the time.

  16. BenHem says:

    Hey Lim-Dul, thanks, I fixed the warbows. The increasing hitpoints are actually just a placeholder until there is enough dungeon fauna to actually give a varied and increasingly difficult experience. Future monsters will be badasses, I promise. (Better tacticians too.) As for a goal, nope. It is “bop ’til you drop” for now.
    I’ll be nerfing those arrows, you watch! For now, I will uncap monster damage at lower depths to try to bring back some challenge…

  17. terry says:

    Is it possible to play this game offline? It’d be perfect for my netbook but I don’t have er.. net on it.

    Anyway, good job.

  18. Cooper says:

    Lauren Laverne, as with Shirley Manson, is a woman who still makes me feel like an adolescent again every time I see her.

  19. JonFitt says:

    But now she’s a creepy robot!

  20. BenHem says:

    Hey Terry, yeah, there will be downloads for Mac/Win/’Nux again soon. –Ben

  21. Axiin says:

    Oh man this is addicting, it’s like castle of the winds! I’ve spent way too many hours at work today playing this! Thank you Ben!